Grand Fantasia Necromancer and Demonologist Guide

Grand Fantasia Necromancer and Demonologist Guide by Liddokun

This guide will hopefully instruct would be necromancers on what this class is all about. A necromancer is one of easiest class to level and solo due to it’s pet summons, powerful offensive and defensive spells, self heal (life drain) and debuffs.

Strength of this class:
– Can solo efficiently
– Party friendly due to it’s debuffs and party aura (Gift of Darkness/Dark Ritual).
– Have strong pets
– Strong survival spells (Fog of Fear and Phantom Form).
– Very strong offensive debuffs (Enfeeblement, Jinx, Mind Wrack)
– Self healing spell (Life Drain)

Weakness of this class:
– Do not have a class specific root/stun spell. (Your only “stun” spell is magic star cannon and magical shackles as root altho you get a stun spell with 10 minutes CD later in the game)
– Wear cloth armor so your defense isn’t strong.
– Lich is your strongest pet pre-class change to Demonologist. The other pets are almost useless.
– Not the strongest in terms of pure raw DPS although you and your pet can output decent and consistent DPS.

Description of Pets

H3LL Hound – This will be the first pet you get after your change class to necromancer at lvl 31. It has a basic attack, a stun and can phantom form. Transforms into an Anubis Jackal if you have Gates of Purgatory 3 talent at level 64. The only time I ever use this pet is against caster mobs as the stun is useful in interrupting spell casters.

Lich – This is your bread and butter pet. The best pet a necromancer will have. You get it at lvl 34. It has a long range nuke attack, a root attack and melee at close range. Transforms into a Frost lich at 64 if you have Lich’s Wind 3 talent. Note: The lich’s root spell will overwrite magical shackles. Don’t use this pet when you’re using the infinite shackle trick.

Corpse Golem – This pet is useless. It has a lot of health but almost no defense and crappy damage. Don’t bother using it as it cannot tank nor hold aggro for that matter. Later it transforms into the H3LL Butcher at lvl 64 (if you have Dark Protector 3 talent) which has a high melee crit rate and attack speed, it’s better than it’s previous form and can somewhat tank now if you don’t nuke too hard, has plenty of malice reduction item and use phantom form often.

H3LL Demon – This pet is a temporary summon. You need charges to summon it and it stays for a limited duration depending on how much charges you have used. It has a high attack melee damage, attack rate, can somewhat tank (altho not very well) and has massive amounts of health. Transforms into a High H3LL Demon when you get the upgrade spell at 66 which is pretty much the same pet except having bigger numbers.

Spell/Skill List and Description:

Shadow Arrow/Shadow Shocking Arrow – This is your bread and butter nuke spell. It’s a long range nuke with a small casting time (1.5 seconds). It is also one of the spells in your arsenal that has a shadow based damage component (so resistance can actually work against it). Gives 1 charge per cast. This spell upgrades to Shadow Shocking Arrow at lvl 66.

Enfeeblement/Enhanced Enfeeblement – Reduces attack (patk), defense (def) and reduces xx amount of health of target for every action. This spell also causes direct damage to the target. This spell is instant cast and has a relatively fast 6 seconds cooldown. A must have spell.

Jinx/Enhanced Jinx – Causes misfortune. 60% chance that the skill of the target will end up in failure. Very useful in pvp and boss fights as it will stop monster bosses from using their most powerful spells 60% of the time. This spell also causes direct damage to the target. A Must have spell for any worthy necro.

Mind Wrack/Enhanced Mind Wrack – Reduces magical attack (matk), magical defense (mdef) as well as xx amount of MP of target for every action. Very useful against casters. This spell also causes direct damage to the target. 2 second cast time and 6 seconds cooldown. A must have spell.

Drain Life/Life Snatching – Causes X amount of damage to the target. 60% of the damage caused by the spell will be absorbed by the caster as a heal and adds a small DoT component to the target and adds 1 charge as well. A must have spell in any necromancer’s spellbook. Note: The spell (including the heal effect) will NOT go thru if there is a stronger version of the spell in effect.

Blood of Darkness / Black Devil’s Blood – Heals your pet for X amount of damage. This spell will generate some healing aggro.

Summon H3llhound/Cereberus – Summons your h3llhound/Anubis Jackal pet

Summon Lich/Frost Lich – Summons your Lich/Frost lich pet.

