King of Kings 3 Kingdoms Guide

King of Kings 3 Kingdoms Guide by HunterPrime

This is my guide to everything about kingdoms.

How to create a Kingdom

Firstly, you will need a to create a guild (this can be done at level 20). Then when the guild leader reaches level 50, and the guild reaches level 3, the guild can be upgraded to a legion. When the legion reaches level 5, the legion leader can visit the Country Foundation Application Clerk NPC in Redstone Town to apply to start establishing a kingdom.

There are then 2 further requirements that need to be fulfilled before the kingdom can be created. The legion will now have a new “Establish” tab available to it in the Legion Management menus.

Here, all legion members can see and contribute to the costs for starting a kingdom. Donating to the Establish tab will grant experience points to individuals (depending on their level, and the amount donated). Also, everytime a member in the legion logs on, they will get a message appear in Legion chat, saying that their legion is trying to establish a kingdom.

[Legion] Your Legion has begun to establish a Kingdom. All members please check the Kingdom Establishment section in Legion Management. Those who contribute in the establishment of the Kindom will all receive equal Exp.

The 2 main requirements can be completed in any order. One of the requirements is do complete the kingdom quest. For the quest, the legion leader must talk to the Country Founding War Governor NPC in the centre of Redstone Town.

After the legion leader has started the quest, he/she is automatically warped to the instance map, and the 1 hour timer is activated. Other legion members can then talk to the Country Founding War Governor NPC to warp to the kingdom quest instance map. To complete the quest, you must first kill every single white enemy in the map.

After this has been done, you will then be allowed to talk to the NPC at the middle of the kingdom map, which will trigger 3 red bosses to spawn.

Only 1 of these bosses needs to be killed to complete the quest. We killed the Beserker Kaih boss, and that worked fine (we don’t know if killing any of the other 2 bosses will count). If you don’t manage to complete the quest the first time round, that is fine. You can retry as many times as you want, and it does not appear to affect anything (however, it may affect the amount of resources you get back from the Establish tab; but this is unconfirmed). Everytime you fail the kingdom quest, it’s difficulty level decreases by 10, so the level of all the enemies there decreases by 10 everytime (difficulty level starts at 100). So it is only a matter of time until it is completed.

The other requirement for establishing a kingdom, is to gather all the necessary materials it requires.

That is:

  • 100g Normal Crowns
  • 1000g Soul Crowns
  • 1600 Level 4 Normal Mats (any)
  • 12500 Crest Paints Level 1
  • 25000 Legion Mats Level 1

After fulfilling all of the requirements, go back and speak to the Country Foundation Application Clerk NPC in Redstone Town. It will give you the option of changing your legion name into a new one for kingdom if you want to. It will also ask you what style you want for the kingdom, but it only gave us 1 option (there is a second option to choose from after you have actually created the kingdom). After that, you will have your kingdom!

The Legion to Kingdom transition

The first thing that to note, is that you will have received back all of the resources you put into the Establish tab for making a kingdom. These resources will be visible in the original donation page for legion upkeeps (which will now be for kingdom). As said before, the amount you receive back, may or may not depend on the difficulty level you managed to complete the kingdom quest at.

The second major thing to note, is that you will no longer have a legion camp. You will only have your kingdom’s city, which can be entered by talking to the National Official NPC in Redstone Town.

The final main thing to note, is that the Legion tab in the Community Interface (O), will have changed to a Kingdom tab. Most of the feature in the Kingdom tab retain the same functions as they did for legions. However, there are a few new features.

Firstly, there is a new button called Kingdom.

Here, anyone in the Kingdom can check their individual contribution to the Kingdom, as well as that of other people in the Kingdom. It also adds up the total contribution of individual guilds in the Kingdom. You can also check the Kingdom’s current Mana Forge level, which is necessary for just about everything in the Kingdom (this will be explained in later sections).

The other change is the Manage button (originally the Legion Management button). New options in here include a Kingdom Blacklist.

The King can also change the permissions for people in the Kingdom from here, as well as the permissions for visa users (these will be explained later). This can be done by the new Limitations Set button.

Another small change is that the Legion Commander will now change to King (with a kingdom king crown next to their name). The Legion Deputies will now change to Ministers (with an open book next to their name). Also, whenever the King enters his Kingdom, the Area chat will announce that the King has appeared, as well as fireworks being set off in the Kingdom. Also, everyone who is currently in the map will have a bubble appear above their heads for a few seconds, as will the King.

