Last Chaos Skill Points Guide

Last Chaos Skill Points Guide by Xray333

Too often have I seen people in the other forums ask “I need to max out my skills, how do I do it?!”
Hopefully this will answer that question…
Before we start, there are some basic information that you should know about the Skill Points(SP) system.

      *SP stands for

Skill Points

      . Skill points are needed to learn new skills or improve old ones. It is very important to get skill points, as skills are what makes you powerful in the game of Last Chaos. *There are three types of skills. (To see a list of all your skills, press the shortcut key “s” while in game, and there will be 3 tabs with the following skills) —– *

General Skills

      are the skills you can use anytime, anywhere(with the exception of the Personal Dungeon skills). These skills include special attacks, buffs, heals, debuffs, summons, and many more. For most of these skills, there are several levels to it, with each skill getting stronger as you “upgrade” the skill. —– *

Passive Skills

      are the skills that are always active, meaning you don’t have to click on them to use them. They’re always “on” and can’t be seen by other people. For this reason, they’re like your “secret weapon” in a way. Maxed out passive skills are nessecary for a strong character. —– *

Special Skills

      are the skills which can be used for moneymaking. They require a lot of SP, but can be extremely useful since they can be used to craft armor and weapons, make potions, proccess materials, get more food for your pet, and a variety of other uses. *SP is accumulated as you gain

Skill Experience

      . When you have gained 10,000 Skill Experience, you will gain 1 Skill point. *The process of gaining Skill Points is called

SP farming

      . Similar to EXP grinding, you(usually) kill white/green mobs when SP farming. *You do lose SP when you die.


      explained it pretty well.


Rodgan wrote:

I found out that the lost SP is based on your percentage of lost XP. If you die and lose 2% XP then you would also lose 2% of Skill XP, and it is accumulative.

e.g :
If you have 150 SP (equal to 1.500.000 Skill XP) then you die, you lost 2% of XP, but you also lost 2% of Skill XP and that is 2% of 1.500.000 = 300.000 Skill XP or equal to 3 SP. In other words, after you die, your SP will reduced by 3 SP so you have 147 SP now.

When I only have 43 SP, I died, I lost no SP, but if I died again, I lost 1 SP. How can that be?
43 SP = 430.000 Skill XP
2% of 430.000 = 8.600 Skill XP
It takes 2 times death to reduce your SP by 1.

When I have 94 SP, I died, I lost 1 SP, but if I died again, I lost 2 SP. That makes a total of 3 SP lose. How can that be?
94 SP = 940.000 Skill XP
2% of 940.000 = 18.800 Skill XP
First time death takes out only 1 SP.
But on the Second time death, it takes out 2 SP.

Note : 1 SP is equal to 10.000 Skill Exp

I died a lot and that was my experience from losing SP.
Maybe I am wrong and please correct me

*Good/Evil points Razz (If you do not know what these are, click here for some information.) If you have 10 or more good points, your name becomes blue, and if you have -10 or less evil points, your name becomes red. This can affect how much SP you lose when you die, though it isn’t totally confirmed yet.

That is basically it for the SP system.

Now, let’s start out with the 5 different colors of monsters. The information below only applies to monsters that are not in Velpist or Prokion temple.

Blue named

      monster will give 1 SP if they are really low(e.g killing a fox[lvl 1] at lvl 20), but if they just turned blue, then you’ll still be able to get some SP from them.

Blue named

      mobs are more then 5 levels below your level. (e.g; A level 15 Little Treant will turn blue when you hit lvl 21.)

Green named

      mobs will give around a 1:1 SP:EXP ratio… which means if they give 500 EXP, they’ll give around 500 SP. Good for SP farming, but not leveling.

Green named

      mobs are 3-5 levels below your level(e.g; A level 15 Little Treant will turn green when you are level 18.) White named mobs will give a very good amount of SP if you kill the right one(the one closest to your level; see list below) The max amount of SP well become 1100 SP after level 20. White named mobs will also be good for EXP, so for those who likes to level while getting good SP, kill the white named mobs. White named mobs are close to your level range, so 2 levels above, below, or at your level. (e.g; a level 15 Little Treant will turn White when you are level 13-17, however it will give the most SP when you are at level 15, since that is the same level they’re at.)

