Metal Assault Boss Complete Guide

Metal Assault Boss Complete Guide by Thysiazo

I – Introduction
II – Boss 1 – A Tank
III – Boss 2 – MAU Mastodon
IV – Boss 2.5 – Franz
V – Boss 3 – Franz and Airship
VI – Boss 4 – The Metatron (Chris Valentine)
VII – Boss 5 – The Mega-Griffon (Rich Howard)


A lot of people seem to have trouble with bosses at some point, so I thought I’d go ahead and make a guide about how to fight the bosses (with not completely terrible videos, becomes sometimes it’s easier to just show what I mean instead of talk about it. ^^;) Right now, I’m just going for beating the bosses on Rookie mode, since a lot of what people complain about seems to be that people want to go the next map, but can’t beat the boss, which would mean they’re probably stuck on Rookie mode.

There are going to be a few restrictions for my boss fight videos, though, in that I won’t use any equipment that most people might not have at that point (No 2 Lt equipment at MAU Mastodon), and no using more than 3 coins in a boss battle, for the 3 silver coins that everyone gets daily.

I’m just assuming that if someone is 2 Lt by the time they’re fighting MAU Mastodon for the first time, they’ve probably been playing long enough that they won’t need this guide.

If your problem is with bosses on Legend difficulty, this guide probably isn’t for you. You probably know exactly what you’re doing by that point, I think. x.x

Suggested Items
Rifle – A high damage, low fire rate rifle. In later boss levels, ammo becomes very important. If you’re going to run out of ammo either way, high damage will probably get more out of your rifle.
Sniper Rifle – I mostly use this for killing robot enemies. You’re most likely going to kill an enemy in the same amount of hits regardless of how much damage your sniper rifle does, so I usually use a high fire rate rifle.
Shotgun – I usually use this to kill multiple enemies while trying to save rifle ammo. I usually prefer to use a shotgun with a higher fire rate.
Rocket Launcher – There isn’t a very big variety of rocket launchers. Your choice is usually a high damage, high fire rate, low bullet speed or low damage, low fire rate, high bullet speed rocket launcher. Since enemies in mission mode are extremely predictable compared to PvP enemies, I’d recommend the high damage/fire rate rocket launcher, as it isn’t too hard to hit an enemy.
Pistol – Pistols have infinite ammo in mission mode. They can be very useful for saving ammo in place of other weapons. I recommend high fire rate pistols, since they fire a lot more quickly than high damage pistols, don’t do a lot less damage per shot, and you don’t exactly have to worry about running out of ammo.

I also strongly recommend trying to get a veteran rifle (or any weapon) as soon as possible, as all veteran weapons do twice as much damage in mission mode, with rifles being the most important weapon.

Grenades can also help make the battle go a lot more quickly, doing extra damage you wouldn’t have been doing otherwise.

Armor/Other Equipment:
Make sure to check that you have the best armor and equipment for your rank.

Being a Staff Sargent rank is also very useful, as a double defense Helmet, double defense Combat Outfit, and 50% extra defense Assault Jacket become available. (All only taking effect in mission mode.)

Magazine A – In the shop that sells grenades and recovery items in town, there’s an item called Magazine A for 1200 coins. This will let your rifle magazines hold 2 extra bullets (so 32 ammo instead of 30). You can put this on your weapon by going to the NPC B. Rokin, choosing the modify option, and putting your rifle/magazine upgrades in the “Weapon to Modify” and “Modification Materials” slots. While 2 whole bullets may not seem like the most amazing thing ever, a rifle at maximum ammo will be able to hold 320 bullets instead of 300, which could make a difference.

Magazine Pouch – These are a nice little extra to have, since the cheapest ones are only 180 coins. Magazine pouches will let you start a mission with one extra magazine (32 more rifle bullets), making it a little harder to run out of ammo.

HP recovery items may also be useful.

Comments/suggestions/constructive criticisms are all very welcome. ^^; I honestly don’t know how helpful this guide is, if at all. I kind of felt like I was just saying a bunch of stuff that’s all already very obvious to everyone. But I’ll try my best! x.x

And really, be sure to say something, especially if I’m being stupid and making a boss way harder than it should be, or using a terrible strategy, or just disagree with something. @~@;;

First Boss
Mission: Enemy Attack
Mission Video Guide:

It’s starting now. For realz. o-o

Mission Overview
The mission starts out with you in a forest near a bridge. After fighting through a bunch of enemies on the bridge, you’ll eventually come across a giant tank – the boss.