NOTE: A kingdom cannot invite legions into it; it is simply an upgraded version of a legion.

Getting started

The first thing I recommend doing, is to change the style/background of the kingdom if you want to (if you change the style after setting out all your buildings, you will have to set them all out again later). There are currently only 2 styles to choose from. The standard Commercial Town style (which should be the default style), and the Harbour Town style (shown in the kingdom video above).

After that, it is time to start building. Don’t worry, your legion buildings haven’t been destroyed. They have simply gone into storage. To retrieve them, simply talk to the National Adjutant NPC (by the Kindgom Headquarters building) in your kingdom, and select the “Collect Legion Camp Station Buildings” option. Here, you can collect all your legion buildings (this is where all your buildings will go if you decide to change the kingdom style after you have built stuff). You will already have your Teleportation Circle (this is placed by default, and you are unable to move it).

After you have rebuilt all you legion buildings (this does not cost anything), you should start building the kingdom buildings. Currently, there are only 5 kingdom buildings to choose from:

  • Ranch (the blueprint is called Kingdom Pasture)
  • Market (the blueprint is called State Market)
  • Citizens’ Hut (the blueprint is called Citizen’s Dwelling)
  • Monster Habitat (the blueprint is called Monster Habitat)
  • Honour tablet (the blueprint is called Honour Monument)

I will explain all of these in more detail later.

You will have noticed by now, that everything in the kingdom seems to require Mana Forge power. You should also have noticed the giant floating brain thing, called the Manafurnace (this is placed by default, and you are unable to move it).

*Pic here*

This building has many important features. As almost everything in your kingdom will require Mana Forge power to do, you need a way of getting mana forge. This can be done by talking to the Manafurnace, and selecting the “Feed Mana Forge” option. Mana Forge can only be increased in this way (there is also a kingdom quest that increases it, which I will explain later). Donating money, or legion/kingdom materials directly through the Kingdom Management pages will not increase the Mana Forge of the kingdom (although it will get you contribution points with the Manafurnace). This contribution system means that people who do not donate to the kingdom, will not be able to use a large portion of the kingdom features, as almost everything there requires individuals to have a fairly high contribution point total. You can only feed 5 different types of items : Herbs, Potions, Fishing items, Materials, Equipment. The Manafurnace also has a value called “Affinity”. Your affinity can only increase by a maximum of 1 point everyday, and for it to increase that day, you must have increased your Contribution Point total that day (this can either be from feeding the mana forge, or from donating through Kingdom Management pages).

***Manafurnace equipment appearance change function***

You will notice that you don’t have any gathering fields anymore. You will just have the Resource Gathering Field building, which manages both of your exisiting gathering fields.

*Pic here*

This building will automatically gather materials for you over time (once every 3 hours). This means that no one in the kingdom will be able to enter gathering fields and mine for themselves now. When there are resources available, the king can collect them (as well as ministers and 6th/7th/8th ranked kingdom members if they are given permissions by the king). Upgrading the level of the Resource Gathering Field building will increase the total amount of resources gathered every 3 hours. It is also possible to upgrade the individual gathering fields, which will also increase the amount gathered every 3 hours (but only for that 1 resource field). You also have the option of changing the resource fields to any 2 you want, if you pay 40 silver shillings (it is unconfirmed if you can have 2 of the same types of resource fields).

There are currently only 2 kingdom quests available, and neither of them give experience points. These quests can only be done once a day. Each of the quests costs 100000 Mana Forge power to start/publish.

  • Realm Might Quest (level 70)
  • Mana Forge Quest (level 50)

The king can start/publish both (or one) of these quest once a day from the National Adjutant NPC in the kingdom (ministers can also start/publish kingdom quests if they are given permissions by the king). Once started, everyone in the kingdom has until the daily reset (00:00 server time) to collect the quests. After this has been done, anybody in the kingdom can collect these quests from the National Adjutant NPC. For the Realm Might Quest, the individual must kill a certain number of monsters. The number and type of monsters that have to be killed, will depend on the level of the individual. After the quest is done, it must be handed back in to the National Adjutant. For a reward, the individual will receive 100 realm might for any god that they choose. As well as that, the kingdom will also recieve 10000 kingdom funds, which is equal to 1 gold crowns. For the Mana Forge Quest, the individual must obtain 12 Core Essence by killing any of the monsters named on the list (there are a lot of monsters on the list, and some are not even ingame yet). The higher level monster you kill, the faster the Core Essence drops. After the quest is done, it must be handed back into the National Adjutant. For a reward, the kingdom has it’s Mana Forge power replenished by *****.

