Lost Saga Dark Shaman Guide

Lost Saga Dark Shaman Guide by OhhYouKenSMD

Dark Shaman… Beware…

Dark Shaman. A truly powerful hero. Dark Shaman can control his opponent, he can confuses his opponent, the can fling his opponent around. That is what makes him different from the other characters. His skills are based more on the opponent than on himself. He has fallen for the dark side. He uses black magic to do his bidding. His basic skills involve a 3 hit combo. A double jump. A unique replacement for a dash attack and a 360 degrees guard.
I warn you, Non-Shamans. Beware…

SkillscoolThe skills for Dark Shaman are so amazing I’m sure that writing this part of the guide will be my favorite :%7d.

Trinket Skill – [Chaos Doll> – ASA unique skill at the very least. This skill allows a Shaman to reverse his opponent controls. For example, left would be right and up would be down. Extremely useful when being chased, in tight situations, in setting up [Seduce> and in making opponents knock themselves out. You can get THEM to do your dirty work. The potential of this Skill is high.

Helmet Skill – [Dart Pact> – AD Yet another unique skill. This skill allows you to tune in with the darkness to sacrifice some health for a boost in your skill recharges. Its really not much health. Also, this skill’s countdown is 0 seconds so it can be quite useful. Surprise an opponent with repetitive skills.
Armor Skill – [The Hand> – ASD
Appropriately named The Hand, this skill thrusts your arm forward and summons a shadow skeleton arm to push the enemy back. Far. The knock back on this skill is HUGE. It is extremely useful in stages where edging is easy like Skyscraper, Cube, Work Site, and Matrix. One hit from this and they’ll be sent flying.

Weapon Skill – [Seduction> – SD Arguably the best skill in the game. It lets you pick a spot within a wide radius to make a small cloud on. If someone touches the cloud, they will dazedly walk towards you. Completely vulnerable. This skill compliments the replacement of a dash for Shaman, Skeletal Strike. Skeletal Strike (-> ->) Flings the opponent backwards over you. This skill can even attack more than one person. It can be used as a shield from melee heroes chasing you by using the skill right around your body. They will usually run into the cloud and be left open. Also, in most modes, you can protect you team mate in trouble by using the skill on them. They will not be affected, but the enemy who is attacking usually will. Very, very, very useful skill.
Skills can be viewed here:

Damage of Shaman (From Unbounded’s Guide)
Dark Shaman

First hit: 10
2nd hit: 10
3rd hit: 15

Dash attack: 15
Dark Pact: 30 damage to the user.
The Hand: 15

Better than the other Mages.

Shaman dosen’t really have many combos. The only three combos i know of are…
BTW: I dont think [Seduction> then [Attack> is a real combo.

[Seduction> [The Hand> This is of the few combos using only shaman skills that actually works. Any other “combo” can easily be broken out of. The seduction acts like a stunner which leaves them open to many attacks. They will walk towards you only to be thrown away by The Hand

[Seduction> [Chaos Doll> The third of the three combos. If you really want to use [Chaos Doll> on someone you could waste a seduce for it. Simple Enough.

[Seduction] [Skeletal Strike] [Combo] Draw them in just to be thrown into the air and then blunted by your evil hand while falling down. The timing is complicated. Also, instead of the combo, you could just edge them with the Skeletal Strike. (Yes, I fail to do this once in the video)

Epic Combos

If you do not know what a faint is check Clemente’s Guide to Faints right here: http://nforum.ogplanet.com/lostsaga/forum_posts.asp?TID=184832&KW;=

Shaman can form an Epic combo out of basically any character.
Many combos can end in either [The Hand> OR [Seduction>. Seriously, though, there aren’t many combos here because making combos with Shaman is so easy due to the fact [Seduction] keeps an opponent open to another attack and [The Hand] is a great finisher.

[Any other sort of faint involving no skills> [The Hand> OR [Seduct> (8) {Variation between character used} This difficulty relies on the difficulty of the faint. This combo only involves ONE skill so it looks kid of plain. The difficulty is usually high because people are used to faints and try to avoid them. Ex.

[E-Shock> [The Hand> OR [Seduction> (7) {Medium} Somewhat difficult because E-Shock often misses due to the slow start up. If it works though, you have plenty of time to set up your combo.
[Eye Beam> [Seduction> (10) {Easy} I started off with this one because it is just so simple and easy to perform. Not much explanation needed here. Just use [Seduction> quickly because the enemy falls after being stunned for a while.

Once again, you can set up a combo easily by [Seduction] and then make something up. Or [Faint] [The Hand / Seduction]

1. I know I tell you how to edge a lot but Shaman also does great damage with his regular combo.
2. Shaman generally does well for me in the following modes. Prisoner, Team Death Match, Soccer, and Power Stone.
3. Shaman generally does bad for me in the following modes. Crusade, Crown Control, and Death Match
4. Don’t just wait in the back ground and spam Seduce and when they come up spam Hand. Don’t… Just don’t…
5. Just like #4 don’t hang in the background and make use of the melee damage.
6. I suggest replacing your helmet and trinket with some Epic Gears.
7. You can do a full combo on opponents mid-air after Skeletal Strike. (The dash replacement) They need to be at the very brink of Skeletal Strikes reach if you want it to work.
8. After using [Seduction> you don’t always need to use Skeletal Strike. You can use [The Hand> or jump over a gap between two ledges, they will just walk into the gap.
9. Try to use [Seduction] on someone after they use a skill that keeps them in place.

Upgrade Tips
Okay. Shaman is very easy to build for many reasons.
1. Once you play with him for around 2 or 3 games you automatically know which skill you like the most. Usually that is [Seduction> or [The Hand>. Try to put most points into these.

2. I personally think that the stat upgrades don’t even matter because Shaman cant run so that takes out speed. He doesn’t have much melee attacks taking out Strength. If you fight correctly you should barely fall off an edge so Dexterity is out. Defense is maybe the only on that has SOME importance.
3. Chaos Doll is okay too. Don’t completely forget about it.

How To Seduct-So, I see some people just throw out random seductions in hope to luckily catch someone. This, is wrong. I will teach you how to do it right.

1. Melee Trap- Seduct on yourself so that a melee hero approaching you will get caught in the [Seduction]
2. Behind the Ranger- Seduct 2-5 paces behind a ranger who is trying to keep distance. Usually rangers just jump backwards at the sight of you bending down for a [Seduction]. They dont even look where it is.

3. Skill Fail- Use [Seduction] while an opponent is using a skill that involves them staying in place for a while. For example E-Shock.They will need to get hit after they stop using their skill.
If my guide makes things kind of confusing for you, here’s OGPlanet’s version which might help you understand better.

OGPlanet’s Display of Shaman-

OGPlanets Combos for Shaman-

OGPlanet’s Visual Representation of Skills-



Additional Information-Here are some useful things to know about Dark Shaman.
1. The Chaos Doll and Staff are the only Epics for Shaman released as of 11/29/10
2. Shaman usually costs a lot of peso in the shop. A lot of people use him.
3. Shaman can easily make combos with other heroes.
4. Shaman is available for pesos once you reach the SFC 5 rank.

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