King of Kings 3 Mounts Guide

King of Kings 3 Mounts Guide by Kimbo

There have been some players who have accidentally deleted mounts once they receive a new mount. This guide is to help explain and clarify the basics of owning and stabling a mount for anyone confused on the matter!

In King of Kings 3, players can have one mount with them at all times. They can mount and dismount at will, as well as have the mount set to follow for nice effect.

If players wish to own additional mounts, the unused mounts must be kept in the Stable with the Stable Master (228 157) in Skarabare. Players can purchase a Stable Pen for 10 Silver Crowns in the beginning. But it’s worth it! We will explain how a little later in this guide.

To enter the Stable, speak with the Stable Master and select “Enter Stable”. You will initially see a blank mount page, with the option to “Replace Mount”. Feel free to put your current mount in there to try it out. Nothing will be lost in the process.

You can swap out your current mount for a stabled one in the stable menu

Once your stable slot is full, be careful when purchasing new mounts. When you activate a mount while having a mount equipped and all of your stable pens full, you will see this message:

Selecting “Free your current mount.” will result in you releasing your current mount, along with any equipment on it, forever! If you would like to keep your current mount, you will first need to purchase a Stable Expansion. Hit Cancel as to not lose anything, and rush over to the Stable Master.

In order to purchase a Stable Expansion, you will need a Stable Expansion Card, available in the Travelling Shop for 10 silver shillings. Purchase it and speak with the Stable Master. Select the option “Purchase a Stable Pen”, and you will now have an additional stable slot. You can have up to 10 slots.

Once you have an additional slot, you are free to use your new mount without risk of losing your old one. Right click on your new mount in your backpack, and choose to either ride it now and send your old mount to the stable, or vice versa!

Additionally, purchasing a Stable Earthen Whistle allows you to exchange your current mount with one in your stable, no matter where you are!

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