DDTank Metallurgy Guide

DDTank Metallurgy Guide by leikyr

I have alot of people asking me daily what metallurgy is and i didn’t see a guide for it so I decided to make 1 real quick

Metallurgy is basically mixing 4 items to make 1 of better quality
you can mix 4 of the same type of gem to make a higher lvl 1
however if you use a mix of different lvl ones your success rate will be lowered

If you want to increase your success rate you can use sacrifice. You can use gems or energy stones for this but, you will lose items that you sacrifice.

you can also mix 1 of each type of gem using cohesion formula to make a energy stone.
I suggest using sacrifice for this if you are trying to make lvl 3-4 energy stones

Mixing 4 energy stone gives you 1 of a higher lvl

mixing 4 pearls gives you a random pearl of same lvl. However you can get pearls doing this that you cant get from cards in ants/gulu

Mixing 4 of the same type ring or bracelet will make 1 with +1. This only works for ap rings and bracelets so don’t waste your voucher to buy 4 rings or bracelets

I put this together in 5-10 min so excuse any typos

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