This boss isn’t anything too special, but is a very good introduction for what a boss looks like; it has a health bar at the top of the screen, if you try to run on top of the boss you’ll die, lesser enemies will show up during the battle, and the boss can shoot powerful bullets and explosives.

This boss can be a little overwhelming for new players who probably weren’t expecting a boss, but with a little practice can become very easy.

Ammo doesn’t really need to be conserved for this mission, since the boss doesn’t have a lot of health.

The Actual Boss Fight
The boss will sit at the right side of the screen, firing bullets up and down in a sweeping motion. Enemies with rifles will occasionally parachute down from the top of the screen, and melee enemies with axes will sometimes show up from the right side of the screen. After taking a tiny bit of damage, the boss will start moving back and forth, firing bombs whenever it reaches the right side of the screen.

The boss is pretty straightforward: do your best to dodge the bullets and keep firing at the boss.

Keep in mind that the boss is a very large target; if you’re having trouble surviving, focus on dodging the bullets. It is very likely that if you’re aiming somewhere to the right of the screen, you’re going to hit the boss. Aiming shouldn’t be too important.

It is very likely that you will kill the melee enemies when they get between you and the boss, so they won’t be much of a problem. The parachute soldiers do pretty insignificant damage and fire very slowly, especially on rookie mode, and will probably be taken care of when they get low enough to be caught in your bullets anyway.

The bombs are probably the most dangerous part of the boss, since they will instant kill you if they make contact or land very close to you. The only thing you can really do is be ready for when the boss reaches the right side of the screen and do your best to jump over the bomb (or maybe duck under if the bomb is particularly high).

The boss only has one health bar on rookie mode, so the battle shouldn’t take very long, and ammo shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Second Boss
Mission: MAU Mastodon
Mission Video Guide:

Mission Overview
The mission starts with you, once again, in a forest. You’ll have to fight through some enemies, jump over some platforms, fight through some more enemies, and then you’ll find the boss – MAU (Mobile Artillery Unit) Mastodon.

This is probably very obvious, but be a little careful around the platforms. I’ve fallen down them a lot, and I’ve seen many others fall down the platforms a bunch of times.

Aside from that, be careful about your rifle ammo. You should be able to kill MAU Mastodon with only your rifle, but you’ll need to have gotten a decent amount of ammo before the boss. (Unless you have a veteran rifle by now, in which case the boss should go down like nothing.)

The Actual Boss Fight
As soon as the fight begins, the boss will start firing his missiles. He has 3 cannons that he fires missiles out of, each always changing their angle and the speed of the missile that comes out. If a single missile touches you, you’re dead.

Enemies will again be parachuting from the top and coming out from the right side of the screen, but the enemies will stop showing up pretty quickly.

While this probably seems very obvious, do your best to focus on dodging the missiles, and not on where you’re aiming. A common problem that some of my friends have in side-scrolling bullet heck-because-the-real-word-gets-censored shooters is that they get caught up in watching where they’re firing and trying to kill enemies that they end up dying when they’re not paying attention to what’s hitting them. MAU Mastodon takes up pretty much the entire right side of the screen and doesn’t move, which makes it really really hard to miss him. And while this isn’t exactly a bullet heck shooter, and it’s perfectly possible to be good at one and not the other, I think the same thing still applies here. Getting hit is a bad thing. :P

The only other thing to watch out for is that when MAU starts getting low on health, he’ll start launching out totally not bullet bill missiles at you that, again, will kill you instantly on contact.

Mini Boss
Mission: The Counterattack

Mission Overview
There are other times where you’re able to fight Franz in map 3 that are optional, but this specific mission has forced fights with Franz.

In this mission, you go up a burning building, across a lift to another building, down that building, run into Franz. After that, you go up the same building, through a hallway, and then you fight Franz again.

Ammo shouldn’t be too much of a problem here.

Fighting Franz
This is the only boss fight so far that makes you fight a human. He will run back and forth, always firing at you with a pistol.

The pistol is simple enough. With decent timing, you can pretty much just jump over the bullets, and they won’t be much of a problem.

