DDTank Cthulhu & Shadow Castle Guide

DDTank Cthulhu & Shadow Castle Guide by Axzen

Cthulhu Guide
Cthulhu requires at least 3 players with Angelic Arms +5 and one Tanker, or 2 players with +5 AA and 2 with +6 AA (A tanker is also required). The more the merrier.

Also Defense helps as in all boss encounters, I recommend nuggets or lasers for tanking.

Stage 1:
Rotate tanks and have heals every once in a while.  Do not stack on each other because spear thrower can get a two for one shot.

Stage 2:
Have 2-4 players heal the bean. (The more people are healing the bean the better.)  Make sure healers get direct heals and are not spreading their heals out.

If you only have 2-3 people with Angelic Arms have the players without AA’s fly out and kill the purple spear throwers.  A healer or the player attacking the spear throwers can tank so the bean doesn’t take damage.  It is important to kill the spear thrower because they continue to spawn.  Also heal the bean asap.

Stage 3:
Twin fight is easy.  Kill the twins at the same time, this fight is all about knowing how to change from one level to another and working as a team.  Split up in 2 teams, one side goes for right the other for left.

<<<< 2  &  2 >>>>

Kill the totems and make sure they die within the same turn.  Kill the totems that spawn.

Here are the angles/power to the fight:

1.- For the Center Players:  I… O…O..O…O …I

Top: Angle 35/Power 100
Middle: Angle 35/Power 50
Bottom: Angle 35/Power 35

2.- For the others close to the edge:    I… O…O..O…O …I

Top: Angle 45/Power 100
Middle: Angle 45/Power 50
Bottom: Angle 45/Power 27

NOTE: To make it faster and easier, dont destroy the “Lock Totem”, just dont change angles, destroy it only when it is blocking.

Stage 4: Sohnlein.

Phase 1.

A) Split team in two.
B) 2 players fly to other side of him.  We do this so that we can kill any totems he summons behind him.  This makes it easy to just kill them and not miss, and also protects you from exploding totems.  Don’t worry about the warriors he summons.

Phase 2.

A) He goes red, like leonardo.  Fly to the bean that sprouts. This bean will protect you from damage. (The one with more defense should go here.)(Try to heal as much as you can.)
B) Keep heals up and fly to the sprout. And keep atacking.
C) It will take a while to beat him. But, you he will be doomed soon.

Note: The split part, sould be used when there is no high level tanker to aid you.


Shadow Castle Guide

1. Stage One.

You and your allies will be positioned on the left side of the screen and on the right a large gate with a dragon’s head on top of it. An explosive barrel will spawn just in front of your team. Your mission is to assist that barrel in its long journey across the map and protect it from the goblins and dragon head. The barrel will have a “burn” status because of the lava rocks beneath its wheels. If any of your party touches the lava rocks, they too will be burned. The Dragon’s fire breath is an instant KO for both you and the barrel.


To complete this level, your party must assist an explosive barrel across the lava to the gate 3 times. Your party must come fully stocked with Ice Bombs and have Angel Arms. Watch the Dragon’s head carefully and when it’s eyes light up, you should throw an Ice Bomb at the barrel before the dragon’s next turn or else you will lose that barrel. Generally you only need to freeze the barrel a single time per attempt. You should also look out for Goblins as if a barrel touches a goblin on the barrel’s turn, it will automatically explode. You will also need to heal the barrel with angel arm’s when the barrel’s health begins to drop due to its burn status.

Hints & Tips:
Another important thing is kill goblins, heal barrel and freeze barrel. Only freeze the barrel after the dragon’s eyes have light up and only freeze the barrel if the goblins near it are dead. You can heal the barrel while it is frozen with angel arm but if you accidentally hit the barrel while trying to kill goblins, you may risk wasting an Ice Bomb and a barrel.

Additional help for new players:

To hit the barrel every time, try the following angles and forces:
Angle 0 : Force 10 (1st position of barrel.)
Angle 0 : Force 35 (2nd position of barrel.)
Angle 0 : Force 60  (3rd position.)

