Martial Empires Beginner’s Guide

Martial Empires Beginner’s Guide by Dark_Lagencie


If u search something specific which is in the listed Guide-Overview just press CTRL + F and type in for Example 7. Chronicle of Souls – Cardsystem the headers are the same


  • 1. Introduction and Thanks
  • 2. LVL-Overview
  • 3. Friend List
  • 4. The Interface
  • 5. Useful Shortcuts and Martial Empire Specific Words
  • 6. Jackpot – System
  • 7. Chronicle of Souls – Cardsystem
  • 8. Crafting
  • 9. Weapons/Armor/Jewelry/Insignias and Upgrading them
  • 10. Battlegrounds
  • 11. Guild
  • 12. Mine/Fish/Herbing
  • 13. PK-Mode
  • 14. Grand Exchange
  • 15. Activity-Points
  • 16. Beginners FAQ

1. Introduction and Thanks

Well its easy why i made this “new” guide, because all the guides that still exist are mostly out of date or spread around the whole forum.

Some special thanks for parts of my guide, which i took from them and updated them / remodeled them goes to

  • RaZoRBLaDeZ – Beginners Guide Layout and Overview about everything
  • Yrokinu – Enchanting Guide
  • Donald2010 – Chronicles – Cardsystem Guide

2. LVL-Overview

Chapter I – The Beginning: Nights of the beautiful continent Neha gleamed bright with two moons. Beautiful as it may be, it was no kind of place for humans. For survival, the Ancients had discovered a powerful force they named Terre, the very souls of Neha. By unleashing its forces, Ancients attempted to gain power over Neha. They had thought they could tame its powers with mana-technology. However, it was only a futile attempt. Soon after, the Ancients realized that Terre was destroying the balance of the lands. To stop Terre from destroying Neha completely, Ancients gathered their last resources to seal Terre forever. A difficult mission, but they overpowered Terre, and have named seven keepers to defend the seal of seven souls of Terre.

Chapter II – The East and The West: The continent was saved from destruction, yet the devastation was nevertheless great. Terre had caused a Great Fissure dividing the continent into two, The East and The West, and powerful ocean currents took over separating these lands forever. And now, after a thousand years, The East and The West cultures formed two distinct civilizations. Ignorant of each others existence. And the knowledge of the seven souls and its keepers forgotten.

Chapter III – New Age: 1001th year, The East and The West witnessed a heavenly devastation. The smaller moon, Babylon was destroyed, shattered into pieces. The event has changed ocean currents of Neha unveiling a vast sunken territory that bridged The East and The West. For the first time in history, two continents learned about each other. And new lands were to be explored and conquered. New knowledge was to be discovered and exploited. The inhabitants of Babylon who escaped the destruction moved to Neha introduced stunning technology to people of Neha. The West eager to explore the new lands, quickly declared Babylonians as their friends. The East advanced in astrology and magic took destruction of Babylon as an ill omen and kept to their traditions.

3. Friend List

First thing you want to do in game is find your Friends. Most Towns & Palaces have mailboxes to make contact with Friends. Also, you can type “P” to bring up the Friends list. By typing in the name of ur Friend you want to add u can send him a Friend-Request, or if you are next to him, just click on him and in the dropdown menue u can take “add friend”.

4. The Interface

(1) Anger Meter: Press “X” when full to activate rage mode. (2) PK Button: When PK is activated, you become a villain. (3) Status Bar: HP/MP/SP (4) Skill Bar: Type “V” to bring up skills and then drag here. (5) Chronicle of Souls: New cards are available when flashing (6) My Character (7) Community (8) Inventory (9) System (10) Options (11) Experience Bar – Resting Bonus (when ur offline u receive resting bonus %, which u can get by killing monsters (automatically) (12) Active Quests: Press “J” to manipulate quests. (13) Jackpot Window: Click when blinking and select item(s) you wish to randomly receive.

Movement around game is as follows…
“W” is forward, “S” is back, “A” is Left & “D” is right. To jump, press “Space bar”. For additional key commands, consult in game help “F12”.

The world in Martial Empires is Vast. Type “M” to display the Map.

… or click on the Compass …

To reveal the semi-transparent version.

