Archlord Equipment Guide

Archlord Equipment Guide by billclinton

There are 5 types of equipment, and they all come in different color-codes

Normal – WHITE
Unique – BRONZE
Elite – PURPLE
Combination – GREEN

Realms Armors = GREEN

weapons come with a random number of sockets, ranging from 1 to 8. All necklaces and rings have 1 socket.(except some from quests that come with 2) All elemental Stones can be placed into these sockets, Prayer Stones can only be placed into certain pieces of equipment. Armour(tops) come in 1 to 4 armor pants 1 to 3 boots gloves come in 1 to 2

There are 5 Elemental Stones in 5 levels, and many Prayer Stones. As far as the Magic Stones go, they have Fire, Water, Soil, Wind, and Magic. The higher the level of the elemental Stone, the greater its effect.

If a elemental Stone is socket-ed into a weapon, it adds elemental damage corresponding to the stone and its lvl. If a elemental Stone is socket-ed into armor, it adds elemental resistance corresponding to the stone and its lvl.

A Prayer Stone can only be put into a certain pieces of equipment and has a specific effects, They range in lvl from 1 to 6

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