Metal Assault Burton Guide

Metal Assault Burton Guide by Zayre

Hello everyone. SapperGainson here. You may have seen me in the game, wielding a rocket launcher and being called a noob, or a skill-less idiot who uses a one shot weapon.

The fact of the matter is, despite the one hit kill capability of the weapon; the rocket launcher is barely a challenger for the sniper rifle; until you’ve learned to use your weapon and skills properly.

To begin, the do’s and don’t(s) of being a Rocketeer.

1. Wield your Rocket Launcher in-doors at all times. As Burton, you gain a weapon mobility boost despite the Rocket Launcher’s heavy weight.

2. Use mines. Mines allow you to instigate your opponents, and cover your flanks. You may be slow, but you’re capable of being incredibly agile. Using vehicle mines and canceling them when an enemy comes into view can cause an opponent to quickly reconsider going your way.

3. Run away when you’re on your last rocket. Getting yourself in the proper situation to kill your opponent grants you the leasure of being able to pick up their dropped ammo for a free reload.

4. Fall back when you need to reload. You reload the fastest standing still, after all.

5. UPGRADE YOUR BLAST RADIUS. This skill has allowed me to kill dodging opponents by blowing up the floor as they tumble.

6. Consider your weapon attachments carefully. A dot-sight will improve your accuracy a little, and a laser sight will enable you to pin-point your aim a tad more; while a Sniper Rifle will let you look ahead at your targets, at the cost of being unable to throw grenades.

7. Wield a powerful side arm; but do NOT carry a sniper rifle! Using a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher will quickly have you attempting to pick favorites, and being such a large target, you make a poor sniper to begin with.

8. Anticipate your opponent. If you’re fighting someone with a rifle, their first reaction will be to spray down a corridor at you to kill you. Fire a rocket down the hallway and show your superiority. If you’re fighting a shotgunner, know that you have weapon superiority. They’ll need to get close, and most players will frantically back-peddle or tumble while trying to reload. Tumble their next shot, or spear them, then blow them up. If you are fighting a sniper, be careful. Snipers are capable of hitting you mid-tumble, and a head shot will spell instant death for you. Abuse your acrobatic capabilities; jump and tumble, and use the environment. You can even try to rocket-snipe your opponent. If you’re fighting someone with a hand-gun, don’t panic. Most gunslingers know the extent of their weaponry, and will try to out manouver your rockets and kill you while reloading. Trick them into a sense of security, and fire at their feet. Your splash damage should kill them.

Upon fighting another Rocketeer, you will need to weigh in several things. Is your launcher faster? Have you seen them use any of their rockets? Do you have grenades? Are you in a closed area? Do they have side arms? Every character can be fought in a different way!

9. When in doubt, spear. Spear has the benefit of not only increasing your defense, but it stuns your opponent on hit. You can rocket them, or switch to your side arm and eliminate them.

10. Buy the fastest rocket launcher. Your launcher already kills players on foot in one hit; the faster your rocket launcher, the harder it is to avoid.


1. Abuse your charge. Your charge isn’t like Mabinogi’s charge; it doesn’t reduce damage to a non-deadly amount.

2. Spam rockets. You need to play like an alligator would; wait for your opponent to come to you, anticipate, then snap out and drag them into your maw.

3. Buy Ladder-Shooting. Even if you can fire a rocket launcher on a ladder, you can’t reload it.

4. Fire straight. A straight moving rocket is the easiest to avoid. If you fire at your opponent’s feet while they are on screen, they are either forced to jump; or they will be killed by the splash damage.

5. Fire your rocket while scoped and in enemy range. The downside of Rocket Sniping is that you can’t unscope until you reload!

6. Try to tank shots. You may have 3.2k HP, but you still die pretty easily.

7. Rely on Spear for openings. Practice leading your opponent; your rocket travels in a straight line. Most people are stupid enough to wander RIGHT in front of it.

8. Aggress. Talking trash is one thing. Acting like you’re the best merely makes you seem stupid. Try to lead by example.

9. Forget to check your rocket count. If you have one rocket when you go into battle against two people, don’t rely on a double kill. The second person will kill you while you un-prime your rocket launcher.

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