Lost Saga Captain Hook Guide

Lost Saga Captain Hook Guide by LostAlias

Captain Hook
A comprehensive guide on hook’s gameplay and combos

right now, this is a wall of text.  I will edit it later, hopefully adding some pictures.  Maybe some videos

Captain Hook (referred to as hook) is one of the two special-class heroes.  As his name implies, he is special.  Unlike other heroes, hook focuses on setting up combos, with a small amount of focus under support.
Guide format:
–Gameplay (most important)

            For those of you who don’t know hook’s basics, here they are (for those who do know, skip these next four paragraphs).  Hook has a basic three-hit combo.  His first two attacks are very fast and very spamable—meaning, you should use your d combo to annoy people.  Don’t complete your d combo when attacking.  Just do one or two attacks to mess with people.  The third attack knocks down and gives very good knockback, even when your opponent is shielding (hook is one of the better d-spam edgers).  Hook has a basic jump attack with relatively small range… it’s nothing interesting.
            Hook has standard special class movement.  This means he can walk, jump, and high jump, but he cannot run.  Instead of a dash, he has a “super dash,” which functions similarly/identically to a sapper’s dash.  (If you do not know what that is, it is a shorter version of a ranged hero’s dash).

Holding D with hook pulls out a bomb.  This is his signature ability.  The bomb is held by hook and can be tossed at three ranges.  The regular throw is activated by pressing d, and hook tosses the bomb two hero-circles away.  The jump throw is done by jumping, then pressing d, as you would in an air attack.  This bomb goes about 6 hero-circles away (can be lower based on when you throw).  The third is a high-jump throw.  This throw has about a 7 hero-circle range (not much further than the regular jump throw at all).  The bomb, when it explodes, causes enemies to fly into the air about a character’s height, and it does relatively low damage (18 hits to kill dev k, or 10 dmg according to unbounded’s hero damage guide).  Bombs cause flinching to your teammates, potentially ruining combo (or giving you the spy award), in the same way that a meteor or mine causes a flinch.  A hook bomb has about a 1.5 hero-circle area of effect.

            While holding the bomb, you can move normally (meaning dash, jump, walk, high jump, parrot run).  You cannot use any attacks or skills while you are holding a bomb, nor are you able to hero swap.  If you are attacked or are caused to flinch, your bomb will fall from your hand, usually damaging you.  The bomb’s can hurt you if you either run into your own bomb, or the bomb gets knocked out of your hand.


This section will give a basic overview of the skills, and then what they can potentially be used for.

           Weapon Skill: Bomb Shower: Bomb shower is one of the better weapon skills.  It has a slightly above average cooldown.  It groundhits, and it hits enemies straight up into the air.  It gives decent damage: 10 hits to kill dev k, 18 dmg (all damage is taken from unbounded’s guide…so yeah, thanks unbounded).  Alone, 18 isn’t that much (9 for a groundhit), but it is actually quite easy to get two hits off bomb shower.  The bombs fly out in a pentagon shape, with one point directly in front of you.  All you need to do is turn directly away from your opponent.  This makes it so that he is in between two of the pentagon’s points, effectively hitting with two bombs (giving 27 damage, 18 for groundhit—which is a lot compared to other GH’s).  Another thing to note is that each bomb is an actual bomb with physical/virtual properties.  They will crash into walls or into airborne enemies.
            Bomb shower has three main uses.  The first, most simple use, is as an area of effect attack (think tao or templar).  Bomb shower has a huge range for a weapon skill, considering it can also hit people on the ground (it is only beat by blizzard).  The second use is for edging, which is probably most common.  If an enemy is knocked down and near an edge, just bomb shower, then jump attack (discussed later in combos).  The third use is for setting up combos (which will also be discussed in the combo section).
            Body Skill: Big Bomb:  Big bomb calls forth, as its name implies, a big bomb.  This can be picked up and thrown at a much farther distance than a regular bomb.  It has a larger area of effect, and it does twice the damage.  It can also be picked up by another player, friendly or enemy.  And, as with a regular bomb, you can hurt yourself with it.  Big bomb has an extremely low cooldown (comparable to meteor, less than kage star and camera, more than stealth).
            Big bomb is largely situational.  I’d estimate that it is very useful in about 30% of battles—the large campy type.  Not very good in about 20%.  And totally pointless in the other 50%.  For the most part, you will be of more use in the fray of the battle than running away and throwing a single big bomb.  Big bomb works in only one or two combos (which I will mention later), so it is very combo-unfriendly.  It has a similar function to cannon in the sense that it is an excellent support skill, but not easy to hit with unless people are clumped together or camping.
            In the 30% of battles in which big bomb is good (those that are large and campy), use it constantly.  It gives good damage and has a large area of effect, and it is an excellent ranged skill.  It is spamable-ish because of its extreamily low CD.  But for the other 70%, I highly recommend switching it out with an epic gear or using another hero’s body skill.
            Hat Skill: Cursed Skull:  Cursed Skull projects a phantasmal skull in front of hook.  The skull strips of the first armor off any opponents it hits, and then puts the opponent into a stunned state, setting up for combos and the like.  It comes out quickly and can hit enemies soon after they jump (this is not an air hitting attack).  It has a decent area of effect.  Cursed skull has a similar effect to boxing trophy.
            Hook’s helm skill is one of the most annoying in the game.  Use this to your advantage.  Aside from being plain annoying, should be used under two main conditions.  The first is if you outnumber your opponent.  Almost all players will try to pick up their hat (or whatever they dropped).  This often leads to them being careless.  Once one of their equipments goes missing, they have a shift in priority.  No longer do they care about killing their opponents or avoiding damage—the main priority is their lost hat… use this to your advantage.  When your opponent is trying to pick up his hat, have all your teammates gang him.  If you outnumber him, he will probably have taken a good 30-50 damage before he gets knocked down.  If he tries to pick up his hat a second time, do it again.  (But be careful of skills—people will do rash things for a hat).  The second use is to lead into combos, which I will talk about later.  But for the most part, the combos are faints.
            Trinket Skill: Quickstep: First of all, I have to say that the parrot is the coolest trinket ever (not cuz its good…just cuz it’s a parrot)!  Quickstep is a buff that greatly increases your speed.  After using the skill, you run about twice as fast.  This last for about 12 seconds (I think).  Being a buff, and not an aura, it is canceled if you switch heroes.  It can, however, be canceled like stealth in order to reduce cooldown for future use.  The cooldown is a little above average, about the same as bomb shower.
            Quickstep, like about half the buffs, is rarely used.  And of those rarely used, it is quite difficult to use effectively.  For the most part, I will say don’t use quickstep.  Almost all the other trinket skills are better.  The only time I use quickstep is to chase down runners (it works moderately well).
            There is, however, and exception.  If you have no better trinket skills, use quickstep as often as possible.  (An example situation is if you had only hook, or you had hook and viking—who has a passive trinket, or you had hook and viking and fire mage and you weren’t fighting any fire mages.)  Quickstep, like all buffs, is not a onetime use skill, so use it whenever you get the chance.  An unused quickstep is a wasted quickstep.

