Flyff Tips on Saving Money

Fly for Free Tips on Saving Money by infamousafk

GREEN=Saving Tips
BLUE=Profit Tips
RED=Cash Shop Tips

1. Do not be a leach~~slower leveling equals triple the profit from drops. Do not partner a leach if they are not an assist/bp/rm~~that will help stop some of the people that abuse the leach aspects of this game and will benefit you with having a buffer around saving you food and stats and etc~~partner someone around your level that is a FIGHTING partner if you want fast leveling.~~

2. People that buy full shouts at lower levels are just wasting their penya~~play on server 1 and just blink to town if you need fillers ~~it only takes a couple of minutes out of your game play but it saves you millions because before level 75+ there is nothing you have valuable enough to sell that would compensate the cost of the full shout~~just go open shop when you want to sell stuff or join a good guild and ask a higher lvl member to shout for you if you really need to.~~only valuable low level items are the WEDGE suit and FLURY suit.

3. Buy absolutely ZERO spros/gpros/apros before level 75 because you dont need anything better than +3 and it is waaaay cheaper to save up for vigor+9s n etc than to try to upgrade yourself. Also any set other than wedge/flury will not resell for for anywhere near what you would spend.

4. Do all of your quests. Not only do you get exp but you get penya and the gore+3 you receive in St Morning is adequate for the rest of the game honestly because the extra 100-200hp a +d necklace would give you doesnt really matter to higher levels~~and it is way cheaper to buy bull hamsterns for 200k each when you randomly feel the need for more hp than to spend millions on apros or a better necklace

5. Dont be a scammer, treat people the way you want to be treated. You’ll discover that if you take the time to get to know people and have friends and etc they will help you in many ways when its possible. example: I buy cheap sets and etc that I see in shops for my lower level guildies or for younger friends in the game because I know that they may not have the option to buy gpots..or just because I like to repay the kindness people have shown me.

6. Do NOT awaken items that you are wearing if you can not afford to buy them again because a horrible awakening will seriously take the fun out of your game play. Also, do not buy reversions for anything unless it is +6 or better because that is a waste of time and money ~lose/lose situation **If you DO want to level faster then if you choose to awaken items only do so with shields and boots as they are the cheapest to replace and are not hard to find**

7. Dont pay ANY attention to the arena… pvp is there for the people that have spent insane penya or money on cs to show off with…and there will ALWAYS be someone there that can easily kill you. I’d recommend not even going in there until you are 80+ Getting frustrated there is only going to take the fun out of your game play. Concentrate on monsters not other people jealousy is an evil trait that we all have~~but if you can avoid the places which cause that then you will find there is not such a need for having the best of the best equipment.

8. Slower leveling equals more money you make. Dont worry about trying to get to high levels fast because 85% of the fun parts of Flyff are before lvl 90. Speed leveling to a high level will only leave you feeling like your bored and upset that you cant afford to buy godly stuff the other people are wearing.

9. Absolutely NO set HAS to be more than +6…it will cost you hundreds of millions for 5%hp 5%hit 5% block and half the time if you try to upgrade yourself to +8 or more…by the time you can afford to and have succeeded you will be like a level away from swapping to a new set. Aoes CAN aoe without +8-+10 they just have to learn what they can handle~~at 75 i had a +6 set..i didnt get my set+8 until lvl 91~~so any build other than aoe bp would be completely wasting their money on spros. This would be when you would by now hopefully have saved up enough to invest in plug+9 earrings if you are a knight/bp/ranger. (see there is a good reason for being thrifty! I give you more info on plugs a few posts down but in the event you can not find yourself I put this as a requirement for aoes with less than 100 stamina buffed&equipped.;)

10. Do not follow what other people tell you you HAVE to do stat wise and etc…build your character to what is suitable for you~~if you hate dying add adequate stam/dex~~if you like more damage add more str or int and etc. Everyone is an individual dont aspire to be someone elses character make what YOU think could be fun.

11. Do not sell valuable items for like 100k and silly prices when you feel broke…dont overprice but keep the economy values simillar to keep the server on track with prices it helps everyone out in the long run. If you are unsure of prices then never hesitate to ask at least 2 people that you feel are trustworthy for a pricecheck..

