Luna Online Plus Full Support Guide

Luna Online Plus Full Support Guide by spiritkinay

1. Introduction

This guide has been created in order to help those willing to follow the path of a Full Support. The link written above will serve as a reference for all the skills that will be mentionned throughout this guide. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in this thread and I will do my best to answer them.

2. Race

There are two races in Luna Online : Human and Elf.

For a Full Support, both of them are possible, however, I would strongly recommend choosing Elf.

First, let’s take a look at the beginning stats (Information taken from Human & Elf Stats) which serves a purpose for a Full Support.

Human : 55 VIT, 65 INT, 70 WIS
Elf : 45 VIT, 70 INT, 75 WIS

As you can see, the Human is only better stat-wise in VIT, while the Elf has more INT and WIS. A Full Support would normally go Pure INT, Pure VIT or Pure WIS, so up to now, both are on the same level depending on the build you wish to follow. It’s also worth noting that while the Human will have 30 HP more then the Elf while the Elf will have 0,5 MP Regen, more Magic Attack and some extra MP then the Human.

Then, if we take a look at the class specific skills :

A Human will have : Burning Rage and Lace
An Elf will have : Nature Shield and Nature Mind

The Human’s skills will increase the Physical Attack and the HP Regen while the Elf’s skills will increase the Physical Defense and Magical Defense.
However, they all have a heavy cost in HP or MP which is taken every 3 seconds.
Skill-wise, I believe the Elf’s skills are totally better, since they raise both defenses you have, while a Human’s skills are pretty useless except for the HP Regen, but the way Luna Online works, you only regen HP once every 4 seconds which makes it pretty much useless since it would only end up being ~3-6 hp per second. Also, since you’re going to be a healer, why bother with HP Regen?

In the end, both paths are possible, but the Elf’s path has a few extra advantages which is why I would recommend it over the Human race unless you have some other reason for wanting Human.

3. Stats

As you level up, you gain 1 stat point per level.
For a Full Support, there are 3 popular builds. Pure WIS, Pure INT and Pure VIT.

Let’s start with Pure WIS :
The WIS status adds to your Max MP, MP Regen and Magic Defense. The main reason to follow this build would be to have a large MP pool while having a pretty good MP Regen. It’s believed that 10 WIS = 1 MP Regen. With WIS, your MP will drastically increase as you add more into it. The advantage of going pure WIS is that you will have more MP then anyone else and a higher MP Regen. However, keep in mind that you regen your MP once every 6 seconds. So for every 10 WIS, it’s 1 MP per 6 seconds. The only downside of this build is that the MP Regen from your WIS stat increases at the same rate as the WIS from equipments.
I would only recommend this build for the players who want to have a larger MP pool for the emergency situations, but keep in mind that your healing spells will be weaker and that Mana Transfer (explained in the Cardinal skills) will also be weaker. MP Regen shouldn’t be the factor making you choose WIS, since it’s not enough to be noticeable.

Pure INT :
You may be wondering why INT, which only adds to Magic Attack, if I’m going to be a Full Support, but this may be the build you will want. The more magic attack you have, the more your Healing Spells will heal for. While having more INT will only increase your Healing Spells by a fixed value, this will allow you to either keep your skills at a lower level or to raise them and heal for more. The advantage of keeping them low is to maximize the amount of Skill Points you will have to spend in your other skills and a lower level Skill means a lower MP Consumption. Since the Healing Spells are affected by a fixed value, you could even keep them at level 1 and heal for a pretty high amount. Alternatively, by having some INT, you could take an other path and get some offensive skills to be able to attack while supporting your party.
I would highly recommend going Pure INT.

Pure VIT :
The VIT stat raises your Physical Defense, Max HP and reduces your chances of being Stunned. However, as a Full Support, you won’t be dealing with the monsters, but with the members of your party. If the people you party with do their job, you shouldn’t receive any damage. In the rare cases where you might get hit, you will always have Holy Barrier to protect you (Explanation in the Skill section). It’s also said that the Physical Defense is barely noticable for a Full Support. The advantages of going Pure VIT would be to have more HP, meaning you will survive longer. This would probably be more useful for PvP and the other Guild Wars features.
Unless you are an intensive PvP/Guild War Supporter, I wouldn’t recommend Pure VIT, since you shouldn’t be taking any damage.

4. Path of a Full Support – Skills

In this guide, I will assume a Full Support being a player following this path : Mage > Cleric > Priest > Bishop > Cardinal

Let’s take a look at each of those jobs and the useful skills they have. I won’t suggest any particular skill builds, since there are so many possibilities and “optional” skills, but rather suggest some skills which fits best a Full Support.