Quickstep can be very annoying.  What you do is attack once, then run around behind your opponent and attack again, then repeat.  When you have the quickstep buff on, always be moving.  Do not just spam d.  Instead, spam d and run around in circles.

            The other time quickstep can be useful is when you are fighting really annoying ranged heroes that just shoot and run… well with your trusty parrot on your shoulder, you can outrun them.

            If you actually read all the way down to here, you are probably wondering what hook’s role in lost saga is (either that, or you are really bored).  As I mentioned earlier, hook has two roles.  The primary is to set up combos (part of which will be discussed later), and the secondary is to provide support.

First, what not to do:
 Hook is a very poor 1v1 hero, unless he is being used to set up combos for your other heroes.  Trying to 1v1 with hook is about as hard as trying to 1v1 with tao (except harder).  Neither character is meant to fight alone.

            Hook is not meant to boss.  He has absolutely no killing moves with his basic moveset and skillset.  Try not to use hook when you are the team with less people.
            Hook is not a ranged hero.  If he was, then he would not be special.  Do not use him to only toss bombs in a camping battle.  This is not a strict rule, and I find myself breaking it a lot, but the important point is that using hook as you would use a musketeer is very dangerous.  The only time you should use him for ranged attack is when the other team is clumped together (meaning you can hit 2-3 at the same time).  Otherwise, you will almost always take more damage than you deal.  It takes 3 bombs to make up for a single meteor (I play fire mage and I know how easy it is to hit a jumping hook).  It takes 6 bombs to equal a shaman edge.  Not to mention, every single ranged hero will out damage you (exception: mafia, maybe musketeer).  Don’t forget that if you are hit while holding a bomb, the bomb will drop and damage you (this has happened to me many times).
            Perhaps most importantly, do not use hook solely as a ranged hero!  Yes, I know he can throw bombs, and bombs are awesome like that, but ranged support should not be his priority.  Hook’s bombs do relatively little damage, they are easy to see, and they are difficult to hit with.  If you want to do damage, use space trooper or cowboy.  Note, though, that I said “solely.”  Hook is used for support, which I will explain in the next section.  What you do not want to do is sit at the edge of the battle field tossing bombs blindly and hoping they hit.
            One last note: damage is not hook’s priority (similarly to how damage is not musketeer’s priority).

General gamplay:
I hate to say it, but hook should not be your main.  Hook is a character who you are supposed to swap into, not one who you are supposed to keep out and wait for opportunities.  In a ranged battle, use any ranged or magic (except maybe medic) before you use hook, then switch to hook for his body skill.  In a melee battle, use most melees before hook, and switch to hook for his goundhitting weapon skill.  The exception being when you see opportunities to use bombs (explained later) and when you are going to make use of his d-spam (usually not a great idea), which is good.

            Again, I’ll emphasize that captain hook is a hero who you are supposed to swap into, not one that you are supposed to have out all the time.  This next section titled “support” mostly assumes you are lacking in either a melee, a ranged, or a magic.

 We start with the lesser of hook’s jobs—support.  I know I just told you not to pretend to be a ranged hero, and now I’m telling you how to support your teammates.  Perhaps I seem inconsistent, or perhaps you already know where I’m going.

            Again, as I said earlier, hook’s job is not damage.  While he is supporting, his purpose is to knock people down and ruin combos (the other teams… not yours).  So, when do you play behind the lines, and when do you get into the fray?  The answer is, wherever he can best mess the other team up (that’s a pretty stupid answer, but oh well).

