Last Chaos New Titan Guide

Last Chaos New Titan Guide by Chaos_Styx

Well, i’ve been playing LC for almost 2 years now (yay!!) And alot of changes have happened. And i noticed most of our Titan lvling guides are rather outdated. So I have finally made one updated to the times. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. And i will be editing it randomly as i find the information i have missing to be accurate.

Lvls 1-31

Lvls 1-10
Kill anything and everything white to you in Juno, these give great Sp and you still get good Exp as well.

Lvls 10-15
Kill the Zombies in Velpist Temple, these will drop 3300 sp a kill in a solo party. (Recommend possibly getting an EXP-lock until you have everything up till your current level maxed in skills/passives)

Lvls 16-31
Kill the mobs your lvl in the Prokion Shrine, these drop 5500 sp a kill solo.

Now, most people will sp at lvl 17 in Prokion until they have all the sp required to max all of there skills. Since most people powerlevel now-a-days. Which is ok, but I personally don’t recommend “powerleveling,” since u miss out on lots of drops and chances to make some coin to help u in the higher levels of the game.

For stat points as you lvl, I recommend going full Strength, as this will help you a lot.

As for your skills and passives between lvls 1-31 check the below links to the LC wiki, they are accurate and very helpful.

Titan General Skills
Titan Passive Skills

For active skills, you should definitely max out Battle Roar, Tyrant, and Focus Eye, as these are self buffs and will help you out in grinding. Also for actual attack skills, the ones I would recommend getting lvl 5 are Knee Crash, Cannon Spike, and Body Crasher (required to class change at lvl 31). All the other skills you should make at least lvl1, or max them out aswell if you have the spare time for a place to store sp.

For your passive skills, make them lvl 5 asap. These are what helps you hold your own in the field. Not maxing these out will make you regret it in the later levels.

No now, your lvl 31, and you can choose a class. You can either go Highlander (Axes) or WarMaster (Swords). I recommend you go with Warmaster. Highlanders are far and few between, and no longer perform/can keep up with the WarMaster like they used to. And don’t forget to make sure you have your lvl 30 skill Body Crasher maxed, and at least 50k gold when u talk to Master Titan to class change.

This then resets your stat points from lvls 1-31 that you got.

At Lvl 32 you should have at least 2 stat points in Constitution, 12 in Dexterity, and 23 into strength, this will allow u to be able to get Smart (Stun), Hard Swing (AoE skill), and the passive Giant Body (adds hp). From here go until you have 52 points in Strength. Then get your required 17 in dexterity, and finally the 17 in Constitution.
(Will make a more detailed stat points table once I get the correct points amounts for each level)

WarMaster General Skills
WarMaster Passive Skills

Now, if your wondering what to SP on (if u didn’t bank a large amount from the lower lvls) Here is how I recommend Sping according to when you can learn new skills.

Lvl 31-33
Sp in Prokion Shrine is still good on Orc’s, so I would get enough SP for the 32 skills/passives in here as well as the 35 passive Toughness.

Lvl 38-41
Sp on Gnoll Lancers/Highlanders (these would be better) or the Canines at the beginning of the Maargadum Jail.

Lvl 44-47
Sp on Death Masks Lancers/Soldier and Beast Scythes in the Maargadum Jail.

Lvl 48-51
Sp on Giant Larvas, and Salamander Ruins will give you really good SP, and the opportunity to kill the Grand Red Dragon if you can spawn him.

Lvl 53+
Dratan will be the best choice to sp. This Link(Dratan Monsters) will give u a list of mobs to sp on at the lvl you need to.

Lvl 65+
You can either SP in the Temple of Forgetfulness located in Dratan, it has some pretty nasty mobs, but isn’t too crowded in there. Or, you can begin the adventure in Egeha for Sp and Exp.
(Egeha Monsters)

I recommend maxing EVERYTHING for Skill and Passives for the WarMaster class. You may not use them much or at all, but they will be a good place to store SP.

Now for lvling after 31+, you can get away with Sphinx parties in Dratan until lvl 40 or so, or maybe even Bogles parties in Egeha. But Sphinx are a cheaper route. Then after lvl 40, (maybe a little sooner) if you have good friends or a good guild around your lvl you can participate in Demons parties in Egeha, this will get you lvling good between your Sping. Then when u get in the 60’s, you may be able (if you have enough people) To start Ghost parties as well. Plat Irises will work fine during these periods, and you should have no problem lvling.

If anything should be edited/changed/added PM me, and I will stick it in. I will be updating certain areas of this post once I have the accurate information.

Special Thanks to Ona’s Wiki and everyone who has contributed to it.
And all the trial and error I have been though in my lvling experiences

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  1. ooTHEoTUBEoo says:

    No… sry bby but no… what you wanna do from lv 10-18 is exp lock yourself at 100% and farm up a good 70k sp… not 70,000 skill point experience, but a solid 70k SP. once you’ve got that, powelevel to 75, stay there untill you’ve farmed enough gold bars to get you around 10b gold, get +10 to +15 erebus gears. which should cost a range of 300m to 3b depending what you buying, the socketing, and enchantments. then powerlevel yourself at commies in tomb of theos. You should be able to solo them, if you aren’t able to, get new sockets cuz you gonna have erebus gear untill you about lv 109.. after 109 you do whatever the hell you want.

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