Summon Golem/H3LL Executioner – Summons your Corpse Golem/H3ll Butcher pet.

Phantom/Mirage Form – This short duration buff will increase your evade by 80% and run speed by X amount. Your malice generated at that time will also be X percent less. Note: This will NOT lower malice that has already been generated but will instead lower the amount of malice you generate while the spell is in effect. 30 second cooldown.

Fog of Fear – When cast, this will cause “Fear” on all monsters/hostile players within 8m of you (npc monsters will run around randomly while hostile players will just stand idly). Any damage done to them will break the effect. 20 seconds cooldown.

Kill Command – This spell will command any pet that is summoned to attack your target. Cost 8mp per cast but will cost 0 mp if you have the channel magic talent equipped.

Dark Ritual (Gift of Darkness) – This is the reason why necros gets invited to grind/dungeon parties. This is a party wide buff that causes X percent of melee damage to be converted into a heal for attacking party members. This spell will benefit the melee class players in the party the most.

Sickening Touch – Another necro party wide buff. X chance to cause X plague state to whichever is hitting the people in your party. Plague state will prohibit any healing from affecting the target. Useful only in pvp as there are almost no mobs that bothers to heal themselves.

Master’s Tithe – Pretty useless spells. Drains life from your summon to give to yourself. This spell is incredibly situational and I never found myself ever using it. Perhaps only used during extreme emergencies or desperate moments. TBH, don’t bother even training it.

Mark of Pestilence – Another useless spell. X chance to cause plague state to your target. 8 seconds cooldown, 2 seconds cast time. Pretty situational. Probably useful in pvp when you want to cause plague state to someone. Don’t bother with it and save yourself some gold.

Blood Frenzy – Causes your pet to enter into a frenzied state increasing it’s regular attack damage and attack speed by 35%. Don’t really use it. Kinda useless tbh when you’re using the lich 90% of the time. It becomes more useful later if you use the h3ll butcher pet or the anubis jackal pet. This is a charged spell. If you got gold spare then get it, if not then don’t. You won’t really miss it.

Sacrificial Blood Bomb – Causes an AOE explosion centered on your pet. Causes X amount of damage to everything around your pet as well as cause X amount of damage to your pet depending how many mobs are affected. Don’t really use it.

Bone Breaking Wall – Buff your allies within 10m around you with X seconds of buff that has 50% chance of reflecting 30% of all physical damage done to them. Very situational spell. If you’re tight on money save yourself some gold and don’t bother getting it. This is a charged spell and the amount of charges dictates how long the buff will last.

Evil Infestation/Devil Binding – This is a useful spell for making enemies fight among themselves. Useful in mutated dungeons to thin out pack of mobs. This is a crowd control spell. While the mobs are fighting among themselves they will ignore you unless you or your pet attack them first. Cannot be used while you are in combat or if the target mob is in combat.

Dark Strike (special) – Instant cast, 10 second stun. 600 seconds (10 minutes) cooldown. This will make you pwn (almost) any class once every 10 minutes. As long as they don’t have any anti-stun equipment which are those who don’t do pvp or don’t have money to make lvl 70 anti-stun weapons/armor. Works on any monsters too except any dungeon bosses or world bosses. Ha!

Potential Release (special) – MATK, attack speed and casting speed increase by 20% for 15 seconds. 600 (10 minutes) seconds cooldown.

Escape without trace (special) – Run speed increased by 100% for 8 seconds. 180 (3 minute) second cooldown.

Updated Mage spells:

Erosion Magic Arrow – Upgraded version of Magic Rocket. Do X magical damage to target and reduce target MP by 600 points. Gives 1 charge. 1.5 second cast time.

Destructive Blade – Upgraded version of Blunting Blade. Instant cast.

Huge Toxic Cloud – Upgraded version of Toxic Cloud. Instant cast. Bigger AOE radius.

Mysterious Cannon – Upgraded version of Magic Star Cannon. Same as the old spell just bigger damage.

Reinforced Prison of Dancing Blades – Upgraded version of Prison of Dancing Blades. Your one and only location targeted AOE. Same ole same ole. Still useless. If only the casting time were instant instead of 3 seconds then this spell might actually be useful.

High Mana Shield – Updated version of Magic Shield. Reduce magic damage on friendly target by X and reduce chance to critical hit on them by 100%. 1.5 second cast time, 30 second cooldown.


