Luna Online Plus Monk Guide

Luna Online Plus Monk Guide by liddokun

Only humans can choose monk as their 3rd job at level 40. A monk is a magic caster that can wear light armor and have very powerful instant attack skill with very low (1.0) cooldown. To change to monk, as usual you have to talk to Farouk in Alker Harbor to initiate the job changing quest at level 40. The quest is a multiparter which will take you to Red Orc Outpost and awards you a good chunk of XP upon completion. I won’t write about the detail of the quest as most of the part are pretty much self explaining (read the quest log) and pretty much a fedex/kill quest except the last part where you’re instructed to find a dead orc corpse. First, press W to open the big map, you will see the icons on where the dead corpse are. You have to find the correct corpse and this is randomly generated for you (it could be the first corpse or you might need to search every corpse on the map).

Recommended skill:
Holy Swing – Close ranged direct damage spell. (Max)
Holy Spike – Close ranged direct damage spell with an attack speed debuff. (Max)
Holy Upper – Close ranged direct damage spell with a knock back. (Max)

Tip: The monk attack skills are very fast casting (instant activation) with 2.5 sec cooldown. Some people might prefer just getting 2 skills (holy strike and uppercut).

Note: NONE of the monk’s attacks are AOE despite what the description says.

* Sleeping soul – A sleep spell with 70% chance to sleep at level 1.
* Binding Soul – Root/Hold enemies for 6.8 sec. (Max) Good for PvP.
Intelligence – Increase your INT (Max). You’re still pretty much a magic caster.
*Wisdom – Increase your WIS (Max). Some claims this is a waste but I find it useful not to require potting.
Fortunate magic – Increase % magical crit chance. (Max)
Armor Link – Increase your defense by a LOT. (Max) Love it. Max it.
Bless Mind – Increase MP regen. (Max) – Carry over from Cleric days.
Bless Vital – Increase your HP (Max). Increase your HP by percentage. Very good for pvp. Some claims they don’t need it but I highly recommend it.
Twinkle Magic – % more critical damage. Max it, love it. (Cost: 200K.)
Light Armor Expertise – Put 1 Point to wear light armor. If you want to put more points for more defense %. It’s up to you. But I highly recommend maxing it as the % in increased defense is worth it.
Enhanced HP – Max this as a monk you’ll have a close ranged nuke so you might want to tweak up your hp as much as possible.
Mana Control – Max this as it will be helpful. Carry over from Cleric days.
Wizardry – Max this as it increases your magical attack. This is an active buff.
Spellcraft – Max this as it increases your magical attack. This is a passive skill.

*- Optional

Possible Stat builds:

Full INT – Pretty much a high damage nuker build and you’ll do the max possible damage with your staff. Since Monks inherently do not have MP regen abilities (you can only inherit Mana Control by being a cleric) be wary of getting into MP problems esp. when you’re spamming skills.

STA/INT – A tanker build, medium damage. A very balanced build.

INT/WIS – Medium damage, good mp control. If you went with wizard you probably have bloodstream to manage your MP with, coupled with WIS you’ll never run out of mp. This is a balanced build. Monk skills have generally very little MP requirement.

At level 75 you will undergo your 3rd job change and you can choose between Inquirer (advanced monk, human only), Warlock (AOE specialist), Bishop (Support) and Elemental Master (Buffer, Elf only). The level 75 gift box has a free reset skill for you to use.

Note: The 3 monk attack skill requires a two-handed staff to be wielded. This means that for now 1 hand wand + Shield combo can no longer be used. Saphars mentioned that it COULD be a bug and they’re looking into it.

About choices of armor:
You can only wear a full 3 piece set of light armor as you cannot mix and match between robe and light armor. There are many different sets of light armor that is suitable for monks. You generally want a set that has +magical damage as well as +defense or ones with +vitality or +mp recovery if mp is an issue. AS for gemming you want +INT +MAG.DMG on your staff, +VIT on your armor and +HP +MP recovery for jewelries. STR/DEX is basically useless for monks as all your attack skills are considered magic attacks even though they are in melee range.

Spamming 2 skills and 3 skills:
I’ve been experimenting between spamming 2 skills (holy spike and holy upper) playstyle and 3 skills (holy spike, holy upper, holy swing) playstyle. I find that if you spam 3 skill you are consuming more MP and at times it’s an overkill but you get to kill mobs higher than you easier and take less damage than if you are spamming 2 skills. If you fight mobs that are almost the same level as you +1/+3 levels which you can kill in 1-2 shots then that’s fine. But if you’re grinding on a enemy that hits hard and has quite a bit of HP (like giants and abandoned giants) i think spamming 3 skills is better in the long run.

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