DDTank Etiquette Guide

DDTank Etiquette Guide by EvenIfNot4ever

The good old days – This was waaaay back when very few people knew how to ice Mardicus’ head or even what he looked like for that matter. This was a time when we didn’t even know what Leonardo looked like or even knew that there was a freakishly huge monster that casts a shield that blocks all attacks.

Most of us were ignorant at that time. The chaotic 3-3 and 4-4 matches, the people that tried using a 3-in-1 with their pow, and silly tactics that consisted of flying right next to your opponent for no apparent reason.

Yes, I was stupid at that time too BUT I had a LOT more fun. And I would confess that today, there are times when I forget to have fun in this game. Fortunately, I am able to recover rather quickly (mainly because my friends an I enjoy clowning around.)

It was a time when we didn’t involve our egos into gameplay. It was a time when most of us didn’t give a damn whether who won or lost, and it was a time when we weren’t even aware of the knife-in-the-gut feeling of a failed fortification in 10 consecutive tries.

But NOW here we are in this state of a putrid arrogance that some would refer to as a gamer’s “evolution.”

These days, you can get kicked out of a chamber because of your accuracy (but more specifically, your lack of it.) Other than that, you can also get kicked because of your level ; and to make things even more desperate, SOME players throw you out simply because you belong to a different league.

SOME players today seem to have confused a virtual game as a means to validate their worth in real life. There are only a very few high level players out there who would even care to entertain a simple private message from a newbie.

Unlike before, most of us played simply for pure fun. We didn’t care much about concepts such as “success rates,” “glories,” and “equipment levels.” We laughed when we lost, we laughed when we won, and we laughed at simple things like hanging in a small pixel of ground and clinging to a wall like spiderman.

Personally, and especially at boatyard maps, I consider it as a failure in my part if I am unable to go with a low level on some maps. I would also like my league members along with other players to experience what the advanced maps feel like but I am simply unable to help them complete it.
Sorry, I’m not strong enough to carry you until GD stage 4

P.S. If ever any of you will attempt to justify your actions toward other low level players as valid simply because you have a higher level and/or power then I would kindly ask you to keep your ego and narcissism in check.

Perhaps an amusing thought to consider: A “pro” or a noob, which one is truly a better gamer?

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2 Responses

  1. lolgirl404 says:

    XD Pro noob is better <3 :) I like ddtank and I'll have fun. No matter what!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hello dear friend, I love to find your thoughts here which are also the same urge that flows around my thought, I completely and with a bitter sadness support your every line in this article, and I hope we will eventually find back the golden ages of gaming again.

    me here a ddtanker (Games321.com, Jupiter, Babylon Garden chamber), thnx for sharing, take care. (mhdhsn@ymail.com)

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