Orange named

      mobs will give SP, but it will be mostly EXP. Not a good choice if you are really trying to SP farm. A

orange named

      mob is 3-5 levels above you(e.g; a level 15 Little Treant will turn orange when you are level 10-12.)

Red named

      mobs will give little SP. They give a bunch of EXP though, so if you really want to level then you can try to kill these. NOT GOOD for SP farming. If you see a red named monster, don’t try to kill it unless you know exactly how powerful it is, since there are some monsters that can use magic attacks(which HURTS btw).A

red named

    mob is 6 or more levels above you.(e.g; a level 15 Little Treant will be red for you when you are below level 9)

Methods of Getting SP

The first method is you get SP, then use it all up, and die several times. You’ll lose all the EXP you gained, and lose no SP Smile(This method is rarely used now because of the new guild system(explained below), but maybe you can waste those EXP on PKing or something fun such as… running into a Kamira Razz)

The new guild system includes a feature where you can get the guild master of your guild to lock up all of your EXP so that the EXP you gain will be donated to the clan. This is useful for people who want to stay at a certain level to SP farm.(Certain levels are good for SP farming) Click here for more info.

There is also a kill per minute per potion ratio. Let’s say you’re level 18, and you can kill a Little Treant in 10 seconds, and they give 500 Skill Experience each, OR you can kill a Drake in 30 seconds, which give you 1100 Skill experience each… The Little Treants would probably be a better choice, since
[3×500 = 1500, while 1×1100 = 1100. (1500 > 1100)] Very Happy (This probably doesn’t happen in game… it’s just an example)Also, killing the drakes would probably require some more pots(more money) since they hit harder.

fudgeflinger wrote:

VERY nice guide!!

I do agree with Lord Chiliman though. You really have to look at the kill per sec/min ratio. If you can mob up 20-30 of a lesser critter, the SP ratio (per sec/min) can go way up.

For instance, my wife just got to a 31 Rogue and is SP farming on Juno with Elder Drakes. They are giving her 800-1000 per. With horse buffs, she is a tank and can kill, kill, kill.

So her per sec/min SP is WAY beyond what she could get on Salamanders (which give you higher SP but they take a lot longer to kill).

I just wanted to point out that SP gain (farming) should really be about how much you get per sec/min and not only about the max gain….

Additional Links+Info

—Sometimes, Raid monsters may spawn on you while grinding/SP farming… so watch out!
Click here for information on how to escape those raid monsters.

—There are many rewards to SP farming… including very powerful MAXED skills, easier for you to get into parties later on, etc.
Also you might get some good stuff while doing it too! Wink Click here for to see what you might get while SP farming.

SP items + events!

—For the people who wants increased boosts when farming SP, there are some items that can help you.

Effort Scroll

      -> 150% increase in SP for 10 minutes[Can stack with SP events, can stack with Skill Pills]. These handy dandy things can be obtained from the moon statue or events. Basically adds half of whatever SP you’re already getting. (e.g; You get 2.200 SP during a double SP event, add an Effort Scroll and you’ll get [2.200 +(1.100×1/2)] = 2.750 SP instead!)

Platinum Skill Pill

      -> 50% increase in SP for 1 hour[Can stack with SP events, can stack with Effort Scrolls, cannot stack with other Skill Pills.]Obtained from the Item Mall(149 AP).

Skill Pill

      -> 15% increase in SP for 1 hour[Can stack with SP events, can stack with Effort Scrolls, cannot stack with other Skill Pills.]Obtained from the Item mall(49 AP).

Super Skill Pill

      -> 100% increase in SP for 1 hour[Can stack with SP events, cannot stack with other skill pills, cannot stack with Effort Scrolls]Obtained from the Item mall(199 AP).