The reason hook should not run away and toss bombs is because of how hard it is to hit with the bombs.  So when do you use the bombs?  When it is easy to hit.  Unlike many other projectiles, hook’s bombs have an area of effect.  Each can hit multiple people.  So use the bombs when there are a lot of enemies grouped together.  You will likely be able to get 4-5 hits.  Or, if you have a tanker (or a noob) who runs into the enemy base, and you know it’s too dangerous for you, toss the bombs.  Throw the bombs by your teammate, where the other team will likely be distracted ganging him.

            The thing is, your opponents will learn to spread out quickly and dodge your bombs.  That’s when you need to stop.  If ever your team (noticeably) outnumbers the other, go into the battle.  Spam your d, but only do two attacks and let your teammate knock the enemy down.  That’s when you pull out the bombs.  If ever you team (noticeably) is outnumbered and there is no hope of battling in that area, run and be ranged support until your teammates follow you (do not ever do this if you are bossing with a significant buff).
            Another time to use your bombs is to save a teammate from a combo.  For example, lostalias gets caught in a seduction cloud, and you have bomb shower charged… SAVE HIM!  Bombs will cause your teammate to flinch, thus releasing them from most stuns.  Another example would be e-shock.  Toss a bomb onto a stunned teammate and hope he gets out before a laser cannon>edge.
            All bombs aside, hook’s d-spam is one of the most annoying in the game.  Use it.  The first two attacks are quite fast, and the third one has incredible knockback.  Using the third d attack will push and shielding opponent at least half a hero-circle back (very good for edging).  Run around and d-spam to your heart’s content, or at least until your skills are charged.
            The last part of support merges into…

The most important thing to know for a good hook is when to toss your bombs.  Do not mess up your teammates combos!  Bombs cause a teammate to flinch, and it will mess up their combos if you are not careful.  Perhaps the most important thing you can do is learn the standard combos that people uses:
·         Faint (any)>juggle> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Soul sh4tter>air combo> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Meteor>d>d> then you come in with a bomb and continue the combo
·         Ascend>d>d>d> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Ascend>skill>d>d>d> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Hogtie> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Lm-stab>stab>lightning> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         TH-shot>shot (faint)>torch>shot> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Anything that tosses the opponent into the air> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Any stun> then you come in with the bomb and continue the combo
·         Pretty much any skill> get ready to use a bomb

(more information about bomb combos come later)
            Also, learn your guild member’s combos.  If you know that [!Wolf!] uses ascend>tkm board>ascend>minigun>infantry hat, do not mess up his combos with a bomb.  Use the bomb after the minigun.
            Help your teammates edge with bombs.  Set them up for, bomb(you)>jump attack(them)>edge.  The more you play as hook, the more prepared people will be to combo after your bombs, which is the real power of captain hook.

Two last notes before I step into the realm of combos.  Hook is definitely one of the better prisoner-edgers.  He’s not as good as templar or shaman, he a little worse than sapper, but he’s better than almost anyone else.  d>bomb>jump attack>repeat usually works, assuming the prisoner does not find a corner to hide in.

            Also, hook is very valuable when your opponent has a sapper making a base.  This is very important: Hook destroys mines.  Do not let your teammates run into a base full of mine.  It is your role to blow up the mine from a distance with bombs and big bombs.  Also, sapper is one hero you are allowed to attack from range with your bombs.


Again, hook’s main purpose is comboing (or setting up combos).  Hook’s bomb is unique in that it give sufficient time to hero swap before it detonates.  Aside from the team combos already mentioned, hook can combo with a variety of other heroes that you may have.  Since hook is so combo heavy, I am going to spend a lot of time on this section of the guide, and go through how each hero can work with hook (out of the release ones).

            Because hook’s bombs combo after so many attacks, I’ll just give you the rules of thumb for hook comboing.  A bomb can be used after any stun that ends up with your opponent on the ground (faint, dizzy, etc).  A bomb can be used after any attack that hits your opponent at least about as high as a reaper soulsh4tter.  If I ever start a combo with a bomb, it assumes that something has first set up the bomb.  You will never hit a moving opponent with a bomb.
            But before we go into the swap combos, you need to know hook’s solo combos, so…

Hook Combos:

