Iris Online Shaman and Warlock Guide

Iris Online Shaman and Warlock Guide by hklegacy

Table of Contents
I. Life as a Shaman
II. Life as a Warlock
III. Proper Equipment for your Level
IV. Your role in the party

I. Life as a Shaman

From lv 1 – 30, whether you are going Sage or Warlock, you are still a Shaman and it is impossible to truly differentiate between the two. As early on, while you want to go damage class, you still want to be able to support as a healer from time to time.
For this, you will not only need to know your target buffs (Natural Power and Bestowed Agility) but you will have to be able to HEAL.
Yes, heal is one of the best things about being a Warlock or a magical class in general. If you wanted to go ranged DPS and rolled a Scout/Hunter, you would not be able to recover both your HP and MP when you are low on health.
Important skills to have as support:
-Entire heal tree lv1 down to Communion
-Sacred Prayer
-Debuff External (Optional get Poison)

Important skills to have for raw damage
-Max Pyrokinetic Arrow
-Max Combustion
-Max Explosive Blast (NUKE)
-Lv1 Flash
-Lv1 down to Tempest Spear (Extra instant dps rotation)
-Ancient Knowledge (32INT is a lot at this level, but will be useless later on)

You are also capable of learning Magic Whip and Conflagurated Shockwave to flirt with AoE for a little bit early on. Shockwave becomes useless later on.

II. Life as a Warlock

As a Warlock, you have a major advantage in the number of AoE attacks you have. However you are not limited to being an AoEr, you can also choose to be a 1v1 (PvP) player, and the overall forum trend seems to be that Wind tree = PK. It is true, a lot of the wind skills are valuable for PvPing and some hardcore PvP fans choose to max out the wind tree and trash the fire tree.
However several things must be considered:
1. The fire tree meteor and hellfire AoE’s are extremely vital and are the best AoE’s a Warlock learns. If you want to ignore my build, by all means, but I suggest you atleast learn those two, or atleast Meteor if you want to keep playing this game.
2. It is possible to get both Fire and Wind branches (as I have shown) with minimal sacrifices. Giving up a little bit of Int later on is not that much of a deal when you can chain combos and AoE at the same time.

Some of the major differences on the Shaman tree after the job change is that you have now:
-Removed Revive (Sages should be doing this. You are however given the option of learning it anyways in case the healers in your party all die on you)
-You continue to keep Weaken Dismissal (External)

Attacking as a Warlock
This is where it gets interesting, a Warlock is capable of AoE tanking and being 1v1 at the same time, and do both extremely efficiently.

Normal 1v1 mob attack combos:
Combo 1: Tempest Strike -> Typhoon -> Tempest Spear (Flash)
Combo 2: Pyrokinetic Arrow -> Explosive Blast (Flash)
Combo 3: Combustion -> Pyrokinetic Arrow -> Explosive Blast (Flash)
Combo 4: Pyrokinetic Arrow -> Tempest Barrage (Flash)
The list honestly goes on… there are so many different ways to kill a mob.
However there are a few things to take caution in when developing your own combo:

1. The idea is to use only one cast-time spell, and instants only afterwards
2. Flash is pretty much a finisher for when the mob is still alive after your combo
3. It is a good idea to take note of your current timers, you can mix up tempest spear and Typhoon in your other timers if you are still in Property-Granted: Wind from Tempest Strike
4. Against a boss/player, you would want to either activate Property-Granted through Tempest Strike (Decrease Def) or use Wind Fusion for emergencies
5. You are given 2 (4 including AoE) push attacks to keep mobs away from you for extended periods of time, use them. Also make use of Backwards Teleport to get extra time for another cast spell if necessary.

From the wind branch, you also get Wind Fortification, which gives a 30% damage absorb for 30 seconds, with only a 1minute cooldown! You literally take a third less damage, and even less if you choose to get fortified armor passives for another 10%.

