Grand Fantasia Wizards Guide

Grand Fantasia Wizards Guide by zherdy29

Note: This guide is made based on my own experience playing as a wiz. I only managed to reach lvl 43 (IGN: Eyr) during CBT coz I tried the other classes.
Note: This guide was made after CBT so I don’t have access on the item and exact skill names ^^. Bad Memory ^^. Didn’t have anything to do so I made this guide.
Note: I’ll try to update whenever I can.

What is a Wizard?
If u live in a cave and this is your first time playing an MMO, then ill explain briefly.
Wizards are the spell casters in almost all MMOs in the case of Grand Fantasia it is still the same. They deal heavy damage using different spells with different elements, able to stun, slow and add negative buffs to their enemies. They also have party buffs that increases elemental resistances and gives a passive skill depending on the element involved.

A. Choosing a Sprite…
U can choose between a staff crafting sprite or a mage apparel crafting sprite.

Staff Crafting
Well u need weapons to maximize your damage dealing potential. The instrument to summon this sprite is quite rare but u can get it if you have high reputation from the sprite fountains.

Mage Apparel
As a mage/ wizard your aim is to kill the mob b4 it touches you ergo you don’t need armors that much EXCEPT for the bonuses. The first legendary set of the mage/wiz class tree is awesome. I used it until I was 42 ^^. Ill explain later. Mage apparel sprites are easy to loot from mobs.

In Conclusion – CHOOSE a staff crafting sprite at the beginning. Just wait to loot a mage apparel sprite or buy one.

B. Equipment…

The first legendary set gives Magical Shackles a +8 sec duration bonus w/c pretty much lets u solo and kill any world boss. U cant solo dungeon bosses bcoz u cant shackle them.
Based on my experience the 2nd legendary set isn’t much of a necessity coz the mats for the hat and suit are hard 2 come by and they don’t give too much benefit except for the evasion, that is if u plan on letting monsters get near you.
I wasn’t able to create the 3rd legendary set coz mats are really rare and I rarely do dungeons so I was stuck at my 1st set Y_Y.

From aslan132
In the dungeons, the second set rocks. Since youre in a party, the shackles is completely useless and the extra stats/def on the higher set is needed to keep up. Some of the bosses have AoE (area of effect) spells and youll need the def/m-res to live through them if you happen to get too close. mostly just stay max range of your spells and you wont get hit. theres always the chance to pull aggro from the tanks as well, so the def comes into play then. the added INT increases your spells damage and helps cut the time of those long boss battles.

1st legendary set:
Head: lvl 21
Suit: lvl 20
Boots: lvl 19
Gloves: lvl 18
Pants: lvl 17
3 set effect – Int +2
4 set effect – none
5 set effect – magical shackles + 8secs

2nd legendary set for wizard only:
Head: lvl 31
Suit: lvl 30
Boots: lvl 29
Gloves: lvl 28
Pants: lvl 27
3 set effect – Int +4
4 set effect – avoid +20
5 set effect – sp 15% up

3rd legendary set for wizard only:
Head: lvl 41
Suit: lvl 40
Boots: lvl 39
Gloves: lvl 38
Pants: lvl 37
3 set effect – sp 15% up
4 set effect – avoid +10, Int +3
5 set effect – Magic Damage by 45% up satisfaction

The lvl 18 and lvl 20 legendary staff are ok to get at the beginning…. You can choose either. d lvl 18 is better for mana efficiency coz it has a chance to recover your mana

Mana Messenger Lvl 18
Atk – 396
M.Atk – 421
+6 Vit, Wil +7, Int +8
Sp attack at 8% chance of recovery (M Potion equivalent)

Dark Root Lvl 20
Atk – 444
M.Atk – 471
+11 Int, +7 Wil
Attacks against the dark at 45 percent probability

Lvl 28 legendary staff is a must coz of the 30% cast time bonus… you can use this staff until you can get the next one.
Holy Light Wand Lvl 28
Atk – 648
M.Atk – 688
+9 Vit, +11 Agi, +13 Int, +10 Holy Resist
When equipped, the speed 30 percent faster chant

Skip all other weaps b4 the next one the lvl 28 staff is good enough.
Lvl 40 legendary staff TOTALLY awesome… it gives u a 8% chance to activate its skill w/c increases casting speed by around 50% and critical by 50% for around 10secs (not sure on the duration but that’s pretty much close)
When im farming bosses and this spell casts I can halve the lvl 41 bosses HP in just one duration of magical shackles.
Staff of Oblivion Lvl 40
Atk – 995
M.Atk – 1057
+20 Int, +18 Wil
8% chance to activate skill
Magic chant satisfaction rate +50% -100% ² Ä Í injuries sustained 12 seconds

C. Skills
Fire element

a. Fire Arrow (lvl 30) – high damage long cast time. U nid this when lightning or ice bolt cant kill a mob in 2 hits.
b. Scorching Strike (lvl 32) – instant cast + knockback + stun
c. Burning Veil (lvl 32) – fire buff. Increases resistance + gives chance to burn.

Lightning element
a. Lightning Saber (lvl 30) – medium damage medium cast time.
b. Heavenly Strike (lvl 31) – Huge damage. Requires charges. Paralyzes enemy.
c. Electrify Armor (lvl 32) – increases resistance + gives chance to paralyze

Ice element
a. Ice Arrow (lvl 30) – low damage fast cast time
b. Flashfreeze (lvl 34) – instant cast + chance to freeze
c. Icy Grip (lvl 32) – Instant cast + unable to move
d. Glacial Field (lvl 30) – increases resistance + gives chance to freeze

a. Magical shackles – needed in combo with 1st legendary set.
b. Teleport (lvl 36) – to run away if a mob gets too close for comfortc.
c. Ultimate secret of casting and Ultimate secret of blasting (lvl 40) – depends on you. You can use them while grinding if u are not using divine thunder.

D. Leveling
i. Regular monster combo – Fire/ Lightining/ Ice Bolt —- Scorching Strike/ Flash freeze/Icy Grip or vice versa. You must kill a mob in 2 of these spells which ever combo u like. If one of the instant cast spells is in CD mode use the other they pretty much deal the same damage. Ice bolt has lowest mana cost and cooldown/cast time so use it in combo with the instant casts if u can kill mobs in 2 hits if not use lightning or fire.
/ / then / /

ii. Boss monster combo w/ 1st legendary set – Arrow (any) – Heavenly Strike – shackles – Scorching Strike – flash freeze – Arrow – Arrow – Arrow – Heavenly Strike – shackles (repeat until PULPY). Note: don’t use Icy Grip coz it will overlap magical shackles.

iii. Boss monster combo w/o 1st legendary set – Arrow (any but ice/lightning preferred for the cast time) – Heavenly Strike – flash freeze or Arrow – Scorching Strike – Arrow – Icy Grip – Arrow – Heavenly Strike (repeat until PULPY)

E. Money Making
Do repeatable quests that are easy and give tons of coins while grinding.

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