Flyff Knights Complete Guide Part 2

Fly for Fun Knights Complete Guide Part 2 by regaxion

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Against Rangers:
Rangers like knights aren’t that good at PvP, and usually rangers have low hp which a lot of knights can take down with the slash keen combo. But there are those few special rangers who have awesome equips and can have really good hp, and good damage as well.
Overall – Rangers aren’t that big of a threat. Oh! And don’t try to melee them lol they have awesome block rate.

Against Jesters:
YJs: Yoyo jesters get the second best skill in the game. Hit of Penya (AKA Penya strike). While for AoE knights, surviving HoP isn’t that big of a problem (except for those crazy yjs who can get 100k HoPs) but for 1vs1, the low hp is taking its toll. Even a level 75 newly hop yj will be able to one hit you at lower levels. And even worse at higher levels.
Overall  - AoE knights don’t have to worry that much about them except for those few. 1vs1 knights though, watch out at all times.

BJs: Bow Jesters are kind of evil at lower levels, but once you get your 105 set bjs become powerless. And yes I’m talking to both AoEs and 1vs1. 1vs1 may not use knightert/knigz but they can still use them for pvp purposes. And with the help of pain reflection bjs no longer have any power against you.
105 set + pain reflection + Bloody slayer = 65% ranged block and by the time they realize they’re not going to kill you, they’re already dead.
Overall – No problem at higher levels, beware are lower levels though.

Against Billposters:
1vs1 BPs: 1vs1 Bps are extremely dangerous at both low levels and high levels (more so at higher). At lower levels, they still have stonehand making us knights both AoE and 1vs1 immobilized. And at higher levels they still have stonehand and asal, the KO skill of the game. Though also at higher levels. AoE knights will have good hp, and will probably be able to survive the average asal. For bps who actually work on their equips for asal, just be ready. For 1vs1 knights…yeah asal is gonna kill you, sorry. Though if you can kill them before they’re done casting asal (which is very probable due to their low hp) then you might be ok.
Overall – Bps pwn basically

AoE bps: Depending on weather or not they’re str or int aoe doesn’t really change the matters. In a battle an AoE bp will defeat and AoE knight, and for that matter a 1vs1 knight. Knights may get the most hp and defense per sta. But bps get the 2nd highest and prevention. And, they’re AoEs have a higher chance of stunning then knights because of stone hand. And if they’re str aoe, they’re asal will be dangerous. And if they’re int aoe, they can still get theirs really high with the right equips.
For 1vs1 knight, if you can get a legendary golden axe or bloody sword. You can try your best at killing them, but unless they’re not paying attention or they’re AFK, you won’t make it.
Overall – Same as before

Against Ringmasters:
Support: Obviously a support rm won’t be going around attacking people doing massive damage. But don’t forget, they are in the arena, meaning they do expect to be killed. So don’t let your conscience get to you. I’m not saying to go around killing every fs you see. I’m just saying you shouldn’t feel guilty if you kill a fs while on a rampage.
Overall – No need to kill a fs, unless they HC you or Merk you, or healing the person you’re fighting against.

AoE rms– Like bps, except not so much. They have the hp and the prevention, they just don’t have the damage. Usually an AoE rm will use merk right as you start to attack them, but if you can kill them before that aoe kills you, you’re fine. But usually if there’s a fight with an AoE rm, the rm will probably just spam prevention, making the fight go on and on and on, making it so there’s no point in doing it.
Overall – I’d avoid AoE rms just cause they take forever to kill lol

Battle Ringmasters– Basically the same thing as 1vs1 bps, they just don’t have asal.
Overall – Beware of stun.

Against Blades:
1vs1– Ok at lower levels their damage output won’t be that great, and neither will their hp. So you should have no problem at lower levels. At higher levels though, you’re screwed. Because of their lgas and double hit, they can hit in the 20k at higher levels. Taking out a chunk of your hp with one hit if you’re an AoE. And if not one hitting you as a 1vs1, then just barely killing you. The only way you can at least hope is, as an AoE try and spam slash and keen. If 1vs1, try your luck at meleeing, if not use slash and keen.
Overall – Their damage output kills us.

AoE blade – Not that big of a problem for AoE knights cause of their low hp and low melee damage. Slash and keen combo and you should be fine. At higher levels they’ll get their 105 set, but their damage output still won’t be that great, unless they get good lgas. For 1vs1 knights, meleeing an AoE blade is just useless. Slash and keen them, but be careful. Because of our low hp and def, their minor damage can do a lot to us.
Overall – Not that dangerous at lower levels, but at higher levels beware 1vs1 knights!

Against Knights:
AoE- Most likely every knight you meet will be a high sta build, so…they’ll have good hp but bad damage. But usually in an AoE knight fight, its just usually who can food the fastest and spam slash and keen.
Overall – Avoid these kind of fights, they take too long as well.

1vs1– Its down to a couple of things: Level, Hp, and damage output. If you can dish out 3k critical and the person only has 6k hp. Taking them down should be easy. But these fights are usually fast and painless…sorta.
Overall – Fast fight, doesn’t happen a lot though due to lack of 1vs1 knights.

Against Elementors
At lower levels, elementors aren't that big of a deal; mainly because they're mostly full int, therefore they have low hp. But at higher levels, they can get enough hp to survive, and still do 6k windfields which can be devastating.
Overall - Not much of a problem at lower levels, and if they don't have the hp at higher levels, they're not too bad at that time either.

Against Psykeepers
At lower levels and higher levels, psykeepers are a danger to all knights. Especially when they get to level 65 and can get satanology. They can get huge damage and still have over 20k hp.
Overall - I'd suggest if you can, avoid getting into a war with a psykeeper, especially any 65+ ones. Plus they might spam satanology.

PvP for Hybrid – Accuracy thanks to Rhisis :3

Against rangers:
Not tested, probably easy win for the knight

Against Jesters:
YJs: Depends on Hop and vital, if survived and you can pill afterwards, its a win
BJs: Powerless against hybrid knight

Against Billposters:
1vs1 BPs:  Easy win against 1vs1 BP. Mostly dead vs asal.
AoE bps: "unless they’re not paying attention or they’re AFK, you won’t make it."

Against Ringmasters:
Support: Easy kill, 2-3 hits
AoE rms: Hard kill, usually killing them when they start HCing or cast merkaaba.
Battle Ringmasters: – Easy kill, won't land a hit

Against Blades:
1vs1 – 1/3 will be win if they're balanced build, its a matter of who lands the most unblocked hits.
Win if they're full strength. Loss if they're PVP build, for now...
AoE blades– 1/2 ~You can melee them, they can melee you, you can skill them, they can skill you. You have a slight advantage tough, your aoe stuns them.