As shown earlier, it is possible for the king to change the permission for kingdom members, and visa users. This is what each of those permissions does for kingdom members:

Issue visa = this permission allows the person to create visas, and withdraw them from the kingdom inventory (will explain more later).
Banish = this permission allows the person to instantly expel another person from the kingdom.
Kingdom mode change = this permission allows the person to change the style of the kingdom (eg. harbour or commercial town style).
Obtain resources = this permission allows the person to withdraw resources from the Resource Gathering Field building.
Building edit = this permission allows the person to upgrade, demolish, move and change the style of individual buildings.
Locate building = this permission allows the person to build buildings (this is necessary for people to have, if they want to build their own Citizens’ Dwelling in the kingdom).
Publish kingdom quest = this permission allows the person to publish kingdom quests (only Ministers can be given this permission).
Visa auto sell = this permission allows the person to adjust the prices of visas at Market kingdom building, as well as open and close visa selling (only Ministers can be given this permission).

These are the permissions for visa users:

Kingdom HQ – resource manager = ***unknown***
Jeweller – treasure house = ***unknown***
Shrine – monk = ***unknown***
Enter monster pen – this permission allows visa users to enter the kingdom Monster Habitat building.

It is still possible for the kingdom to do legion quests (as you will need about 49,000,000 prestige to get it to level 2). These operate in exactly the same way as before. However, when someone completes a legion quest now, it will inform the whole kingdom via kingdom chat. The same applies to guild quests too. Whenever a guild in the kingdom completes any guild quest, it will inform the kingdom in kingdom chat. As an extra bonus, the kingdom will be rewarded with 10 legion/kingdom materials for every guild member that completes a guild quest (each guild member will also receive 2000 contribution points to the kingdom for every guild quest they do). This applies for every guild quest (so if 5 people do 4 guild quests in a day, the kingdom will get 200 materials in total). The materials that the kingdom receives is chosen at random.

*Pic here*

The Ranch and kingdom mounts

*Pic here*

The first thing to note is that this building cannot be upgraded (its maximum level is 1). This building cannot be used by visa users either.

At the Ranch kingdom building, any members of the kingdom can purchase unique mounts. The kingdom mount can be changed any number of times by the king, for a cost of 100 gold kingdom funds each time. When the king decides to change the kingdom mount, it will be chosen at random.

However, before kingdom members can buy mounts, they must have met some requirements. The requirements to buy kingdom mounts are to have ***** kingdom contribution points, and a Manafurnace affinity of *****.

When an individual in the kingdom has met the requirements, they can then purchase kingdom mounts. The starting cost for a mount is 200 gold crowns. ***The stats of kingdom mounts are currently unknown***

However, this can be reduced by completing a quest called “Earn Your Discount” (this quest will be available when you have met the requirements to purchase a mount). This quest can be taken once everyday, and everytime you complete it, the price of a kingdom mount decreases by 3 gold (this decrease is only for the individual). The daily quest has a level requirement of 50, and requires you to kill any 5000 monsters which are at least 5 levels higher than you (like the Weak One quest). This quest gives experience points when you complete it.

Individuals can also access their stable from this building. The king can also receive his unique king mount from here (called “Heart of the King”). This mount will start off at level 40, and its default speed is 550.

Visas, Passports & the Market

Some kingdom features are available to non-kingdom members too. But to enter your kingdom, non-kingdom members must first have both a passport, and a visa for your kingdom.

Passports can be bought at the ***** NPC in both Skarabare and Redstone Town (these cost 1 gold each). Passports are soulbound when bought, and can be used to store up to 10 different visas (this means that there can be more than 1 kingdom per realm).

Next, the individual must buy a visa for the kingdom that they want to visit (visas are different for every kingdom). There are 2 different types of visa. Short term visas last 3 days, and mid term visas last 7 days. Visa user can only use kingdom functions in a kingdom that are allowed by the king. For example, 1 kingdom might allow visa users to enter Monster Habitat, but another kingdom may not allow visa user to enter Monster Habitat.

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