12. Keep your element on you weapon and suit +3 so that you can swap them as needed for monsters instead of blowing 100m making ur weapon super “glowy”…because doing so will just make your choice of monsters smaller making you get bored way more often if your stuff at the same monsters all the time. This is a “fad” in the 70s in preperation for the upcoming mine but trust me during this time you do not want to rush leveling. If you ARE an aoe class you would want to giant through these levels and make it so you get all the gear needed to survive an aoe in the event that and RM is disconnected and you have no heal. So while Im on the subject dont be an overachiever. Taking too many mobs will result in you losing all the exp you just worked your socks off getting in the last hour.

13. If you are not an aoe build dont go to azria unless you are buying tickets with gpots~in game prices are overpriced and there is no exp bonus despite the rumor otherwise. Thanks to the tower a 1v1 has more than enough alternate options to save them a huge chunk of money staying out of snow land. The first 3 floors of the tower have a decent drop rate and a surplus of monsters so they are only an axe away! DPS + yes!

14. Dont automatically move to a higher monster when you have gotten all the questies you need…fight more monsters and collect the questies to make pet food and sell the food…dont make pets if your goal is to make money fast~~pet food always sells between 50-150 per food! so a stack of 9999 can make you rougly 800k-1m on average. This adds up fast! Though it went through a lul pet food is in high demand again as more and more high levels get too into pvp to grind often. As korkki was so nice to point out the MINES are a wonderful place to collect a ton of quest items at….AND SUNSTONES TOO!!!

15. Dont trash any items~~even food gives you back penya at an NPC when you are full go empty! .

16. GIANT GIANT GIANT at the mushilizer/sylica/shuhamma giants as much as u can!! Its worth it!! IMPORTANT GIANTS in CAPS BELOW:

lvl 43 Flying “_” Giant: Plug+7 ~drops from NON giant too
lvl 53 Flying ROCKEPELLER: Plug+9 ~drops from NON giant too
lvl 57 Steel Knight: Gore+6
lvl 58 Nutty Wheel: Ancient Shield
lvl 60 Driller: Gore+6
lvl 71 SYLICA GIANT: Guardian Knuckle Guardian Yoyo Guardian Wand
lvl 70 RANGDA: Sunstone and Moonstone pieces (yes not great but it helps)
lvl 66 Garbagepider: Nice drops
lvl 67 Grr: 1-5mil per hour in drops ~~V done in pair with dumptire
lvl 69 GIANT DUMPTIRE: 1-5mil per hour in drops
lvl 65 MUSHILIZER GIANT: Rare defense lvl 60 sets and 1-14mil per hour
lvl 75 GREEMONG: Sta+6 ring Arek+6 ring Int+6 ring
lvl 76 Carrier: Nice drops (forget what or if this drops rares)
lvl 77 Hopper: Historic Knuckle
lvl 77 Boo: Historic Knuckle
lvl 85 Iren: Historic Axe Historic Sword
lvl 86: WATANGA: Historic Stick Historic Yoyo Historic Ambidextrious Axe
lvl 102 SHUHAMMA~ All Angel Weapons and GREAT DROPS
lvl 113 BEARENSKY~ All Legendary Weapons and decent drops arek+4 mental+11

(probably off by a level on a few giants but you get the general idea lol)

17. If you have any character other than an acrobat kill the flying monsters at levels 30 and 50ish for awhile you willl find plug+7s and plug+9s if you are patient~~Great for free equips OR great resell value!!! Yay to good money finds at lower levels!!

18. Reductions are temptation. Remember that when you work towards a goal you cherish it more. If you take shortcuts you will be depriving yourself of achieving a “goal” and that is part of the whole point in grinding in this game. For example: Paying 400mil to put on an alext set at 65 instead of lvl 75 is omg ridiculous and pointless. The shuran set gives you 15%hp 7int so your not really gaining anything other than defense and if you need the extra defense INSTEAD you can buy a yuandain set for like 50mil. There is ALWAYS an alternative that is way cheaper.

19. CS clothes are nothing more than a status symbol. Leave the costume parties to the high levels and focus on getting your character financially able to do so in future. A very wise Revelation man once told me that I was a fashion victim. My natural reaction was to be like “omg no Im not this set is so cute bla bla” to which he replied that if I didnt have on the “cute” outfit I wouldnt be complaining about my inability to finish +10ing my set. Lesson learned, good sir.

20. CARDS: Elemental cards are a slow market but do not be so fast as to overlook them as most do. There is Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Electricity. They sell at the NPC for around 1000 penya but you can sell them in a private shop for 50,000 penya each!! Always a nice help at lower levels. The best place to open shop with these tends to be in Flaris around the bank or weapons NPC. ** Do not get these confused with the stat cards**

21. Keep ALL of your cards “B” if you can afford to do so. They drop more often at lower levels so you will think they are “dropping like flies” and can always find more but trust me you will want to keep this. If you are trying to make money money with cards sell the D and C cards at the current average for your server (window shop and get familar with things like this) B cards I will go into further detail later.