AoE- Depends on their HP
1vs1- Easy win, won't land a hit.

For both AoE and 1vs1

Mercenary Skills
Slash -Level 15:
This + Keenwheel = pvp combo, nothing more, except for maybe during leveing. For AoE, it can help you get to 65 faster, as for 1vs1, its one of your main combos in arena (same for AoE).
Keenwheel -Level 18 :
Blindslide -Level 24 :
Blindslide – Guillotine are mainly after you master everything you need, and for fun in the arena. This is the same for both AoE and 1vs1, except perhaps at higher levels, bloody strike might help a little more for 1vs1 in arena, because of the hp steal.
Special Hit -Level 30:
Bloody Strike -Level 20 :
Hit Reflect -Level 25:
Guillotine -Level 30 :
Same though its an AoEs “distance” way of collecting (slower but fun :D)
Protection -level 15 :
Protection really doesn’t add that much def when maxed, i wouldn’t bother. It neither helps with AoE or 1vs1.
Pan Barrier -Level 18 :
No help while training, but in arena, its one of your best weapons against bow jesters. Be sure to max it after all of the skills you need. Same for both AoE and 1vs1.
Sneaker -Level 20:
Not really that helpful unless an aggro goes after your ringmaster. Also, its used in arena, but annoyingly so. Max it if you want. (actually a level 19 sneaker has a higher chance of working)
Empower Weapon -Level 20 :
Woots because of v13, empower weapon now adds 11% attack when MAXED!!! This not only helps 1vs1 substantially, but it also helps aoes with their dmg now! :D An AoE can now +1 ele their weapon and get 11% attack from it ;3 And 1vs1 can +8 their weapons, and get the 11% attack and ele bonus! MAX THIS!!!!!!
Smite Axe -Level 25 :
Smite axe – Sword Mastery are our best friends :D they are some of our main damage boosters. So be sure you max them!!!
:-Axe Mastery -Level 30:
Max if axe aoe/ 1vs1 Axe
Blazing Sword -Level 25:
Max if sword aoe/ 1vs1 Sword
Sword Mastery -Level 30 :
Max if sword aoe/ 1vs1 Sword

-Knight Skills
Charge -Level 60 :
Does more damage then Guillotine I’m pretty sure, and is faster casting as well. But you won’t need it until you max all the necessity skills.
Pain Dealer -Level 60 :
Same as charge, also helps with giant hunting because it lowers defense.
*Note- Pain Dealer does not work with 2h Swords.
Guard -Level 60 :
This skill is your best friend, especially with builds #3-6. This baby adds 400 def. This is what allows knights to go low sta builds. But for 1vs1 knights, it doesn’t help that much, unless you’re in need of defense in arena.
Earth Divider -Level 65 :
Sword aoes best friend, this is your aoe. Use it well.
*Note- Earth Divider is a target click aoe, meaning you have to click on the mob to use it.
Power Stomp -Level 65 :
Axe aoes best friend, this is your aoe. Use it well.
*Note- Power Stomp is a non target aoe, and the mobs can be all around you. Also, it stuns. Axe aoe is the better aoe, but go sword aoe if you want to be different, and want a harder path.
**Note- a 1vs1 does not need either of those, but may be for fun later on after you max everything else.
Rage -level 65 :
This helps a lot for leveling, it adds damage, but it also decreases defense, but not a lot, with guard, you’ll make up for it. For 1vs1, its a great way to get some good damage, but beware, it decreases our precious accuracy. I’ll put a chart later on in the guide.
:-Pain Reflection -Level 70:
Not that important, doesn’t reflect enough damage to be worth it.
Power Swing -Level 75 :
Fun in arena, and a good way to gather mobs that are in a big group. And fun to split big groups in arena.
Special Two-Handed Weapon Master -Master : The skill you get when you get master, it increases your damage, obviously very helpful :D
Drawing -Hero : The knights hero skills. Not very useful for training, because it takes a long time to cast, and all it does it bring the target back to you. But it’s a lot of fun in the arena ;3

Templar Skills
Templars Call – Level 130: Mmmm basically the Knights Hero skills. Not all that great
Sky Splitter – Level 130
Maelstrom Strike – Level 130
Shield Bash – Level 130
Heart of the Tower – Level 130: Its guard on steroids! This skill adds 700 defense, which is rather nice :3
Dead Mans Lure – Level 130 : Good for a tanker in dungeons.

This is Arias rage chart, I take no credit in making this.
To use this table, simply find your appropriate level range, and the plus level of your set. This will tell you what level your Rage should be at for optimal killing speed. If you’re still unsure about leveling Rage, remember that Rage at level 1 is always beneficial.

Level 65-74
Weapon: G Big Sword
Buffs: Haste 20, Accuracy 10, Cannonball 10
Unbuffed Dex: 40-50
Rescorn+0 -> Rage 1
Rescorn+3 -> Rage 1
Rescorn+4 -> Rage 1
Rescorn+6 -> Rage 1
Rescorn+8 -> Rage 3
Rescorn+10 -> Rage 6

Level 75-89
Weapon: H Big Sword
Buffs: Haste 20, Accuracy 20, Cannonball 20
Unbuffed Dex: 40-50
Rescorn+0 -> Rage 1
Rescorn+3 -> Rage 1
Rescorn+4 -> Rage 2
Rescorn+6 -> Rage 5
Rescorn+8 -> Rage 7
Rescorn+10 -> Rage 10

Level 90+
Weapon: A Big Sword
Buffs: Haste 20, Accuracy 20, Cannonball 20, Geb Tiph 10
Unbuffed Dex (with A Big Sword): 71
Warspon+0 -> Rage 1
Warspon+3 -> Rage 2
Warspon+4 -> Rage 3
Warspon+6 -> Rage 6
Warspon+8 -> Rage 8
Warspon+10 -> Rage 10

/End Aria

To help kind of show the effects of rage, by using the Jons Character Simulator, I was able to find the effects of rage with different builds and +’s of armor.