4.1. Mage

Wind Strike – 1
Fire Ball – 0
Ice Arrow – 0
Heal – 0
Cure Bleeding – 0
Cure Poison – 0
Holy Strike – 0

Intelligent – 0
Wisdom – 1
Bless Heart – 0 / 1 (optional)

Robe Expertise – 5 / 0 (optional)
Spell Barrier – 0
Mana Control – 5
Enhance MP – 0 / 5 (optional)

Wind Strike is a starter skill. You already have it level 1 when you start the game.

The other offensive skills (Fire Ball, Ice Arrow and Holy Strike) arn’t suggested for a Full Support, since your job will be to buff and keep your party alive. If you insist on raising one of those, Holy Strike would be the strongest in the long run (Alternative for Pure Int).

Heal isn’t recommended at all, since you will obtain Fast Heal when you reach lv 20. Fast Heal is way faster and has less cool down making it more appropriate for supporting.

Cure Bleeding and Cure Poison arn’t suggested since they only cure a few skills doing Damage Over Time, but those usually don’t last very long and by the time you notice he’s affected by one of those, it will most likely be wearing off. Simply healing your teammate can do the job instead of those.

Intelligent isn’t recommended since you won’t be able to raise it higher then 1 unless you follow an other path. Also, the classes which will need it most already have Intelligent in their skill tree.

Wisdom adds to your WIS and can be increases later on. This skill is very important since it also raises the MP Regen from your party members.

Bless Heart raises your HP Regen, but considering the fact you only HP Regen once every 4 seconds, you will quickly notice the amount is barely noticable. This skill can be useful for tankers who take 1 damage from everything or other party members who rarely gets hit, but a simple heal on your side can easily remove the necessity from getting this skill.

Robe Expertise will raise your defense while wearing robes. If you want more defense, get this skill. If you ever plan to choose a path which includes either Monk, Inquirer or Soul Arbiter, don’t get this. You will want Light Armor Expertise in that case.

Spell Barrier is quite useless, since it only works for damaging spells and since you won’t have any, you won’t need this.

Mana Control is essential. This skill will allow you to regain sufficient MP to be able to go on without ever running out.

Enhance MP can be useful. It only increases your Max MP and later on, a little MP Regen. This would only extend the amount of time before you run out of MP, but in a leveling party, this won’t make much of a difference, since you should never run out.

4.2. Cleric

Heal – 0
Fast Heal – 1
Holy Strike – 0
Cure Bleeding – 0
Cure Poison – 0
Divine Judgement – 0 / 10 (optional)
Angelic Touch – 0 / 10 (optional)
Revive – 1
Group Heal – 1 / 5 (optional)

Wisdom – 2
Bless Mind – 2
Bless Heart – 0 / 2 (optional)
Holy Barrier – 1
Might – 1
Shield – 1
Bless Wind – 1

Robe Expertise – 0 / 10 (optional)
Spell Barrier – 0
Mana Control – 10
Enhance MP – 0 / 10 (optional)
Enhance HP – 5
Magic Barrier – 0 / 5 (optional)

Fast Heal will be your main healing spell for now. Level 1 is all you will need especially if you went Pure INT, since the increase with level isn’t that much. For now, there are more important skills to focus on and your Magic Attack should be enough to raise the amount Healed.

Divine Judgement is a Damage Over Time skill. This skill, regardless of your build, will always deal the same amount of damage. For a Full Support, I wouldn’t recommend getting this skill, since it’s a damage dealing skill, but if you wish to help your party at bosses or to at least deal some damage, this skill can be useful. (Not recommended for Pure INT)

Angelic Touch is a debuff. For the moment, its only purpose would be in PvP or for bossing to speed up the killing by reducing the opponent’s Magic Defense. However, if you wish to have a debuff which can put the target to sleep (unable to do anything until the effect wears out or takes a hit), then add to this.

Revive lv 1 is a must and is all you will need. Additional levels will only increase the amount of Exp recovered, but if you do your job right, nobody should die in the first place.

Group Heal is an other useful healing spell since it heals every member of your party within range. I would recommend getting it level 1 for the moment, since it does heal a decent amount considering it will heal about 5-6 people. Also, with a pure INT build, the amount heal would considerably increase, making it useless to putting it higher for the moment.

Bless Mind is a must. This is probably the most important buff a Full Support will have. This skill increases the MP Regen. While it might seem rather weak for a mage class, the rogue and fighter class have lower MP Consumption skills making it godly for them since they will be able to spam their skills without holding back!

Holy Barrier is also a must, especially if you ever wish to PvP. This skill grants perfect Invulnerability for a short duration. This means that nothing will be able to harm you or the person you target, not even status effects. This can also save your life in those rare occasions where you will have monsters on you. **It appears that the duration of Holy Barrier increases by +0.013s * WIS.**

Might, Shield and Bless Wind are all useful buffs for what they increase.

