Grand Fantasia Siwa Island Starting Guide

Grand Fantasia Siwa Island Starting Guide by Valkyrie

So you’ve just installed Grand Fantasia, made your character, and logged into the game. Now what? Well that’s the point of this guide, to help answer common questions about how to get started! Welcome to Grand Fantasia!

New Player FAQs

This quest asks for Copper Ore, but I can’t mine?

  • Your Sprite does all of your gathering for you. Press F6 to open the Sprite’s Interface. There are three gathering skills (mining, foraging, hunting), but most sprites only have two. If your sprite cannot gather copper ore, you can get ore from another player with a sprite that can. You can also Abort the quest (see the Quests section below) and re-take a different one.

My Sprite’s unhappy! How do I make it happy?

  • Sprites can gain happiness through a few different methods. Sprite Events can change their mood either way, but require you to send them on gathering or crafting missions. You can also purchase Magic Soda Pop from the Sprite NPC in town (Siwa coordinates: 175, 275). You can also attempt to cheer them up by talking to them. If they have enough stamina, a good Chat might be able to bring their mood up.

My Sprite won’t gather.. the option is grayed out. Why?

  • Sprites can only perform one action at a time. If they are out with you, that’s considered an action. Right click their gemstone (bottom of the screen) and select Recall Sprite.

When can I leave Siwa Island?

  • You can leave Siwa Island at level 6, after completing the quest to obtain permission from Muha and Ludaumann. Once complete, talk to Captain Landitt to move to the main continent.

I’m not getting any exp!! HELP!

  • Once it’s time to choose a Class Branch, you will not gain any more exp until you do. Check the Map for quests (they appear as closed books if you haven’t taken them, moneybags if you need to turn it in).

This quest says to get to level 10 and turn in at Grand Fantasia. Where’s GF in game?

  • You do not need to be on Siwa Island to turn in this quest. Once you reach level 10, right click the book in your inventory. It’s named Grand Fantasia.

Quests and NPCs

Your First Quest: Talk to Babama

  • When you first log into the game, you immediately receive a quest. Go ahead and accept! A symbol will appear above the NPC right in front of you, Sage Babama. Right Click on Sage Babama to open the dialogue window. Several options appear. Choose the option that has the same symbol as the one above his head.

More Quests!! More!!

  • After you turn in this starter quest, you’ll see Babama has another one for you! See that book above his head? Yeah, that’s a quest! You can check the map to find other NPCs that have quests for you, then just click on the map to begin walking to that location (the blue arrow is your character’s current location).

How to Find NPCs

  • On Siwa Island, your quest NPCs will be on the same Island (until it’s time to leave). To find an NPC, press the M Key on your keyboard and open the map. NPCs show up on the map, even non-quest NPCs like Armor Merchants and Alchemists! Just hover your mouse over the icons to see what type of NPC it is.

Quitting Quests

  • Sometimes a quest needs to be aborted. Sad If you need to abort a quest, press L on the keyboard to open your Quest Log. The abort button is at the bottom of the Quest Log Window.
    • Sprite Gathering Quest – If you choose a Quest on Siwa that your Sprite can’t complete for you, you can abort and choose one of the others.
    • Boss Summoning Quests – If you Summon a boss monster and die, you need to abort and re-take the quest from the NPC that first gave it to you.

Sharing Quests
Right next to the Abort button in the Quest Log, you can see a button that says “Share.” This button allows you to share quests you are on with other members of your party!

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