The biggest problem people seem to have with Franz is that, when he gets close enough, he will start rapidly throwing grenades at you like the super crazy psycho he is. Which, of course, will kill you instantly if you’re too close.

The rifle and the sniper rifle can both be pretty effective against Franz. Since Franz is a human, you can use the sniper rifle to get head shots and deal decent against him. The rifle will still deal a greater amount of damage than the sniper rifle over time, making the rifle a better choice unless your rifle runs out of ammo.

Keep in mind that, since Franz is a human, weapons like the rifle will still get critical hits and deal more damage if you aim for his head.*

The First Encounter
The first time you encounter Franz will be at the bottom of the building after going across the lift. There are a few ways to go about this fight.

The first option is to stay inside of the room and try run past him whenever you get the chance, constantly firing at him and avoiding his grenades. I don’t really recommend this option.

The second option –
The second option is to run out the door at the start of the fight, open the door when he gets close to let him through, and keep firing at him as he chases you down the long hallway, running past him when you get the chance. (Which should be a lot easier, as he won’t be throwing grenades at you constantly if you’re far enough away.)

The third option –
The third option is probably the best option, that I discovered only after making the video for option 2. When the fight begins, run out the door, don’t let Franz through, climb up the ladder, and continue through the level. While the mission says “Defeat Franz”, after trying several times to make sure this wasn’t a rare glitch, I finally found that this fight is completely optional, and you don’t have to fight Franz here. You can fight him if you really want to, but Franz will disappear before his health gets too low, not even dropping an item. I’m guessing that him shouting “You won’t get away with this!” is probably the biggest indicator that you were supposed to run away, and I’m probably the last person to figure this out. There is absolutely no benefit to fighting him here. Just do this option. Yeah. :P

Edit: It might have been a bug that got fixed, because I just did this level while helping a friend, and I was -not- able to just run out the door. The screen stayed inside of the little room, and there was no way out. Option 3 may no longer work.

The Second Encounter
The fight:
Now you’ll be fighting Franz for real.

Franz will begin by running towards you, firing from his pistol, and throwing grenades when getting close enough. You should start by immediately running past him, and making your way to the left side of the hall while firing at him.

Franz now has a very predictable pattern. Franz will keep running towards you, but once he gets close enough he will run backwards one time, come back, and then try to run past you. It’s when he’s coming back that you will want to run past him, get near the other wall, and repeat the process, firing at Franz until he’s dead.

Third Boss
Mission: Retreat
Mission Video Guide: (Note: I am assuming that, by this point, you have managed to get a veteran rifle. For this boss and all future bosses, I will be using an “F-2 Boss” rifle.)

Mission Overview
The mission starts with you on the roof of a building. You head left across the rooftop, killing some enemies along the way, and then you come across some stairs and a ladder. You have two options here.

Option 1:

This option requires a parachute, but will probably save you the most time. When you get to the ladder and stairs, climb up the ladder, jump off the side of the building, and use your parachute to land safely. Going this way, you don’t have to run through the inside of the building, saving yourself a lot of time. However, going this way will cost you a parachute, and you will most likely have a lot less ammo when you reach the boss, having not killed any ammo-dropping enemies inside of the building.

Option 2:
For the other option, you go down the stairs into the building instead of going up the ladder and jumping off. Here, you run to the right, through some rocket launching enemies, a mech, and some of those soldiers who just run away as soon as they see you.

When you see the soldiers that just run away, do -not- attack them with your rifle. When they get low on health they will disappear and not drop anything. If you kill them with rockets or get head shots with a sniper rifle, they will die and possibly drop extra ammo, which is very important in this level.

Right after the mech, there are some more stairs going down with a computer just below them.

You have a small choice here: capture the computer or don’t capture the computer.

Capturing the computer will take you an extra 11 seconds (or 9.5 seconds if you have upgraded the passive “Capture” skill at Steve), but will make less enemies appear later.

Not capturing the computer will save you the extra time that you would have spent, but will make more enemies appear later on.

On rookie mode, I recommend not capturing the computer, as the difference is only a couple more enemies to fight which could drop some more ammo and doesn’t make the level much more difficult.

After the computer, you will continue to the left, jump over a small gap (which is an instant death if you fall down), fight a flying robot and a couple of enemies (with an extra enemy or two if you skipped the computer), and then the boss battle starts.