Essential hook combos: if you cannot do these, don’t play as hook.  If you already know hook’s basics, skip these next two sections.
            Bomb shower>jump attack: This is essential for hook and it is one of the easiest combos to pull off.  All you do is use bomb shower, then jump towards your opponent and attack.  This gives decent knockback and is essential for edging.
            Bomb>jump attack: You need to know how to do this, even though you may not use it much (I use it a lot).  Whenever you toss a bomb at close range, the easiest thing to do is follow it with a jump attack.  This is the easiest attack to do after a bomb.  This can also be used for edging.  It requires a small amount of timing (meaning you don’t spam jump attack after the bomb), but you should be able to get it within two minutes of practice in HQ.  Attack as you descend and from the jump, not at the peak.  You can also follow up a jump throw bomb with a jump attack.
            Knockdown>Bomb shower: Basically, you just need to know that you can follow up any knockdown with bomb shower.  Then you follow the bomb shower up with something else (jump attack, etc).  This is obvious, but important.
Easy combos: These are pretty obvious ones… quite boring actually.
            Bomb>bomb:  If you ever are playing ranged-support hook, then you need to know that two bombs are locking.  When staying away from the melee, try to throw bombs in pairs.  It’s like free damage.
            Big bomb>bomb: Like above, if you hit with a big bomb, a second regular bomb will be locking, assuming you are within range and you aim correctly.  I usually follow up a big bomb with a bomb.
            Bomb shower>bomb: This one is actually important.  Do this often.  If you hit a standing opponent with bomb shower, pull out a bomb right away, then toss it on your downed opponent, it will hit.  This is actually the only way a solo hook can reliably set up a bomb combo.  If you cannot edge and you are not in danger of getting hurt, always follow up bomb shower with a bomb.  Then, follow the bomb up with whatever will do the most damage.
            Cursed skull>pick up the dropped gear>run like a n00b: if you have no one to swap into and combo with, it is often a good idea to pick up the dropped gear.  It will likely be fully charged, and it will definitely be more charged than your hat.  If it is fully charged, try to use cursed skull again, or use their own skill against them.  Or you can spam d, or you can run.
Medium combos: you should be able to do these, at least in HQ.
            Bomb>d>d>d: to do max damage, follow up a bomb with three attacks.  This requires timing, but it is only about as difficult as a FM meteor>d>d.  (Though this is difficult to do under pressure, so it is harder to do in a battle than the FM combo)
            Bomb shower>d>d>d: Similarly to the above, this does more damage than a jump attack.  Get good at this.  This is one of the more damaging, groundhitting combos of the game.
            Bomb shower 2 hit>attack: Instead of hitting once with bomb shower, hit twice.  I mentioned earlier in the skills section that this was possible.  Follow it up with whatever you normally would.  When you hit with two bombs he goes about twice as high, so the timing will be different, and the combo will be harder.
The one difficult combo: It’s not super hard, but it’s hook’s longest (locking) combo.  Try it, it’s fun.
            Bomb shower>d>d>bomb>d>d>d: This requires that you hit a standing opponent.  It is similar to bomb shower>d>d>d except you leave out the last attack.  This gives you enough time to pull out a bomb, toss it, and have it hit.  Then follow up the bomb with three attacks.
            This brings up a point worthy of observation: if you are attacking an airborne enemy, d>d>bomb is locking.  This will be further explored in the swap combo section.

Finally, the most epic combo ever!!!! This is personally one of my favorites, though it is not locking, and it can be avoided by smart players.  Still, it’s fun.

            Cursed Skull>big bomb: after you hit with cursed skull, your opponent’s top gear will fly off.  While they are stunned, place a big bomb over their fallen gear (this take practice and positioning, plus a little luck based on where the gear drops).  Then start spamming d, or use bomb shower.
            You have probably all experienced something to this effect: you are trying to pick up a gear, but you pick of the wrong one OR you are trying to run away, you try to jump, but you pick up a gear instead.  Basically this combo is recreating that effect.  Remember, people tend to be desperate for their hats.  They will most likely try to pick up their hat/gear.  What you are hoping for is that they pick up the big bomb instead.  Sometimes they will pick up the hat, then you can cry because your plan failed.  But sometimes they will pick up the big bomb.  Now you laugh at them because they have fallen into your trap.
            If your opponent picks up the big bomb, they are unable to run (dash) or attack, leaving them wide open for attack.  If you have bomb shower charged, use it now.  Almost always, players who picked up a big bomb instead of a hat will go into a state of confusion.  They will almost always jump, as if they think they can pick up their hat.  If they jump, your bomb shower will hit, they will be knocked down, the big bomb fall out of their hands, and then it will explode on them, dealing decent damage.
            If you don’t have bomb shower charged, just spam d and put pressure on them.  It will cause them either to drop the bomb (hopefully they will get damaged by it), or run away, thus losing their hat.
            Anyways, try it in battle until you do it successfully at least once, cuz its funny.

Swap Combos:
Ok, I know what you new hooks might be thinking: “You said hook was a combo hero, but his longest combo is only six hits!  Even fire mage has a bigger combo than that!”  Well, hook’s combo abilities are in setting up, or extending combos.  As I said before, hook should not be used alone.  He is not meant to be a main.

            In this section, I am going to give a short/long description of how hook can combo with each hero.  I will rate how well hook works with each hero (the rating will be based on the skill compatibility and the attack set: 1-5, 5 being the best).  And if you see any other hero’s skills that are used to combo, which at the same time are epic gears, those would be good gears to substitute for hook’s coat and the parrot.