Platinum Super Skill Pill

      -> 300% increase in SP for 1 hour.[Cannot stack with anything]Obtained from the item mall(399 AP).

Skill Point Booster

      -> An ONE use booster that multiplies whatever SP you get by 4[Stacks with everything].(e.g; 2.200 SP during an event, add one Skill Point Booster you get 8.800 SP)It is suggested that this be used during SP events and with Skill Pills and other boosters, since that will make the most out of this booster.(29 AP for 1, 250 AP for 10)

Crystal Of Efforts

    -> This decreases the amount of SP lost by half when you die. It lasts 8 hours from when you first use it, but it disappears when you die. It can be obtained from the moonstone statue, or if you have high enough alchemy, you can make it yourself. This helps if you have a lot of SP stored up, and don’t want to risk losing a lot when dieing.

—There are also events that may increase your SP:

Happy Hour!

      -> 2 Hours on Friday(though it’s




      ) which can either be Double EXP, Double SP, or double PET EXP.(that’s all i experienced so far) There are 3 happy hours: 1 for APAC(Asian-Pacific), one for EU(Europe), and one for US(United States) If you live in the U.S, The APAC happy hour takes place on Thursday, in the evening/night on which timezone you live in, while the EU happy hour takes place sometime really early on Friday(before i get up ^_^), also depending on what timezone you live in, while the US happy hour is in the afternoon, when most people play. [This only applies for people living in the United States]

Sunday Tea

      -> 2+ hours on Sunday of double exp, sp, or pet exp! Starting from 11amEST till 3pmEST. Take advantage of this!

Very Happy

      Other *SPECIAL* events can be found on the homepage. Click


    and scroll down to EVENTS to find out what’s up in the world of Last Chaos

Take advantage of these events! Try using an Effort scroll, skill pills, other skill boosters during these events to get the most out of them. Remember to join a Solo party too. (You can form solo parties with a friend or find one in the Auto Party Matching list -> Press G(in game) -> Click on the icon “auto party matching list” -> Available Parties -> Search for one that says “Solo”.)

SP List
**The list is the MAXIMUM SP, not the exact. If you aren’t in any solo parties or whatever, it will usually be lower. Click here if you’re not sure what a solo party is.
**Maps were made by Ambard, and the new map of Dratan was made by Whiteselkie. Give em both some karma for their hard work! Smile
**Monsters which are in BOLD are good monsters to kill for SP at that specified level.
**Elite/Boss monsters are excluded.

| Your Level | Monster Name |Maximum Skill Points Possible | Location of Mob |

Level 1 – Fox 1375 [Juno]
Level 2 – Wolf 1375 [Juno] , Fox 1237 [Juno]
Level 3 – Elder Wolf 1375 [Juno]
Level 4 – Berserk Wolf 1485 [Juno] , Dire Wolf 1375 [Juno]
Level 5 – Berserk Wolf 1567 [Juno]
Level 6 – Berserk Wolf 1650 [Juno]
Level 7 – Beserk Wolf 1485 [Juno], Jaguar 1567 [Juno]
Level 8 – Jaguar 1650 [Juno]
Level 9 – Jaguar 1485 [Juno]
Level 10 – Wandering Zombie 3300 [Velpist Temple – Juno]
Level 11 – Wandering Zombie 2970 [Velpist Temple – Juno], Ancient Zombie 3135 [Velpist Temple – Juno]
Level 12 – Sasquatch 1925 [Juno], Ancient Zombie 3300 [Velpist Temple – Juno]
Level 13 – Sasquatch 1732 [Juno], Ancient Zombie 2970 [Velpist Temple – Juno], Berserk Zombie 3135 [Velpist Temple – Juno]
Level 14 – Little Treant 1567 [Juno], Berserk Zombie 3300 [Velpist Temple – Juno]
Level 15 – Little Treant 1650 [Juno], Berserk Zombie 2970[Velpist Temple – Juno]
Level 16 – Horn Beast 1650 [Juno], Ghouls 5225 [Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 17 – Horn Beast 1485 [Juno], Ghouls 5500 [Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 18 – Drake 1375 [Juno], Mummy 5225 [Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 19 – Drake 1237 [Juno] , Horn Beast 1155 [Juno], Mummy 5500 [Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 20 – Drake 1100 [Juno], Harpy 1100 [Dratan], Skeleton Soldier 3135 [Velpist Temple – Juno]

