Iris Online Fighter to Gladiator Guide

Iris Online Fighter to Gladiator Guide by hormonic

Hey guys, well im gonna start off with saying that i’m really really new to this game. I recently joined 3 days ago and decided that when i reach level 25 I’m willing to put my spare time on making a guide since theres no actual guides out there. I really don’t know why i’m doing this since it’s exam week but, whatever! By the way, this is my first guide ever. I’ve been playing mmorpg’s since the only ones alive were maplestory and runscape!  Feel free to correct me if i’m wrong[:. I’m very aware im nooby but definitely not dumb as others who made a failure guide ;].

Throughout the guide i’ll be telling you guys WHY i got the skill i upgraded; to not make myself look like a dumbdumb!



Lacerate: MAX THIS OUT! It’s a must have! DPS move that chains for your other skill and also it has a 2nd form, once your a glad.. If you decide not to.. I will cry for you.

Rend: MAX THIS OUT! It’s a must have! DPS move that chains for your other skill and also it has a 2nd form, once your a glad.. If you decide not to.. I will commit suicide for you. (Copy and paste FTW!)

Battle shout: MAX IT OUT! FREE CRIT?!?!? Omg! Snatch it as soon as possible! As a 2H warrior please, don’t make a disgrace of your class. Crit is VERY VERY VERY important!!! 30MIN?!?!? Here you go for people whom may be lazy or forget to rebuff often.

Beastial impact: MAX IT OUT! It leads to another skill on 2nd job. Gives you a crit boost? PVP… CRIT!!! = Dead mage/archer.

Berserk: MAX IT OUT! Crit? Attack speed? I love you iris? HINT: THIS IS OUR SUPER SAIYAN!!

Attack posture: MAX IT OUT! It leads to another form once a glad. its a party buff too! Attack damage?!? This buff right here brings you from charmander’s ember to charizard’s fire blast, lets get real!

Berserk Assault: MAX IT OUT! PVP move, which ignores def? Uhhhh.. This makes an archer a fly and a mage an ant.. This also gives you a chance to kill tanks much quicker.

Final Resist: MAX IT OUT! 30 Sec of ultra additional attack damage.. Oh my lord

Charge: MAX IT OUT! It’ll lead to another skill once a glad. It charges to the enemy..? Less walking? Faster kill? Slows the opponent down.. Archers/Mages love this, trust me.

Whirlwind: It’s your choice, i would put no points or just one point into it. Yes it’s our only AOE attack, FML. But it’s a waste since we’re basically 1v1 machines. SOOOO YOUR CHOICE BUD!

You have two choices.. Alot of DEF and HP.. or.. Alot of hit chance and little def..

Alot of DEF and HP – 1H sword, use it as a secondary weapon so you could switch off and on in order to buff. With def and hp you take less dmg,  less needing to heal.. 8 sp total!
(If so max out Safegaurd and fortitude, additional buffs = L O VE)

Alot of hit chance and little def – Hit chance is a major need in PVP especially as a 2H.. Slow attack you need to hit or it’ll slow you down alot! And it’s for thiefs, and rangers who have evasion. Use dueled swords as secondary weapon, switch on and off in order to buff.5 sp total!
(If so max out Dexirity and Robust protection, in PVP you’ll be a boss [;)


The skills to the right are passive skills which give you hp life steal, attack damage, HP and regen, critical chance, Strength, and hit chance.. This is a need. Passives are gorgeous. Let’s consider them Kim Kardashian if your a boy. It’s AMAZING

Glad TIME!

Lacerate 2: level 2nd form of lacerate (DUH), Strong DPS.. It also chains other skills!

Grave wounds: Extra crit for the skill! Crazy DPS? Why not!!?!?!? OMGG AND ITS POISON!?!?!? OVERTIME DAMAGE?

Beastial Impact 2: 2nd form of Beastial Impact.. Extra crit rate for the skill!? EVEN MORE?!?! WHOAAA! MORE DPS AS WELL!?!?!

Charge 2: Let me say this.. This skill “Charge 2″ Now is a stun move… Idk what you guys think of a stun move.. But for glads.. thats wow. You are now impossible to escape from. ^^ PVP beast? RAWRRRR or ROARRRR, ether one!

Rend 2: AHHH! MORE OVERTIME DAMAGE And a debuff that lowers your hit chance! WHOAA! And it’s a chain for other skills? Ladies and Gentlemen.. Let’s cry together.. )”:

Battle shout 2: Additional crit chance.

Vigorous absorption: … Life steal is speechless… You need this. Helps you survive And lets face it, i don’t want you to die i love you guys!

Enrichment: Escape move or buff use it ether way. 20%+ attk speed? 15% move speed? lol… Nice skill

Attack posture: Party buff even stronger now! Gives more damage nuff said! Let’s make everyone love glads by sharing our oh so hot DPS <3

And for the buffs..  just max them already! Jeez.

Like i said guys! I’m a newb. Please comment and tell me if it helped or not. :] if anything tell me what i did wrong and i’ll certainly change it! I just wanted to lead the other noobs to the right path! :] Hope you guys liked my guide sorry if it got boring.. I was really bored while making it lol..  Idk if this is true but from rumors and previous threads ive read. Glad’s release there true strength at level 50+.. Aha, i dont know but i feel like their a strong class over all. Hope you guys enjoyed my first guide! If you want to contact me my facebook is OR msg me on here! :] ether one works, i’d be glad to help you guys out!  Bye guysss!

I’m in the server that begins with LUN* LOL.. idk the whole word but w.e

IGN: Mister

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    hybrid (warrior) – berserker guide?

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    Thankyah !!~ hehehe,, im just thinking why some skills of the fighter are not been said in the guide (sorry for my english) ,, :)

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