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Iris Online Ingame Titles Guide tefnut3005

Well I browsed through all 8 pages of the General Discussion Thread and didn’t find a topic of this so I decided to make one – plus I find it weird that the forum does not have a search feature (lol ok I just made a mistake and made myself look foolish… seems like the search function shows up only when you log in and not when you’re merely viewing the forums). I’m assuming this is the right place to put this in since the topic of Ingame titles applies generally to all classes. Anyway here goes!

Ingame Titles and You: Introduction

One of the many features that Iris Online has to offer is the Title System. The main attraction of such a system is not the title itself but the additional stats it gives to your character. So in effect collecting these titles may aid you in faster leveling as Iris Online does not adhere to the common stat distribution for every level up of a character.

The system is similar to other games out there (I’m not sure if we’re allowed to mention them so I’m opting not to =P) but I have to admit some of the stats the titles give are pretty decent and these are the low level titles I’m talking about so imagine those hard to get titles *drool*

So this guide mainly seeks to provide a thread where people can contribute the titles they’ve acquired with details on where and how they got them as well as the stat boosts that they give.

Titles: Where do you get them? and how do you use them?

First off, how do you get titles?

Well as of the time I’ve played there seems to be two main ways of gaining titles – through Quests and through monster drops. Let’s take them one at a time:

Quest titles are pretty straight forward, you basically complete a quest and some of them give out titles as a reward.

Titles gotten from monster drops are a bit more tricky. In your exploration of the world of Iris Online you will come across regular monsters, some of which drop titles, and monsters which are named differently from others – let’s just call them special monsters. An example of this is the Shushu which is a deer-like monster you will encounter early on in the game. Now as you explore you will come across a CUTE Shushu which seems similar to all the other Shushu’s out there except for that additional title of “Cute”. It is a bit tougher than the regular Shushu’s (not too much but a little more HP from what I see) and upon killing it you may be rewarded with the title of “Cute”.

Another type of monster that may drop titles are what the game calls “Elite” monsters – they’re sort of like a mini-boss of the game. Now not all Elite monsters drop titles, I’ve done my fair share of killing them and it seems so far that not all of them give titles as drops (of course I could be wrong so any corrections are welcome).

How to use titles:

Ok so now that we’ve covered where you get titles from we now tackle how to use them. OK, the first thing I should make clear is that titles are not automatically bestowed on your character. Instead they take the form of a medal/coin which is sent to your inventory. It is a non-tradable item and you have to right click on the medal/coin for the title to be registered.

Ok so to illustrate let’s assume you killed your first “Cute Shushu” as mentioned a while back and was given a Cute Title Medal as a drop. Simply go to your inventory and right click on the medal and a window will automatically pop up – this is the title window which shows all the titles you’ve collected so far as well as the stat boosts the selected title gives. By double clicking the desired title you will be able to use it and gain the benefits that come with the title. You will know that you’re currently using a title as a phrase will automatically append to your Characters name. So if you have a character named NuubCake then after selecting the Cute title you’ll end up with “Cute NuubCake”.

The title window may also be accessed through the designated shortcut key or by pressing C which brings up the character window which in turn has a Title Management button which brings up the title window.

Titles List : Title Number, Title Name, how acquired and description of stat boost

Now for the juicy part, here is a list of some titles I’ve acquired so far in the game the list includes the designated title number and a description of how/where I got them as well as the stat boost they give. I’m hoping others may contribute the titles they’ve acquired as well so that we can all benefit when OBT starts.

000. None – default preset / no stat boost /
001. Apprentice – gotten via quest reward from “Warming Up Quest” from Job Instructor / Maximum HP +10
002. Cute – gotten via monster drop from defeating “Cute Shushu” at the Logging Area / +30 Movement Speed
003. Beginner Cook – Quest reward at lvl 10 from Elsa Walker as you try out the cooking apprentice skill / Natural HP & MP recovery + 5
004. Smart – Monster drop from Old Treeky (Elite Monster) in the Logging Area / Intelligence & Wisdom + 10 Power -10
005. Lonely – Monster drop from Lonely Mutul (Elite Monster) in Logging Area / Physical Avoidance Value +50
006. Not yet collected (Anybody with this title number please contribute, thanks!)
007. With Bright Future – Quest reward (forgot the name of the quest need help here) / Max HP & MP +30
008. Not yet collected (Anybody with this title number please contribute, thanks!)
009. Innocent – Quest reward kill Mutated Arachnid (Elite Monster) at Shebuz Snowfield until you get “giant poison sac” item quest then complete the quest to get title/ Power +10 Intelligence -10
010. Swift – Monster drop from Swift (Angry?) Owl at the Shebuz Snowfield / Power & Rapidity +10 Wisdom -10
011. Snowfield’s Heller – Quest Reward (or monster drop? Can’t recall) after defeating Snowfield Heller at Shebuz Snowfield / all attack power +10
040. Swamp Guardian – Monster drop from Treepy (regular monster, drop is a bit rare I think) from the Logging Area / Maximum HP +30 Natural HP Recovery +3

Well that’s that so far. I know it’s not much but with the help of the Iris Community we’ll be able to compile a nice list of titles and their stat boosts, which will serve as a nice incentive for all those collectors to strive and gain them once we see what this game has to offer in this aspect. Once we’ve complied a decent list then maybe someone will be kind enough to include this in the Iris Wiki, I’m not a wiki person so I have no idea how to put this over on the wiki page. Anyway that’s all for now, I’ll try to update this as much as possible once I get more titles added.

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