Not much to say… Velpist is your best source for SP during this stage

Level 21 – Skeleton Soldier 3300 [Velpist Temple – Juno] , Dark Goddess 1045 [Dratan], Mummy + Ghoul + Orc Fighters[Prokion Temple]
Level 22 – Dark Goddess 1100 [Dratan], Skeleton Lancer 3135 [Velpist Temple – Juno], Orc Soldier 5225 [Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 23 – Skeleton Lancer 3300 [Velpist Temple – Juno], Orc Soldier 5500 [Prokion Temple – Dratan], Harpy Queen 1045 [Dratan], Great Horn Beast 1045 [Juno]
Level 24 – Harpy Queen 1100 [Dratan], Great Horn Beast 1100 [Juno], Corpse Sergeant 3135 [Velpist Temple – Juno], Orc Fighter 5225 [Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 25 – Corpse Sergeant 3300 [Velpist Temple – Juno], Orc Fighter 5500 [Prokion Temple – Dratan], Treant 1045 [Juno]
Level 26 – Treant 1100 [Juno], Orc Axeman 5225 [Prokion Temple – Dratan], Blood Wolf 1045 [Juno]
Level 27 – Orc Axeman 5500 [Prokion Temple – Dratan] , Blood Wolf 1100 [Juno], Butcher 1045, Sand Golem 1045
Level 28 – Butcher 1100 [Merac], Sand Golem 1100 [Dratan], Orc Sergeant 5225[Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 29 – Desert Spider 1100 [Dratan], Elder Drake 1045 [Juno], Orc Sergeant 5500 [Prokion Temple – Dratan]
Level 30 – Elder Drake 1100 [Juno], Salamander 1045 [Dratan], Orc Sergeant [Prokion Temple – Dratan]

These levels are when most people SP farm, since this is when mobs in Prokion gives 5.5k SP per kill.

Level 31 – Salamander 1100 [Dratan], Red Spider 1045 [Dratan]
Level 32 – Red Spider 1100 [Dratan], Pilferer 1045 [Merac]
Level 33 – Pilferer 1100 [Merac], Berserker 1045 [Merac]
Level 34 – Berserker 1100 [Merac], Bandit 1045 [Merac]
Level 35 – Bandit 1100 [Merac], Gnoll 1045 [Merac]
Level 36 – Gnoll 1100 [Merac], Blood Frenzy 1045 [Merac]
Level 37 – Blood Frenzy 1100 [Merac]
Level 38 – Doom Slayer 1100 [Merac], Gnoll Lancer 1045 [Merac]
Level 39 – Gnoll Lancer 1100 [Merac], Highlander 1045 [Merac]
Level 40 – Highlander 1100 [Merac], Gnoll Soldier 1045 [Merac]

Mostly done in Merac at this stage, it’s fun if you enjoy grinding and if you like the GRD Smile.

Level 41 – Gnoll Soldier 1100 [Merac], Beast Archer 1045 [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 42 – Beast Archer 1100 [Maargadum Jail – Merac], Two Headed Canine [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 43 – Two Headed Canine 1100 [Maargadum Jail – Merac], Death Mask Lancer 1045 [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 44 – Death Mask Lancer 1100 [Maargadum Jail – Merac], Beast Scythe 1045 [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 45 – Beast Scythe 1100 [Maargadum Jail – Merac], Beast Flyer 1045 [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 46 – Beast Flyer 1100 [Maargadum Jail – Merac], Death Mask Soldier 1045 [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 47 – Death Mask Soldier 1100 [Maargadum Jail – Merac], Beast Crawler 1045 [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 48 – Beast Crawler 1100 [Maargadum Jail – Merac]
Level 49 – Giant Larva 1045 [Merac], Salamander Ruin 1045 [Merac]
Level 50 – Giant Larva 1100 [Merac], Salamander Ruin 1100 [Merac]

