DDTank Newbie Guide

DDTank Newbie Guide by GMPaladin

What is DDTank?

DDTank is a 2D turn based MMO shooter. Players must hit opponents across the map by aiming and correctly angling their shots. DDTank has the same gameplay mechanics as the classic ‘worms’, but adds RPG elements. There is a wide variety of weapons to use, item buffs to acquire, and other equipment to earn.

DDTank is very similar to Gunbound, but runs right on a browser window. With no need to download or install any files, DDTank is very accessible and casual friendly. Gameplay is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Players must align their shots properly by taking into account angles, elevation, wind velocity, and other factors. There are multiple game modes, and plenty of different weapon types to use in DDTank. The game also provides players with tasks to complete which give the game direction. DDTank has two fighting modes: Adventure and Sports and provides plenty of other community activities when you don’t feel like fighting!

Creating your first character:

After successfully logging in to the game for the first time, you will be able to select your character’s gender and create their name. Be careful when choosing the future of your avatar as you can not change your gender and changing your character’s name can be very expensive!

Also note that you can not use certain special characters or spaces when creating your character’s name and that simple names are the easiest to remember and for other players to whisper. Be careful not to select a name that could be interpreted as inappropriate or you may find your name changed by a GM or your account blocked.

You may not have the letters GM or GS at the beginning of your name as these letters are used to identify Game Masters and Game Sages and may result in your account being blocked until your name is changed.

Mastering The Basics

The most important thing to strategy and tactics? Knowing the basics and knowing them like they’re second nature!

As a player heading into the territory of advanced tactics, you need to know the basics without having to think about them. If you try and step up your strategy without having a firm grasp of how the controls or functions work, these tactics will likely seem very difficult. Instead of jumping right a head, and take a second to review the basic functions until you’re sure you can do them without much thought.

Angle and Movement:

and – These keys adjust your shooting angle.
and – These keys move you left and right (and also adjust which side you shoot toward, of course!)

Power Meter:

The power meter displays the intensity and power behind your shot. The longer you hold down the space bar, the further your shot will travel. Use the ruler displayed on the power meter to help guide how much intensity you need for the advanced tactics!

Teleport aka Paper Airplane:

As you become a more advanced player, you’ll learn quickly that getting the upper hand in a match isn’t always about who’s got more levels or better gear – it’s about strategic placement and using your noggin!

So, what can you do when your health is dangerously low? Use the airplane to teleport to a safer place. Your enemy hiding behind a thick wall, or in an angle that makes it difficult to shoot? Teleport to a better vantage point. Use the fact that you can move great distances with the airplane to your benefit!

Chat Box

As you may have assumed, this is for chatting!
Our chat is strictly PG-13.

To open up the chat in Battle, press ENTER while playing!

Available Chats options:

Current – Sends to everyone else in the World Chat screen, or if you’re in battle, to everyone you’re battling!
League – Sends the message to everyone in your League!
Private – Where your messages go when speaking to someone in PMs!
Team – Message only members on your team during fights!
Trumpet/Horn – Message everyone on your server

Left-Side Chat Menu options:

Lock – Locks your chat to the current channel you have selected and makes the chat window backing disappear.
Clear Screen (C) – Removes all chat from your window
Scroll Up/Down – Moves your chat up and down so you can see past messages
Bottom – Moves your screen to the most recent message

Bottom Chat Window Options:

Button left of chat – Displays current chat (also lets you select another chat) and chat type shortcuts
Buddy List – Displays buddies and league mates online/offline.
Short Reply – Short auto-replies with pre-made lines.
Emoticons – Only available in battle. Shows fun little animations!

Whispering other players:

If you ever find yourself needing to speak to someone privately while in-game, we offer several different methods to “whisper” other players.

  • You can simply click on the name of the player you wish to whisper to in the world chat.
  • Click on your chat options, select “Private” and manually add the players name to whisper
  • Add the friend as a buddy and use the buddy window to whisper them
Attribute Guide

DDTank offers a stunning array of gear and equipment, arranging from startling, to sexy, to hilarious, to down right insane! The customization possibilities are endless – and you can even customize the colors of some of your gear with a special item. Clicking on the Backpack Icon from the menu at the World Screen opens up your stats and inventory.

On the left hand side of the screen is your status menu.

  • Level:
    Your current level of experience and the percentage of EXP you have towards your next level.
  • Power:
    Total character’s abilities based on the strength and levels of their gear.
  • Offense:
    The character’s total offensive attributes as totaled from their equipment and base stats. High offense can mean lower physical.
  • Defense:
    The character’s total defense attributes value as totaled from their equipment and base stats. High defense can decrease Harm and increase Health.
  • Agility:
    The character’s total agility attributes value as totaled from their equipment and base stats. High agility can increase character’s recovery rate from status effects and increase Harm.
  • Luck:
    The character’s total luck attributes value as totaled from their equipment and base stats. High luck can increase character’s strike rate and pierce enemy’s Shield.
  • Harm:
    Mostly based off a character’s Offense attribute, this represents a character’s ability to damage other characters and reduce their health.
  • Shield:
    Mostly based off a character’s Defensive attribute, this represents a character’s ability to block damage dealt by other characters and protect their health.
  • Health:
    Mostly based off a character’s Defensive attribute and level, this represents the amount of damage a character can withstand until they are turned into a “ghost” or lose the match.
  • Physical:
    Mostly based off a character’s Agility attribute, this represents the amount of skills and movement a player can make on their round.

DDT World

Lots of kewl stuff is available to you on the world menu. At first, you’ll mostly want to concern yourself with the following:

Game House –
Offers millions of Chambers for you to show off your good skills! Invite your friends to join you and fight against opponents of high caliber!

Boatyard –
Boatyard is the gateway to a whole lot more of adventures ahead. From here you can meet additional challenges and experience. Grab your weapons and call up some buddies to join you now! A fantastic journey awaits!

Armory –
Forges your weapon into an unstoppable cannon! Apply Energy Stones and Syn Stones on your weapon to maximize equipment attributes! Build a weapon that attracts the eyes of everyone on DDTank today!

Sells all sorts of amazing and cool items intended to keep your eyes busy and your character dazzling! Put on a hat or wear TV sets as your weapon of choice! You can do pretty much anything your imagination tells you here!

League –
Hang out with your league pals here! Join them in exciting league fights or recruit them to walk on fire with you! So much fun is just around the corner!

Auction House –
Monitors buying and selling goods and offers services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling them to the highest bidder. Use everything you learnt from Business School here!

Wedding Chapel –
Sacred place for people to join hands in marriage. Play for fun and play for love! Make a romantic story while playing DDTank!

Spa –
Fantastic place to soothe your soul and gather EXP without having to fight to your death. Make friends in spa. Sometimes true love is just right under your nose! Come on!

Hall of Fame –
Admire celebrity players you wish to become. Befriend them and ask them to teach you all the tricks in their sleeves!

Community –
Place for you to meet and date friends next door or from the other end of the world! Express your feeling openly and you may get a real shot at happiness!

Activities –
Come and join fun activities here if you want to experience more about the wonderful world of DDTank. This is a place full of fun activities. Moreover exchange your prizes that you acquired in the activities here. There are lots of fun and surprise waiting for your discovery.

Firing Range –
Practice makes perfect. Never cease to learn until you dazzle others with your abilities to perform under pressure and against resistance!

If you hover your mouse over any of those titles, or any of the other titles available to you, you’ll get a more in-depth description of each area of the world.

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