Enhance HP is a rather important skill with a low SP cost. It adds to your max HP which should already be low due since mages have low HP. The increase is quite significant especially for those who arn’t Pure VIT. Even then, if you went Pure VIT, it means you wanted more HP, then this skill is for you!

Magic Barrier only adds to your own Magic Defense. The increase is rather small and it’s probably more a waste of SP then anything. If you really intend to PvP, you might consider adding to it, but otherwise, it’s not really useful.

4.3. Priest

Heal – 0
Fast Heal – 1
Group Heal – 1 / 6
Great Heal – 15
Divine Sword – 0
Divine Curse – 0 / 5 (optional)
Cure Bleeding – 0
Cure Poison – 0
Angelic Bless – 0 / 1 / 5 (optional)
Divine Hold – 0 / 10 (optional)
Revive – 1

Beholder – 0 / 3 (optional)
Wisdom – 4
Mind Barrier – 0 / 3 (optional)
Bless Mind – 3
Bless Heart – 0 / 4 (optional)
Holy Barrier – 2
Bless wind – 2
Might – 3
Shield – 3
Shrew Spell – 1

Robe Expertise – 0 / 15 (optional)
Mana Control – 15
Spell Barrier – 0
Enhance MP – 0 / 15
Enhance HP – 10
Magic Barrier – 0

Group Heal could be upgraded to lv 6 at this point. Lv 1 takes 3.2s to cast while Lv 6 takes 2.8s. This reduction in casting time should be noticable while having an increase in the amount of HP healed.

Great Heal is your strongest healing spell. This is useful to heal characters which have gone Pure VIT, since they will have more HP then anyone else. Since it heals a lot, maxing it no matter what build you went is useful, since you won’t be using it too often, but it can be useful for emergencies.

Divine Sword is Holy Strike past lv 10. If you raised it previously, you might want to continue with it. The reason it was suggested before was because it’s the only offensive skill based off your magic attack that you will have until Bishop.

Divine Curse is Divine Judgement past lv 10. If you raised it previously, keep raising it to gain the extra damage.

Angelic Bless is Angelic Touch past lv 10. If you wanted a debuff which can put the target to sleep, then at least get it level 1. If you plan on maxing it out, you could put it level 5 right away.

Divine Hold is a skill which can prevent the target from moving. This is probably one of the best debuff you will be able to obtain, since it’s an AoE, meaning it will hit all all those standing within range of the target. If you want a debuff, you should max it out, otherwise, leave it at lv 0.

Beholder is mainly a PvP skill, since it’s only use is to detect the rogues which are hidden. This skill should be high enough to be able to detect far enough to prevent the attack, otherwise, it’s pointless. If you want it, get it high enough, but remember that this is only for PvP.

Mind Barrier is a buff which increases Magic Defense. This one actually has a decent increase in Magic Defense which makes it worth getting. Then again, the choice is yours. If you want an extra buff, go for it. This will mainly serve in PvP or for monsters using strong magic attacks.

Shrewd Spell is a buff which decreases the Cast Time, meaning the time required to cast your spells will be lowered. This is really useful and will benefit every class. It’s a must.

4.4. Bishop

Heal – 0
Fast Heal – 1 / 16+
Group Heal – 1 / 6 / 16
Great Heal – 20
Divine Heal – 0 / 3 (optional)
Divine Sword – 0
Divine Curse – 0 / 10 (optional)
Cure Bleeding – 0
Cure Poison – 0
Angelic Bless – 0 / 10 (optional)
Divine Hold – 0 / 15 (optional)
Turn Undead – 0
Sacrifice – 0 / 2 (optional)
Revive – 1

Beholder – 0 / 7 (optional)
Wisdom – 6
Mind Barrier – 0 / 6 (optional)
Bless Mind – 5
Bless Heart – 5
Holy Barrier – 5
Bless Wind – 5
Might – 6
Shield – 6
Shrewd Spell – 3
Mana Blast – 2
Intensive Mana – 3
Orpheus’s Poem – 2

Robe Expertise – 0 / 20 (optional)
Mana Control – 20
Spell Barrier – 0
Enhance MP – 0 / 20 (optional)
Enhance HP – 15
Magic Barrier – 0

Fast Heal could be increased to lv 16 or higher for those who arn’t Pure INT, since they might want to heal for more. However, for the Pure INT, you will already be healing near a lv 16 Fast Heal with your lv 1. It won’t be necessary to increase it in this case. Also, DO NOT increase this solely for the decrease in Cast Time / Cool Down, since you also have other healing spells and Shrewd Spell will already decrease your Cast Time.

Group Heal could be increased to 16 since the Casting Time drastically drops. It goes from 2.8s to 1.6s. The Cool Down also drops from 4.2s to 2.2s. Also, by now, you have probably made up your mind whether or not you like Group Heal. If you do, getting it higher would be useful in order to heal your party for more and faster. You could probably keep your whole party alive by only spamming Group Heal at this point.