Not real fun xO, but at least you’ll know what the Jail is >.>
Also note that the stuff in jail likes your dragons. and horses.
**Level 1-Level 50 information was taken from here –
Credit goes to: Why-Not-Me(I edited it a little bit by adding locations in)

Level 51 – Cerebii 1100 [Merac], Giant Larva 990 [Merac], Salamander Ruin 990 [Merac], Rough Jaguar of Desert 1100 [Dratan]
Level 52 – Giant 1100 [Dratan], Akane Giant 1045 [Dratan]
Level 53 – Akane Giant 1100 [Dratan], Giant 990 [Dratan]
Level 54 – Dragon 1045 [Dratan], Akane Giant 990 [Dratan], Ravenous Larva 1100 [Dratan]
Level 55 – Dragon 1100 [Dratan]
Level 56 – Master of Secret Technique 1045 [Dratan], Dragon 990 [Dratan]
Level 57 – Master of Secret Technique 1100 [Dratan]
Level 58 – Master of Secret Technique 990 [Dratan], Arcane Golem 1045 [Dratan]
Level 59 – Arcane Golem 1100 [Dratan], Wafe Debrich 1045 [Dratan]
Level 60 – [Wafe Debrich 1100 [Dratan], Arcane Golem 990 [Dratan]
By now, you should really have a decent amount of extra SP, with most if not all of your skills maxed, and some of the processing skills, etc.
SP farming is about to get hard… Sad
Level 61 – Wafe Debrich 1045 [Dratan]
Level 62 – Wafe Peeler 1045 [Dratan]
Level 63 – Wafe Peeler 1100 [Dratan]
Level 64 – Wafe Peeler 1045 [Dratan], Wafe Revertin 1045 [Dratan]
Level 65 – Wafe Revertin 1100 [Dratan], Cursed Spider 1100 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Bogle 1100 [Egeha]
Level 66 – Wafe Revertin 1045 [Dratan], Cursed Spider 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Bogle 1045 [Egeha], Wafe Debirch Leader 1045 [Dratan], Dark Bogle 1045 [Egeha]
Level 67 – Dark Bogle 1100, Wafe Debirch Leader 1100 [Dratan], Legendary Slayer 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan]
Level 68 – Dark Bogle 1045 [Egeha], Wafe Debirch leader 1045, Legendary Slayer 1100 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Curd Hadian 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan]
Level 69 – Curd Hadian 1100 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Legendary Slayer 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Male Assasin bug 1045 [Egeha], Hadeis 1045 [Egeha]
Level 70 – Male Assasin Bug 1100 [Egeha], Hadeis 1100 [Egeha], Curd Hadian 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Twin Hadian 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan]

Level 71 – Twin Hadian 1100 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Male Assasin bug 1045 [Egeha], Hadeis 1045 [Egeha], Jumping Devil 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Little Koyemsi 1045 [Egeha]
Level 72 – Jumping Devil 1100 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Little Koyemsi 1100 [Egeha], Twin Hadian 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan]
Level 73 – Jumping Devil 1045 [Forgotten Temple – Dratan], Little Koyemsi 1045 [Egeha], Koyemsi 1045 [Egeha]
Level 74 – Koyemsi 1100 [Egeha]
Level 75 – Koyemsi 1045 [Egeha], Azer 1045 [Egeha]
Level 76 – Azer 1100 [Egeha]
Level 77 – Azer 1045 [Egeha], Little Scorpianmantis 1045 [Egeha]
Level 78 – Little Scorpianmantis 1100 [Egeha]
Level 79 – Little Scorpianmantis 1045 [Egeha], Scorpianmantis 1045 [Egeha]
Level 80 – Scorpianmantis 1100 [Egeha]
At this point I think SP farming is basically over…

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