Last Chaos Wizard Guide

Last Chaos Wizard Guide by pepin

The information i can give you is only for wizards:
1) Haste- is a 5 second cool down lvl 1 doesnt show much effect lvl 2 it makes you do an attack right after you do a spell
2)Charaka Shield- 3 second cool down lvl 1 not much noticeable difference but at lvl 5 it increases movement speed and makes u run as fast as a potion of haste.
3)Spell Focus- increases hit rate and damge of a spell casted
4)Scud- Increases attack speed of attacks that arent spell related

usefull ones only:
Terra Spear: level 32 wizzard class skill. One of the strongest mage attacks 8 second cool down requires 172 from lvl 4 to lvl 5 and also requires 12 dex req lvl 32

Flame storm: req 15, 20, 25, 30: attacks 1 unit and 5 surrounding units at lvl 4 to lvl 5 requires 86 sp about 5 second cool down

Nova break: lvl 30 spell req from lvl 4 to lvl 5 151 sp. does a good amount of damage great for early on but later it doesnt help as much. its 1 shot done to 1 enemy about 8 second cool down

Flame Field: lvl 38 spell req 35 intellegence from lvl 4 to lvl 5 cost 194 sp this spell does a fire attack and does less damage then terra spear but its another attack that can deal damage ( i dont suggest getting right away at lvl 38 unless u have extra sp )

Freezing arrow: this is the lvl 44 spell that requires 52 intellegence cost 216 sp from lvl 4 to lvl 5. This spell does about 2k damage with a 45+8 weapon which is about 1k less damage from that of terra spear with the same weapon. It slows ur enemy also which is usefull but i still dont suggest it right away (unless u have extra SP)

Attacks with no damage:

Sloth: this attack slows ur enemys attack speed it cost 86 sp from lvl 4 to 5 requires level 15 (great spell for pvp)

Curse: this attack slows ur enemys movement speed (great for kiteing mages) it requires lvl 15 also and 86 sp from lvl 4 to 5 again

Transformation: requires sloth lvl 1 and lvl 20 it takes 108 sp from lvl 4 to lvl 5 and this spell transfers HP to MP which gets usefull later on. at lvl 5 this spell transfers 200 hp for 240 mp.

Mana recovery: this spell requires lvl 15 and only has 2 lvls and requires 70 sp from lvl 1 to lvl 2 this spell heals mana over 30 seconds at lvl 2 it recovers 6 mp per second at lvl 1 it recovers 3 mp per second

Ethereal Barrier: this skill permanently increases defense requires lvl 5 and 65 hp from lvl 4 to lvl 5

Amplification: this spell requires lvl 10 and increases your hp it requires

Secret study: requires lvl 10 and increases magical attack power

Mage Armor: This requires lvl 20 and increases MP regeneration

Fast Casting Spell: requires lvl 25 and increases Spell cool downs

Staff Mastery: requires lvl 32 and increases damage while holding a staff

Mana Barrier: requires lvl 32 and decreases damage dealt from melee attacks

Robe Mastery: requires lvl 38 and increases defense of a wizard

Magic Rod- level 50 skill increases defense and attack speed

Doungen skill:
Energy Field: Requires lvl 5 this spell can only be used in personal dongens no where else.

Monsters to train on at lvls for XP:
level 1 – 3 Wolfs
level 3 – 7 Berserker wolfs
level 7 – 13 Mysts
level 13- 15 Sasquach
level 15 – 17 Horn Beasts
level 17 – 19 Elder werewolfs
level 19 – 22 Skeleton soldiers – lancers
level 22 – 27 great horn beasts / Trents / Orcs
level 27 – 32 Butchers
level 32 – 36 Bandits
level 36 – 39 Canines
level 39 – 50+ Giant Larvea / Salamander ruins
level 50+ Cerebrii