Divine Heal might sound appealing, but the effect isn’t that great. At lv 3, it adds 304 HP Regen for 15.5s. In total, it would heal for 1178 HP. However, in with some party members who focused on HP Regen and Bless Heart, this could be worth adding.

Turn Undead is the strongest spell in the game. If you went Pure INT and want to show your true power, definitely add this! However, this skill also has the highest SP cost in the game. Make sure you will have enough Skill Points if you really want to get this.

Sacrifice is more an emergency healing skill then anything since it has a huge cool down and MP cost. I wouldn’t suggest getting this unless you occasionally experience scenarios where your party is getting wiped out and fully healing every member could turn the odds.

Mana Blast can be quite useful. Even though it has a huge cool down (100s at lv 2), it increases MP Regen by a huge amount for 25s. This can easily serve to fully MP Regen a member running low or even yourself. Also, as you become a Cardinal, it will last 47.6s which definitely makes it worth it!

Intensive Mana is a must. This skill, while being an AoE, decreases the MP usage of your whole party by a certain %. With Bless Mind which increases MP Regen, this will be very useful for every class.

Orpheus’s Poem is an other AoE buff. This one increases the INT of your party. It can be very useful, since this is the only buff you will have which will increase the damage of a spellcaster.

4.5. Cardinal

Fast Heal – 1 / 16+
Group Heal 16 / 16+
Great Heal – 25
Divine Heal – 0 / 3 (optional)
Divine Sword – 0
Divine Curse – 0 / 10 (optional)
Cure Bleeding – 0
Cure Poison – 0
Divine Hold – 0 / 15 (optional)
Turn Undead – 0
Sacrifice – 0 / 2 (optional)
Revive – 1
Demon Spike – 0
Undead Taker – 0 / 10 (optional)

Beholder – 0 / 10 (optional)
Wisdom – 8
Mind Barrier – 0 / 8 (optional)
Bless Mind – 7
Bless Heart – 6 (optional)
Holy Barrier – 5
Bless Wind – 7
Might – 8
Shield – 8
Shrewd Spell – 5
Mana Blast – 4
Mana Transfer – 0 / 1 / 10 (optional)
Orpheus’s Poem – 4

Robe Expertise – 0 / 25 (optional)
Mana Control – 25
Spell Barrier – 0
Enhance MP – 0 / 25
Enhance HP – 20
Magic Barrier – 0

Group Heal should definitely be lvl 16 by now. Even you Pure INTs will want it that level for the Cast Time and Cool Down. The high MP cost won’t be a problem since you now have Mana Blast lv 4.

Turn Undead can now reach it’s maximal potential of 1653 power. The nearest single target skill to this would be Holy Justice with 1082 power, while all the other skills in between those are AoEs with 8s Cast Time. This makes Turn Undead a really powerful skill. Once again, highest SP cost in the game. Only get this if you wish to have an offensive spell.

Demon Spike isn’t really powerful. It might be an AoE that can stun, but the stun duration is only 2.6s which isn’t much and Pure VIT characters will be immune to stun. I don’t suggest getting this no matter what.

Undead Taker is the strongest Damage Over Time skill in the game. The advantage of it is that it isn’t reduced by anything. It simply deals 2142 dmg per second for 4.5s once maxed to anything and it’s an AoE! This skill is far better then Divine Curse. If you can patient until then and skip Divine Curse, this one is definitely worth it if you wish to have an offensive spell as a Full Support.

Mana Transfer is an interesting skill. It transfers your HP and transforms it into MP before giving it to your target. Also, it’s power based which means INT will highly affect it. Those of you who wish to give out your HP and allow your party mates to have infinite MP (assuming you regularly use this), I would recommend getting this skill. Lv 1 for Pure INT, maxed for Pure VIT.

5. Alternative Paths

This guide has only illustrated the “classic” Full Support path. However, if you wish to be original or have greater ambitions, you may always take different paths to reach your goals.

Most would probably integrate either one of the Monk class or Elemental Master class in their path in order to gain some additional buffs, but keep in mind that it’s quite difficult to make it to the next job unless you invest in the offensive spells of that class along the way.

An other way to go would be to include the Class Passives into your build.
Being a Full Support, the only Class Passives really worth it would be Cast Speed, VIT and Max MP. Magic can be useful if you go Pure INT and get some offensive spells along the way.

In the end, keep in mind that there are endless possibilities in Luna Online and that what matters the most is that you can enjoy the game with your character!

6. Conclusion

I hope this guide and the skill descriptions on my website were useful and have somehow helped you in making your Full Support character. Due to the job system in this game, it was impossible for me to cover everything, so I focused on what seemed easier for inexperienced players since mixing jobs can be quite hard in the long run.

If you have any questions, comments or mistakes to report regarding my guide and skill descriptions, I will be glad to respond to it.

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