Flyff Knights Complete Guide Part 1

Fly for Fun Knights Complete Guide Part 1 by regaxion

Why I’m making this guide:
Because even with all the guides we already have, there are too many questions (all basically about the same) so this guide is filled with EVERYTHING I know and have learned about knights through about three years of playing. Enjoy :3

Fun Facts about Knights:
{Attack Per Str (Axe) – 5-6
{Attack Per Str (Sword) – 4-5
{Attack Per Level – 1
[Defense Per Sta – 2
[Defense Per Level – 2-3 (Pattern : increase,increase,increase,no increase,increase,increase,no increase,increase, increase, increase, no increase etc etc.)
{Fp Per Sta – 6
{Fp Per Level – 1-2
[Hp Per Sta – 28-29 (Level 60)
[Hp Per Sta – 99-100 (Level 120)
[Hp Per Level – 40-50 (Level 60)
[Hp Per Level – 88-89 (Level 120)
{Block Per Dex – About 8-9 = 1% (Level 60)
{Block Per Dex – About 4-5 = 1% (Level 120)
[Crit Per Dex – 10 dex = 1%
{Mp Per Int – 5-6
{Mp Per Level – 1 (Level 60)
{Mp Per Level – 1-2 (Level 120)
[Knights get the most hp and def per sta
[At Mercenary Job Change we get 40 skill points
[At Knight Job Change we get 80 skill points



  1. Job Change
  2. Attack Speed Chart
  3. Builds
    • Area of effect (AoE)
    • 1vs1
    • Dex Reduction Example
    • 1vs1 Alternative
    • Hybrid
  4. Equipment
    • Armor
    • Weapon
    • Jewelry
  5. Pets
  6. Elementing/Piercing
  7. Giant Hunting
  8. PvP
    • Hybrid View
  9. Skills
    • Rage
    • Skill Progression
  10. Awakening
  11. Where to Level
    • Normal Area
    • Volcane
    • Azria
    • Tower
    • Shaduwar
    • Elliun
    • Grasslands
  12. Buffs
    • Needed
    • Not Needed
  13. Movies
  14. Clockworks
  15. Extra Curriculum
    • Red Meteo
    • Tower Siege
    • Aminus Dungeon
  16. Wilds etc
  17. Thank You

Job Change

Start by going to the NPC

Then kill 20 drillers

After, go and kill Kidler at the entrance of Clockworks cage

Then find the Golden Helmet

And visit the wise man in Flaris

After that, go talk with Kurmin in the Plain of Bubble

Then go to the Garden of Rhisis and collect the eight Soulstones from wheelums

And take them to the Knight Priest in Darkon 3

They’ll tell you to go kill Venel located in glaphans

Finally go and talk with the Knight Guardian

For a faster visit: … _Job_Quest

Congratulations you’re a knight!!!

Attack Speed Chart
Now that you’re a knight, you’ll find that you’re substantially slower then the rest of the world. But don’t panic, that’s normal. Here’s the knights speed breaks in both two handed axes and swords:

Two-Handed Sword:

Two-Handed Axe:

For a 1vs1 knight, I would recommend using a sword, because of the lower speed break, and also swords get a skill that adds 10% hit rate. And swords just hit faster anyways.

Also just to note, at Level 90 the speed break for sword changes to 90 dex…don’t ask why, I really don’t know.

Area of Effect
Now because of the 11% attack from empower weapon, high sta builds are now a little bit easier to get by with.

  1. 15 str xxx sta 15 dex 15 int
    About: This build is the meat shield, you’ll have high hp and defense, but sadly your damage will be low. You’ll be able to tank asals and hops, but your damage back probably won’t kill them unless they have low hp.

    • Pros: You’ll have a lot of hp, and you’ll be able to tank in arena.
    • Cons: You’ll be a punching bag, and leveling will be slow because of low damage.
    • Overall: I don’t recommend this build unless you have super godly str awakenings and really really high plused vigors and demols.
  2. 50 str (give or take 10 str) xxx sta 15 dex 15 int
    About: This build is very similar to the first build, except you’ll have slightly higher damage. You’ll still be able to do just about everything you can with a pure sta build. Tank asals and hops etc.

    • Pros: You’ll still have a lot of hp, your damage will go up higher, you’ll be able to kill slightly faster.
    • Cons: You’re still a punching bag in arena, and leveling is still slow.
    • Overall: I don’t recommend this build either because of low damage, use vigors and demols.
  3. xxx str 120-150 sta 15 dex 15 int
    About: This build is probably one of the most common builds for a knight (this and #2). You won’t have as much hp as the first two builds, but you’ll damage will be a whole lot higher allowing you to kill faster, therefore leveling faster.