*Note- this is all base on a level 60 knight also, these simulations are used with maxed cannon and accuracy :

71 dex build:
            +0 set       +3 set       +6 set       +8 set       +10 set
Rage level
0           96%          96%          96%          96%          96%
1           96%          96%          96%          96%          96%
2           96%          96%          96%          96%          96%
3           95%          96%          96%          96%          96%
4           90%          95%          96%          96%          96%
5           86%          91%          96%          96%          96%
6           82%          85%          96%          96%          96%
7           78%          83%          96%          96%          96%
8           74%          79%          94%          96%          96%
9           70%          75%          88%          96%          96%
10          68%          73%          88%          96%          96%

XXX dex build:
            +0 set       +3... +10 set
Rage level
0           96%          96%
1           96%          96%
2           96%          96%
3           96%          96%
4           96%          96%
5           96%          96%
6           96%          96%
7           96%          96%
8           96%          96%
9           95%          96%
10          93%          96%

15 dex build:
            +0 set       +3 set       +6 set       +8 set       +10 set
Rage level
0           84%          89%          96%          96%          96%
1           79%          84%          96%          96%          96%
2           74%          79%          93%          96%          96%
3           69%          74%          89%          96%          96%
4           64%          69%          83%          95%          96%
5           60%          65%          80%          91%          96%
6           56%          61%          75%          85%          96%
7           52%          57%          72%          83%          93%
8           48%          53%          67%          79%          89%
9           44%          49%          64%          75%          88%
10          42%          47%          61%          73%          88%

-Conclusion, as we can see, even with a +10 set, you’ll never be able to fully grasp the full power of rage. You’ll get close, but not all the way. While with a high dex build, you can still max out hit rate with a lower +’ed set.

For AoE though maxed rage helps a lot lol

Skill Progression – Thanks to Milly :D
Skill progression:

At Lv15, you have just finished your job change and have received 40 skill points from it. At this point, you have 68 skill points so make Protection Lv5.
Points Left: 58

At Lv20, you will have 68 skill points so make Empower Weapon Lv4 (or 9 at highest).
Points Left: 60 (50 with Lv9 EW)

At Lv25, you will have 75 skill points so max Blazing Sword.
Points Left: 35 (25 with Lv9 EW)

At Lv30, you will have 50 skill points so max Sword Mastery and put whatever points you have left into Empower Weapon.
Points Left: 0

At Lv38, you will have 24 skill points so max Empower Weapon and add whatever points you have left into Pan Barrier.
Points left: 0

Skill levels at this point
Slash: 0
Keenwheel: 0
Blindside: 0
Special Hit: 0
Bloody Strike: 0
Hit Reflect: 0
Guillotine: 0

Protection: 5
Pan Barrier: 1
Sneaker: 0
Empower Weapon: Max
Smite Axe: 0
Axe Mastery: 0
Blazing Sword: Max
Sword Mastery: Max

At Lv43, you will have 18 skill points so make Pan Barrier Lv10 and start focusing on Sneaker.
Points Left: 0

At Lv53, you will have 40 skill points so make Sneaker Lv19.
Points Left: 2

At Lv65, use the Reskill you received at Lv15 and distribute your skills to look something like this:
Points Left: 33 (15 for those with Maxed Pain Dealer)

Skill levels at this point
Slash: 0
Keenwheel: 0
Blindside: 0
Special Hit: 0
Bloody Strike: 0
Hit Reflect: 0
Guillotine: 0

Protection: 5
Pan Barrier: 10
Sneaker: 19
Empower Weapon: Max
Smite Axe: Max
Axe Mastery: Max
Blazing Sword: 0
Sword Mastery: 0

Charge: 0
Earth Divider: 0
Pain Dealer: 4 (or Max if you plan on CWing)
Power Stump: Max
Guard: Max
Rage: Max

At Lv70, you will have 58 skill points so max Pain Reflection.
Points Left: 28 (10 for those with max PD)

At Lv75, you will have 53 skill points so max Power Swing.
Points Left: 23 (5 for those with max PD)

Now you can spend your points on whatever you want. The other skills won’t really help that much in normal leveling, but they can be fun in the arena and possibly useful during giant hunting.

Helm This depends entirely on your build, if you have a low sta build, try getting some good sta awakenings. If you’ve got a high sta build, get some good str awakenings. If you have a high stat you probably want more of the one you’re neglecting.

Suit– There’s many things that can be useful to an AoE, and some of it does go with the build you use. For low sta builds, perhaps you’ll want to get Defense and Sta awakenings, while a high sta build will probably want to get some attack and Str awakenings.

Guants– Attack awakenings all the way, or attack speed (for faster collecting or giant hunting) but mainly attack. We want to do as much damage as we can.

Boots– Defense and running speed. Defense for low sta builds and running speed so you can run from one mob to the next faster, this is mainly for collecting faster.

Axe/Sword– Depending on your build, once again, for high sta get some str awakenings or some attack awakenings. For low sta, get some def and sta awakenings, perhaps even some good hp awakenings.

Helm– To be honest, I think the perfect helm for a 1vs1 knight would be 28 dex, 28 dex, and 25 sta. This way you can go pure str, have 40 sta (25+15) and be able to reach the 91 dex speed break (28+28+cannon+Abs). Though obviously, the chance of getting this is basically impossible. So try to get some sta and dex awakenings, the more of those you have on your equips, the less you have to add to your base stats, allowing you to add more to your str.

Suit– Three things, critical %, additional damage of critical (Adoch) and attack speed. We need as much critical and attack speed as we can get, the Adoch isn’t as important, but our damage is going to be mainly based off of criticals, so we want a lot of those. Also, without attack speed, our killing speed is brought down a lot, making exp per hour extremely slow.

Guants– Critical % and attack speed all the way. The more criticals the happier we’ll be :D

Boots– One word : Adoch. Enough said, try to get as much as you can. I’d say anything below 13% isn’t worth it.

Axe/Sword– Like AoE, depending on the build, for a pure str, try to get attack speed and maybe some dex and criticals. For a higher dex build try to get some adoch, criticals, and str.

I think the perfect 1vs1 set would be:
+10 warpon/warspon helm: 28 dex, 25 sta, 25 sta
+10 warpon/warspon suit: 17% attack speed, 10% critical, 19% adoch
+10 warpon/warspon guants: 10% critical, 10% critical, 10% critical
+10 warpon/warspon boots: 19% adoch, 19% adoch, 19% adoch
+10 uAngel Big Sword: 10% critical, 19% adoch, 19% adoch 10/10 – 70 dex 20% critical
Now obviously this is possible, well technically it is, but it’ll probably never happen. But this allows the knight to go pure str, have enough criticals, enough hp, and a heck of a lot adoch to make their criticals worth it. Hopefully this will help you in deciding on how to awaken your set.

1vs1 Alternative:

Shield– I’d suggest either getting a good amount of criticals, or adoch, or both. Or for giant hunting and or arena, a good sta awakening.

Please note, that even if you say it’s impossible to train at some of these places, you have to remember, people leveled here before azria and tower came along.

Level: 65-66
Hp – 13,429 – 13,621
Exp – 11,570 – 12,841
Element – Varied between Wind and Fire
When: Just get to 60, these will help on the way!!!