You really don’t need to read all of these… just look for your main heroes and read those.  Everything in the following section assumes you know what each hero does.
Shadow Assassin:  rating—2
Shadow Assassin does not need hook to set up combos.  His hold D does throw high enough for hook to do 2 attacks, then a bomb, but this is harder with SA than other heroes.  His skills are poorly matched with hook, so he’s not a very good match.  After a bomb, sin’s 4-hit juggle is difficult, but 3 hits isn’t too hard (when I say this, I judge the difficulty based on how much practice it took me to pull it off).
Longest combo: sinate>hold D>[hook]d>d>bomb>[sin]D>D>d>d>d>d
Desert Blader: (aka: saladin) rating—1
Saladin’s juggle (after a bomb or otherwise) is very difficult to pull off for how much damage it does.  It’s not worth it (actually, hook’s three hits does 1 more damage than saladin’s four hits).  Saladin’s dash does not set up for a d>d>bomb, so that doesn’t help.  You can’t even do a (two hit) dash attack after a bomb (you can land one hit, depending on the timing).  The only thing good about saladin is his trinket skill.  After a drop, d>d>bomb>d>d>d is really easy.  Also, his weapon skill (or three hit D) you can toss a bomb.
Longest combo: lunar slash>sandstorm>[hook]d>d>bomb>[saladin]dash(second attack hits)>d>d>d>d
As you can see, hook only adds a d>d>bomb which is pretty much the default minimum you can add.
Smile Joker: rating—3, (or 4 if you can do the double dash faint)
Unless you can do the 2xDash faint, Smile joker’s attacks don’t complement hook, but his skills do.  Giggle box is a fast charging skill that stuns a grounded opponent long enough to toss a bomb.  100t hammer>bomb is also possible.  And balloons is great with hook (well, balloons is good with anyone, really) as you can jump attack>bomb after baloons.
Longest combo: dash>dash (faint)>attack>giggle box>[hook] bomb>[joker]d>balloons>jump attack>[hook]bomb>[joker]100t hammer>[hook]bomb>d>d>d
Kage Ninja: rating—4
After kage’s fourth d attack (the faint) pull out a bomb, then do kage’s 4-hit combo.  Kage’s d combo does the highest damage out of all the 4-hit combos.  It is moderately difficult after a bomb, but if you can do it, you can really rack up some good damage.  Also, kage can faint with his ninja star, giving you another opportunity to use a bomb.  After whirlwind, hook can toss a bomb, or he can do d>d>bomb>[kage]d>d>d>d.  And if you are pro enough to do the double jump attack faint, all the better.  You can also do ninja star>jump attack after cursed skull in attempt to make your opponent’s gear disappear.
Longest combo: jump attack>jump attack (faint)>cursed skull>ninja star>jump attack (faint)>whirlwind>[hook]d>d>bomb>[kage]d>d>d>d
Taekwon Master: rating—3
The truth is, tkm doesn’t need hook at all.  If you already have tkm as a main, you don’t need hook.  It would be more worth your time to practice your infinite combo.  But if you already have a hook, tkm works well with him.  Their skills are very compatible.  Tkm relies of his trinket and body; whereas, hook relies on his hat and weapon.  Both skills work well with hook.  It is possible to d>d>bomb after tkm’s hold D, but it is not practical.  So, don’t use hook if you have a tkm, but use tkm if you have hook… [what did I just say?].  (Oh yeah, tkm can faint, too, with 2xAir combo.)
Longest combo: D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d> D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>D>D>d>etc…
Or, if you want to look really cool: Spear fist>[hook]bomb>[tkm]counter your own bomb!!!>infinite combo (yes, it is possible)
Boxing Champ: rating—5
Boxer is one of the best compliments to hook.  He has the easiest 4-hit combo to land after a bomb, and it does good damage.  His weapon skill is probably the best out of all the weapon skills to use with hook.  Firstly, using a bomb will set up for nuclear punch.  And secondly, after a drop is the easiest time to use hook’s d>d>bomb.  Uppercut allows time for both a regular bomb and a d>d>bomb>[boxer]d>d>d>d.  Also, boxer’s counter faints!  Let me say that again… boxer’s counter faints!  Boxer has, arguably, the best counter in the game.  Use is to set up bomb>d combos, etc.  Last, but not least: champion belt.  The other gear-stripping skill of annoyance.  Cursed skull + champion belt = very bothersome (no, they are not locking).
Longest combo: Cursed skull>uppercut>[hook]d>d>bomb>nuclear punch>[hook]d>d>bomb>[boxer]d>d>d>d
[try this in hq: hook bomb (miss dev k)>[boxer] counter=faint—yes, its possible]
Justice Defender: rating—1
The only thing that he can use to set up a hook bomb is eye beams…  It is really difficult to land both hold D attacks after a hook bomb.  His juggling abilities are mediocre.
Longest combo: Eye beams>[hook]bomb>tornado>d>d>d>d… as you can see, it only adds one bomb
[someone with a really fast computer tell me if this is possible: tornado>[hook]d>d>bomb>[JD]d>d>d>d.  I think it might be possible]
Robin Hood: rating—1
Kickflip sets up for bomb… that’s all you need to know.  Oh, and you can use arrow toss after a bomb/bomb shower and get more than 3 hits.
Longest combo: Kickflip>[hook]d>d>bomb>bomb shower>d>d>d… yay
Mafia Boss: rating—5
All three of mafias skills set up for a hook bomb.  Shank>bomb, high kick>[hook]d>d>bomb, detonate>[hook]d>d>bomb.  When playing as mafia, do not use reload except defensively.  Not only that, Mafia 6xShot is the easiest combo to use after a bomb, and it does decent damage.  You’ll probably be able to get it within 3 minutes of practicing.  What you do is position yourself very close to the target and start shooting before or as the bomb explodes.  You can edge Dev k with zero skills like this (though that requires some spacing: 45 degree angle at all shots).  Also, keeping an opponent in the air allows for teammates to air attack or skill (i.e. reaper air combo>edge).
Combos: shank>[hook]bomb>[mafia]shot x 6 / high kick>[hook]d>d>bomb>[mafia]shot x 6 / detonate>[hook]d>d>bomb>[mafia]shot x 6 / cursed skull>shank
Musketeer: rating—1
He really has nothing to combo with hook except for thrust (which is a really good skill for hook).  The only reason you’d have both a musketeer and a hook is if you are going full support mode or you have 7+ heroes.
Longest combo: Cursed skull>thrust>bomb shower>d>d>bomb>d>d>d
Cowboy: rating—3