The Actual Boss Fight

Part One – Franz
It’s Franz! Your fight with Franz will be almost identical to the fight you had in the mission “The Counterattack”. (See the post above in “The Second Encounter” section.)

There are a few small differences in this fight: There is a gap to the right of the map that will kill you if you fall down and there are a few enemies besides Franz at the beginning of the fight. Once you kill these enemies, there won’t be any additional enemies until you defeat Franz; they don’t respawn.

Also note that on later difficulties, not capturing the computer from earlier could make a mech appear during the Franz fight. Because of this, I recommend capturing the computer on later difficulties, although whether you do or not is completely up to you. (If you think you can handle the additional enemies, they may drop a couple more ammo boxes or power ups that could be useful.)

Also, Franz will start this battle by moving backwards one time when he gets close instead of trying to run through you in the beginning, so it’s a good idea to wait near the right edge of the area in the beginning, and then repeating the exact same strategy mentioned in the above post.

Part Two – The Airship
After finally defeating Franz, he calls in a giant airship with 8 health bars. While fighting the airship, two mechs will constantly respawn on the left and right edges of the area, and rocket launching enemies will continuously parachute down from above.

The airship has 3 ways of attacking:

  1. There are two large cannons beneath the airship that fire two large exploding missiles. Getting too close to these will kill you instantly.
  2. There’s a gun inside of the airship’s mouth that fires large bullets that will arc downwards. These appear to kill you instantly on a direct hit. (Not completely sure about that. It seemed that way from a couple of test runs, but they might not actually? Can anyone confirm? I’ll just check it out later if nobody can.)
  3. Just above the mouth is another cannon that will fire large exploding circular red bullets. These appear to -not- kill you instantly on a direct hit if your health is almost full.

The airship will start by flying up as soon as it appears. Once it’s done moving up, the airship will make its way to the right edge of the area.

Because of this, I would strongly recommend starting the battle with the airship (killing Franz) while you are on the left side of the airship, as the airship’s missiles will kill every enemy in its path as it makes its way to the right side of the map.

While I don’t like this method personally, you can start on the right side of the airship. If you do this, you should kill the rocket launchers and mech that start on the right side of the airship, and then get as close to the right edge as possible without falling off the gap. You should have enough room to be just barely out of the lower missile’s explosion radius when the airship is as far to the right as possible.

Once the airship is all the way to the right, it will fly down again. Once the airship is as low as it will go, it will adjust all of its weapons so they are facing more towards you when you are close enough, and then start flying to the left. If you are still on the right edge, it will adjust a lower cannon to throw a missile at you, so you will want to make your way to the left side of the area eventually.

When it starts adjusting its weapons, you should try to be as close to the airship as possible without being too close that you’ll get killed by its missiles immediately. Once it does adjust, you should make your way back to the very left, being sure to kill the mech and any additional rocket launchers that are parachuting down.

The airship will eventually make its way to the left. Depending on how the ship adjusted its weapons, you should be almost completely safe from its weapons if you are touching the very left wall. If it is firing a little high, you may have to duck under the last few bullets.

At this point, if you stop attacking the airship, it is done with new patterns; it will keep on flying left and right until the airship’s health bar has a “x04” on it.

Once you have brought its health low enough though, the airship will make its way to the right side of the area, and then start flying up and down. After it does this (flying up once, down once, and then up again), the airship will seemingly teleport to the very left side of the area, and start flying right again. (If you can, try to make your way to the right side of the airship at some point. When it starts flying up, all of its weapons will probably be pointed to the left, and it will take some time for the airship to readjust.)

Once it’s at the very right of the area, it will fly down (touching the ground), fly up one more time, fly down again, and then make its way to the left side of the area where it will fly up, down, up, make its way to the very right, and then fly down until it touches the ground, starting the pattern over again. It will keep doing this until it is dead. (Although, by this point, you may be running very low on time. Remember that your time left depends on the orange “Countdown” time, and not the time in white font.)

Once the airship is dead, the mission is -not- complete. A couple more rocket launchers might parachute down, and you must kill every last enemy to complete the mission, not just the boss.

Fourth Boss
Mission: Fight Chris
Mission Video Guide:

The boss on rookie mode only has 10 health bars. I wanted to get a better picture, so I took another one in veteran mode. :P

Mission Overview
For this mission, there isn’t a whole lot to do before the boss.