Level – 67-68
Hp – 13,850 – 14,005
Exp – 14,254 – 15,821
Element – Varied between Earth and Electric
When – You can AoE these till about 67. Or at least practice on them, if you think you can go higher, go ahead.
As a 1vs1, you might stay here for a couple levels, or go to sylica at level 62 or so.

Level – 69-70
Hp – 25,804 – 26,154
Exp – 21,074 – 23,391
Element – Water
When – As I said before, if you think you can take them before leveling at cranes, then do so. If not, as an AoE I’d suggest starting here around 67 or so. As a 1vs1, the same, or maybe 65.

Level – 71 – 72
Hp – 28,602 – 28,981
Exp – 25,964 – 27,145
Element – Water
When – As my personal experience, when I was level 65, I went straight to mongs. But that’s not always the case. If you want to AoE safely, AoE these guys around 68-69. For 1vs1, You can start earlier, maybe 66-67.

Level – 73 – 74
Hp – 31,285 – 31,690
Exp – 31,988 – 35,506
Element – Electric
When – As an aoe, going here at level 70 is a pretty good choice. And the spawn isn’t too bad compared to some,
For 1vs1, you can probably start at level 69 or so.

Level – 75 – 77
Hp – 31,736 – 34,242
Exp – 29,857 – 36,786
Element – Earth
When – Personally I’d just skip hoppre and go straight to mushies. Reasons being is, for an AoE the hoppre spawn is one of the worst. You might get 4 mobs in one take.
For a 1vs1, I’d skip them as well, due to the fact of them being spread out so much, that you’d lose killing time.

Level – 78 – 80
Hp – 35,224 – 37,231
Exp – 40,832 – 50,308
Element – Water
When – As an AoE you can try taking them at level 73 or so. But to be on the safe side, I’d suggest level 75. For 1vs1, you can probably kill these things at level 71 ish.

Level – 87
Hp – 49,286
Exp – 205,709
Element – Fire
When – Well then, Pinky roaches are by far, the best exp you’ll ever get until about mutant augu/princes in azria. Pinky roaches are located in the dekane mines. If you can, kill them at level 75, if not start at 78. You’ll be there till about 85 anyways. But be careful there are a lot of agros

Level – 81 – 83
Hp – 38,256 – 40,348
Exp – 55,841 – 68,801
Element – Wind
When – If you don’t go to Pinkies, I’d suggest just skipping these. The same as hoppre, the spawn is too far spread out. This goes for both aoe and 1vs1.

Level – 84 – 86
Hp – 41,415 – 43,593
Exp – 76,369 – 94,093
Element – Water
When – You can aoe them, the spawn isn’t that great, but its doable. For 1vs1 same thing. It’s better then hoppre, but worse then pinkies. If you do though, as an AoE go at level 80 or so. For 1vs1 you can tray at 78-79

Level – 87 – 89
Hp – 44,703 – 46,966
Exp – 104,443 – 128,683
Element – Earth
When – Well, personally, i think this is one of the best spawns in Darkon 3 (not including desert mobs). Theres a certain area where you can get about 15 or so in one take. Tackle these guys at level 83. That goes for both aoe and 1vs1

Level – 90 – 93
Hp – 48,119 – 50,468
Exp – 141,551 – 171,276
Element – Fire
When – Not that great of a spawn. They’re too spread out, in fact I would suggest going to tower or azria if possible. For 1vs1, this is a little bit easier for you cause you’re only going one by one. But still, the time you take to get from one mob to the other will slow down your leveling. If you do level here, for aoes I would say 87 ish, for 1vs1 I’d say 85.

Level – 93 – 95
Hp – 51,664 – 54,100
Exp – 188,403 – 225,894
Element – Electric
When – The same as Luia, not a great spawn, but if you do try it. AoEs – 89, 1vs1 – 87

Level – 96 – 98
Hp – 55,339 – 57,861
Exp – 246,224 – 292,538
Element – Electric
When – One of the better spawns, not as great as tower/azria, or antiquerys for that matter. But better then luia etc. Though even if its a better spawn, you won’t be able to get more then 8 before 1 starts to run off. So for AoEs, start at around 92 or so. For 1vs1 I’d say 90 if you can.

Level – 99 – 101
Hp – 59,14 – 61,753
Exp – 318,866 – 375,368
Element – Fire
When – About the same as shuhammas. A better spawn then some, but a worst spawn then others. For AoE, I’d say start around 95. For 1vs1, you might do the same.

Level – 102 – 104
Hp – 63,079 – 65,775
Exp – 405,397 – 472,854
Element – Wind
When – The spawn here isn’t that great for aoe either. But it can be done. For 1vs1, its a little bit easier. For AoE try at around level 98. For 1vs1 96 – 97.

*Note – The mobs in desert have a rage, but they’re also very close together. Good for aoe.
*Note – There are different levels of each mob just like every other mob (small, norms, and capts) the only problem is, these mobs have different elements then each other. Be wary of how you element your suit (and if you’re 1vs1, your weapon)

Level – 93-96
Hp – 51,664 – 54,100
Exp – 188,403 – 225,894
Element – Varied between Wind and Fire
When – As all the spawns in desert, the chimeradons is a great place for aoe, a little dangerous while in rage, but should be easy to take on. For aoe 89-90, for 1vs1 87+.

Level – 96-99
Hp – 55,339 – 57,861
Exp – 246,224 – 292,538
Element – Varied between Earth and Water
When – For aoe start around 92-93, for 1vs1 you can try 90-91.

Level – 99 – 102
Hp – 59,144 – 61,753
Exp – 318,866 – 375,368
Element – Varied between Fire and Electric
When – For aoe, start maybe 94-95, and same for 1vs1.

Level – 102 – 104
Hp – 63,079 – 65,775
Exp – 405,397 – 472,854
Element – N/A
When – Just a word of caution, be careful of queen pop. She might be a lower level now, but she still hurts. For AoE go 98-99, for 1vs1 97-98.

Level – 118
Hp – 120,000
Exp – 1,100,000
Element – N/A
When – To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend leveling here due to two things;
1: They have rage
2: There’s not exactly a great spawn of them
You can kill them if you want to, but I’d suggest going to asuras or staying at cannibals.

Level – 120
Hp – 140,000
Exp – 1,250,000
Element – N/A
When – Same as Meteonyker, they have really bad rage, meaning it hurts, and there’s a small spawn. Asuras give the same amount of exp actually, so I’d suggest staying there.