22. As exie pointed out, be kind to others but DO NOT LOAN OUT YOUR LEVELING ITEMS AND EXPECT TO GET THEM BACK. This is a common mistake among newer players. Always beware of “new friends” that ask to use or borrow items as they have about a 95% chance of being someone that is trying to “scam you” by either taking your items then or borrowing/returning them to gain your trust and ask again in future when you have something worth taking. A real gamer will understand and know this and will not ask you for your items. (Of course this tends to not apply to higher level long term players as you have built up a relationship with guild members and etc and then such things like that are safer…but still done at your own discretion. Just be smart and say no if you are under lvl 105)

23. If a “super shiny” high level is very interested in an item you have and offers you what seems to be a fortune~~do not automatically accept it. Often times this can occur because you dont realize the value of something you have. (example: like 300mp+ wedge gaunts and etc)

24. If you are 1v1 try to only use food that drops from monsters. Also that 6th, 7th, 8th MP&FP; refreshers do hold some value to someone so if you do not need them to grind resell them in a private shop for whatever you believe to be fair. (I would recommend 500-1,000 each) It may all seem like small amounts but over time you can be a million or billionaire with being a thrifty player!

25. The only cash shop item you should save up for and invest in as soon as possible is a pick up pet. It will find many items that are otherwise lost because of being hidden in weird locations (like under rocks lol)

26. The Ivillis Mine monsters are a great place to hunt questies to sell and/or take less time to get the quests you need for your quest. Its also a great place to find sunstones and lower level set pieces (such as cruiser suits at the black totems)

27. Stat cards: Here is what I do with them: I made a guild on my semi-active yj strictly to hold all of the cards I get while grinding…so whenever I go to empty a full inventory I simply click the postbox and then an old received mail from her that I always make sure to have…then reply with all of the cards…when Im done grinding for the day I will log onto my yj and get the cards out of the postbox and put them in her guild bank that is completely full of cards….every month I then take the 2 stat cards and 3 stat cards and try to make 4 stat cards….this generally results in me getting at least 2-3 4stat cards and on lucky or heavy grinding months I can make up to 20 O.o This makes all those 2stat or 2% cards not useless doesnt it? :D and instead of selling 10 of them for say 10k each at 100k….I can use them to make a 3 stat card…that with 9 of similar gives me a 4stat card that I can easily sell for 2-7mil each! OR I have the option to save savesave and in the future possibly make a 7 stat card worth 300m-1b each O.o This is why you should never waste anything….because it has the potential to make you a very rich person one day…just have to be patient :)

28. For really really low levels: The lvl 20ish flying monsters around flaris and SM will give you demol+3s…which are a great thing to have until you have saved up enough for demol+12s

29. MARS MINE: Is a great great place to level from 16-35 not only because of the extra exp but because you will find a lot of low level green set pieces and other rare things there. Great place to find sunstones and moonstones at lower levels…great place to get free drops to make money with (thanks to higher lvl players grinding alts there and not caring about the drops…so if you ask nicely they will always let you pick them up) Also like someone mentioned, the back of the mines is a secret goldmine for lower levels…the Vice Vedaque can make you a nice chunk of money if you keep killing and going back after emptying your inventory and etc.

30: Set pieces rarely used can just be NPC’d to save yourself space. Such as Asren/Aren pieces~~Anoos pieces~~nation pieces~Nais pieces~Aken/AKent pieces~~(make sure to awaken the HELMETS first of everything i said because if you get lucky and get a godly awakening on one of them then yo now have something worth value to someone) and any 95/107 pieces that arent blade class (as people will be wearing sets….but about the 95/107 pieces…you DO have the option of selling them in private shops for 1m-5m each because there are random collector players that like to have the high level sets because they are no longer available at the NPC) Any blade NPC gear should always be awakened because it has the potential to make you profit…like for example if you were to get a +25% adoch awakening on a lvl 95 blade boot YOU WILL DEFINITELY BE ABLE TO SELL IT FOR A HUGE PROFIT.

31. Like Avelar pointed out, ALWAYS check to see if there is a lord and taxes…if there are only taxes in Darkon, manke sure to NPC all of your items in St Morning and Flaris as this will save u 5-20% of your profit. If taxes are implemented for all towns then if you have the available space to save your items and npc them the next time there is no lord then do so! It adds up over time.