Cowboy gets a 3 solely because of his skills.  His attackset adds nothing to hook, so meh…  Quickdraw and hogtie, however, are very good skills with hook.  Quickdraw because it faint at range (well, quickdraw is good with anyone, really) and hogtie because bombs groundhit prisoners.  If you have a juggler (Viking, ice mage, tkm, etc) then you can hogtie>bomb>juggle.  Hogtie hits after a bomb, and after bomb shower.  Also, after hogtie, it is easy to hit with cursed skull.
Combos: cursed skull>quickdraw / Cursed skull>hogtie / Quickdraw>bomb / hogtie>bomb / Bomb shower>hogtie / bomb>triple shot (10+15×3 damage, but halved because of airbore/grounded)
Ice Mage: rating—3,4
Ice mage is okay with hook, another meh…  But, Hook is good with Icemage (bringing the rating up to 4).  This means that if IM is your main, hook is a good support.  Jump bomb>blizzard is very good in camping battles, because bomb knocks down the opponent, preventing him from fleeing (also, the bomb’s jump throw range is almost exactly the same as the middle of blizzard’s starting range).  It is possible to d>d>bomb after IM’s dash, but it is much more difficult than it is with other heroes.  It is possible, and not super difficult, to do an IM dash>dash>d>d>d after a bomb (which does 50/2=25 damage plus the bomb, 5).  Another very good edging combo is bomb>iceburst, which has very good knockback (about as far as a shaman hand).  If you knockdown an opponent then use blizzard and hit him exactly once (so he does not stand up) you can pull out a bomb and wait for him to pop out of the ice—this will give you enough time to toss the bomb and let it hit.  Example: dash>blizzard (hits only once)>wait a long time>[hook] bomb>attack.  Blizzard>big bomb might be locking, but idk cuz I don’t have IM.
Longest combo: Cursed skull>[IM]dash>dash>d>d>d>blizzard (requires luck)>(wait)>[hook] bomb>[IM] dash>dash>d>d>d
Dark Shaman: rating—3
Dark shaman is decent with hook… if you can do shaman’s dash>[hook]d>d>bomb>[shaman]dash>d>d>d.  This does massive damage.  That’s pretty much the only combo you need to know (if you can do it well, the rating goes up to a 5).  The only other two would be seduction>cursed skull>[shaman]dash>d>edge / bomb>the hand, both of which are useful.  It is moderately difficult to land the shaman dash after a bomb, but learning how to do it iw well worth it.  Dash>d>d>d does 50/2=25 damage, just like IM’s, but the three attacks are easier.
Lightning Mage: rating—4
LM gets a 4 because of his ability to faint and because all his skills lead to a faint.  The strategy with LM is, “faint, faint, faint, faint—” yeah…  Follow up LM’s easy faints with a bomb>d>d>d for good damage.  Another thing to note, thunderbolt can be used after a bomb.
Also, LM is one of hook’s favorite teammates.  If you have a good LM on your team, always be ready to toss out a bomb after his combos.  You own lightning does not stun an oopponet long enough to toss a bomb, but if you have an ally who uses lightning on a grounded opponent, pull out a bomb.
Longest combo: cursed skull>[LM]dash>[hook]bomb>thunderbolt>stab>stab>3xLightning>chain spark (chain spark does 3 damage to a grounded opponent: never use it just to continue your combo)
Fire Mage: rating—3
Fire mage is pretty simple with hook.  Whenever you burn an opponent, toss a bomb and do a 3-hit combo.  Remember that if you knock an opponent down, then use meteor, they have time to get up before a bomb.  Also, bomb/big bomb>meteor in a campy game is a good strategy, as it locks a meteor hit.  If you use meteor or flame wave on a standing opponent, you can do 2 attacks before you toss the bomb.  Cursed skull>[FM]dash>meteor>attack is also good.
Longest combo: meteor>[hook]d>d>bomb>flame wave>[hook]d>d>d
Grim Reaper: rating—5
Reaper works really well with hook.  His skills are compatible, and his attackset is complimentary.  Most importantly, you are able to soul sh4tter (ss for censorship reasons)>bomb and bomb>ss.  Use both effectively.  Next, learn to bomb>air combo (this is very easy).  Then try bomb>ss>air combo.  This does good damage, and it is very good for edging.  It is possible to do ss>[hook]d>d>bomb, but it is extremely difficult.  It is a little harder than ice mage’s setup.  I preffer ss>bomb>attack.
Shackles is also a good skill with hook because it allows you to easily do a d>d>bomb after it.  Shackles, cursed skull, and haunt can all combo into each other, allowing you to set any of them up quite easily.  Cursed skull>shackle / cursed skull>haunt / haunt>cursed skull / shackle>cursed skull (yes, this is possible.  It require fast swapping, but you can hit an airborne enemy with cursed skull) / shakle>cursed skull>haunt>ss / haunt>cursed skull>shackle>[hook]d>d>bomb
Longest combo: Cursed skull>haunt>d>2nd haunt>ss>[hook]d>d>bomb>ss>shackles>ss>[hook]d>d>bomb>ss>air combo (substitute the ss>d>d>bomb with ss>bomb to make this combo doable)
Treasure Hunter: rating—5
TH can do a faint shot (or 2xShot), which is two quick shots in rapid succession.  So basically: faint shot>bomb.  Camera is a very useful skill which lets you easily set up a faint shot.  And torch is also a pretty useful skill.  For those of you who don’t know, torch can hit up to 4 times, or three times on the ground.  The first hit is the throw which is usually done when your opponent is fainting.  Then there are hit three more times on the ground, during which you can attack.  Sometimes torch can also reset the getup time, allowing you to toss another bomb (I don’t know when this happens).  Another cool thing with TH is that cursed skull picks up from faint, allowing you to put in an extra faint shot (34 dmg!).  Finally, TH’s high damage output makes up for hook’s low-ish damage, giving you a very balanced support setup.
Longest combo: cursed skull>faint shot>camera>faint shot>torch throw>bomb (while bouncing on torch)>bomb (I don’t know if the second bomb is possible… its hard to tell with dev k)>bomb shower>d>d>d
Infantryman: rating—2
Infantryman really has nothing to combo with hook.  With some timing, you can do a quick shot after a bomb or bomb shower which does slightly more damage than hook’s d combo, and it looks cool.  Meh…
Longest combo: precise shot>(dash)>drill sergeant>precise shot>grenade>jump shot (note how it does not use hook)
Savage Berserker: rating—3
Berserker’s skills aren’t that great with hook.  You can bomb after a warhorn if your opponent is on the ground.  You can d>d>bomb after earthsh4tter (moderately difficult).  And you can savage slam after bomb for extra range.  They are very average combos.  Berserker’s d combo does very high damage (36), and his juggle after a bomb is at medium difficulty.  Here’s something interesting: it is possible to land for attacks after a bomb.  Bomb>[zerker]d (as he is going up)>pause>d (as he is going down)>d>d.  This is possible with viking, templar against a wall, and perhaps some other heroes.
