Metal Assault Helicopter Guide

Metal Assault Helicopter Guide skuld01

Many People (in co-op, PvP) often see a helicopter/plane parked right infront of you at somewhere and you are noted that pressing “F” will make you go have a ride.

Problem is, many people do not know about how to really use the Valkyrie/Towkhawk. (I perfer calling it Valkyrie hence the title: Valkyrie rider.)

The heli have 4 seats.

1st seat: pilot, vulcan
2nd seat: missile launcher
3rd seat: (nothing)
4th seat: (nothing)

You will take the 1st seat if you are the first one who get into the heli, 2nd take the 2nd seat and so on.
To change seats, press the target seat’s number key, and you will swap to the seat. However, if someone had already taken the seat, the person who seating at that seat will be prompted to choose: (1)pressing the changing seat number for agree the swap, or (2) pressing the current seat number to decline the swap.

Note: only the person who seating at 1st seat will be able to move the heli.

1st seat: Controling the movement of the heli: Rain bullets into enemies

WASD is simple as it is to move the heli around in this 2D game.

The Tawkhawk have a 2nd flying mode where it change from a plane (default) into a helicopter, or change back again.
To do this, press ‘0’ , when you are at the pilot seat.

When the Heli is in helicopter mode. Weapons are able to change shooting direction by pressing the [right mouse button]. (So many people rage when I shooting vulcan directly down into their head).

Pressing 0 again will change back to plane mode , you cannot change vulcan’s shooting direction under this mode, but it also wont reset back to default angle when you switching modes.
[Edit: in PvP, the shooting angle will reset back to default after switching the heli back to default flying mode]

2nd Seat: Missile Launcher rampage (only 10 shots)

If there is a player who seating at the 2nd seat (or you swap into it if there’s no one there). The player can use the weapon.

Same as Vulcan, missile launcher are able to change shooting direction by using the right click, when the heli is flying under helicopter mode.

3rd and 4th seats: Where are your parachutes?

The players who sitting at 3rd and 4th seats can only do one thing, take off.

unlike tanks you wont take off onto the ground, you will take off from the air.

You might fall to death if you take off from the plane, so it is time to make use of the parachute. And it will be a cool thing to make ambush with it. (really, who will prepare for a rocket launcher that shooting from above their heads?)

Weapons: Vulcan and Missile launcher:

Vulcan: simular as tanks mounted gun. 250 shots , around 500~600 damage when hitting within range, deal much lesser damage if it hits target with far distance.

Missile Launcher: Missile fly straight and fast compare to rockets,direct hit deal around 5k damages , that’s 1/3 full health onto tanks/robots, one shot howitzer/infanty. Fly distance is long enough to fly away from your screen so I need help on getting the idea about how far a missile can go.

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