The mission starts with you at the bottom floor of a building. You make your way to the top, fighting some enemies along the way, and get into the Tomahawk-743 helicopter.

You fly to the left, landing somewhere, and fight your way past a few more enemies, and finally you run into Chris. (There’s a marked area to land the Tomahawk, but you don’t have to land it there. I recommend using the Tomahawk to kill all of the enemies to save ammo, and then just landing on the ground wherever you want.)

The Actual Boss Fight
During the boss fight, you don’t actually fight Chris. Chris will just be floating on a platform in the upper left of the area while you fight her invention, which she calls the Metatron.

If you try to attack Chris at all, a translucent energy shield will appear around her, completely blocking the attack. She will also be firing a magic missile at you regularly throughout the entire fight.

Enemies will also be parachuting down for the entire fight. While this does mean you will have more things attacking you, they can also give you quite a few ammo drops. Since the Metatron has 10 health bars, that at least is a good thing.

The Metatron
The Metatron is a giant floating orb that has several smaller weapons floating around it. As its health gets low, the Metatron will go through several stages, using the other weapons and becoming more difficult.

The Metatron will only take damage if you hit the actual orb part of the machine; hitting any of the floating weapons around it will just absorb your bullets without hurting the boss.

Stage 1
In its first stage, the boss will only be using a single part, a gun that rapidly fires medium-sized bullets nonstop. While the boss is firing at you, it will be moving in circles clockwise around the stage. If you touch the actual orb itself, you will rapidly take a very large amount of damage, most likely killing yourself instantly. You are, however, able to pass through the floating weapons without taking any damage.

Then gun that the Metatron uses will follow you around as you move, attacking with a very concentrated line of fire that is difficult to pass through, and adjusting its position about once per second, doing so very quickly.

This is actually very important; since the gun is not constantly adjusting its position, the gun will create a gap in its line of bullets when it does move to readjust, giving you the best chance of passing through the line of bullets safely.

If you get to a point where it’s impossible to create a gap in the bullets, the next best thing you can do is try to roll through the bullets and hope that you can get by without taking damage.

After taking away 4 health bars and about 1/3 of the next health bar (the health bar will read x06, and the boss will be partly damaged), the Metatron will enter its second stage. (It might not be that exact amount before changing stages. This was just the amount of health the boss had when it suddenly stopped firing in the video.)

Also note that while the boss is preparing for its next stage, there will be a long delay where the Metatron completely stops firing. Make sure to use this time to deal as much damage as you can. (Really try to get as much rifle ammo as possible before reaching the boss. As can be seen in the video, I could have had nearly 100 more ammo before fighting the boss. I ran out of ammo pretty quickly, and couldn’t really take advantage of this delay.)

Stage 2
In the Metatron’s second stage, all of its floating weapons will be moved to the top of the Metatron. This means that there will be nothing in your way to absorb damage while you are attacking the boss.

In this stage, the Metatron will rapidly fire a continuous line of large missiles that follow your character around. While they do create fairly large explosions, these missiles don’t do too much damage for an explosive, and will not kill you on a direct hit if you have most of your health.

If any of your bullets hit a missile, the missile will be destroyed. Because of this, it is often possible to move through gaps when a bullet happens to hit a missile while you’re just firing at the boss. Even if you’re not in a good position to hit a missile or are just having trouble hitting one, the line of missiles aren’t so concentrated that it’s impossible to move through them, and it will often be possible to move through the natural gaps between missiles.

After dealing enough damage, the boss will eventually move on to its third and final stage.

Just like when the boss went from its first to second stage, there appears to be a long delay in which the boss completely stops attacking between the second and third stage. (Also: it seems that after firing missiles for a while, the boss will stop to cool down for a few seconds. In the video, I believe the transition to the third-stage boss form may have happened at about the same time as the cool down, making it appear that it had a very long transition time.)

Stage 3
This is by far the boss’s most difficult stage.

In this stage, the Metatron will use its final weapon, a downward-facing cannon that shoots out exploding red bullets. This floating part will always be on the very bottom of the boss.

Also in this stage, the boss will be using the continuous line of seeking missiles that it used in the second stage.

Also also in this stage, the boss will be using its rapid-firing gun that creates concentrated lines of bullets from the first stage.

While all of that is happening, Chris will continue to shoot magic bullets at you while enemies will keep parachuting down from above.