    • Pros: You’ll kill faster, and level faster. You’ll still have good hp, and you won’t be quite the punching bag if you went with one of the other builds. Still able to tank a good amount of asals
    • Cons: Uhhh..not much can be really said about this. (If someone can tell me I’ll put it up here)
    • Overall: I like this build a lot because the damage and hp really do balance each other out. I’d recommend this one, its good for leveling and PvP.
  4. xxx str 100 sta 15 dex 15 int
    About: Pretty much the same as #3 except lower hp, but higher damage. You’ll be leveling a lot faster then #’s 1 and 2 and you’ll be doing some nice damage in arena. Also because of knights natural hp per sta, you’ll still have some pretty nice hp :D

    • Pros: Good damage, leveling is faster and you’ll get better in arena.
    • Cons: Lower hp therefore lower defense, so you might die easier in arena.
    • Overall: This is the build I restated to, and I love it. My AoE is 1k+ more then when it was only 50 str. I’d highly recommend this build or #3.
  5. xxx str 50 sta (give or take 10 sta) 15 dex 15 int
    About: Ok, we’re getting a little riskier here, while your damage will now be getting extremely good, your hp and defense are going down with you. You’ve gotta start being careful. However, this is a good build if you know how to use it.

    • Pros: Really good damage and can level fast if used properly.
    • Cons: Its a lot riskier because you no longer have the hp or defense you once had (be careful!)
    • Overall: I don’t really know what to say about this, I personally don’t recommend it unless you can afford it. This build really calls for a +10 set or at least a +8 and an rm at all times.
  6. xxx str 15 sta 15 dex 15 int
    About: Well here we go, full str. This is extremely risky, a lot like #5 except even lower hp and defense. But your damage will be at its peak and more so later on. Used properly and you’ll level fast, used improperly and you die.

    • Pros: Good damage, fast leveling if used properly
    • Cons: Low hp and defense, and can die fast if not use properly.
    • Overall: I really really don’t recommend this build. Its highly risky and I just don’t think its worth it to kill yourself over and over again. If you go this route, go 1vs1.
  7. 50 str (give or take 10 str) 15 sta xxx dex 15 int
    About: What? Dex?! You’ve got to be kidding me right? Wrong. Knights apparently have one of the highest block rates in the game ironically. This build will allow you to AoE a lot like a ranger or blade except your damage will be lower. This is a lot like #1-2 where you have a capped str. You’ll use about the same amount of food as well.

    • Pros: Good block rate, and you might be pretty good in arena cause of all that dex.
    • Cons: Low hp and damage, and you might be ridiculed for doing this xD (but don’t let that stop your enthusiasm!)
    • Overall: I’m just putting this build in because it has come up in conversation before. I wouldn’t use it, but that’s just me. I love my hp lol, but with this build, you might also be able to giant hunt a little easier or faster.

Builds favorited by other players
Str: X+30 Sta: X

_aria wrote:“Just keeping Str 30 higher than Sta, a dual uncapped build (optionally capping Sta at ~100). Basically, it starts out as build #5, and converges to build #4 by level 105 or so. You could probably sandwich it right between the two, maybe calling it build #4.5 or something xD. In my opinion, it’s one of the most efficient leveling builds, because you’ll have much higher damage starting out at lower levels, when you don’t actually need so much Sta, and at later levels, you’ll have enough HP to do Tower without too much trouble, as well as being a decent PvP build.”

  1. 1vs1
  1. xxx str 30 sta (give or take some) 71 dex 15 int
    About:This build allows you to reach the speed break at 91 dex, and because you’re 1vs1, you don’t really need sta.

