Lunia Ryan Skill Guide

Lunia Ryan Skill Guide by coldhunter

Special Note
-When I say PVP,stage,etc. i mean Pure build excluding 8v8 because that will not give you level xp and people usually leave RB on. (Although with a pure PvP build you can still hold your own in staging, especially with Ryan)
-REMEMBER- You are not limited to my recommendations. The point of having this is to help Ryan players decide their build and getting skill info.
-Because Ryan has a more linear curve in his skills (unlike the first 5-6 characters) I will not be putting the (65-) information that I did in my Dacy guide (kind of like my Yuki Guide)
-My information on rebirth is not that good as I’m not a big myther
-For all lazy purposes, I’m referring Diversion Shot, Left Side Slide Shot, Right Side Slide Shot as Movement Shots

Credits (because this is easier to do then other sections I did it early)
-Random people posting little tidbits of info on Ryan
-IJJI – for being evil but released Ryan (89coins >_>)
-Lunia – for wasting my precious time and money
-Guildies – Helping me decide a bit on skills (in my case its not that I didn’t have enough points to use, its that I had too many)
-Buta – Adding things i missed
-Yumiko – helped fix something

People with permission to reprint this guide
LynxHaru – MMOG Username, translating for Brazil Lunia

Gatling Skills
Lv2 Rapid Shot
What it does- Spray 11 bullets at a 60 degree angles (i think)

*Bullets go rather far (180range)
*11 Shots where Ryan points his gun and moves it back and forth
*Hits Vary on distance of target and size of target
*Can be cancelled with dash
*Real time killer, 3seconds to use whole thing if you don’t cancel
*7 second cooldown

Lv1 – 6~7x hit
Lv11 (Max)- 106~118 x Hit

Stage – 0,1,Max (Decent Mob Control, not really recommended getting because of how slow it can be but if all shots hit, that’s pretty good damage over 7seconds and ready again in 4seconds)
PvP – 0,1 (Hard to get into a combo, long range may help against running enemies or defensive play but otherwise no real use. IT IS POSSIBLE to get most if not all shots in an air combo using a wall however)
Hybrid – 0,1 (Depending on your choice, personally I’d go with 0 to use points in other skills)

Lv4 Concentrated Shot
What it does- Shoot 5 shots to air an enemy
Click the image to see the original size. (627x389)
*Large range infront of user
*Will hit 5 times at most
*If hit, skill will still continue
*Long start up time, leaves vulnerable
*10s Cooldown

Lv1 – 19~21 x Hit
Lv11 (Max) – 219~243 x Hit

Stage – 0,1,Max (Reason for max – damage, it has a fairly nice area to rack up damage on a mob otherwise mob control at 1 point. You don’t necessarily need this for staging either as monsters are much stupider anyway)
PvP – 1,Max (You’re going to want atleast 1 point in this because of its defensive abilities or predicting movement or finishing shot ,Max for damage but harder than other skills to use in a combo starter/continuer)
Hybrid – 1,Max (Depending on if you want to save points and how much you like the skill. I’m going with what Yumiko says about leaving this at 1 just because have better choices)

Lv7 Diversion Shot
What it does- Shoots while rolling backwards

*Dash+Skill Cancellable
*Good for evasion
*Shoots 5 bullets
*Really far range (300 range)
*10s CD

Lv1 – 19~21 x Hit
Lv10 (max) – 155~172 x Hit

All Builds – 1 (Good evasion+combo technique)

Lv11 Right Side Slide Shot
What it does- Shoots while rolling to the right

*Invincibility Frames at the beginning, good for quick evasions
*Dash+Skill Cancellable
*Can be used in a combo to shift
*Bullets induct (curve) a bit towards the right (future patch makes the induction higher) *thank Buta for this, i really had no idea what induction meant lol
*Shoots 7 Bullets
*10s CD

Lv1 – 36~40 x Hit
Lv11 (Max) – 208~232 x Hit

All Builds – 1 (Good evasion+combo technique, invincibility frames+fast cast)

Lv16 Left Side Slide Shot
What it does- Shoots while rolling to the left

*Invincibility Frames at the beginning, good for quick evasions
*Dash+Skill Cancellable
*Can be used in a combo to shift
*Bullets induct (curve) a bit towards the left (future patch makes the induction higher) *thank Buta for this, i really had no idea what induction meant lol
*Shoots 7 Bullets
*10s CD

Lv1 – 47~53 x Hit
Lv11 (Max) – 205~228 x Hit

All Builds – 1 (Good evasion+combo technique, invincibility frames+fast cast)

Lv22 Impartial Shot
What it does- Spin around shoot bullets

*Can be skilled cancelled
*Hits a large radius around oneself
*Doesn’t hit your spot (EAT THAT BODY TRAPPERS)
*Hits depend on distance and air position, not sure if size of target counts too
*Shoots 20 shots
*20 Second Cooldown