Since the boss is using all of its weapons, it will also have both the rapid-fire gun and downward-facing cannon to protect it and absorb damage.

There really isn’t much more to say about this stage. (At least, not that I’ve been able to figure out.) Do your best to dodge the boss’s weapons like before, and kill the boss as quickly as you possibly can. The boss should be down to just a couple of bars of health at this stage, so it shouldn’t take too much longer.

It seems that (from the video) after about 50 seconds, the boss will stop firing for a couple of seconds before starting back up with the missiles.

If it is a time-based event and not some kind of glitch, I would recommend, if you die, to wait for almost the entire 9 seconds before reviving instead of reviving instantly, giving you a greater chance of reaching that time where it stops attacking.

Once you destroy the Metatron, the fight is over. You don’t have to kill the remaining enemies to complete the mission.

Fifth Boss
Mission: Fight Rich Howard
Mission Video Guide: (I was somehow able to do this with 3 coins, but this definitely isn’t the prettiest run. As you can see, I was just barely able to scrape by.)

Rich is holding a face card of himself that is also a king. Lulz.
Mission Overview
This mission starts with you at the very left of an area in Stolls City.

There’s isn’t anything particularly unique about this area that you haven’t seen before. You’ll fight your way through some grenade-throwing suicide bombers and some guys who launch seeker missiles at you, but you’ve probably had to deal with those guys earlier in Stolls, so they shouldn’t really be new to you.

Eventually, when you get to the rightmost part of the area, you’ll go inside a building and end up in another part of the city. (Probably just on the other side of that building.)

The boss will be coming up really soon. As with the other bosses, be sure to save as much rifle ammo as you can.

The Actual Boss Fight
Just Before the Boss
As soon as you go through the building, you’ll be in a safe area. You should probably use this time to wait and heal to full HP if you haven’t already.

At this time, you’ll want to get your rocket launcher ready. You’ll need it as soon as you move past the “Go” sign into the next area.

As soon as you go into the next area, Rich will start up a usual “I’m going to kill you because I’m a boss.” dialogue that starts up as every boss battle begins. This normally wouldn’t be very important, but the Stolls City maps have a very unfortunate side effect of being the very few maps where this dialogue will cover you. While it covers you, you can’t fire your weapon if you click while your mouse is on top of a dialogue box.

It also just so happens that you need to kill something that is directly to the right of you as you move into the boss area – something you won’t be able to attack as long as that dialogue box is up. Because of this, be sure to press the “Escape” button on your keyboard as soon as Rich starts talking, as the escape button will end his dialogue box immediately.

As soon as you can, launch a rocket to the right, as there is a machine that will throw instant-kill exploding bullets at you, and a rocket will take out the machine instantly.

As soon as you take out the machine, switch to your rifle as quickly as possible, (you can quick switch to a pistol and then to your rifle faster than the rocket launcher’s reload will end) and take out the two enemies that were behind the machine. (One of them is a rocket-launching enemy.)

After all of that, the area’s finally all clear to start focusing on Rich.

The Mega-Griffon
(After realizing how long this section is, I’m just going to make a note here: all that this and pretty much all of my other boss strategy sections are is basically just a summary of the video, with just a couple of extra tips. I don’t think you’d be missing out on a lot if you just watched the boss part of the video, especially if this feels really “tl;dr”.)

The boss itself is the Mega-Griffon, the name of Rich Howard’s helicopter.

At the very beginning of the battle, he’ll start off by firing a series of large missiles in pairs that follow you around that behave exactly like the missiles in the Metatron’s second form.

The synchronization of the two missiles can make a lot of difference, especially if you’re fighting this boss solo. As you can see in the video, the missiles can end up firing almost simultaneously. This can give you a lot of room to weave through the missiles and make the dodging a lot easier.

The missiles can also fire almost completely alternatingly, leaving very little room for moving in between the missiles. If this happens, you should try to shoot down missiles wherever you can to leave larger gaps to move through, or just do your best to move through them in whatever way you can if you are unable to destroy some.

Once Rich makes his way to the left side of the area, he will rapidly fire long red bullets from his gun while on the Mega-Griffon, starting the line of bullets in the bottom left corner of the area. (Doing 433 damage in the video, Marie can only survive 7 hits from the gun.) Once he starts firing from his gun, the Mega-Griffon will begin moving to the right, sweeping Rich’s bullets across the floor.