    • Pros: Higher block rate, speed break is hit, and you’ll do ok in arena (also good for giant hunting)
    • Cons: Low hp, you won’t have that good of a damage because of that 71 dex.
    • Overall: I think this build is ok, might go with #2 though, but this one works just fine. Knights weapons naturally do more damage then any other weapon, so that sort of makes up the str lost.
  2. xxx str 30 sta (give or take some) 50-60 dex 15 int
    About: This build is based on basic equips. Meaning the dex just comes from the natural bonuses of the equipment and weapons you use. With those, we can still hit the 90 speed break and use less base dex. ( Abs + Cannon + 60 base = 90 :D, or Abs+Cannon +50 Base + 3/3 piercings with dex = 92 :3)

    • Pros: Better damage, same block rate, and still good at giant hunting.
    • Cons: Basically the same, low hp.
    • Overall: I think i like this one the best, because you have the dex, the str, and enough sta to survive. I personally, recommend this one.*note – for some reason at level 90 the speed break changes…to 90 instead of 91…don’t ask, I really don’t know.
  3. xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 87 dex 15 int
    About: This build is the one that allows you to hit the 2nd speed break for axes (which is 107). Because of the high dex, your hit rate won’t be bad, and you’ll be able to use a higher leveled rage.

    • Pros: Good hit rate, and still decent damage
    • Cons: Not as good as damage as you could get
    • Overall:
  4. xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 15 dex 15 int
    About: Yes, its the same as #5 xD but this is just another explanation. For axe users, this allows you to hit the 1st speed break which is like 24….obviously the hit rate won’t be as good as a high dex build. But your damage (at least base damage) will be greater. Though this will call for a good upgraded set.

    • Pros: Good damage
    • Cons: Less hit rate, and more expensive
    • Overall:
  5. xxx str 15 sta 15 dex 15 int
    About: This build should only be used IF you can afford it. This will call for a +10 set and an rm AT ALL TIMES!!! You’ll have great damage, but you’ll have really low hp.

    • Pros: Good damage kills pretty fast.
    • Cons: Without a +8-10 set, your hit rate will suck! And so will your speed. It will only be about 86% even with gt.
    • Overall: I don’t recommend this build, too much attention is needed.
  6. 15 str (give or take) 15 sta (give or take) xxx dex 15 int
    About: This build isn’t really that good IMO, but you’ll do pretty good at giant hunting, and pvp because of the hit rate and block rate, but your damage will suck and so will your hp.

    • Pros: Good block rate..ok in pvp, Able to aoe at high levels.
    • Cons: Bad damage, bad hp and probably won’t level that fast.
    • Overall: I wouldn’t recommend it

Dex Reduction Examples

  1. xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 37/38 dex 15 int
    About: This is just an example to show what piercings and bonuses can do to your base dex.
    *note – this is for abs users
    Explanation- Angel Big Sword gives a 10 dex bonus, cannon gives 20, a +8-10 set gives 2-3, and a 5/5 piercing with electric Bs gives 20 dex. Just do the math. 37 + 10 dex bonus = 47 + cannon = 67 + 8-10 set bonus = 69/70 + 5/5 piercings = 89/90. I use 90 because at level 90 the speed break changes from 91 to 90. So if you only have a +8 set, getting that 1 dex can easily be obtained through a statting.
  2. xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 65/64 dex 15 int
    About : Same as A but this is for aambi users
    Explanation – Angel Ambidextrous Axe doesn’t add any dex bonuses (like its Sword counterpart) and it has a higher speed break (for the 2nd one) so its harder to get a lower base dex then it is a sword. But here we go; Cannon (20) + 5/5 piercings (20) + +8/10 set (2-3). Just do the math
    65/64 base + cannon (20) = 85/84 + piericings (20) = 105/104 + +8-10 set bonus (2-3) = 107/107 which is the 2nd speed break for 2h axes.

These are just examples at what piercings can do to help reduce your base dex.

Picture Example:
My base stats (No equips or buffs)

Here they are again with buffs and equips:

  • Alternative
    About: The alternative 1vs1 knight path is to use a 1handed weapon and a shield. This allows the user to get the benefits of both a weapon and shield (or two items). Sadly, you can’t really call yourself a knight xD because this alternative path is more like a wannabe blade….anyways! Its still a good way to go though, I don’t like it, but some people might like the hp and damage over the damage and less hp.The builds are basically the same for a regular 1vs1 knight, except you’ve opened your chances of getting some nice stat awakenings on the shield, not to mention another set of piercings.

    1. 15 str 15 sta (give or take) xxx dex 15 int
      About: This build is is basically concentrating on speed, block, and critical damage. Though because of your low str, you’ll have low damage, and you’ll have low critical damage.

      • Pros: Good block, attack speed, and a nice chunk of criticals. Pretty good at giant hunting except for damage wise, and you’ll do Okay in arena.
      • Cons: Low hp, and your damage will be really low.