Lv1 – 63~70 x Hit
Lv11 (Max) – 212~236 x Hit

All Builds- Max (Very good AoE for stages, not hard to control and good to combo with at walls)

[b]Grenade Skills[/u]
**These skills are all fire type
Lv20 Iron bomb
What it does- Shoot a bomb that stuns
Click the image to see the original size. (677x475)
*Possible 3 hits on normal sized targets
*Stuns on impact of ground
*Can continue after ground impact hit to continue air combo although you lose stun getup
*20s Cooldown

Lv1 – 173~192 x Hit
Lv11 (Max) – 659~732 x Hit

Stage – 0,1,Max (0,1 if you’re getting rebirth version and dont want both. Maxed for stage otherwise imo, damage racks up pretty easily with this)
PvP- 1, Recommended Max (Only reason to keep at maxed is for damage as its high but people can avoid unless you combo it in air which is really recommended for hax damage output)
Hybrid- 1,Max (Good to have, I really say Max because of the damage and capabilities however)

Lv24 Burning Land
What it does- Shoot bombs over a wide area’s ground
Click the image to see the original size. (798x382)
*Bombs seem to progressively move foward as more is shot
*10 Bombs shot, amount of hits depend on distance and size
*Hits targets laying on ground
*Even if a few shots are propelled, they don’t do anything unless they actually land (forgot to mention, thank Buta)
*15s Cooldown

Lv1 – 124~138 x Hit
Lv11 (Max) – 396~440 x Hit

Stage – 1,Max (Very nice AoE skill, only reason to keep it at 1 is because its easily cancelled)
PvP – 0,1,Max (Unless you stun somebody, it’ll be hard to rack up damage although you can still hit with it. And if you do stun them, you get better output out of Amplified Rail Gun. Ground reset may also be possible with this)
Hybrid – 0,1,Max (This decides mostly on preference. Personally I’d say 0 or 1 for Hybrids because the points have so much better use elsewhere.)

Lv28 Bullet of Death
What it does- Shoots a bomb/missile
Click the image to see the original size. (798x305)
*Sends a bullet/bomb like Ryan’s AAAS or dAS except longer range and more delay before shooting
*If missed, will continue until it explodes on its own. Don’t think that will hit anything
****Future Patch – The explosion actually hits things nearby, meaning that giant puff will actually do something to things nearby it
*25s Cooldown

Lv1 – 195~216dmg
Lv11 (Max) – 520~577dmg

Stage- 0,1 (not very good for mobbing or AoE, maybe just for the range explosion but otherwise bleh)
PvP – 0,1 (not very good in general, can be used in air combo but easy to avoid otherwise)
Hybrid- RECOMMEND 0,1 (Points are better off elsewhere, save it move on with your life)

Lv32 Flame Impact
What it does- Shoots a giant explosion infront of you
Click the image to see the original size. (665x422)
*Think of it as a large slow DFist that doesn’t push you foward with less damage output but lower cooldown
*Can be dash cancelled before animation shows up but damage will still occur
*Can be skill cancelled at any point
*15s Cooldown

Lv1 – 329~406
Lv11 (Max) – 764~848

Stage- 0,1(1 is good enough as your only possible hard knockdown skill but since you have 2 freeze skills you might not even want this skill)
PvP – 0,1(most people who know what they’re doing won’t get hit by this usually but it has a large burst area. However its possible to end a combo this with enough air so damage might not be bad)
Hybrid- 0,1(You can live without it but its still nice to have, 300damage for a giant explosion infront of you is always nice to have for 1pt, the hard knockdown can always help too)

Lv37 Sulfer Rain
What it does- Shoots bombs to the sky to rain down
Click the image to see the original size. (799x490)
*Shoots at most 10 bombs (i think) in the sky which will rain down on enemies
*Bombs may overlap a certain area which will cause a target to gain more air and more hits in
*Leaves you vulnerable to attack
*Bombs shot already may land despite being hit during cast (forgot to mention, thank Buta)
*25s Cooldown

Lv1 – 254~282 x Hit
Lv10 (Max) – 520~577 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (VERY good AoE skill, at lv1 the damage is sufficient but due to its slowness, to max you’d need to really either need a good team or a good stratagy to use it properly without getting cancelled)
PvP- 1 (Good for defensive purposes and finishing off low hp people, may be used in combo but certain angles may make it hard)
Hybrid- 1 (Leave it at 1 for its uses)

LV42 Magma Explosion
What it does- Shoots a bomb at the ground to air enemies
Click the image to see the original size. (800x321)
*Gives a big air boost on contact
*15s Cd