My rule is >: Stay at the mob till you’re the same lvl, then go to the next mob. Because they’re 6 levels apart.
Monster Map:

Level – 73
Hp – 31,285
Exp – 29,081
Element – Earth
When – For 1vs1: You can start leveling here probably around 67-68ish. For AoE, I’d say 68-69.

Level – 79
Hp – 36,220
Exp – 54,388
Element – Water
When – For 1vs1, you can probably start once you’ve reached 71-72, but for AoE, like I said, I’d suggest staying at the mob till you’re the same level as it. So I’d say 73 for aoe.

Level – 85
Hp – 42,497
Exp – 101,723
Element – Water
When – For 1vs1 you can start 78-79, same for AoE.

Level – 91
Hp – 49,286
Exp – 186,847
Element – Fire
When – Sadly, pinkies give more exp then mutant augu even though they’re a higher level. So in theory you should train at pinkies at this level of 87-88ish. But you have to take in some things into consideration:
1. There are no aggros in azria
2. Your ringmaster will be safe
3. There’s a bigger spawn
4. Better drops
So even though you get more exp at pinkies, I think mutant augus are more worth it because of all the other bonuses you get along with it.

Level – 97
Hp – 56,593
Exp – 322,061
Element – Lightning
When – For 1vs1, start around 90-91, for AoE maybe 91.

Level – 103
Hp – 64,442
Exp – 525,394
Element – Wind
When – For 1vs1 perhaps 97-98, for AoE 98-99.

Level – 109
Hp – 86,854
Exp – 828,756
Element – Water
When – Just to say, this is probably the best spawn of any mob in the game. And they have one of the best drop rates as well. For 1vs1 100, for AoE 103 (of if you can’t take them yet, stay at kings till 104).

Level – 115
Hp – 96,403
Exp – 1,083,722
Element – N/A
When – Be careful when you get here because of the non-element. That means they’ll be hitting harder. For 1vs1 this isn’t much of a problem so you can start probably 108-109. But for AoE, that reducted elemented damage helped a lot before, so now you might consider staying at mammoths till 111, before you switch.

#Note- These are just estimations, obviously it will vary depending on your equipment.

To warn, mobs in tower hit harder then regular mobs!

Level – 62 – 66
Hp – 12,405 – 13,621
Exp – 7,691- 11,674
Element – N/A
When – Because they have no element, its a little bit easier to start here, for both aoe and 1vs1, I’d say level 60 would be the best choice. (Obviously aoes you can’t aoe yet o3o)

Level – 68- 72
Hp – 14,005 – 28,981
Exp – 14,383 – 21,833
Element – Fire
When – A good spawn in a small area. Its a good place :D for AoE, I’d say 65, and the same for 1vs1 as well.

Level – 74 – 78
Hp – 31,690 – 31,690
Exp – 26,899 – 40,832
Element – Water
When – The captain gullah is a good spawn for aoe, and is crowded enough for 1vs1 that you don’t have to move around a lot. The other spawns are ok, and still manageable. For AoE I’d say level 70, and for 1vs1 if you can around the same as well. Be careful of agros.

Level – 80 – 84
Hp – 37,231- 41,415
Exp – 50,308 – 76,369
Element – Lightning
When – The same as gullah, great spawns for all the levels of the mob. Start for aoe at 76-77. For 1vs1 if you can, try 75. :D

Level – 86-90
Hp – 43,593 – 48,119
Exp – 94,093 – 141,551
Element – Wind
When – The witches, I swear…they’re mini rangdas ._. anyways, the spawns are ok, a little spread out, but we’ll live :D. For aoe try 82, for 1vs1 try 81.

Level – 92 – 96
Hp – 50,468 – 55,339
Exp – 171,276 – 246,224
Element – N/A
When – No element again, so…yeah lol. For aoe try 89, and for 1vs1 maybe 87-88.

Level -98 – 102
Hp – 57,861 – 63,079
Exp – 292,538 – 405,397
Element – Fire
When – For aoe go around 95, and for 1vs1, i bet you could do it at 93 :D

Level – 104 – 108
Hp – 65,775 – 85,139
Exp – 472,854 – 639,473
Element – Water
When – The octopus thingys ._. a somewhat good spawn I guess lol. For AoE try 100, and probably the same for 1vs1.

Level – 110 – 114
Hp – 88,583 – 94,583
Exp – needs info o.o;;
Element – Lightning
When – The fatty elephants, a good spawn. For aoe I’d say 106-107. Same for 1vs1.

Level – 116-120
Hp – 98,236 – 140,000
Exp – 975,349 – 1,250,000
Element – Wind
When – If you don’t go to cannibals in azria, then I guess you can go here, start for aoes at 112 (but only for the small asuras. As soon as you hit normals and capts, they’ll hit harder and they’ll run faster as well). For 1vs1, start around that as well.

This is the only way to get there xD

Monster Map:

Be wary of shaduwar mobs, they can hit pretty hard, and some even have a double or triple attack.

Level – 105-107
Hp – 80,417 – 83,756
Exp – 496,756 – 625,767
Element – Wind
When – For AoE, you can start at small toadrins around 102 (at least that’s what i would suggest) for 1vs1, you can try at 100.

Level – 108-110
Hp – 85,139 – 88,583
Exp – 592,105 -756,880
Element – Water
When – For AoE, 105, for 1vs1 around the same. Just be careful, when in the lower parts of their health, troglodons will start to hit twice (or a double attack).

Level – 111 – 113
Hp – 89,861 – 93,409
Exp – 686,512 – 864,805
Element – Wind
When – From the get go, bolos have a double attack, so be cautious. For AoE, go here maybe 108, for 1vs1 106-107. Just be careful.

Level – 114-116
Hp – 94,583 – 96,403
Exp – 774,266 – 975,349
Element – Earth
When – Not pretty things at all hahaha…..when they’re in lower health, these ugly things will start triple attacking. For AoE 112, for 1vs1 111.

Level – 117-119
Hp – 98,236 – 140,000
Exp – 975,349 – 1,250,000
Element – Water
When – Probably one of the nastiest mobs in the game. These things have a huuuge attack rate. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend training here at all. But if you do, for AoE I’d say start at 117, for 1vs1 maybe 115 if you’re lucky, but I’m serious. I’m 116, and they hit 3k normally on me.


Level – 116
Hp – 108,089
Exp – 1,787,500
Element – Electric
When: Starting in Traseia can be a good substitute for Asuras if you can afford to go here :D If you can, 113-114 would be best (though depending on your equipment, you might be able to start sooner).

