Metal Assault Weapons and Stats Guide

Metal Assault Weapons and Stats Guide by inevibility

Ok this is going to be about weapon combos, what stats are best for each weapon & maybe if enough people ask.
I might add in how to take on people when they are using certain weapons
throughout this guide I will use some terms that u may not know these will be
ROF=Rate of Fire
RL= Rocket Launcher
Shotty = Shotgun
BSpeed=Bullet Speed
Remember ALL this information is affect’d by PREFERENCE & PERSONAL Skill Lvls.
E.g. just because I say a high power’d rifle is best doesnt mean EVERYONE will excel with it, it just means MOST people will.
Updates to the game will take place & I experiment with more weapon types I will update the info with my findings.
PS. Thank Omek187(IGN:Lokiy) for the sniper part of the guide


-High Power’d Rifles:
High Power’d Rifles are best out of rifles. “Why?” you may ask, because, it takes less bullets to kill someone in PVP.
Kill a Zombie in Co-op Mode, kill a enemy in Mission Mode, I’d recommend getting one once you get a decent amount of skill.
(by skill I mean can hit someone when their jumping, rolling etc.)

-High ROF Rifle:
These are the worst of Rifles as they have no damage , meaning you have to literally hit almost ALL bullets into a Enemy to kill them.
They also run out of ammo almost instantly due to their shooting speed, meaning that you will be reloading ALOT and reloading makes you VERY open to attack, because a pistol 9/10 will not save you.

-All Rounder Rifles:
These are the middle ground they can technically kill JUST as fast as a High Power Rifle.
You do reload faster, but remember you will end up having to reload faster and once again reloading makes you a Sitting Duck,
because as I said before 9/10 a pistol wont save you
Update:After using one I have realized they are FAR more reliable within PVP than the High power rifles. Making them the BEST type of weapon for someone new to the game, though I would still recommend a high power rifle as with upgrades to ROF with amps it can FAR excel these types of rifles.

High Power Shottys:
I have tested these and would say they are the best type of shotty. When it comes to a shotty you want to MAKE SURE that that first shot is a 1hit KO because at that range if you dont kill them in the first shot they will most likely kill you.

Rate of Fire Shottys:
I have used these and realised the lack of damage makes it possible for someone to live should you not crit with a shot or 2.
Meaning the kill isnt guaranteed and as I said before chances are they’ll kill you before you can pump the shotty again, no matter the amount of ROF you’ve got.

Rocket Launchers:
High Power RLs:
These are the worst types of RLs their damage while tremendous, their missiles fly INCREDIBLY slow.
They start out like the matrix then speed ahead, but while their in this mode, people notice them and usually manage to get out of the direction it’ll fly in.
Making them not only hard to kill with but just bad in general.

Bullet Speed RLs:
These are the best RLs by far they hit fast and can still 1hit kill.
Which makes them a loveable weapon, this would probably be the noobtube of MA
(remember NoobTube refers to spamming it, not using it marginally)

Quick Reload Sniper:
This style of sniper is best suited for the “Head Poppers” as I call them, or headshotters. This allows said sniper to get another shell within the chamber quicker then most, thus allowing him/her another chance at a headshot. This style is also well for finishing off that last bit of health that the enemy may get away with, granting you another kill. (On another note: this sniper in my opinion is by far the best type because it has least weakness’s from the rest, that and I headshot a lot ;3 )

Bullet Speed Sniper:
This style of sniper is best made for those who do “stand-offs” ( When yourself and another are behind cover and peek out occasionaly to fire). This sniper is specially made to release a bullet into the enemies skull, the minute you pull the trigger. As with most weapons, this has a draw-back, which is usually reload time. With this form of sniper, the draw-back is the reload, though you may shoot fast as heck, if you miss, you are literally vunerable for about 2-3 seconds of reload time, which as we know in any shooter, can mean death.

Considering the Pistol isnt a main weapon you will only be using it to combo, switch out & sprinting.
I’d recommend ANY pistol with HIGH damage & Mobility.
Currently the highest Mobility(98%) Pistol is Vet.1 License.
If you do not wish to upgrade the License to this Lvl, then just get whatever you’d like with high damage and 97% mobility.

All Weapon Types have specific things that dont change no matter stats.
For instance a shotty will ALWAYS require you to pump the barrel no matter the ROF though the ROF does HELP with the pump time.
Another example is that a Sniper will ALWAYS HeadShot no matter the amount of power it has.

This determines how much damage the weapon does.
The specific difference for this is that
RLs will ALWAYS 1hit on a direct hit
Snipers will ALWAYS Headshot
Shottys will ALWAYS 1hit if all 3 bullets hit (Depending on their HP + Def)
Rifle is the weapon where Power makes a LARGE dif to how well the clip is used
Pistol is a weak weapon regardless of the power and is not made to get a kill on a full HP enemy

Rate of Fire
This determines how fast you shoot & reload, also how fast
The shotty is ready to shoot again(pumps)
The Sniper bolt is ready to shoot again
The Rocket launcher is ready to shoot again

This determines how far your bullets move
but all weapons have a almost “pre-determined” range.
So I’ll just rank weapons by their pre-determined ranges (1 being the best 4 the worst)
2)Rocket Launcher (based upon the weapons range)
2)Rifle (based upon the weapons range)

This determines how much the bullets move from the Marker/Cross-Hair.
But like before each weapon has specific weapon changes.
Accuracy is also the only skill effected by MANUAL Factors (skill) for instance.
If I have a rifle with 100 Accuracy if I aim away from you the bullets wont swing around and hit you.
Sniper – Sniper bullets will almost ALWAYS hit the Cross-Hair 99/100 it’ll hit the Cross-Hair.
Rocket Launcher – RLs go in a STRAIGHT path they will Almost NEVER, deviate from the path their shot upon.
(if they do change course at all then its not noticeable as they explode before they get the chance to)
Rifles – Rifles accuracy is noticeable and accuracy is a factor that should be considered, based upon current skill Lvl
If your new to the game then I’d recommend High accuracy, so that the bullets go where you aim.
But if you have the skill for it I’d say it doesnt matter much because if the bullets are seeming to deviate up abit then just aim down abit.
Shotty – Accuracy on a shotty doesnt matter because the bullets at this range will almost always hit before they get the chance to deviate from the course their set upon
Pistol – Pistols have a accuracy rate atouch higher then the rifle but can still deviate every couple of shots
(though it doesnt matter much as most people wont ever shoot one with the meaning to kill)

Bullet Speed
This determines how fast the bullets get to their destination, so obviously its a useful stat
(it MAY or MAY not add to damage but this is uncomfirmed and therefore take it as Lies until proven correct or not)
Snipers – Snipers have a fairly Fast Pre-set BS, upon the rate of just about instantaneously reaching the destination
Rocket Launchers – This is the most Important stat for a Rocket Launcher, as the bullet speed determines how fast the rocket flies.
If its fast enough you can shoot it and get a direct hit, before someone even realises you shot the rocket.
Rifles – with rifles the bullet speed is always fairly fast, you can run from the bullets if you activate dash and actually dash away.
I would say for a rifle this is a very handy stat I’d say its tied with ROF as the 2nd most important stat.
Shotgun –This stat doesnt matter much for a shotty, because at the distance a shotty is used the bullets are basically instantaneous.
I could say its a handy stat but not very important.
Pistol – This stat doesnt really matter with a pistol (as many stats do not) the pistols bullets are slowest of all though.

This determines how fast you move with a weapon.
The speed rankings of the weapons go (1 being the best 5 the worst)
5)Rocket Launcher

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