Lunia Arien Guide

Lunia Arien Guide by PrincessLenne

Arien Carnesir the Archer Guide

Normal Attacks:

A – Swing with bow.
AA – Swing with bow 2 times.
AAA – Two Hits then enemy is launched into the air.
AAAAA – Two Hits, the Air Strike, and two slow kicks with the 5th A doing 300% Damage.

S – Shoot an Arrow doing 50% Damage.

AS – Hit then launch into air, more height than AAA.
AAAS – Two hits, air launch, then shoot an arrow to increase height. The arrow should do 200% damage. This is most starters for combos.
AAAAAS – The same AAAAA with an extra 200% Arrow damage. Will increase height.
*Note: AAS is not possible.

>>A – Dash with a melee attack.
>>AS – Like Yuki, Arien’s important strike. The same of >>A with a following 2 arrows. This allows you to continue comboing or shifting. Each arrow will do 250% damage. If you did not knock up into the air with a previous AAA, the arrows on >>AS will knock up.

Backstep Dash:

>>S (Dash then S)


AAA High Kick >>A AAA>>AS AAA>>AS etc Until the wall or you can shift with High Kick if you can.


Facing Horizontally Right, (or Facing 6 on your number pad)

AAA 339 A AAA Dash S

If you dash 3 (or Diagonally down right), then dash 9 (or diagonally up right), you may hit with either a regular A without the dash, or the Dash A. Dash A would be needed.

Facing 3, you would do AAA 662 A AAA Dash S.

High Kick Shift:

Facing Horizontally Right, (or facing 6 on your number pad)

AAAS AAA>>AS High Kick 993 A AAA Dash S

The Dash A must hit on the shift.

Facing 3, AAAS AAA Dash AS High Kick 226/662 A AAA Dash AS


Wind Section
Arien’s wind power goes to her arrows…

High Kick – Kick the enemy into the air two times.
Nice damage skill once maxed. This skill increases height and used for good combos, 7 Second Cooldown, good for DPS. It can be canceled after the first hit. Stage/Myth users may not find much use for this skill.
Stage – 0
Hybrid, PvP – 1, Max

Arrow of Wind – Shoot 3 Arrows with gale force.
3 Arrows strike an enemy, hitting once, and sometimes twice. The first and second arrow can be canceled with dashing. Stage is not recommended, it’s only useful for bosses, and it seems so weak. There are other better skills. PvP users can use this regularly for a single enemy.
Stage – 0
Hybrid, PvP – 1, Max

Fierce Wind – 3 Gale force arrows to penetrate enemy defense.
The same like Arrow of Wind, but they pierce through them. Unfortunately, less range and damage. Stage is fine, since it pierces, it handles quite a nice narrow mob. PvP users can use this regularly for a single enemy.
Stage – 0, Max
Hybrid, PvP – 1, Max

Blow of Wind – Strike the enemy’s vital spot and stun it.
The skill is slow cast time, but it gives a stun effect on hit. It cannot stun if the enemy is in the air. All builds should get at least 1 point for it’s effects.
All Builds – 1 or Max

Scattering Wind – Summon arrows in three directions to strike continuously.
9 Arrows, 3 Way Direction. The stun effect is very short, and the delay can be canceled by dashing. Its nice on a large enemy, to target all 9 arrows into it. I recommend max in pvp, it would help. 1 pointing this is still fine. All builds are recommended to max, but if you want other skills, leave this at 0 or 1 point.
Stage – 0, 1, Max
Hybrid, PvP – Max

Violent Strong Blast – Rapidly shoot three arrows carrying the wind spirit’s power.
3 Rows with 3 Arrows in a single direction, and they knockback the enemy. When you fire, 3 arrows close to each other hit an enemy and won’t pierce but hits 3 times with 1 row, so 3 x 3 = 9 Hits, which is nice in a large enemy/mob. In a combo at a certain height, it hits a decent number of times. You can cancel delay with dash. I recommend Max if you can.
Stage – 0, 1, Max
PvP – Max

Raging Storm – The Wind Spirit’s power will rain arrows ahead.
Slow cast time but it knocks up enemies. It also hits enemies lying down to launch up in the air, too. Skill and dash cancelable. A 1 Point wonder…since the damage increment is just horrible.
Stage – 1
PvP – 0, 1

True Scattering Wind – Send arrows piercing through enemies.
This pierces through enemies, so it hits for high damage. I recommend max for stage users, but PvP users is questionable since rebirth can be disabled.
Stage – Max
PvP – 0, 1, Max

Lightning Section
Arrows sending volt-packed power…

Lightning Arrow – Fire thunder arrows to push enemies back.
Fire chains of lightning in 3 directions. In a large enemy, it hits multiple times. In air, it hits decent and large damage. So, your choices are,
All Builds – Max, or Max.