Longest combo: earthsh4tter>[hook]d>d>bomb>warhorn>[hook]bomb>[zerker]d>(pause)>d>d>d
Grand Templar: rating—5
First of all, templar’s dash is one of the best in the game.  It gives a short dizzy stun, meaning you can bomb after it.  Dash attack>bomb>[templar]d>d>d is hugely damaging combo (35.5 total dmg).  You can also do judgment>bomb to set up a combo, and bomb>[templar]hold d for edging.  Other than his hold d, templar’s attackset does not totally match with hooks except for the super powerful d combo.  Templar’s skill set is pretty good with hook.
Longest combo: bomb shower>d>d>bomb>[templar]d>d>d (as you can see, it only adds damage)
Viking Raider: rating—6
“Wait?!” you shout.  “Didn’t you say the ratings were 1-5?  Is that a typo, or did you give viking a 6 for some reason?”
I did give viking a six for a reason.  That reason is, he is insanely op with hook if you can do their combo.  First of all, viking has the strongest d combo in the game (and the strongest dash if you don’t count assassin), so his d combo after bomb is the most damaging d>d>d you can do.  Second, viking has the strongest, locking, non-skill combo in the game (excluding infinites, but technically viking has a potential infinite as well…).  Finally, hook can nearly double viking’s damage (if you don’t count the first attack—that’s what we call advertising).
That is 14+14+8+8+10+14+14+13+13+15=123  Of course, you need to divide everything except the first attack by two.  That still gives you 68.5 damage, which is over a third of the starting health and more damage than an edge.
      Of course, this is difficult to pull off, but you can see why it would be worth it to learn (no I cannot do this, but I have done dash>dash>[hook]>d>d>bomb in hq).  Also, viking dash>bomb is locking.  Gore>bomb is locking, or gore>[hook]>d>d>bomb.  Bomb>gore for backward edge.  Body check is good for setting up the awesome combo of awsesomeness (the 68.5 damage combo), it can also set up for cursed skull.  Viking jump attack>bomb shower>attack is very good for edging.
Basically, always follow a hook bomb with a viking double dash>attack.  Viking is the hero who can stack the most damage after a hook bomb.  If you cannot to the double dash, three hits is very good as well (51/2 damage).
Best combo in the world: the combo of awesomeness! (Dash>dash>[hook]d>d>bomb>[viking]dash>dash>d>d>d for those of you who forgot already)
Tao warrior: rating—2
His attack set matches poorly with hook.  Actually, hook and tao have vaguely similar roles when playing support (d spam, or hold d knockdown), so to have both would be slightly redundant.  As for his skillset, it compliments hook quite well.  The thing is, each skill has a very high cooldown, and to rely on tao just for his skills would be a waste.  Skysh4tter>bomb is locking, as is skysh4tter>[hook]d>d>bomb.  Wind shock>bomb and bomb>wind shock are both very good for edging.  And refresh scroll is nice to have because you will likely not be using quickstep much.  (I bet you can land both hits of wild dance after a bomb, but I haven’t done it).
Wild Tiger: rating—1
Lol… it doesn’t work.  Tiger has absolutely nothing to combo with hook (unless you can spin strike>bomb which I haven’t done, or unless you count his 3 x jump attack). Aside from d spam, they have such completely different functions as heroes that they cannot complement each other.
Iron Knight: rating—3
IK only gets a three for his hold d.  His stab faints, letting you set up for a bomb combo.  Unfortunately, IK’s juggle after a bomb is overly complex and too difficult to be practical.  IK is a fine melee to main, and let hook be your second for his bombs and support.  Also,his stab is a good follow up for cursed skull.  IK’s skills are meh…  His two used skills happen to be the same one that hook uses, but headbutt is good.  Headbutt can be used after a bomb, which looks cool (headbutt>stab>bomb).  You can also triple slash after a bomb, but that really isn’t practical.
Longest combo: bomb shower>d>d>bomb>headbutt>stab>[hook]bomb>d>d>d
Space trooper: rating—4
He would be a three, but the two good rangers are the two that really have no range.  ST is the best real ranged hero that you can have with hook (TH and mafia are more support than actually ranged imo).  The only reason you would use ST is for his faint shot.  Strangely enough, it is pretty easy to land.  A lot of people tend to dash attack STs (ranged units in general, really).  As a result, STs trade a lot of blows with melees.  The cool thing it, ST’s precise shot faints (and does way more damage).  In other words, it sets up for a bomb combo.  You be surprised at how many melees dash attack a trooper and both trooper and the melee are hit with an attack.  ST gets knocked back, melee faints.  A good trade of damage for you.
E-shock does not combo with hook’s bomb, even though you would think it does.  However, e-shock is one of the best team skills in the game, so it is a good armor to have.  I don’t know if you can bomb after laser cannon, cuz I don’t use trooper.  You can laser cannon after a bomb for major distance.  One last thing, a faint shot sets up for cursed skull.
Longest combo: e-shock>precise shot>bomb shower>d>d>bomb>d>d>d meh…
Cyber Medic: rating—5
Yes, faint stab is amazing.  Faint sets up for bomb—w00t.  You can stab into cursed skull, or you can cursed skull>stab, and even better: stab>stab>cursed skull>stab>stab>bomb.  Zero-g is a really good skill with hook.  It is probably the best body skill (*cough* epic gear *cough*) for hook.  It picks up from the ground and allows you to d>d>bomb after it.  Another thing you can do after it is cursed skull (just like you can shackle>cursed skull).  That means you can zero-g>cursed skull>[medic]stab>stab>[hook]bomb. Finally, heal is a really good skill to have in a camping battle when you know you shouldn’t be risking your life tossing bombs (remember, I said not to play ranged in a camping battle).
Longest combo: stab>stab>cursed skull>stab>stab>bomb shower>d>d>bomb>zero-g>[hook]d>d>bomb>d>d>d
Crazy Sapper: rating—1
Sapper really can’t do anything with hook that he couldn’t already do by himself.  This isn’t to say you should have a sapper.  I personally think that sapper is one of the best heroes in the game (top 3).  Regardless, sapper really doesn’t combo well with hook.  These two are individual characters that don’t really mix.
      Nuke is cool…