Level – 118
Hp – 130,787
Exp – 2,162,875
Element – Earth
When: 115-116

Level – 120
Hp – 130,787
Exp – 1,966,250
Element – Wind
When: 117-118

Level – 122
Hp – 143,865
Exp – 2,379,162
Element – Fire
When: 119-120

Level – 124
Hp – 158,250
Exp – 2,617,079
Element – Water
When: 120-122

Level – 126
Hp – 174,075
Exp – 2,878,787
Element – Electric
When: 122-124

*note- I don’t remember exactly, but there are some mobs that have a double or triple hit, so be careful.


Just to say, these mobs are pretty evil :/ridicule:

Level – 129
Hp – 165,000
Exp – 1,559,786
Element – Wind
When: 126-127

Level – 130
Hp – 170,500
Exp – 1,624,778
Element – Earth
When: 128-129

Level – 131
Hp – 176,000
Exp – 1,692,477
Element – Fire
When: 128-130

Level – 132
Hp – 181,500
Exp – 1,762,997
Element – Water
When: 129-130

Level – 133
Hp – 187,000
Exp – 1,836,455
Element – Electric
When: 129-130

Level – 134
Hp – 192,500
Exp – 1,912,974
Element – Wind
When: 130+

Stuff to Change : Descriptions, order of pictures, data of mobs lol

These are the buffs both AoE and 1vs1 need/not need from RMs

-Cats (not especially needed but helps with block rate)
-Quick Step (faster collecting)
-Spirit Fortune
-Geburah Tiphreth
-Haste (not especially needed but helps with faster collecting ;3)

-Spirit Fortune
-Geburah Tiphreth

Buffs that help but not needed:
-Cannon (can help with the block)

-Cats Reflex
-Quick Step

Buffs that should never be even thought about given to:
-Mental Sign
-Accuracy (unless you’re ghing)
-Holy Guard

-Mental Sign
-Holy Guard

-Heal Rain – Very useful for AoE, but 1vs1 its not needed.
-Holy Cross – No for AoE, but very helpful for killing faster for 1vs1.

Yay something other then words!!! :D So here are some example of different types of knights:

1vs1 Videos:



-1vs1 AoEing

– 1vs1 Alternative :D (bsword :O)

AoE Videos
-Low sta

-High Sta
lost it >:I

-Full Str

-Sword AoE
more of a photo movie, but still shows it :D – Yes finally a sword aoe movie!!! :D

And me being stupid in arena :D


Things about ClockWork:

Name: ClockWorks
Level: 80
Hp: 62,582,890
Def: 115
Mdef: 140
Exp: 249,864,550
Attack: 2,800~3,000
Element: None

—Clockworks can only be challenged from server 1
—You have 1 hour to defeat Clockworks
—If you fail, you can retry as many times as you want
—If you succeed you must wait two days and make a new guild to do battle once more
—If someone else is in the Clockworks cage, you must wait for them to finish


Stomp:Typical CW close range attack, if you spend most of the time under CW then this will perhaps be the only attack you see. It is a big area of effect. It’s also the attack that can knockback.

Cannon: Long range CW AoE attack. This tends to only fire when you run away from CW, and sometimes when you run to it. After targeting you and initiating this attack, you will get hit no matter how far away you get before the attack connects. Since it is an aoe anyone near you will also get hit.

Laser: An AoE attack. If you happen to be at a distance from Clockworks, but still in range of its attacks, you might get hit by the laser, which does huge damage in small chunks. Meaning if you get hit, its going to hit you a couple times.

Sword: Pretty plain a simple, Clockworks hits you with its sword.

Effects on Clockworks
-Clockworks attacks can be blocked, but they cannot be missed.
-Stun does not work
-Satanology, Rooting, and Sneaker do work, but not all that helpful
-Holycross, Swordcross, Baraqijal Esna, Windfield, Electric Shock and Pain Dealer will work

-Quoted mostly from Flyff Wiki-

Knight Versus Clockwork
When: As an AoE around level 80 you should have enough hp to survive Clockworks, but that doesn’t mean you should try and kill it. You can, however be a linker for someone else. Though because of low damage, you probably wouldn’t want to start Clockworking till you’re 105- 110.
For 1vs1, you need at least 9-10k hp in the beginning, and either lots of low cooldown foods, or 16k+ hp in rage. Or just have lots of hp to start out with lol. Anyways, to be able to kill Clockworks by yourself (and a ringmaster) you probably wouldn’t start till 105- 110 as well. Mainly because of the lack of hp and defense. That is if you’re low sta. You can probably do it at a lower level if you have a 2nd damage dealer with you as well.

Build: For AoE, your build is whatever you’re training with. With any AoE build you should have enough hp to survive.
For 1vs1 you can be full str and still do Clockworks, but that would be at higher levels. Though if you have 40 sta or so, you can start earlier. And if you have a lot of dex, the block rate will help as well. Probably at the max, you should have 60 sta. But anymore then that is really really unnecessary.

Weapons: I say at level 105- 110, because that’s when you can use Legendary Golden Axe/Bloody Sword. I know, I know its what a blade uses blah blah blah. However the critical rate and additional damage of critical hits that both those weapons give, outdmg our Angel Big Sword. And the attack speed from Bloody Sword really helps for Damage per Second. Now I’m not saying you have to use these weapons. There are plenty of knights who have used their knight weapons *cough* Rhisis *cough* and totally pwned Clockworks. Plus with a knight weapon, we still get sword cross, just incase your ringmaster isn’t hcing or something.

Armor: I’ll use myself as an example. I use the bloody sword when I clockwork mainly because of the attack speed and how i have 53% criticals with it xD I also use my warpon set. Now with my warpon set, i have about 10k hp, which is nice in the beginning, but in rage Clockworks will start hitting 4k and 6k criticals, making that 10k hp kinda useless. So to help i also bring my +8 28% hp knightert set. Which helps a lot in rage (mind you, I’m using an eel this entire time…and no 10k hp isn’t my hp with an eel xD). Plus the block rate from the set itself helps as well. Soo….
For AoE I’d suggest either using warpon/warspon for critical rate and hit rate. Or to use extro/ectro from attack speed. Because you’re AoE you shouldn’t need the hp from your grinding set.
For 1vs1 I’d say bring your grinding set for the beginning part, and perhaps a Hp set for rage.

Things To Bring:
-A Ringmaster
-Adv party level 40+
-Blessing (Not needed but does help incase you don’t want to lose your exp)
These are the items that you need the most. You can then go farther and get a Red Scroll and maybe a Scroll of Aquisition for a higher drop chance. But the four items above is really all you need.

