Flyff Comprehensive PK Guide

Fly for Fun Comprehensive PK Guide by exie_

All information below was gathered from MrTheIzlude, and Gabo :) Thanks for you awesome work guys! I also added some text and formatting for clarification. Also fixed typos and such ;)
I’m putting both of these well made guides into the same thread so that we can have both sticky’d without clutter.

So, without further ado..

Izlude says, “Let’s start off with the basics. PK stands for player killing. Most games implement a pvp system in one form or another. Generally pk usually doesn’t have harsh penalties for killing other players, however Flyff’s system is harsh to both the pker and the victim, so we’re gonna provide you some details and pointers on how to effectively use the pk system that is used in flyff.”

Video: Flyff Pk Guide Part I (The Basics)
Topics Covered….

  • The 8 and 16 second rule
  • Penalties for having a pink name
  • PKing tips

Izlude says, “When you attack another player, your name will turn pink for a duration of 16 seconds. During this time, any player can kill you without gaining a pk point, or disposition. If you are killed, you will lose experience. If a player counterattacks you, they will also go pink. The pker can kill you without penalty, you can also kill him without any penalty. Counterattacking is attacking anyone with a pink name. Counterattacking makes you pink for 8 seconds instead of 16.”

Video: Flyff Pk Guide Part II (Buffs, Pks, and Bad Disposition)
Topics Covered….

  • How to attack someone (PK)
  • Buffing PKers
  • Disposition, PK points, and Red names
  • Killing a PKer
  • Dropping items
  • Lowering Disposition (Red name)
  • PKing tips

Izlude says, “When you pk another player you will usually turn red. Red puts you in a negative status. You will gain one PK for every player killed, and a set amount of disposition. Disposition determines how long you will remain red named. The higher the number, the longer you will be red. In order to remove a red named status, you must kill monsters near your own level, or you must die. When your disposition reaches 0, your name will return to a white status, however the PK points will not decrease.”

When you have four or more PK Points, you will drop items randomly from your Inventory, and Equipped items. The more PK Points you have, the more items you will drop. Note that items that are CS will not drop (such as azria tickets, CS outfits, and “Event” items), nor will items drop from your Backpack (accessed with “B”). Also note that items with a Reduction scroll applied to them count as CS items, and will not drop.

Video: Flyff Pk Guide Part III (Angels and PK Free)
Topics Covered….

  • Damage Reduction for PK points
  • Must be level 21 to PK
  • How to get the Confession Quest (Must PK someone first)
  • How to level an angel
  • What angels are
  • How to make an angel
  • How to store extra angels (Important!)

Izlude says, “Accruing pk points will hurt your damage against other players. For every 1 pk point you have, your damage to other players is decreased by 5%. This will not decrease your damage vs. monsters, only against players.”

“There are 4 types of angels.
Red angels (requires making 100% exp) blue angels (requires making 60% exp) green angels (requires making 30% exp) and white angels (takes exp for 10% of a level). Angels can be created by going to a Priest of Confession. One in flaris at the field of bubble. One in saintmorning south of the pond/Mr. Pumpkins. And one in darkon over by the drillers. Many players misread the description and think you must turn in 3 sunstones and 3 moonstones to make an angel. This is not true. 3 moonstones OR 3 sunstones is the minimum, so you can do it with only 3 stones. The more stones you use though, the higher percentage chance of getting a better angel. when equipped, an angel will take 1/2 of your experience until it levels (So for every 10% you earn, 5% goes to you, and 5% goes to your angel). Angels cannot be unequipped or killed once you activate them. Once fully leveled an angel will remove between 1-5 pk points (Random) that you have accrued when you turn the angel and 1mil penya into the Priest of Confession. Angels are NOT re-usable.”

Other Facts:

If you are PKed with a pet active (Unicorn, lion, fox, etc), the animal will be recalled, and will not loose a life.
While CS items will not drop (including reduced armor/weapons/etc), CS items gained from an event will drop. Make sure your CS things are not droppable before you go on a PK spree!

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