Training part 2!
Monsters to train on for good SP:
level 1 – 3 Wolfs
level 3 – 7 Berserker wolfs
level 7 – 13 Mysts
level 13 – 16 Sasquach / larva
level 16 – 20 Elder Werewolfs / Harpies / Dark Goddess
level 20 – 23 Skeleton soldiers / lancers
level 23 – 27 Orcs/ Orc soldiers/ Orc Axe Men
level 27 – 32 Butchers
level 32 – 34 Pilferes
level 34 – 36 Bandits
level 36 – 38 Blood Frenzys / Gnolls
level 38 – 40 Canines
level 40 – 42 Highlanders
level 42 – 44 Highlanders/ Gnoll soldiers/ Gnoll lancers/ Canines
level 45 – 47 Beast Scythes / Beast Flyers
level 47 + Salamander Ruin/ Larvea / Cerebrii

This is a good way to save money and still helps u train with mage staffs:
at level 1-9 use the level 1 staff
at level 9- 17 use the level 13 staff ( + it with drops from mobs )
at level 17 use level 21 staff +4 ( do not use heaven stone to make +4 )
at level 25 use the level 29 + 3 (try to get 29 weapons to smelt from elder drakes and salamanders)
use the 29 staff till level 33
at level 33 use a level 37+6 or + 8 staff (not worth getting +10)
skip the level 41 staff
at level 41 use level 45+8 or 10 (this is where +10 makes a big difference)
at level 45 or as soon as possible use lvl 49+10
*guide will be updated when 53+ manuals drop*

Cost effective way to use armor as a mage
level 1 – 28 ( use armor u get off drops only )
at low levels armor doesnt really effect how u train as a mage
at level 28 buy the level 30 set but dont + it
at level 30 use the lvl 35-37 set and make it +3 or +4 (dont use Heaven stones )
Skip the 40-42 armor
at level 40-42 Buy the 45-47 armor and make it +4 or +6
at level 45-47 buy the 50-52 armor and make it +6 or +8
*list will be updated when 55+ manuals drop*

PvP Twisted Evil
Arena Style!
Basically if u fight with honor and style most people do the 000000 count down which is where 1 person types 000000 and after it disappears thats when the battle begins. The way i have my list set up is Basically F1 Nova, F2 Terra Spear, F3 Flame Field, F4 Freezing arrow, F5 Curse, F6 Sloth
Those are the best skills for a wizards to use in the arena.

When fighting a melee character your best bet would be to not let them get near you. Heres what you do. First when the battle starts use Curse right away. after you used Curse and you are at a good distance away, use Sloth. Now the battle is pretty simple all you have to do is stay away from the person and use hit and run tactic. Running in a circular motion using 2 spells at a time is a great idea also. Just basically all u have to do is time ur spells at see how far away you are from the person u are fighting.

Fighting a Healer:
If you plan to fight a healer with a bow that is ur lvl or lower (before lvl 38 ) just use ur sloth spell then spam ur high damage spells
if u plan to fight a healer level 38+ use sloth right away before they use silence. after that u should be able to win due to mages attacks with out spells are strong enough to kill a healer. You can use silence potion but most people will complain.

Just use your spells clerics are a lot simpler to kill when ur a mage

Fighting a Mage:
Basically your only hope is to spam the strongest spells fastest. use sloth of corse but other then that u have to be able to kill fast

Fighting summoners:
Just kite them unless they use mage form then just spam spells faster

Fighting a Rogue:
Fighting a xbow rogue is very hard Make sure u sloth ( you will notice sloth is a very usefull skill) Spam ur skills fast thats ur only hope

Try to first sloth them then use curse, they snare u and posion u get rid of it using super antidote and antidote. If they catch u with snare and u dont get rid of it you have no chance. Try to run from them and keep spamming skills and u should do fine if they go invis use trueseeing pot.

As u notice rogues are the hardest class for a mage to kill unless ur pro pvp.

Also keep in mind with the skills that say i dont suggest getting right away that just means that maxing out the passive skills are more important then a new attacking skill (in my opinion)
Thats the basic information of a wizard and how i built my lvl 45 wizard. if theres any questions plz pm me ill help you out.

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