      YAY for aria, these are by her, i take no credit xD

    2. xxx str 20-30sta 75 dex 15 int
      Kind of a universal build, reaching the second Axe speed break at 95 Dex, adn the third Sword speed break at 94 Dex. High hit rate, fewer awakes needed, lower upgrades needed, etc. It’s also almost exactly the same as your 1v1 build #1, if you wanted to pick up a two-hander.
    3. xxx str 20-30 sta 46-50 dex 15 int
      46 Dex is just enough for the one-handed speed break at 66 Dex, enough for hit Rate, and very near the optimal build should you choose to use an ABS later (46 Dex requires 4/4 piercings, 50 requires 3/3). This would be my recommended build, using Dretra at level 60, optionally using an HBS and 75, an ABS at 90, and one-handed B Sword at 110.
    4. xxx str 15 sta (give or take) 15 dex 15 int
      About: Power build for this path, your damage will be awesome, not to mention because of awakenings and such, you won’t really have to worry about sta or dex really.

      • Pros: Sweet damage, and with the right awakenings, can have pretty good hp as well.
      • Cons: Because of the low sta, and without good awakenings, you can have low hp and def. Also your speed will be slow unless you get at least one good attack speed awakening. And! Your accuracy will be Okay, won’t be the best, but It’ll be ok. With maybe a dex awakening and a +8 or more set, you should be fine.
  • Hybrid~
    Courtesy to Rhisis, though he didn’t give me actual builds so i’m making my own ;3

    1. 50 str (give or take) xxx sta xxx dex 15 int
      About : This is relying more on the fact that knights get the highest def and one of the highest block rates. This will allow them to have the same damage as a low str knight, but also have a lot of hp and good hit rate, block rate, and crit rate.

      • Pros: Good block, hp, def, hit rate, and crit rate. And better in PvP
      • Cons: Bad damage, won’t be THAT good in PvP xD
      • Overall: I myself wouldn’t recommend this because you’re basically just adding dex to #2 of the AoE builds. So its basically the same xD
    2. xxx str 30 sta (give or take) xxx dex 15 int
      About : Again, this is relying on the fact that knights get one of the highest evasion and block rates. So this build is a lot like a ranger or blade.

      • Pros: Gives good block, damage, critical rate, and if it had more hp, would be pretty good in PvP, and be better then #1. Also can giant hunt very well due to attack speed, crit rate, and hit rate.
      • Cons: Has the hp of a 1vs1 knight, but the block rate should make up for that.
      • Overall: Let me quote Rhisis:

      aerandir1988 wrote:With the knighert set maxed, and the upcoming swords, I wouldn’t hesitate
      to make the switch to Dex aoe as a knight myself.

    3. xx str xxx sta xxx dex 15 int
      About: This is a balanced build using all three of the stats. Str- Damage booster, Sta – Hp,def boosters, Dex – block/evade booster. This will give the person fair damage, fair hp, and fair block rate. Obviously it won’t be extremely good in any of those, due to the fact that it’s being equalized.

      • Pros: A pretty equal build, might be better then #2 in PvP.
      • Cons: Wont have as good damage or block rate then #2.
      • Overall: I’d stay with build #2, just due to the more attack and block rate, this build is more of an AoE build, but #2 can be both AoE and 1vs1.

    *Note- xxx dex = Until you get maxed block rate



Just to get this off and away, from 15-45 use npc sets, enough said. Except at level 30 :3

30: Comet/Cylos (Level 30 green set)

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+22
3/4: Def+55, Crit Rate+5%
4/4: Def+55, Crit Rate+5%, Hit Rate+10%
This has been brought to my attention by Milly. Though I myself don’t highly recommend it, mainly because at low levels, we really have no need for criticals. But the hit rate will help a lot for both AoE and 1vs1 (probably more so for AoE). And i guess the criticals do help if you hit them.

50: Shamutra/Shaentra (Level 50 Clockworks set)

Set bonuses:
Helmet- Resistances: Electric+8%, Fire+8%, Water+16%
Boots- Resistances: Electric+7%, Fire+7%, Water+14%
Gauntlet- Resistances: Electric+9%, Fire+9%, Water+18%
Suit- Resistances: Electric+10%, Fire+10%, Water+20%

Male Bonuses:
Helmet- Def+50
Boots- HP+150
Gauntlet- HP+100
Suit- Def+80

Female Bonuses:
Helmet- Atk Speed+2.5%
Boots- Hit Rate+20%
Gauntlet- Hit Rate+18%
Suit- Atk Speed+5%

These two sets are dropped by the Level 80 boss mob called Clockworks. The male set is actually very handy for AoEs. The defense hugely outweighs a NPC set at that level. And if you upgraded it, you could probably use it for quite a whiles. Sadly though, the female set is more for 1vs1, the boots or guants would help a lot at higher levels when you’re using warspon. Because that set has a 15 % hit rate at 4/4, if you replace either the boots or guants with the Clockworks set, you’ll gain more hit rate. As for this compared to Rescorn. I’d suggest using rescorn because of the attack speed.

