Martial Empires Chronicle of Souls Card System Guide

Martial Empires Chronicle of Souls Card System Guide by Donald2010

Chronicle of Souls seems confusing to some so Ill illustrate now how to use it so is understandable.

First click on the Chronicle of Souls tab in lower left corner of screen

When the Chronicle of Souls Tab is flashing click it to open it so can unseal the new cards like below

Just click the left card and then click Yes then the cards will be on the right side. You then Register each card as long as you have room. For every page you unseal you get 3 new cards!

Ok now lets go over how to equip the cards to use them. In the right corner of each card is a element tag. If you equip like card to slot you get an additional +1.

Click where shown then choose your card from right hand side and click it to equip it

Pretty simple now Ill go over Combining and soon as I get some new cards Ill add Upgrading.
You can combine 2-4 cards to make a new card. Its kinda like gambling hoping get a better card but at same time it also frees up space for new cards.

Click on card on left you want to combine then choose second card and click on it, repeating this up to 4 cards:

You can combine with 2, 3 or 4 cards:

And the final result is a new card:

hope this helps.

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