Clockwork Drops:
-Shamutra/Shaentra: Level 50 mercenary set
-Forgiel/Seidel: Level 50 magician set
-Rashadain/Yuandain: Level 50 assistant set
-Rorend/Rorient: Level 50 acrobat set
Yakadain Knuckle: Level 60 Knuckle Attack- 220-225 Bonuses- STR+5, Hit Rate+20%
Yakshadain Stick: Level 60 Stick Attack – 200-202 Bonuses- Max MP+200, INT+4
Shamrel Staff: Level 60 staff Attack – 195-198 Bonuses- Max MP+200, INT+4
Clrael Wand: Level 60 wand Attack – 200-202 Bonuses- Max MP+200, INT+4
Dretra Sword: Level 60 Sword 260-265 Atk Speed+5%, Hit Rate+20%
Taytra Axe::Level 60 Axe 230-240 Def+20, Hit Rate+20%

Speedo +1,2,3 – 3%-10% block
Vigor Ring +9,15: 9-21 str
Arek Ring +0,9,15: 1-21 dex
Intelli Ring +0,9,15: 1-21 int
Demol Earring +12,14: 105-150 attack
Plug Earring + 0,9,10,14: 44-150 defense

Rukenshia Shield : Level 97 Shield 342-343
Toeffin Shield: Level 105 Shield 364-366
Catepo Shield : Level 113 Shield 378-380

A Clockworks Vs Knight Guide:

In the movie, the knight is with a 2nd damage dealer (a yoyo jester)

Stuff about Red Meteonyker
Level : 120
HP : 100,000,000
Def: 120
mDef: 220
Exp : 10,000,000
Attack: If someone could get this to me that would be great ^^
Element: Fire

Things to know about Red Meteo
-There is no time limit
-Red meteo is accessible through all servers
-If you fail, you can retry as many times as you want
-No guild is required
-If you kill it, go to the next server and do it all over again!
-If someone else is killing it, go to a different server and hope for the best

(If someone could get the exact attacks that’d be great :D)

Effects on Meteo:
Nothing works, so don’t worry about having your rm hc, it won’t help.

Knights Versus Red Meteo
How: Most common would be to just be a tanker, due to our high hp and defense, its quite easy to be the tanker.
The lesser popular choice would be to actually fight it. This is also harder.

When: No matter what class you are, you really shouldn’t tackle Red Meteo until you’re 120 (non master) or 110-120 (master/hero)
-This stays true weather you’re 1vs1 or tanking
-If you’re a linker (which isn’t really necessary anymore) don’t stand too close

Build: For tanking, you’re going to want to go full sta.
For 1vs1, you need to have at least 20-25k hp and a good amount of block. Probably a good build would be an aoe build (110-120 sta) and maybe 100 dex or so (depending on equips).

Weapons: For aoe, your wisest choice would be to go with your PvM weapon, because it adds hp as well.
For 1vs1, I’d actually recommend using a bsword for the attack speed, critical rate, and adoch. Unless you’ve got some insane aambi or abs, this would be the best idea, in terms of killing speed.

Armor: You don’t have to use knightert, but it does help because of the block and hp…and defense. But there are blades who do Red Meteo in their dayst, so why can’t we in our warpon? Just be careful.
As for aoe, use your knightert/knighz.

Things to bring
-The killer (in case you’re tanking/linking)
-An rm (helps a lot)
-Blessings (you’re going to want multiple blessings, at least 10 just in case)
These are just the basics, you can go farther if you have the money.

Red Meteoynker drops
-Bloody weapons
-Dragon tooth
-Dragon heart
-Jewls (ruby, topaz, etc etc)
-Blue Weapons (lvl 120)
-Vigor +18
-Intelli +18
-Arek +18

Tower Siege is basically a guild raid. With two full parties, a guild will travel through 100 monsters, all being the giant versions of the regular mobs in the tower.
There is a time limit of two hours.
-From Wiki-
# Guilds must be at least level 20 to enter the bidding competition to enter the Secret Rooms. Make sure the Guild Leader talks to the Secret Room Manager NPC.
# There are 2 NPCs, who are located in Flaris and Darken. The NPC in Flaris manages the East Secret Room, and the NPC in Darken manages the West Secret Room. Guilds can only bid on one room at a time.
# Guilds must bid for entry, with 100,000,000 penya being the minimum bid required.
# The top eight guilds with the highest bids can enter the Secret Rooms only on Sundays (see schedule below).
# Only 10 members, from each of the highest bidding guilds, can actually enter the Secret Rooms—so choose them wisely. Again, make sure the Guild Leader talks to the Secret Room Manager NPC.
# Upon entry to the room, all buffs are dispelled, and all parties of the participating members are removed.’
# Once your group arrives inside the room, you can reform parties and rebuff each other.

What you win:
* The Guild Leader will be given the authority to set a onetime tax rate for all NPC shops, for the duration of 1 week. The tax rate can be between 5%-20%.

If there is no winning guild, the tax rate is set to 0%.
If the winning guild’s leader does not set the tax rate by Monday 00:00, the rate is set to 5% automatically.
45% of all taxes collected are delivered via mail daily at 24:00.
# Guild members of a guild that won the East Secret Room will receive 45% of all entrance fees from the Forsaken Tower.
# Guild members of a guild that won the West Secret Room will receive access to the secret rooms, the ability to hunt freely in the tower.

You start at a starting point. The path takes a square shape, where you will fight the different mobs. None of the mobs are elemented.

Level -67
Def – 98
mDef- 94
Attack – 1,290~1,358

Level – 73
Hp- 254,566
Def – 98
mDef- 112
Attack -1,758~1,850

Level – 79
Hp- 684,834
Def – 98
mDef- 120
Attack – 2,132~2,244

Level – 85
Hp- 806,953
Def – 98
mDef- 136
Attack – 2,257~2,376

Level – 91
Hp- 939,316
Def – 98
mDef- 145
Attack – 2,383~2,508

Level – 98
Hp- 1,081,995
Def – 98
mDef- 173
Attack – 2,508~2,640

Level – 104
Hp- 1,235,058
Def – 98
mDef- 178
Attack – 2759~2904

Level – 110
Hp- 1,675,135
Def – 98
mDef- 196
Attack – 2,970~3,090

Level – 116
Hp- 1,868,201
Def – 98
mDef- 214
Attack – 3,066~3,186

Level – 119
Hp- 1,964,734
Def – 98
mDef- 223
Attack – 3,114~3,234
-Asura is only 1 mob. And it’s the last one before you face Asmodan.


Level – 121
Hp – 150,000,000
Def – 120
mDef- 232
Attack – N/A
-Asmodan has multiple attacks, most being aoe of some sort. But Asmodan like any mob, will go after only one person at a time. So make sure you get your tank to start attacking first.
Lately, it seems that Asmodan has an asal move which 1 hits anything. Not sure if this was solved, but just be careful.

