Metal Assault Gun Mods Guide

Metal Assault Gun Mods Guide by Gheert

I’ll give you the rundown of the mod’s I’ve used so far, what I know, what they do and how I rate them.

Laser Sight

What a laser is SUPPOSED to do is mark your target at a set distance and give off a bright, distinguishable mark where the bullet may land so the shooter can judge whether to pull the trigger or not. The Metal Assault’s Laser Assist got the set distance part correct, but what they forgot was to make a noticeable mark on the target! I had to add Cyan and Green levels to the picture JUST to show everyone where the mark even is. You have about a quarter of a second to try and spot that – ON A MOVING TARGET – and judge whether or not it’s worth the risk to pull the trigger. Oh! SCREW THAT!

Dot Sight

As far as I’ve learned from Airsoft and general shooting, a dot sight is supposed to give the user accuracy at a set range or below it while also giving a clear field of view. It’s supposed to be better than iron sights on that respect but it’s supposed to be limited on how far out you can aim adjusting elevation – okay, that’s well and good. What Metal Assault gives you pretty much does that from your character to the edge of your field of vision. While it is kind messed up in the sense of fairness (it’s about as good as chams) it’s awesome because I can abuse the crap out of it. There’s no real good reason for me to argue here.

I am sure everyone who’s played a modern shooter knows what a silencer does, so I’ll just skip explaining real life application and 1v1 dodge arguments about why Hollywood and most games portray silencers wrong. Instead, I’ll explain MA’s rendering of what it does – it reduces your gun’s fire volume from 140 DB to about 20 and replaces the fire sound with that famous “pfft” we’re all familiar with. Metal Assault’s not trying to be a realistic game, so I’ll let this one slide… as much as it hurts to do so.

Extended Magazine
You would want this because – shut up.

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