1. Before you complete your 2nd job change the only cash shop items I would recommend will BENEFIT you instead of making you feel like cash shop is going to be a large aspect of the game is as follows:
a. PICK UP PET** By far the most important cash shop item needed.
b. Coral Island tickets only if bought through the cash shop as they are overpriced in the game
c. Azria tickets ONLY if bought through the cash shop and only for full support assist characters
d. Your first 5 pack of gprotects to pierce your level 45 and/or 60 suit with
e. Activition scrolls for classes that do best with hotkeying their skills but only as needed (you should save these for later in all honesty but I’ll add this for the people that want it to be listed)

2. 2nd Job Cash shop items will vary depending on your class and level so I will come back to edit this later after I refresh my memory

2a. Billposters:
-Pick up Pet
-RED SCROLL****with billposters having reduced damage because of their pvp asal being overpowered trust me when I say this scroll is a godsend.
-FULL SHOUT-not a requirement but if using a red scroll it will save you time finding fillers for your party
-the Green Party Scroll-not a requirement but as a party leader having the option to stack your linked attack for long periods of time will give you one less thing to do and raise your exp over time :)
-Upcut Stones-not a requirement but if you like to level fast this+linked+redscroll=win. period.

2b. Blades:
-Pick Up Pet
-Walkspeed Cloaks

2c. Ringmasters:
-Pick Up Pet
-RED SCROLL****but only after you become an aoe RM as this scroll wont do anything for you as a full support.

2d. Knights:
-Pick Up Pet
-Vital X drinks for aoe knights

2e. Jesters
-Pick Up Pet
-Defense Medicines
-Hit Medicines

2f. Rangers
-Pick Up Pet
-Full shout

2g. Psykeepers
-Pick Up Pet
-Defense Medicines
-Full shout
-Walkspeed Cloaks
-DMMT medicines

2h. Elementors
-Pick Up Pet
-Walkspeed Cloaks
-Defense Medicines

((((WILL EDIT THE ABOVE #2 more and more as I refresh my memory since I’ve focused on my bp primarily lately…feel free to help me out as I have no elementor or knight lol))))

k will add more later after I remember all the original tips I forgot to add the first time.

now that the spros have doubled in price its not really worth it to go +8 unless you are 90+ (except for bp 75 sets) because the resell value wont even cover your costs in spros

Im making this tip thread strictly form lvl 80and lower characters atm since so many of them are freaked out about the current cash shop item stuff being insanely overpriced. I calculated up how much it would have cost me to upgrade my knuck if i had done it at todays prices in spro/gpros/xpros/suns and it was 1.4billion (origanlly 660m) …for a gknuck…hence the need for a thread of how to be a super saver to prepare them for higher level prices about to get even more expensive (that doesnt include about 200 gpros/moons since I originally made this topic… so yea add another 1b to that for a total of 2.4b-ish for a gknuck…that isnt ultimate)

I said to just use a fighting partner or fs because so many people abuse the partner system now…and go from 15-60 in a day then complain of how expensive everything is…when its because they havnt done anything to make any money…a fighting partner is the smartest choice all around~~more exp you each keep ur drops and you are both working for it ***intead of a naeked acro following you around saying he refuses to grind at all until 60 cause the forums told him to do this instead and buy gpots to afford Gbow”””” (true story lol)
Im just trying to help people that dont have the option of gpots or are new players or just for all the people complaining about the price jumps.

To each his own…I have great equips…just giving people the only options left that dont involve gpts/buying/reselling/ and keeping their money for future needs

My advice will most definitely make you level slower and you will have less than the players around you but if you sell your drops for their values n etc its totally worth it

Credits thus far go to Avelar who by far has helped me become all that I could have hoped for in game on my bp, ty for ur help here and there. To exie, korkki, 1day and other people that contributed to this thread, whoever reminded me to mention the value of pick-up pets and the person that reminded me of vice vedaques (forgetting names atm will edit) christer, herki sama and Heosphoros for making threads worth linking to because of their helpful natures, and everyone else for the tips you’ve added that I’ll be randomly looking at to help me make this as helpful as possible, the unknown acrobat that gave me the inspiration, and to all of you true “nub at hearts” like me that still love the beginning instead of the end game.

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    I wrote this in 2008. – Lala115, guild leader of AFK, Mushpoie server, Flyff…and other games back in the day lol

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