At random times, Asmodan will spawn Nyx, they are agro so be careful.


Level – 118 – 120
Hp – 240,000 – 280,000
Def – 120
mDef – 190 – 205
Attack – 2,900-3,500

Knight Versus Tower Siege

When: Well, depending on what you’re going to be doing during this time. If you’re going to be the tank, I’d recommend being hero. If you’re going to be attacking, I guess 115+ would be fine.

Build: For tanking, obviously pure sta, as for 1vs1, use your leveling build. But maybe a little extra sta.

: If you’re tanking and you’re hero, ideally you’d want to use Ancient 2-Handed Sword. But that’s not always possible, so just use your axe/sword.
For 1vs1, if you can get gt constantly, I’d say use your regular weapon. If not, I’d say a bloody sword because of the attack speed.

Armor: Tanking – Use 105 set, nuff said.
1vs1, just use your regular set.

Things to bring:
If you have the money, go farther then this

Normal Dungeon:
About Aminus Dungeon:
-Only non-masters may enter
-A party may enter as one
-There is a 30minute break between each time you go through

Map of Normal Aminus Dungeon:

The aminus dungeon is covered by agro mobs all level 115-116, except for the giant which is level 119. You can see the order of appearance in the dungeon by the map.

Axe Jaw Ant
Level – 115-116
Hp – 425,695 – 442,915
Def – 223
mDef – 98
Attack – 4,425 ~ 4,635

Razor Axe Jaw Ant
Level- 119
Hp – 8,858,340
Def – 464
mDef- 103
Attack – 8,850 ~ 9,270

Maul Rat
Level – 115-116
Hp – 425,695 – 442,915
Def – 223
mDef – 98
Attack – 4,425 ~ 4,635

Giant Maul Rat
Level- 119
Hp – 8,858,340
Def – 464
mDef- 103
Attack – 8,850 ~ 9,270

Level – 115-116
Hp – 425,695 – 442,915
Def – 223
mDef – 98
Attack – 4,425 ~ 4,635

Giant Scorpede

Level- 119
Hp – 8,858,340
Def – 464
mDef- 103
Attack – 8,850 ~ 9,270

Lykanos the Malevolent
Level: 120
Hp – 26,575,020
Def- 464
mDef – 103
Attack – 8,850 ~ 9,270

Drakul the Diabolic

Level – 121
Hp – 79,725,060
Def – 464
mDef – 103
Attack – 17,700 ~ 18,540

Draukul is the whole reason for going through the aminus dungeon because of what it drops:
Ultimate Vampire weapons
Knuckle:Additional HP+20%
Defense Rate+10%
Ranged Attack Block Rate+10%
Additional MP+20%
Attack Rate+20%
Attack Rate+10%
Sword (1h):Hit Rate+20%
Crit Rate+10%
Axe (1h):Crit Rate+20%
Attack Rate+10%
Sword (2h):Additional HP+20%
Ranged Attack Block Rate+10%
Melee Attack Block Rate+10
Axe (2h):Additional HP+18%
Yoyo:Crit Rate+10%
Bow:Crit Rate+20%
Additional HP+20%

About Cursed Aminus Dungeon

-Only masters/heros may enter
-A party may enter as one
-There is a 30minute break between each time you go through

Map of Cursed Aminus Dungeon:

The aminus dungeon is covered by agro mobs all level 115-116, except for the giant which is level 119. You can see the order of appearance in the dungeon by the map.

Cursed Axe Jaw Ant
Level – 115-116
Hp – 851,390 – 885,830
Def – 223
mDef – 98
Attack – 8,850 ~ 9,270

Cursed Razor Axe Jaw Ant
Level- 119
Hp – 17,716,680
Def – 464
mDef- 103
Attack – 17,700 ~ 18,540

Cursed Maul Rat
Level – 115-116
Hp – 851,390 – 885,830
Def – 223
mDef – 98
Attack – 8,850 ~ 9,270

Cursed Giant Maul Rat
Level- 119
Hp – 17,716,680
Def – 464
mDef- 103
Attack – 17,700 ~ 18,540

Cursed Scorpede
Level – 115-116
Hp – 851,390 – 885,830
Def – 223
mDef – 98
Attack – 8,850 ~ 9,270

Cursed Giant Scorpede

Level- 119
Hp – 17,716,680
Def – 464
mDef- 103
Attack – 17,700 ~ 18,540

Dread Lykanos the Malevolent
Level: 120
Hp – 53,150,040
Def- 464
mDef – 103
Attack – 17,700 ~ 18,540

Dread Drakul the Diabolic

Level – 121
Hp – 159,450,120
Def – 464
mDef – 103
Attack – 35,400 ~ 37,080

Draukul is the whole reason for going through the aminus dungeon because of what it drops:
Ultimate Ancient weapons
Knuckle:Additional HP+23%
Defense Rate+15%
Melee Attack Block Rate+10%
Additional MP+20%
Attack Rate+36%
Attack Rate+26%
Sword (1h):Crit Rate+30%
Axe (1h):Attack Speed+25%
Hit Rate+25%
Crit Rate+25%
Sword (2h):Additional HP+30%
Ranged Attack Block Rate+30%
Melee Attack Block Rate+30%
Axe (2h):Additional HP+20%
Attack Rate+10%
Yoyo:Crit Rate+22%
Attack Rate+22%
Evasion Rate+19%

Knight Versus Drakul (and dungeon)
When: Either as AoE or 1vs1, I’d suggest at level 120. No if’s or but’s, this dungeon is hard, I’m not going to lie.

Build: AoE – PURE STA as a knight, you are going to be expected to be the tank of the group.
1vs1 – The same as the meteo build, an aoe build with more dex in it. Just be careful to not tank too many.

Armor: Knightert for AoE, for 1vs1 just go with your 1vs1 equips and hope for the best.

Things to bring
-Rm’s at least 2
-a Tank (if you’re the tank then bring yourself)
-Elementors, maybe you don’t realize, but all the mobs in dungeon (including bosses) are all elemented earth. Bringing some elementors will most definitely help.
-Red Mantis for quick recovering
-Blessings (lots)
-Scroll of ress (just incase)

I advise you, don’t try to solo the dungeon. It is meant as a group thing.


Special Thanks To:

aerandir1988 (Rhisis :3)
for providing me with a maxed out skill tree o3o
And to flyff wiki for letting me steal their pictures o3o

Thank you, you guys for helping me get the information I needed, and telling me what I should add/take away.

And thank you to the rest of you who have seen/read my guide and have liked it. If you’ve walked away with learning something new, then my job is done!

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