Should your feet get tired, there are other modes of transportation… for a price!
Faster than foot is the Caravel. It is fun the first couple of times,but if you want to get there faster…

5. Useful Shortcuts and Martial Empire Specific Words

Defense rt. (rate) –> Evasion
Defense –> Dmg reduction (real Defense)

Attack rt. (rate) –> Accuracy / Hit rate
Attack –> Dmg

ALT + Z (Y if u got no english keyboard) – Swaps Main to Secondary Weapon

L – Here u can create Makros, which can be used with Shift + 1-10

6. Adventure & Battle
Quest or NOT to Quest… That is the question :P If you want to Power Level, then don’t bother with grinding and make quests. Keep in mind though that quests has some pretty decent rewards.

Combo-Bar: As u can see in the Picture below, if u attack monsters and use skills u fill up ur Combo-Bar – the higher this combo goes, the better the Bonus gets. Bonus = X % Attack – My highest value atm was ~100 with a 5% Bonus.

There are many creatures of this world. Some are aggressive and some are not. The following two images were taken from a highlighted NPC. The one with the eye, is the aggressor. If you step in to his aggro, he’s gonna attack.




Death may find you in your travels. You can set a waypoint and/or recover lost EXP (for a price in gold) from the Pylon of Life.

6. Jackpot System

Jackpots in the form of Gold, EXP, Buffs or items, can be acquired based on quest completion or mob kills. When enough points are collected, the Jackpot lights up and you can use it.

7. Chronicle of Souls – Cardsystem

Chronicle of Souls seems confusing to some so Ill illustrate now how to use it so is understandable.

First click on the Chronicle of Souls tab in lower left corner of screen or press “T”

When the Chronicle of Souls Tab is flashing click it to open it so can unseal the new cards like below – Every 2 hours u get a new card.

Just click the left card and then click Yes then the cards will be on the right side. You then Register each card as long as you have room. For every page you unseal you get 2 new cards!

Ok now lets go over how to equip the cards to use them. In the right corner of each card is a element tag. If you equip a card to a fitting element-slot you get an additional +1 enchant on the card.

Click where shown, then choose your card from right hand side and click it to equip it

Pretty simple now Ill go over Combining and soon as I get some new cards Ill add Upgrading.
You can combine 2-4 cards to make a new card. Its kinda like gambling hoping get a better card but at same time it also frees up space for new cards.

Click on card on left you want to combine then choose second card and click on it, repeating this up to 4 cards:

You can combine with 2, 3 or 4 cards:

And the final result is a new card:

Trading a Card:

1. Click on your Chronicle and goto the very last option, the Trade/Register option

2. Click on the 2nd tab at the top, it’s called: “Register”

3. Now, look at the list on the left – these are the cards you have currently available to trade, Select the one you want and left click it once.

4. Now, you will see the card entered on the right. If you look, you will see a empty box, click it and a check mark will appear. This will also allow you to type in the box next to the checkmark. What you do here, is place the name of the person you wish to sell / trade the card to.

5. Once you have the name entered, look to the left – you will see “sell price” and “fee” – the sell price is the number you wish to sell the card for. So if you wish to trade it to another of your characters – simply leave this number at “0” – the “Fee” is based on the quality of the card (ie: 1000 for C, 2000 for B, 3000 for A, etc) and you will have to pay that fee to post it. So make sure you include this in your price, if your selling it that is.

6. Finally, once that is done, simply register it, click yes and poof it is now posted. You can verify you did it correctly by clicking on the 3rd tab and your item will show up there.

7. Now, to actually get the card (provided you are trading it to yourself) log in with your other character, open your Chronicle again and goto the first tab, you will see a “Search” box, with a empty box beside it for a check mark to be placed. Do so (ie: click on the box and add the check), and hit the search button (don’t add anything to the search field) and there you should see the item(s) you posted.

8. Simply click each item and hit the Buy button and you will receive your item.

8. Crafting
Crafting in Martial Empires is done either in town at one of the many Anvils available OR you may craft anytime using the Cube(shown below) by pressing the “U” key.

1. Combine: Here u can combine Items – for example 2 pieces of gear … there is always a chance of burning the items (result: burning mass). There are many recipes allready in the forum.