While goblins may get in the way of these, you can compensate by slightly increasing your angle.

2. Stage Two.


Your goal in this stage is to take out either the Wolf or the Hawk. Both bosses share the same health which is good because both will sometimes be invincible. The Hawk flies in the air and can attack your entire party at once from any location. The wolf starts on the other side of the screen and can only attack players near him, although he can attack more than one player at a time if more than one player is nearby.


Since both bosses will be invincible at one point, you will need to change targets multiple times. Your best option for this stage is simply Team Heals. Once the stage begins, you will first wish to focus on the Wolf on the opposite side of the screen. For the moment it will be unable to attack you and you will be unable to attack the Hawk. Eventually the Hawk will go into a special pose and a symbol will appear over his head. The wolf’s eyes will begin to glow and he will say he is going to eat someone. That player will have a symbol appear above his head and should fly/teleport to the center of the screen away from the other players on his next turn. While the hawk is in his special pose, it is now time to attack him. He will be unable to defend himself and his health should already be lower because of the attacks on the wolf. Eventually the hawk will leave his pose and the wolf will go back to normal. Begin to attack the wolf again and repeat the above process until both monsters are dead (both will die when one dies).

Hints & Tips:

Never stay too close to the wolf as he will attack you even in his “blind” state. When the hawk goes into his pose, the player who has been targeted should go to the middle of the stage so his friends can heal him with angel arms if need be. Failure to move will result in the wolf attacking all players nearby and blocking shots at the hawk. If the player who was targeted dies before the hawk stops his pose, the hawk will select a new target and the wolf will attack that player for the remainder of the pose.

Additional help for new players:

To hit the hawk, you should simply target your attacks directly at the hawk’s feet at maximum force. If possible, you will want to position the screen so that you can see both your character and the hawk at the same time. The wolf is far easier to hit just make sure you don’t get too close to him.

3. Stage Three.


You have arrived at the lair of the Minotaur North. All that is left is to kill him and his flames. The minotaur will spawn on the right side of the screen and the 3 flames will appear floating in the air after the minotaur’s turn. Your party will all appear on the left as they did in the last two stages.


The Minotaur is invincible until you have wiped out all three flames and he has tried to absorbed them and failed. Your party’s first order of business will be to shoot the 3 flames out of the air. They do not have a lot of health and the only difficulty is in actually being able to hit them. Meanwhile the Minotaur will attack your party from a distance with various skills, including one that causes you to temporarily lose much of your physical (ability to use multiple skills in one turn). Additionally he may “burn” your entire party. After the flames have been summoned, your party will have 2-3 turns each to wipe them out. If you succeed the minotaur will fail to absorb them and become temporarily weak and defenseless. If you fail he will regain health and you will have to wait for him to summon the flames again. Continue this process until the minotaur is defeated and you will have victory.

Hints & Tips:

At one point after absorbing or failing to absorb the falmes, the minotaur will launch a jump attack on your party that deals a great amount of damage to all nearby. After he does this attack, EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET AWAY FROM HIM. Failure to distance yourself from the minotaur will result in an instant death on the minotaur’s next turn (16k POW!).
Additionally, if you manage to defeat all 3 flames before he tries to absorb them back, he will have a period where he is still invincible until he tries. Use this time to heal your party and prepare yourself to attack him directly. You can only attack the minotaur when he has dropped to one knee. Additionally, while you may not be able to destroy all flames before he absorbs them, the more you destroy the less health he gets back when they die. The minotaur blocks a lot of shots at the flames if you are too close to him so make sure you keep your distance.

Additional help for new players:

To hit the flames, you should simply target your attacks directly at the base of the flame (the ball) at maximum force. If possible, you will want to position the screen so that you can see both your character and the flames at the same time. The minotaur is far easier to hit just make sure you don’t get too close to him.

I hope this helps You.

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