All during this time, the Mega-Griffon will still be firing its pairs of missiles at you.

As it move to the right, a very typical enemy will come running at you from the left – just kill it when you can.

Once the boss makes its way back over to the right, it will stop for a second or so and then lower itself down. At this point, or some point before it, you will want to run through the line of red bullets, doing your best to keep dodging the missiles.

Once the boss is touching the ground, Rich and the missiles will stop firing, and the Mega-Griffon will sweep across the ground to the left. If you are not in the prone position (lying down) as the Mega-Griffon passes you, you will be killed almost instantly, as what happens when you touch most other bosses.

Note that the boss doesn’t stop firing until shortly after it has touched the ground, making it very likely that you will be killed by missiles if you don’t pass through the line of red bullets.

After reaching the left side again, the boss will fly back up, starting up its missile and gun fire again. In my video, it appears that the boss will only fire 1 missile instead of pairs for a while. I don’t know if this was just a glitch or not, but if its not, then the boss will be pretty easy for a little while.

The boss will once again fly to the right, sweeping red bullets across the floor. Once the boss makes its way back to the very right of the area, you should -not- try to pass through the line of red bullets. The boss will begin flying to the left again, keeping up its missiles and bullets. If you did pass over to the left, you will end up having to pass back over to the right.

Once the Mega-Griffon is all the way to the left, go mostly off-screen and change its direction so it is facing towards the right. (This is the first time the boss changes its direction; before this, it has only ever faced towards the left and flew backwards.)

Whie the boss is off the screen, the boss will stop firing missiles and bullets, but only for a couple of second. While it is doing this, it would be a good time to stay by the left wall; as you can see in the video, Rich is not immediately firing when he gets back onto the screen, but has a small delay before he does. The missiles also do not reach you until you already would be under the boss. This makes it a safe time to get under the boss and on the other side of the line of bullets.

Once the boss actually makes it back onto the screen, he will fly all the way to the right of the area, sweeping bullets across the entire floor along the way. (Meaning you will want to make your way onto the other side of the bullets if you are still in front of the boss, and not under or behind it yet.)

Once back at the right side of the area, the Mega-Griffon will fly up, and Rich will appear on the ground, firing at you. You should have fought this version of Rich a few missions back, so you should know what to expect when you fight him. It is very important that you take out this Rich on the ground as soon as possible, as he can cause a lot of problems if not taken care. The Mega-Griffon will still be attacking you while Rich is running around. (I’m not sure if it’s a glitch, some oversight, or he’s able to do this for some yet unrevealed reason, but there is a Rich in the helicopter and a Rich on the ground at the same time in the video. However, there is also an NPC who introduces himself as Howard Rich outside of the gun shop. (This one is mostly referred to as Howard, while in the missions they mostly refer to him as Rich.) Howard the NPC tells you he’s known as “The Baron” when you talk to him for the very first time, and the boss Rich is referred to as The Baron at multiple times throughout the missions, so I think they’re the same person. Although, the NPC and boss versions look very different. It also might be possible that I just missed something in the story.)

After flying up, the Mega-Griffon will fly back down, moving towards the left and facing towards the right, still using the same attacks.

Enemies will also start parachuting down from the sky.

Once the Mega-Griffon is back at the very left, it will move slightly off-screen, stop firing for a second or so, and move again towards the right while facing right.

While it is moving towards the right, you will want cross over (if you haven’t already) back to the left of the Mega-Griffon, or else you will probably get overwhelmed by missiles and bullets, getting killed like I did in the video.

Once back at the right, the Mega-Griffon will once again change direction, and start moving back towards the left.

It also appears that once the boss is down to three health bars, it will begin dropping large bombs that have pretty big explosion ranges and will kill you instantly if you’re near it.

The boss will charge through the left side of the screen, and will drop down from the top of the screen.

The boss will move to the left once more, going slightly off-screen, changing directions, and charging back towards the right.

The boss will then change directions, fly back towards the left, go slightly off-screen, and drop down from the top of the screen, heading left, going slightly off-screen, changing direction, and moving back towards the right.

While I didn’t exactly wait long enough to see, it appears that the boss will repeat this pattern until it has been destroyed.

As with the last boss, you do not have to kill the remaining enemies to beat the mission.

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