Metal Assault Infection Mode Guide

Metal Assault Infection Mode Guide by DemonGuns

Hello everyone, i will be posting u a guide for the new mode-infection mode for explanation reasons and helpful hints! (scroll down for tips)

the game is in the co-op section!

It isn’t like a normal game, it has many rounds. U get small amounts of coins or exp every round depending on ur performance. *note: in this mode, u only get license points for zombie killing! (credit to Ushie XD)


this a special mode, made of 2 teams. the humans and the zombies!
while the humans are in a dark environment where they have to shine flash lights at things to see clear, zombies can see everything clear and fine!
zombies also have a lot of HP and HP recovering rate. They are hard to kill!
at the beginning of each round(after about 5 seconds pass) 1~4 players will be selected as zombies! I believe the number is about how many players are in the game.
5 or less-1 zombie
8 or less-2 zombies
12 or less-3 zombies
16 or less-4 zombies
*note: these are just observations from my own gaming.
the objective of the game is to survive and not get attacked by zombies who will come and look for u.
and when u do get hit by the attack of the zombies, u will take damage. And if u die from that, u will become a zombie!
ur objective of a zombie is to hunt down the others, and make them zombies as well!

Zombie attacks
zombies have different attacks than the humans.

left click(main attack) a claw that will do different damage(1000 or 3000) *note:i am not exactly sure of how the melee system of the zombies’ work.
right click(secondary attack) this will let u spit out a flying vomit that will fly across in an arked shape. If this attacks hits, the human will slow down and continuously take damage! However, this attack cannot be spammed. This skill is useful if u are trying to chase down a player.

no.1-Zombie scream-this attack will let u scream out and the humans around u will be stunned for a very short time. This skill is very useful to stop running humans.

no.2-Zombie fury-this skill will let u run A LOT faster, along with cool flashing trails of urself behind u following u. It also doubles ur hits!(credit to Ushie) It is great for chasing enemies.

*note:both of these skills have cooldowns.


for humans:
as a human, ur best choice to survive is to hide efficiently! and by hiding efficiently, u must pick spots that zombies will usually not find u in. For example, in the base, there are some random machines lying that can be ur camouflage! Bushes are ok camouflages, but experienced players will slash at the bushes, which will bust ur cover!

running constantly works also, however, remember the fact that zombies have the zombie skills, and the spitting venom, which will make it hard for u. Carl players are the best runners in the mode because of their great speed and running jump skill.

another thing about this mode is to NOT team up. Often, when ur ally is attacked, they will come for u. They will have a easy time because they know where u are!

Moving ur hiding spot every round is also important. Staying at the same place will never get u to victory. Constantly moving and shifting hiding spots is very helpful!

A great strategy of surviving is to use ur allies. Track them down on the map, and if they are being chased, that means the zombies will know where else to focus on, and that gives u the time to run away and hide in somewhere safe

for zombies:

Usually, u should try to save ur zombie dash. Players first will want to shoot u til u die when they see u, and let them do so. While keeping the same speed as the player, they will not pay attention to running. This will give u the time to do a surprise attack and use zombie dash. Which will let u instantly catch them!

The zombie scream is very helpful when u got a bunch of humans around u. Stunning all of them will give u time to pick them off, or while they are stunned, u can shoot ur vomit onto 1, then go attack another.

Phew, im done my guide/Tips!
hope this helped!

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