45-60: Panggril/Stitch (Level 45 green set)

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+22, FP Consumption-10%
3/4: Def+45, Add HP+10%, FP Consumption-10%
4/4: Def+45, Add HP+10%, FP Consumption-10%, Atk Speed+20%
For going AoE your attack speed will be slow because you’ll have no dex (unless you go with #7) but with this set, you’ll quicken your killings and leveling speed. I recommend this set if you can get it, if not, don’t worry about it, we’re not going to die.
If not, use npc sets.

1vs1 – This is good for 1vs1 cause of the speed, but its not necessary because you’ll be getting it again at lvl 60 anyways. But if you can get it, use it till lvl 60.

60-65: Recorn/Rescorn (level 60 green set)

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+22
3/4: Def+50, Add HP+15%
4/4: Def+50, Add HP+15%, Atk Speed+20%
Basically the 45 set except a little more def. You’ll definitely want to use this set to get to level 65, because getting there is going to be hell. With this, you’ll kill faster and get to 65 faster allowing you to AoE sooner as well.
If you cant, use the npc set, it’ll be a little harder cause you’ll be really slow.

1vs1 – This is one of the best sets to use for 1vs1, get it and you don’t have to, but any hit rate we can get is good. so try to upgrade it to at least +4-5. Use it till 75 (still in discussion). However for the alternative path, you might consider using this set till 120 (or 110 with reductions) because of bloody sword. Or use the 105 set extro/ectro

*Note- On the side, if you can do the red bang quest at level 30, then do the second half at level 60, including Red Mantis and the Grr quest. This will get you to level 61 and about 86% i believe. Just to help you get to 65 faster.

65: Keimay/Keriphis (level 59 npc set)

A lot of people say to use 3/4 of the recorn/rescorn set, but i highly disagree with that. In the long run, that hp won’t really help, not as much as the def you’ll get from the npc sets (don’t forget, npc sets always have higher defenses then green sets). So, I’m not saying its bad to use the 60 set, but I’d recommend the npc. Use it till level 71.

71: Rukips/Rufoen (level 71 npc set)

Warpon/Warspon Effects –
1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+25
3/4: Def+50, Crit Rate+15%
4/4: Def+50, Crit Rate+15%, Hit Rate+15%
At level 75 you get the warpon/warspon green sets, but to be perfectly honest, they suck for AoE. The bonuses give nothing for AoE, in fact, the level 75 set is for 1vs1 knights. So stick with npc sets, better defense and you can use it at a lower level too. Use it till 90.

To 1vs1, at 75, use the warpon/warspon green set ( lvl 75 greens) it looks exactly like the 71 npc set xD. This is without a doubt, the best set a 1vs1 knight can use. That hit rate and critical will become our best friends. Try to get it +8-10 and use it forever! For alternative, this is ok, but unless you get a good speed awakening, I would stick with recorn/rescorn, the criticals just aren’t worth the speed.

90: Wees/Weeshian (level 90 green set)

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+25
3/4: Def+50, FP Consumption-15%
4/4: Def+50, FP Consumption-15%, STR+7
This is one of the most useful sets we AoEs get, the FP decrease is handy and the extra str helps with damage as well. While the npc set does have more defense, I’d recommend this set. If you cant’, its ok, npc set is just fine. Use it till 105 (or 95 and get reductions)

1vs1 – Not that helpful for 1vs1 knights, don’t worry about it.

105 (or 95 with reductions): Knighert/Knighz (Level 105 green set)

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+10%
3/4: Def+10%, Ranged Atk Block +10%, Short Range Atk Block+10%
4/4: Def+15%, Ranged Atk Block+15%, Short Atk Block+15%, Add HP+15%
Here we go, the best set we ever get (even better then the 120 set). This things bonuses are an AoEs dream, and it helps with giant hunting and pvp. Try to get this as high plused as you can get!

1vs1 –
I suppose if you want, you can use it for pvp or giant hunting, otherwise don’t worry about it.