Lightning Spirit – Shoot 6 beads of lightning to pursue the enemy.
Not a good skill, with the bad damage it has. The only use is for distraction uses to chase in PvP, or trap them.
Stage – 0
Hybrid, PvP – 0, 1

Edge of Storm – Two Lightning spirits create bolts between them, shocking enemies in the path. It hits up to 4 times. Great on Single or Multi hits. Max if possible.
All Builds – Max

Calling Thunder – Fire an arrow to summon a strong bolt after a short period of time. If you are hit in between the casting, the lightning will not come.
Shoot an arrow to pierce the enemy in front, then later, 3 bolts rain down ahead. Nice AoE and keeping enemy in air, but they have to be at a certain distance away…max for stage users if possible, but see the rebirth skills.
Stage – 0, Max
Hybrid, PvP – 0, 1, Max (1 for distraction reasons)

Thunder Fragment – Shoot a 6-way arrow of lightning.
The ball explodes at some distance later, and when the 6 pieces hit, it goes for nice damage. It follows, but the hard curve makes it hard to hit…fast cast time makes it great to enemies trapped in the air. This can also be a boss damaging skill, but it’s not as powerful.
Stage – 0, Max
PvP – 0, 1, Max
(Level 1 in PvP still does nice, but most of the time it distracts them)

Eye of the Storm – Release a large lightning bead to chase enemies. Keeps going for a period of time, keeps damaging enemies.
EotS knocks back and tracks, it’s very useful for a mob or trapping in PvP. Long cast time, but can be canceled during so. It actually does more damage than its skill description. I recommend not maxing this at all. But because it’s a pushback skill, leave at 1 point for stage/myth users.
Stage – 0, Max
Hybrid, PvP – 0, 1

True Calling Thunder – Summon five strikes of lightning.
Its a bigger AoE and more damage, so it’s a must for stage. For PvP, flinch/distraction reasons or damage. Still, rebirth can be disabled.
Stage – Max
PvP – 0, 1, Max

True Thunder Fragment – Fire three spheres of lightning that explode into arrows.
Fine high DPS skill, but it really isn’t as much good. I would leave it at 1, just for flinch or distraction effects. Stage users are free to max because it has more damage for a boss damage skill than regular Thunder Fragment.
All Builds – 0, 1, Max

Ultimate Bow of Spirit – Call upon the spirits to charge their energy to your arrows, then fire three explosive shots of each of the elements.
Awesome skill, takes some time for the hits to hit. Video? See below.

Arien Original Skill

Flame Section
The spirit of Fire aids you…

***All of Arien’s Flame Skills will still be animated with the damage (except True Heavenly Justice) when ever Arien gets hit. If you think your skill was canceled, think again.

Flame Bombing – The Spirit of Fire (a phoenix) flies through in the air to attack enemies.
A long range, but narrow. The range should be the edge of City Arena PvP to the other edge. Hits both behind and in front.
Stage – 0, 1
PvP – 1

Flame Strike – Fire a fireball in front of you.
Like Flame Bombing, but it hits in front of you with more damage. You can use this as a fake strike in PvP. Also note, it has a nice, piece of 570 Range. So distance your self about maybe 200 range away from someone. Align yourself with them, and if there is no wall blocking your attack, you’ll hit! They won’t know what’s coming!
Stage – 0, 1
PvP – 1

Flame Storm – Unleash tornadoes of blazing fire in front.
You call up a phoenix and it shoots flame tornadoes. They track and launch high in the air. But, unlike the regular Sieg tornadoes, they do not circle around the enemy. They keep going forward. Stage builds should max, especially with the usefulness on bosses.
Stage – 1, Max
PvP – 0, 1

Heavenly Justice – Spirit of fire burns all enemies on the ground.
Arien’s Level 60 Skill. The phoenix comes up and crashes the ground ahead. Large AoE, and high damage…it only hits on ground and certain space in the air…near the ground. Max is fine, but do it later.
All Builds – 1 or Max

True Heavenly Justice – Summon a storm of meteors around you.
Great AoE effect, but you can get canceled during this skill and the animation won’t continue. Stage is fine, but make sure to have room and make sure you don’t get hit. PvP users…not much effective at all.
Stage – 0, Max
PvP – 0

Bless Section
Arien’s Bless Skills

Mana Extension – Self explanatory.
Like Dainn and Yuki’s. Self Explanatory. Not needed but PvP users will find use for this if you have MP problems.
Stage – 0, 4
PvP – 0, 4, 7, Max

Lv1 to 4 uses Huckleberry reagent.
Lv5 to 7 is an additional Mountain Ginseng.
Max level is an additional Black Pearl.