Some last notes on combos:

       If you see any teammate do an attack in an above combo, get ready to continue it (i.e. [teammate]medic double stab>[you]cursed skull>[him]double stab>[you]bomb)
—       Pretty much any hero can do a d combo after bomb shower.
      Ratings are based solely on how they compliment and combo with hook, not with how good they are (e.i. I think sapper is 7 times better than boxer… I came up with that number on the spot).
       Again, stuns and knockups are hook’s friend.
       Like I said under berserker, some heroes can do 4 d hits after a bomb, even though they only have a three hit combo.  All I know for sure are zerker, templar (against a wall), nd viking.  Try to find more.
        These guides assume you only have hook and the said hero.  You can easily extend combos with more heroes and epic/legendary gears.
        All damage info: credit to unbounded—thanks!
        If you think that the hero order looks familiar, the order has absolutely no connection to unbounded’s damage guide [shifty eyes]
Closing Notes
So, did you read all the way to the end?  You shouldn’t have.  This guide is way too long.  Anyways, I hope you learned something new as you read through the guide.  I hope I kept you attention, or at least gave you something to do in your boredom.  But most of all, I hope I gave you the inspiration to play as hook, or at least try him out.

            Hook is one of the hardest heroes to play as.  Most other heroes are straightforward.  Most heroes have their set combos.  Most heroes have an easy, predictable style of play.  But hook is different.  He relies on his teammates to truly excel.  He requires experience and knowledge of other’s combos in order to work well.  He requires a diverse array of combos in order to understand.
            I want to see more good hooks in Lost Saga.  Hook is an awesome character who is fun to play as, and fun to play with.  Hopefully, with this guide, you now know enough to play a decent hook.  And hopefully after reading this guide you will know how to play with me when I use hook.  So, go buy a hook.  He’s, like, the cheapest hero in the shop.  What have you got to lose?

~  LostAlias

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