DDTank Sports Race Guide

DDTank Sports Race Guide

Entering Sport Fight Mode

1. Click the Create button in game hall to create a chamber.

2. Choose Sports Fight,click OK to create Sports Fight chamber.

3. Wait for a teammate in the chamber or click Start button directly to start a battle.

Additional Scene Mode

1. Click Create button at Boatyard to create a chamber.

2. Choose Additional Scene,Click OK button to create an Additional Scene chamber.

3. After entering the chamber, click Choose the Scene button can go to Additional Scene selection interface, select a scene and then click the Start button to enter the battle.

Challenge Mode

1. Players can challenge others at Game Hall and Boatyard.

2. Find the player you want to challenge from the Players list,click the Player’s name to see information and function list. Click the “Challenge” button to create a challenge chamber and invite the selected Player to enter the chamber.

3. When both sides are ready,click Start to enter the battle.

Basic Operation

The basic operation of the game is using “↑、↓、←、→”and “space” in keyboard.
“←、→”: Control character to move left and right in map.
“↑、↓”: Control weapon’s attack angle. There is a dial at the lower left corner to show the angle.
“space bar”: Control weapon’s attack power. The longer the space bar is pressed, the greater the attack distance is. The length scale at the bottom will show current power.

Attributes Introduction:

The backpack interface displays all the attributes of a character, which include:
Combat Power: Derived from a comprehensive assessment of a character’s attributes. Higher capability brings greater power.
Attack: Character’s total attack attributes value, Attack greatly increases the level of weapon damage, and add s to the Delay value.
Defense: Character’s total defense attributes value, Defense can decrease damage and increase maximum HP.
Agility: Agility increases character’s recovery rate and maximum physical strength.
Luck: Luck increases a character’s strike rate,damage while weaken enemy’s defense.
Damage: Has a strong influence on the degree of damage to enemies.
Shield: Character’s total shield attributes value, it has a strong influence on the degree of damage to Players themselves.
HP: Character’s maximum HP, HP is directly related to the character’s survival ability.

Basic Skills

Battle Interface:

Current Player: Display character name and image of current turn. Click “[P]” button to charge power, the effect will vanish when this turn ends.
Wind direction and force: Display wind direction and force of current turn, last turn shows the wind direction and force of last round.
Battle status: Display character’s HP and other status, click to see character’s equipment.
Small map: A mini battle map, can check terrain and location of every character.
Chat box: Show chat messages.
Items: Press 1–7 on keyboard as shortcuts to choose corresponding items.
Dial: Check current and last time’s launch angle, also can adjust the launch angle of this turn.
Plane and sub-weapon buttons: Click to use the plane and sub-weapon (need to equip sub-weapon beforehand).
Power: Can check current and the last launch’s power, also can adjust the power of this turn.
Player: Display character images, names, HP and other information of all Players on the battle map.
HP and functional button: Display HP and functional button of current Players. POW shows anger level. Players can use a Killing Move by clicking the fully charged POW button.
Item shortcut keys: Items gained from a battle will be placed here. Press Z, X, C as shortcuts to use them.

Battle Skills:

Powerful battle skills can reverse situation in an instance.
Paper Airplane: Teleports players to the place where the paper plane lands. Paper plane can only be used once every two turns.
Sub-weapon: Equip different sub-weapons can have different effects. Sub-weapon can only be used once every two turns.
Killing Move: Powerful Killing Move can reverse the battle immediately. There is no restriction of cooling time, but POW must be fully charged.

Ghost Status:

Your character will die when its HP reaches  0. However, it doesn’t mean the end of game. Players can continue to play after their character becomes a ghost.  Ghosts can collect chests to enhance their teammate’s ability.As a ghost, a player can click character and move. When the ghost passes a chest in the map, it will pick up items in the chest. Even as a ghost, It is still possible to obtain very rare E weapons. Ghosts can use these items on a living teammate’s weapon during the teammate’s turn to attack.

PvP Fight Mode

Sports Fight  Mode Introduction:

There are two types of battle modes in the game: Expedition and Sports Fight. Only Sports Fight mode is open at the moment. Create a chamber at Game Hall, choose Sports Fight chamber mode. This mode picks teammates randomly, attack time of each turn is 10 seconds.  In this mode, Players of the same or close level will be chosen.

After entering the Sports Fight chamber, Players can choose either Free or League fights. The League fight requires one room to have two or more Players from the same league. League Fights offer generous rewards, and the winner can accumulate the wealth of the league.

Challenge Mode Introduction:

Challenge Players in the Players list at Game Hall or Boatyard, click a Player’s name and the “Challenge” button to create a Challenge Mode chamber and invite the Players to the chamber.Under Challenge Mode, Players are divided into Red and Blue teams. Maps can be chosen or randomly selected. Attack times of each turn can be 5 seconds/7 seconds /10 seconds.

Enter the Challenge Mode chamber, click chamber information to select a map, adjust attack time, battle mode. The fight will start after both sides are ready and have an equal number of players. The winner of a Challenge Mode battle can announce the victory via a system announcement.

Earn Extra Exp:

Challenge mode allows Players to earn extra Exp.
In Challenge Mode, when a Player is 5 levels higher than the enemy, the Player will gain an extra 200 Exp regardless of the combat result. The extra 200 Exp is influenced by increased Exp, and the figure may be different with the change of increased Exp.

PvE Fight Mode

Additional Scene Introdction:

Players can join PVE battle with others at the Boatyard. Only Additional Scene mode is open at the moment. In Additional Scene mode, Players can team up and fight against various monsters to win generous rewards
A number of scenes are available with different level restrictions. Only players who are above the required level can enter certain scenes. Every Additional Scene has its own difficulty level. Monster’s HP, defense, attack and other attributes will be different. Rewards for different scene are also different.   After completing one difficulty level, a higher level Additional Scene will open. Some Additional Scenes have different durations under different difficulty levels. Only the most difficult level can offer players the most complete experience and the most lavish rewards.
Players may encounter either beautiful or cruel monsters, or even a cute BOSS. But carelessness will lead to failure.

Additional Scene Mode Battle:

Compared with other modes, Additional Scene mode has a different combat flow. One victory doesn’t mean the end of game. Players must pass a number of battles and defeat the final BOSS to achieve victory and to get the rewards .If you quit half-way, you won’t get to the final BOSS and the rewards that come with it.

Click Create button at Boatyard to create a chamber, then click ok to enter the chamber.

Enter the Additional Scene Selection interface and choose a scene to start battle.

Choose one Additional Scene first,select a difficulty level, then click OK.

Now you can start a battle. Although you are very brave and powerful, it would be wise not to fight alone.

Don’t be too reckless even if the monsters are cute.

When you pass the entire round of battles, a new page will appear. Each Player can pick two cards this time and you can pick three if you spend some coins. Choose one Additional Scene first,select a difficulty level, then click OK.

PvE Fight Mode Drops

Additional Scene Drops:

After finishing the whole round of battles in Additional Scene modethere is a bonus card pickup. The difference is that players can pick two cards free of charge and get one more chance if they spends some coins. All drops from the battle can be found here. In Additional Scene Mode, Players pick one Boss drops when a Bossnot the final Bossis defeated. Valuable items from this Boss can be found here.

NPC Drops:

In Additional Scenes, NPCs will also drop some precious items. However, NPC drops can only be found once the NPC is defeated!

Boss Drops:

In Additional Scene Mode, Players pick one Boss drops when a Boss (not the final Boss) is defeated. Valuable items from this Boss can be found here!

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