2. Dismantle: Here u can dismantle Items (lvl 10+ items needed or magical / rare items). U can get for example from armors – Armor Bloodstones which are used to upgrade every kind of Armor.

3. Copy: Here u can see how lucky u are ^^ – u can duplicate items. For example 100 health pots .. lucky – 200, unlucky – 0 … this is a nice feature to rage around or be happy ^^

Crafting at an anvil is almost selfspeaking … u just need the materials which are needed for and press start ^^

9. Weapons/Armor/Jewelry/Insignias and Upgrading them

Insignias – now called Hero Badges but the old players will probably still say Insignias to them. They give u a passive Bonus and some of them can lvl with u and get stronger over time.

Gear comes in the form of drops from mobs or created using the crafting system explained here in this guide. The image below shows the gear as it is equipped. You may right-click to equip/unequip.

Weapons and Armors can be upgraded by Weapon/Armor bloodstones gained by dismantling items.

Enchanting in Martial Empires


Ok, what i can get by enchanting items? U can make ur Armors / Weapons stronger (Armors defense+, Weapons dmg+). If u upgrade ur Weapon/Armor to a specific + Bonus u can also get Shiny Armors/Weapons.

+5~+6 – A little blue color
+7~+10 – Yellow(Gold) Color

First of all u must have enough bloodstones, but what are the bloodstones? Bloodstones can be get from Dismantle items. U must have correct and enough bloodstones to enchant the item. Here u can see what bloodstones u need:

– 31~40 Armor’s enchant
– 21~30 Armor’s enchant
– 11~20 Armor’s enchant[/B][/COLOR]
The numbers are not relevant – but it was the only way to get a screenshot of them with numbers. How much stones u need u will see on the different weapons on ur own then.

Or the weapon bloodstones :

– 31~40 Weapon’s enchant
– 21~30 Weapon’s enchant
– 11~20 Weapon’s enchant[/B]
The numbers are not relevant – but it was the only way to get a screenshot of them with numbers. How much stones u need u will see on the different weapons on ur own then.

Ok, i have correct bloodstones and item but it doesn’t work, why ? Probably You have not enough bloodstones for that ! To enchant something u need:

Normal item – 10 Bloodstones
Rare item – 10 Bloodstones
Unique item – 20 Bloodstones

Ok, i have enough bloodstones now, how I can enchant item? You can do it by clicking the right button on ur mouse on the bloodstone and then a window will appear:

White color – Item that gonna be enchanted
Red – Bloodstone
Green – Additive (here u can add Moonstones (collected with ducats from the ingame shop (real money))
Purple – The gold u need to pay for enchanting

You should receive an item with + but u can fail with enchanting too.

+1~+4 You can fail enchenting, but item will be safe (means u can create a +5 item without having risk of loosing an item)
+5~+10 You can destroy item if enchant will fail (u can safe ur item for 100% with moon stones – collected in ingame shop for real money)

10. Battlegrounds

There are a total of 4 different(random) Battlegrounds. Two are currently active.
Should the “Join” button fail to work, press “B” key on keyboard and select the OPEN Battleground to enter manually. BG Silver will be awarded to the winner and BG Bronze to the loser. These coins are to be exchanged at Commissary in Caele Palace for BG Gold. The Top 5 receive additional bonuses as seen in the following…

11. Guild

Here is an example of Guild in Martial Empires. Seal Tokens are required to level Guild and are purchased at Commissary. BG Gold is required for purchase in most cases(other than Grand Exchange). Use the BG Gold to purchase Seal Tokens from Commissary and then right-click Seal Tokens to add to Guild. When the Seal Token is opened, either a Cube, War or Pure Token is randomly given.

Not in a Guild? You may also exchange your BG Gold for Bloodgems for a +10 Attack Bonus OR to purchase Poor Inscription Stones(which you get from resource harvest).
***TIP*** Maintain at least 1000 Bloodgems in inventory and Use the rest of your BG coin to support your Guild.

Commissary Exchange Window:

12. Mine/Fish/Herbing

I explain it on the example of Herbing – the other jobs work the same way just different tools.

At the Herb-Merchant u can by a scythe / special scythe with durability of 20 / 100.

Now u got 2 spots where u can collect Herbs or Special Herbs (depending on the scythe u bought).