Lv1 – 433~481
Lv11 (Max)- 753~837

Stage – 1,Max (Main reason I see to keep it in stage is to create distance between enemies and you while doing decent damage. However it isn’t as easy to land it in stage due to its somewhat lower level of range when you’re faced with a mob)
PvP- 1,Max (Main reason to use this in PvP is for the height, damage increase is nice too as you may use this a lot)
Hybrid – 1, Max (I’d say to keep 1 in it for its uses but if you can actually utilize it well feel free to max)

Rail Gun Skills
**These skills are all Lighting/Shining Types
lv40 Rapid Rail Gun
What it does- Shoots 2 bullets that pierece

*Decent/Far range
*Will hit twice on normal sized objects
*15 Second Cooldown

Lv1 – 259~288 x Hit
Lv9 (Max)- 478~531 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (Good Range, can be used to damage mobs. More damage isn’t bad either if you want to max)
PvP – 1,Max (Can be used in air combos with pretty good damage)
Hybrid- 1,Max (Get this to 1 atleast for its range and decent abilities)

lv47 Freeze Rail Gun
What it does- Shoots a piercing bullet that freezes

*Freezes ANYTHING (bosses too) that gets touched by it for 2.2s
*30second CD

Lv1 – 303~337, 2.2s freeze
Lv9 (Max) – 487~542, 2.2s freeze

All Builds – 1 (good skill to have for defensive purposes and combo purposes. freezing stuff is always fun anyway)

lv50 Amplified Rail Gun
What it does- Shoots a piercing bullet that drags enemies
Click the image to see the original size. (588x240)
*Bit of a long charge time but totally worth it if you make it
*Racks up insane damage on push-backable targets
*May hit up to 15 times on normal sized targets
*Closer = More hits in
*25s CD

Lv1 – 229~254 x Hit
Lv9 (Max) – 324~361 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (Very good line AoE skill, perfect for stage builds)
PvP – 1, Max (Most of the time people will lose all their HP from 1 full blast but every once and a while they won’t but Maxxing is overkill IMO)
Hybrid- 1,Max (1 Point atleast for its drag, Max if you really want the damage increase)

lv60 Merciless Shot
What it does- Freezes, then explodes, then diversion shot a target
Click the image to see the original size. (799x462)
*Combination of three of Ryan’s Skills in 1 skill (damage range for all hits are the same incase anybody had weird ideas) – Freeze Rail Gun -> Iron Bomb x2 -> Diversion Shot
*Totals to 8 hits if all hit
*Freeze is 2.2s, iron bomb doesn’t knock down and diversion shot is just diversion shot
*Can be cancelled in any way after iron bomb is done and diversion shot starts
*90s CD

Lv1 – 259~288 x Hit
Lv5 (Max) – 318~353 x Hit

All Builds – 1 (Nice skill to have for single targets, not very good for mobbing but still worth one point)

Bless Skills
***Not much to say about these pretty straightfoward

*Note – The same animation is used in Enchance Survivability and Projectile so I decided to save space and put one pic of that
lv29 Enhance Survivability
What it does- Recover HP over a set time for you and teammates
^refer up for pic
*Heals Hp over time very lowly
*Does not have Sieg’s nonflinch property
*50s Cooldown

Lv1- 4hp each recovery, 50 Defense increase, 30seconds
Lv4 (Max) – 16hp each recovery, 140 Defense increase , 30seconds

All builds – 0 (Heals very low and even at maxed its very useless)

lv35 Projectile Specialization
What it does- Increase Max Damage
^refer up for pic
*40s Cooldown

Lv1 – 33 Max Attack Increase for 87s
Lv8 (Max) – 71 Max Attack increase for 158s

All Builds – 0,1,Max (seems like 0,Max skill more to me but 1 point if you just want a small boost. Adds to maximum damage, might not be a bad idea since ryan relies on his explosions to keep things in air)

lv4 Firearm Maintenance
What it does- Use HP to gain MP

*Slow, leaves you vulnerable sometimes
*35s Cooldown

Lv1 – HP cost 16, about 60mp recovery
Lv9 (Max) – HP cost 144, about 500mp recovery

All Builds – 0 (Doesn’t heal much ,during the time you do this you can do alot of other things)

Ability Skills
**These depend highly on your equipment, playstyle and pretty much how much YOU need points.
lv34 Increase Health
What it does- Increase Max HP

