Metal Assault Weapon and Armor Guide

Metal Assault Weapon and Armor Guide by VladVanVinhail

1) General info
2) Types
3) Weapon stats info
4) Description of the weapon
5) Modifications
6) armor and sets.

General info
coudnt find any gun-looking guide, so let’s make something looking like it. feel free to send me some data, info, ur “dude ur guide sucks” opinion about it) let’s do it!)
well, weapons are needed

this game have such types of weapons:
Sniper Riffle(S)
Rocket laucher(RL but B lol)

and Granades/Granades rounds as special)

Weapon stats info
weapon stats are:
damage – how much damage with 1 bullet
rate of fire – how quick will u shoot/reload
range – no comments
Accuracy – no comments
bullet speed – how fast is ammo going) more of this – lesser chances to avoid
mobility – how quick can u move with weapon
endurance – how long can it work witout repair.

CAUTION: weapon with different classes but, for example, same stats, dont have same output. That’s why there is, for example “damage: 96 R”. it’s only comparetive as damage of same class;

Description of the weapon

many people think about them: “bulls**t” or nearly.
+in mission mode i hade with random-purchased H infinity ammo))
+first misison enemies dies from 2 hits(1 if head)
-still low perfomance. easy to avoid H bullets…and never seeb high perfomance in PvP;

that’s classic of RE series))
+ high damage per hit(kinda 3k+ from newbie SG)
+ sometimes u can shoot multiple enemies)
– a bit long reaload
– more distance between u and enemy – lesser damage. in half of screen distance – like 240

many ppl are using them.
+200-500 damage per shot(for what i saw)
+high rates of fire(well, it’s assault riffle after all)
0 it’s + and – of some weap – some have attached granade launcher, which req Rocket Round(5 per slot in inv). no ability to shot with granade having this
– all ammo will be spent in no time)

Sniper Riffle(S)
camping – just do it!)
+ high damage(even kilelr 9 in body makes 1,5k, other models nearly 3k+)
+ nice distance + sniper mode = ability to shoop da whoop enemies from VERY long range)
+ headshot modifier like x3) so noone to survive 11-13k+ damage in head)
– very low reload. ur life depends on this)
– in sniper mode u have very little radius of seeing. so u might be killed from enemy u missed
-until u will remove sniper scope u cannot use granades)
0 sniper mode eats alot SP

SOMETIMES U CAN PRODUCE A MULTIKILL!! basically, it’s unknown to be real thing or glitch, but making headshots of 2 close-standing enemies can made penetrate effect. Made once this by myself

Rocket laucher(RL but B lol)
1 shot, 1 hit)
+ high damage) never saw survivors of direct hit)
+ ability to AOE kill)
– Extremely low reload. ur life depends on this)
– little amount of ammo

Granades – just buy and throw))
+ damage isnt bad. can 1hit kill
+ tactical advantage – with hands from right place and some skill u can throw it in some pits of campers))
-a bit of time before BOOM allow you and ur enemies to escape
– cooldown….which could be fixed by AI and carl skills;
– traectory and range sucks) only carl with his skill can throw is for nice range)

there 2 sorts of weapon’s modification:
1) stats upgrade
2) inserting additional parts

stats upgrade allows you to increase perfomance of your weapon up to +5). u cannot upgrade from 0 to 5) only 0-1, 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5) it can fail.
need some data bout what could happen via fail
required items(lvl1-5):
Bolt – for upgrading bullet speed.
Barrel – for range
Trigger – for accuracy.
Spring – for rate of fire

those u can get in mission mode, from boxes in coop, from other players and from some quests). for upgading visit B. Rokin. Upgrade menu.

additional parts:
casual ones in misk shop, nice oens is players/boxes/missions)
for modding: visit B.roking, chose Modification….never saw it failing. cost: 500 to add a part)

there are 4 slots in weapon max for modification.
1) silencer – shoot with lesser noise.
weapon avable to put on: Sniper riffle, Riffle, handgun
2) Sniper scope/dot sign – dot makes ur aim scope red when enemi is on line “u-aim scope”) (screenshot will be added later).
dot is for riffles, sniper riffle, handguns, shotguns, rockt launchers.
scope is 4 sniper riffles only
3) Magazine – increasing amout of ammo in clip and so max ammo
4 riffle.
4) lazer sign – donno of it’s use. never saw any lol
any weapon. as i recall
some part u can drop are part of set))
CAUTION: removing modification parts will destroy them

armor and sets
lesser damage is good)
therefore some zombie-like and AP stuff has set bonus. basically: more set parts on – more bonus. bonuses stacks)

Non-AP sets
basicaly, just use this 1
and give credits to those ppl :3

AP sets(check item mail 4 them)

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