Spirit’s Anger – All physical attacks inflict more for a given time.
This skill is useful, very. Why? Its party increased damage.
Stage & PvP – 0, 2, 4, Max
Lv2 Requires Huckleberry.
Lv4 Requires additional Fire Plant.
Lv7(Max) Requires additional Black Pearl.

Spirit’s Guard – Regenerate HP for a given time.
This is sort of Arien’s healing skill, but it’s very weak and doesn’t prove any more use. It regenerates 25 HP per second at max level, and doesn’t do anymore. So I recommend no points in this at all. Max is fine, but I don’t suggest you use 4 points.
Stage & PvP – 0 or Max (In Between is not good.)
Lv4(Max) Requires Winter Flower, Mountain Ginseng, and Mandrake.

Refraction of Light – Hide and strike the opponent from behind.
It’s basically Tia’s Hide, except you don’t get a 50% physical attack boost. Monsters won’t be aggravated in stage (except bosses)
Stage – 0, 2, Max
PvP – 2, Max (Its useful enough for some SP.)
Lv1-2 Requires an Arrowroot.
Lv3-4 Requires an additional Black Pearl.

Ability Section

Mana Recovery – Recover mana at a certain rate.
This will depend with you. You can get L Drake Set, depend on Mana potions, or Max it either being a Stage/PvP/Hybrid.

Mana Increase – Increase maximum mana capacity.
Do not get this at all. Though it looks better, you’ll be wasting skill points and won’t get any powerful skills. Max this only after lots of rebirths that you have more SP.
All Builds – 0

Health Increase – Increase maximum health capacity.
It’s (100, 180, 260, 340) each level. You can get a lot of VIT equipment to replace 4 skill points, so, zero points into this skill.
All Builds – 0

Spirit’s Concentration – Decrease mana consumption to 0 at a certain percentage.
Basically, its just Concentration with an extra word… 0 points or 1 because you may be spamming a lot, you could get lucky.
All Builds – 0, 1

Spirit’s Delicate – Increase chance to inflict deadly magic blow.
Your lightning skills & fire are affected by this one. 0, 1, or Max. At max is a nice 10%, but there should be equips to give you better percentage. Its at least worth 1 point.
All Builds – 0, 1


Videos for help.

So here are some videos. I made a video too, the regulars of Arien.

Lenne’s Arien Skill Video

Arien Combo 1

Arien Infinte

Arien Shift

Lenne’s Arien Combo Video

ExcruciusArcher’s Combo Techniques

Arien PvP VS Dainn

Ok Arien is out, so here are some combos.


Yes, Arien can shift.

AAAS AAA>>AS Fierce/Arrow of Wind (Cancel after 2, or full 3 hits) >>AS HighKick >>AS


I’m not pretty sure…so…I’m just taking a hypothesis.
All builds will be at Level 75.

Non Rebirth:

Arien Stage Build
Options are:
HP Increase, Hide, MP Buff, or Fierce/Arrow of Wind, or MP Recovery maxed, depending if you want L Drake Set. What I put in is must have, what I didn’t put in is the Players’ choice, depending on what they want. High Kick is DPS for you.

Arien PvP Build

Players’ choice. Even though you will use L Drake Set, players may turn off the Set Effect. It won’t be good in some events hosted by players, would it? Thunder Fragment is a nice finisher in a certain combo, you may take as 1 or Max. Fierce/Arrow of Wind is optional, along with Blow of Wind to be maxed. Violent Strong Blast will also depend with you, if you can aim right and get most hits on. High Kick is maxed for you since its a nice combo raiser.

I will not post Hybrid, because what I think is Hybrid would be a Players’ Choice build.

Rebirth: (With +0 Bonus)
Arien Stage Build

Optional stuff…I recommend L Drake Set for Rebirth Build

Arien PvP Build

Decisions…decisions…High Kick can be maxed for your choice. That would leave 2 points, and I don’t know where to put them. I didn’t put any in rHeaven’s Justice because…well its only useful depending on what you will PvP. Useful for Battlefield 8v8 or regular Death Match 4v4. Your choice.

Honestly, your builds would be your choice…but these builds would give you ideas.

Have fun!

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