Iris Online Weapons Enchanting Guide

Iris Online Weapons Enchanting Guide by russhell

1. What does enchanting do?
I guess you’re talking about the ‘+1’ – ‘+10’ on a weapon / protective gear?
It raises the weapons / protective gears atk/def values. Usualy a raise of all ‘standard values’ (so, a rod also gets a raise of heal-recovery power, as that is a standard value to a rod).

1.1 What’s the success rate of the enhancement from +1 to +10?
Upgrading Success Rates:

For normal upgrade cards
+1 100%
+2 90%
+3 80%
+4 65%
+5 45%
+6 30%
+7 20%
+8 15%
+9 7%
+10 2%

For high quality upgrade cards
+1 100%
+2 95%
+3 85%
+4 70%
+5 50%
+6 34%
+7 23%
+8 17%
+9 8%
+10 3%

1.2  On what level of enhancement weapon/armor can be broken?
I heard of the weapon breaking after +3 but im not sure.
+1 is 100% not break tho.

Advice for upgrading: Use High Quality Upgrade Cards for upgrading past +2, because it can break at +3 quite easily, and also make sure to use Protect Cards for past +2 if you have them. Protect Cards can be bought from the Item Store, or from the in-game Auction (For a high price)

2. When does your weapon start to glow? :D
I know for sure that it glows when it is +4, and that it doesn’t when +2. So either it starts glowing on +3 or +4, not sure.

3. Where do I get [Weapon/Shield Enchant Card] / [Protective Gear Enchant Card] ?
You can buy those cards from the card-seller NPC in Terminus (not Tobias, the one selling the tarot cards). You find him on the middle ring in Terminus. You can also find them in the auctionhouse, though strangely, all being sold for more than the npc sells them for. Guess they get bought by player that don’t know the existance of the npc.

4. What do u do with Installation Cards ( Card Install )? o.X
Those cards can be installed in equipment-sockets. Usualy you find those sockets on more or less rare equipment parts, a single part can have up to 5 sockets (very rare though to have 3-5 sockets). The sockets are restricted to certain types of card.

AB-Socket: Can hold A, B, AB, and 0 cards.
A-Socket: Can hold A and 0 cards.
B-Socket: Can hold B and 0 cards.
0-Socket: Can only hold 0 cards.

Theres also Item-Mall items that let you add additional slots to an equipment part, or to make fit a card in a socket that usualy wouldn’t let that card in.

5. Uh, how exactly do you enchant your items? I can’t seem to put my items into the slot provided ._.

Upgrade cards are used to increase the stats on your weapons.

To upgrade a weapon, you will need a [Weapon/Shield Enchant Card] or a higher ranked one.

To upgrade an armor, you will need a [Protective Gear Enchant Card] or a higher ranked one.

How To Use: Simply double-click on the card inside your inventory, and then a small panel will appear. Drag the equipment of choice into the panel (And also a protection if you have one), and then click ‘Start’ to begin the tempering. Once finished, it will say so and make a ‘Ding’ sound.

Example For Stat Upgrade On Armor: *Used Protective Gear Enchant Card on my 201 DEF and 58 MDEF armor, and it now becomes 201 DEF +17 and 58 MDEF +5*

Example For Stat Upgrade On Weapon: *Used Weapon/Shield Enchant Card on my 289 ~ 312 Physical Attack Weapon, and it now becomes 289 ~ 312 Physical Attack +28*

Warning: The higher upgraded the equipment is, the higher chance it has of breaking at upgrades.

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