Experimental 50+ build

This is my build that I am planning to experiment with after lv50. I don’t think it’s that great, but it seems interesting. Feedback would be much appreciated

By level 50 you will no longer be an important healer in the party, nor a buffer in general. Buffs are negligible and can be exchanged for other skills.
Things I want clarification on:
-Can you do backwards teleport and forward teleport? Or is there a shared cooldown?
-Does removing 3 magic debuff work wonders? I imagine it will be good against another warlock because you can get rid of their wind fortification

III. Proper Equipment for your Level

As far as equipment goes, defense is not something to stress to heavily on. The extra 100 or 500 p/m def is really little in the long run. Instead, focus on Magic Attack and Stamina (HP) Cards. For AB slots, use a Life Card II or SLife Card II.
If you are not a Card Crafter, you may want to drop money into Stamina IV Cards at higher levels, because the health of normal Life Cards are pretty pitiful, but it is really up to you.
In general:
(A) Slot: Magic Attacking Power
(B) Slot: HP Card (Stamina)
(O) Slot: HP Card (Stamina)
(AB) Slot: Life Card (Or Stamina if you prefer, but I suggest Life)

Lv 1~24 : Use anything you can find really, as far as armor goes, you may want to look for items with slots to put Stamina or Magic Attack in, but it isn’t too much to stress out on.
Lv25~34: You can choose to get the Battlefield armor parts for HP at lv25. I would recommend it if you had the money for it, because it is a great asset in leveling.
By level 34, you will want to get most of the Burning Wizard Set, and mix it with either the 25 set or higher level pieces you find in the dungeons later on.
—-Level 25~30
—-Here, you would want to atleast get the Magician Helm, Pad, and Leggings
—-from the battlefield vendor, because you can get the Burning Wizard Glove
—-and shoes by level 30

—–Level 34+
—–Here, you will be getting rid of your Magician pieces to get the Burning
—–Wizard Pad and Leggings. It is up to you which pieces you want to get rid
—–of, but ideally you want atleast 3 pieces of the Burning Wizard Set for the
—–MAtk bonus.
—–The hat is easily replaced after lv38 due to rare dungeon drops
—–The pad is a relatively easy to replace with dungeon drops as well.
—–You want to get rid of the Burning Wizard Set slowly, when you find
—–pieces in dungeons that are even better.

By level 38, you will have probably replaced the hat and pad with dungeon drops, and remain with 3 burning wizard pieces.
The burning wizard parts are pretty durable, they have lasted me all the way up to Level 46, but that is in part due to my lack in luck with dungeon drops.

Set bonus:
Magician Set:

(2) Physical Protection Value +23
(3) HP +194
(3) Damage Absorb +5
+Additional HP and Physical protection from the piece itself.

Burning Wizard Set:

(2) Magical Critical Value +18
(3) Magic Attacking Power +35
+Additional Int/Crit/Matk from pieces!

IV. Your role in the party

One great thing about Warlocks is as a DPS class, we are as valuable as the tank and the healers. A lot of parties want Warlocks for several reasons:
-We have a ton of AoE attacks
-We have an extremely high damage output
-We can also heal (yes, please help heal)
-We are also given the option of learning Revive in case the healer dies.

In a dungeon, our role is to kill mobs from behind, but with higher hp, we can also help mob a few monsters and AoE them as a group. It is so easy getting through Laioha because we can mob all the Dinos and Apes in an instant, instead of killing them one at a time.
When the healer gets hit by a long range AoE attack, we have the obligation to help heal people that are barely hanging in there, or help heal the healer so that he or she doesn’t get blasted again and die.
We can revive the healer if he or she dies.
We are in charge of spamming DPS attacks on the boss monster, and casting the mAtk debuff for other magic classes in your group as well as for yourself.
Here’s another neat thing about warlocks:
You know when the boss uses some kind of buff that absorbs all damage received? It’s annoying not being able to hurt it for a while, but luckily we are given 4 attacks that can burn the boss (reduce 40, 40, 80 and 80 damage) for a little kick on the HP when the boss is almost dead but is protecting itself.

In a grind
During grinding (especially in Frozen Nest after level 45) you will find that AoEing is the fastest way to grind. We are valuable in that we can mob a bunch of monsters (usually people will want to mob Plunderers of Darkness).
Obviously it is hard to keep track of the healer’s HP while grinding, so your primary job is simply just bring mobs and destroy them with the healer. If the healer looks like he or she is struggling, slow down the pace. :]

Daily Quest
Sadly in a daily quest party, I have found that it is extremely difficult to keep up with the group when you are in the same area, if you try to AoE. The best thing to do in a DQ group is to simply go 1v1 against mobs, doing some AoEs whenever possible. Don’t stray too far away from the group for some good AoE’s because you’ll find that everyone will finish before you!

Gameplay Videos

Killing mobs 1v1
Aoeing Mobs alone
Aoeing with a healer
PvP against a Berserker (or melee in general)

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