Instead of re-typing out all that info let me refer you to the info found in the Official Grand Fantasia Wiki. Thanks to all the hard working wiki updaters and I’m just too lazy to type Cool.

Chained Magic Burst 4 – 4% increased chance to MCRIT and 17% Chance to double hit.

Magic Ward Specialist 4 – 16% reduction in magical damage.

Staff Specialist 4 – When equipped with a staff 13% increase in MATK. MATK Crit damage increase by 20%

Abundant Energy 4 – Max MP +11%, Chance of taking magic critical Hit -13%

Magic Assault Specialist 4 – Magic Damage +17%

Channel Magic 4 – Reduce the MP cost of all your spells by 50.

Staff Shielding 4 – When equipped with staff physical damage reduced by 20%, evasion +8%

Focused Casting 4 – Reduced chance of casting interruption by 45%, reduced casting time by 22%

Dark Magic 4 – Increase damage from shadow arrow and shadow shocking arrow by 12%

Gate of Purgatory 4 –

Lich’s Wind 4 – Increase the level of your frost lich by 4 levels and increase movement speed by 11%

Dark Protector 4 – Increase the level of your h3ll butcher by 4 levels and reduce enemy malice by 15%

One of the coolest things about Grand Fantasia is to able to create talent combos. Someone has already made a list of the most common combos here so I won’t bother to re-list them and save us some writing space

Demonologist Ancient Talents

Pro Tip: I suggest saving/invest in some Blessed Alchemy Clovers to make your ancient talent because they cost a TON of gold to make and failing one will make you cry.

Steel Body 1 – 5% PDEF +10 VIT
Curse 1 – 5% chance to seal spellcasting on target for 5 seconds.
Critical Attack Protection 1 – Reduce physical crit hit chance by 5%, reduce physical crit hit damage by 25%
Critical Attack Protection 2 – Reduce physical crit hit chance by 6%, reduce physical crit hit damage by 25%

Shock Strike – All attacks have 5% chance to stun target for 2 seconds.
Magic Shadow – +10 dark resistance, +8% evasion
Ghostly Form – Physical damage sustained reduced by 8%

Contract of H3LL – Max MP 5%, +20 INT
Natural Cover – +10 Nature resistance, +10% evasion
Swift Demon – 15% malice reduction, +5% movement speed

Illusionist – Mirage/Phantom form duration +4 seconds
Wisdom of Black Blood – Black Devil’s Blood potency increase by 19%, +15 INT
Phantom Commander – Devil Binding duration +8 seconds.

Masteries (Max 10 ranks per skill)
Lv. 46 masteries (Cost 2 points per rank)

Eldritch Whispers – Increase MATK by 1% per rank.

Transfer Hatred – Reduce malice by your spells by 1% per rank.

Blood Soul Rite – Increase Max HP by 1% per rank.

Spirit Burst – Increase MCRIT by 1% per rank.

Mech Breaker – 1% chance per rank to increase MATK against machine mobs per rank.

Ward of Evil – Increase 1% dark resistance per rank.

Lv. 60 masteries (Cost 4 points per rank)

Heart of the Witch – Increase intelligence by 9 per rank.

Rapid Caster – Increase casting speed by 1.7% per rank.

Body Stitch – Decrease chance of physical CRIT from hitting you by 3% per rank.

Dance of the Wisps – Increase evasion by 1% per rank.

Lv. 70 masteries (Cost 6 points per rank)


Polish Stones
A recent feature update allows the use of skill polish stones. These stones enhances specific spells for each class. There are supposedly 5 ranks for most of these spells. They can be found in a variety of ways: npc purchased, dungeon boss/mob drops, dungeon MO bag rewards, treasure map loot, etc. Unlike talents, you can only use polish stones sequentially (that means you must have rank 1 before you can use rank 2 stones, etc.) The game treats pre-66 spells and post-66 spells as separate spells so the spell jinx and enhanced jinx are different spells as far as the game is concerned and both have specific polish stones for the spells. Also another caveat is as far as the game is concerned spells with the same effect such as abolish poison spell for cleric/prophet is different from the abolish poison spell for sage/mystic. You cannot use the polish stone that is NOT of your class. Yes it’s a bummer and I don’t think it’s a bug.

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