From normal Herbs u can get up to 3 Herbs at once – Special Herbs got a multiplier and u can get so up to 9 Herbs at once.

Just click on the herb and a window will appear, where u see the durability of ur scythe (per collecting u loose 1 – on 0 its broken)

first press collect

The Ducat Item can be bought in the Real Money shop and gives u 1000 Durations

Herbs can be cubed to receive every kind of Terre (cube recipes u can find in the forum)

Red – Special herbs
Green – Herbs
Yellow – Herb-Merchants

13. PK-Mode

As shown in 4. The Interface u can put on the PK (player kill) modus.

When are u able to get into pk mode? You have to be lvl 15 or higher to go pk mode.

In PK-Mode u can attack other people which are same or higher lvl than urself in the unsafe zones (safe zones for example are towns, little villages and the areas where u can use transportations.

When u kill someone u get a Infamy debuff which decreases each time u kill more people.

Infamy Debuff: -5% HP/MP/SP per debuff lvl

Infamy Debuff levels reach from I to X (Roman numerals) – so the max debuff u can get is -50% HP/MP/SP (based on ur base-stats – items not included)

At the moment there is no positive effect of the PK-System except for … ITS FUNNNNNNNN to kill other people while questing ^^

But as Cassim told me today in the forum for the pk suggestiosn – they are working on some changes of the pk system which will come at the end of the year – lets just dream about that this changes will be good changes.

14. Grand Exchange

Lots of newcomers ask if there is a market or something like that – Yes there is the auctionhouse

15. Activity-Points

What does this little Symbol show?

It is a System which should prevent the game from “china-farmers” … guys that play with bots that just farm the same monster the whole day to receive materials.

While being online and fighting u loose points. U start with 2000 activity points which means 110% xp/loot received – the longer u grind (killing monsters without doing quests / staying offline / staying afk), the less activity points u reach and the less rewards from monsters u get.

How can i gain Activity Points?

Every 5 minutes ur afk / dont kill monsters + 10
Every 30 minutes offline time +10
Questrewards give u always Activity Points

16. Beginners FAQ

Here i list some of the questions i´ve seen most in the newbie forums!

1) What reward should i pick from Jackpot?
— This is a hard question but there is a simple answer: gold or exp. This 2 are (in my opinion) the 2 most valueable things. U lack alot of gold in this game so if u are a newcomer gold would be the best. I played very much now and always pick xp because i want to lvl faster and i get my gold in an other way.

2) How can i upgrade weapons / armors and is it safe?
— With bloodstones – until +5 it is safe then not – more under the point 9. Weapons/Armor/Jewelry/Insignias and Upgrading them

3) How can i enter Battlegrounds?
— From lvl 10-19 is the first available battleground. Every hour is a battleground (which lvls can join u will see in the system info some minutes before they start

4) I have a Armor/Weapon with “Optional Ability”, how can i get this?
— Just use a ability stone and the weapon/armor u want to make better.

5) Where can i get Ability stones?
— U can buy them in the grand exchange or get them on ur own by herb/fish/mining (luck based)

6) What is max. Enchant?
— 10

7) When can i make PK?
— lvl 15

8) What do i get for killing a Player?
— Infamy Rank 1-10 which gives u a nice debuff of -5% HP/MP/SP per rank and for sure lots of fun ^^

9) Should i use 2 weapons?
— i recommend it, because u get lots of debuffs or other types of dmg for example stun/fast attacks/mana regenerating ones / debuffs / psn … and so on from different weapons.

10) How can i switch the weapons fast?
— ALT+Z (ALT+Y on non english keyboard)

11) What are this Soulcards for?
— In my guide here u will find a complete section about this with good explanations

12) How can i enchant weapons?
— In my guide here u will find a complete section about this with good explanations

13) Whats the difference between Defense / Defense rt. / Attack / Attack rt.?
— Defense = real Def (dmg reduction), Defense rt. = Evasion, Attack = damage, Attack rt. = Accuracy, hitrate

14) Is there anything like a market?
— Yes there is a picture where u can find it is here in the guide – 14. Grand Exchange

15) What does the Activity Points stand for?
— U get more/less xp, drops, gold the more/less activity points u got. More details to Activity Points under: 15. Activity-Points

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