Battle Dawn Galaxies Crystals and Relics Guide

Battle Dawn Galaxies Crystals and Relics Guide by Dominator

Today I´m going to exlpain everything you need to know about Crystals & Relics.

Ready?GO! =)

Let´s first know more about them.

Crystals are like small boosts that you can get after you reach power rating 30.They give you like +1 in your resources production every tick.
There are at the moment only two aways to get it, first is has I said by reaching power rating of 30 and the second way is by getting it from other players. :twisted:

After getting a crystal your colony will change of shape.It will look similar to this:






Relics are similar to crystals but are very difficult to get them.One Relic gives you and to your alliance +5 of food,metal and oil.But if you get one more insted of double, you get 15 each. For 3 relics you get 30, for 4 you get 50, for 5 you get 75, for 6 you get 105, for 7 you get 140, gor 8 you get 180, for 9 you get 225 and finally for 10 relics you get 275!(Thanks BD Staff)
Relics are the most important item of the game.The first team to collect all the 10 Relics wins the round.They can be gain by two ways first by finding them in the world and send a squad to get them. You will find something like Unidentified Wreckage.Second way to get it is getting from other players in battle.

Your colony will get an special shape.

Look of your colony:




(I made this screenshot from the old version because the relics aren´t released yet in the current tick in the new version.)

-Once you get a crystal, everyone will attack you to get it so prepare your units before getting the crystal.Same to Relics.
-When you hold a Relic It´s impossible to go in vacation mode to prevent players from cheating.


If you have any questions or anything more to add just reply.Thanks =P


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