Formula: 20+80x = total increase
x = skill level

Lv1 = 100Hp increase
Lv6 (max)= 500Hp Increase

All – 0,1,Max (Depends on playstyle and how much you need of it, I’d say get atleast 1 since its a nice boost for 1 point)

lv14 Increase Mana
What it does- Increase Max MP

Formula: 20+80x = total increase
x = Skill level

Lv1 = 100MP increase
Lv8(max) = 660MP Increase

All – 0,1,Max (Once again, depends. I’d say to get 0,1 instead of maxxing it however for the larger mp boost for 1 point)

lv30 HP Regeneration
What it does- Allow HP to heal overtime

Formula = x+1 = total regeneration
x = skill level

Lv1 = 2 HP Regen
Lv8 (max)= 9 HP Regen

All builds – 0,Max (Once again playstyle but its recommended that you get this because its like a passive heal and Ryan doesn’t have to get close so he won’t get hit if you need to heal sometimes)

lv8 Mana Recovery
What it does- Allow MP to heal overtime

Formula = x+1 = total regeneration
x = skill level

Lv1 = 2 MP Regen
Lv8 (max)= 9 MP Regen

All Builds – Max (I don’t see why not and what else are you going to make up for Ryan’s skill mp?)

lv10 Deadly Blow
What it does- Increases critical rate

Lv1 = 3% Crit
Lv8 (max)= 10% Crit

All Builds – 1,Max (1 Point to even be able to crit, being that Ryan has alot of multihit skills, maxing might be useful but not recommended for normal builds)

lv24 Increased physical damage
What it does- Increase Max Damage

Lv1 = 31 Max Damage Increase
Lv8 (max)= 77 Max damage increase

All Builds – 0,1,Max (Either go for the 1 for the extra max damage or max it for a large damage range. Or just save points, your choice).

Rebirth Skills
True Rapid Shot
What it does – Spray 11 piercing bullets at a 60 degree angles (i think)

*Only difference from normal is that it pierces and damage, still shoots 11 bullets
*15s Cooldown

Lv1- 10~11 x Hit
Lv11 (max)- 167~186 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (Mob control, works very well with that especially since this variation pierces)
PvP- 0,1 (useless unless you want to use it for the range or defensive purposes then its still pretty bad)
Hybrid- 0,1 (Better off using points elsewhere if you’re not using for mob control)

True Iron Bomb
What it does – Shoot a bomb with a large stun area
Click the image to see the original size. (555x456)
*Only difference is its larger explosion range and damage, still hits 3 times at most on normal sized targets
*25s Cooldown

Lv1- 42~47 x Hit
Lv11(max) – 753~837 x Hit

Stage- 0,1,Max (I’d say get atleast 1 point in this for the larger stun area, its a nice skill to have for stages but the damage increase from normal is pretty big)
PvP – 0,1,Max (no real need for this in PvP so i really recommend not Maxing it but the main points is for that bigger stun, more damage is nice too but depending on what kind of PvP you go for)
Hybrid- 0,1,Max (Depends on users choice with this but I’d say 1 if you’re really not sure)

True Amplified Rail Gun
What it does – Shoot 2 Piercing Dragging Beams
Click the image to see the original size. (674x246)
*Main difference is that it shoots 2 beams instead of 1
*Usually hits more times on things that don’t drag along with it
*Possible to cancel after first beam
*Shining type
*May hit more times on normal things (i got 17 hits on a crow at point blank but the extra 2 may’ve been the crow trying to walk back)
*25s Cooldown

Lv1- 14~16 x Hit
Lv11- 250~278 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (For staging, another ARG is always nice to have. Either for damage, defensive use or just to have it)
PvP – 0,1 (Don’t really need this for PvP, one point might help for staging and RB on rooms but maxed seems more stage/hybrid imo)
Hybrid- 0,1,Max (Depends on user preference on this one, as having another ARG is always helpful but the points can also go elsewhere)

True Impartial Shot[IMG]
What it does – Does a ground Impartial shot then a normal one
***Requires lv50, atleast 1 rebirth and lv90 total
Click the image to see the original size. (797x266)
*Ground spin is about a 720 (2 full circles) then it jumps up for the normal one
*During ground spin, drags enemy to where you’re facing (if you’re behind enemy, it shoots them till they’re infront of you)
*Theres a slight delay going from ground spin to jump spin
*28 Bullets shot
*20s CD

*****Video I made of it

Lv1 – 161~179 x Hit
Lv5 (Max) – 247~275 x Hit

Stage- 1,Max (Very good damage with AoE)
PvP – 0,1,Max (PvP varies because people usually play with RB off but this is still helpful to have at 1 point)
Hybrid- 0,1,Max (Depending on play style but i really recommended getting atleast 1 point into this for its uses)

Finishing Notes
Ryan probably has the most straightfoward skills unlike Dacy and a bit of Yuki
Most of his things are self explanitory and obvious too.
Theres almost very little difference in PvP and Stage builds as Ryan has mostly AoE skills
I’ll add in or change anything as I see needed from comments and skill changes. But this is pretty much it.

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