*Note- I don’t recommend buying or upgrading anything +3 or higher till the 105 set and axe. Anything before your end game equipment, I think, is a waste of money.
Note**- This does not include 1vs1, they should get their warpon/warspon as high as they can get it.

105: Ectro/Extro (level 105 green set)

1/4: No effect
2/4: Def+24
3/4: Def+48, Atk Speed+15%
4/4: Def+48, Atk Speed+15%, DEX+7
Uhh…don’t even worry about this set, its for 1vs1. Unless you want a set for giant hunting, this can help a substantial amount.

1vs1 – That attack speed may be tempting. But unless you can get it +8-10 and get 15%+ critical, stick with warpon/warspon. For the alternative, I might suggest this over the 75 set, because of the attack speed, and with that attack speed, you should be able to use legenday golden axe (Lga) which adds 20% crit.

120: Cruentus (level 120 green set)

1/4: No effect
2/4: No effect
3/4: No effect
4/4: STA+10, STR+10, Add Def+15%, Add HP+15%
This is a nice set and all, but really? Its basically the 105 set except taking away the block and adding some sta and str which we can easily get from awakenings. In my opinion, 105 set is still better, and a lot of people will agree. This set however, is the coolest looking set we get. :3

1vs1 – Like 105 set, not needed for 1vs1, don’t worry about it. Might get it just for the looks :D

125:Bileire/Bilari (Level 125 green)

1/4: N/A
2/4: N/A
4/4: Defense Power +20%, Close Range Block +20%, Increased HP +20%
About: Well finally they come with a new set that’s better then knightert, obviously, if you get this high I’d definitely recommend getting it.

For 1vs1- Like any other aoe set, don’t worry about this one.

Just to get this off and away, from 15-60 use npc weapons, enough said. Though some may use Sword of Silver Sword at 45, but I don’t think its worth the trouble.

Note*- for 1vs1, swords have a better hit rate and attack speed. Axes however get more attack per str. Though I’d recommend using a sword.


60: Guardian Ambidextrous Axe (Gambi)
– 300-304 DEX+5, Def+30
Some people say to get an npc axe and get a good str awakening, but I think the def from this thing really does help. Though if you can’t get it, obviously use an npc axe. Use it till 75

1vs1- This is an ok axe for 1vs1, though in this case, you might want to get a good str awakening npc, or attack speed of some sort. Use it till 75

70: Great Axe of Ivillines
– 303-309 DEX+3, STR+3, STA+3, INT+3
While the 3 stats to each looks good and all, you can see that the Gambi almost does the exact damage. I don’t recommend buying this axe, stick with gambi.

1vs1 – Same thing.

75: Historic Ambidextrous Axe (Hambi)
– 325-334 Atk Speed+10%, Hit Rate+20%
Like at level 60, people say to buy an npc axe and get a good str awakening, and with this one I might agree with. These bonuses really don’t help with AoEs except slightly faster gathering time, and helps with giant hunting if you do it. What you do here is really up to you. Use whatever you do till 90.

1vs1 – This is one of the 1vs1 knights best axes, because of the attack speed and hit rate. You’ll be using it for a while, so try to get it +5 or more. Use it till 90.

90: Angels Ambidextrous Axe (Aambi)
– 387-395 STR+10, Crit Rate+15%
While that 15% critical is kinda random, this is still a nice weapon for us AoEs, that str helps a lot more then you think. Get it if you can, we don’t die if you can’t. Use it till 105 (or 95 with reductions)

1vs1 – This or the level 75 axe are the best weapons for 1vs1. The attack speed from the level 75 is nice, and so is the critical% from the level 90 axe. This + warpon/warspon = 30+ critical which is pretty nice, especially if you can get mad adoch awakenings.

105: Legendary Big Golden Axe (Lbga)
– 400-409 HP+18%, STR+6
Wow, we’ve gotten pretty far haven’t we? :D Well this is our end game axe, unless you get lucky enough to get the sweet looking bloody axe >:3 But yeah, 18% hp and some str, really is a knights dream (except for baxe) try to get this as high as you can or upgrade it yourself. Use it forever unless you get a baxe then use it till 110 with reductions.

1vs1 – Ummm…this is like the 105 set, perhaps use it for pvp because of the extra hp. Don’t really worry about it otherwise.

120 (or 110 with reductions): Bloody Two-hand Axe (Baxe)
– 420-429 HP+18%, STR+10, Add FP+10%
Now that ancient weapons are around, or even lusaka weapons for that matter. Bloody axe has lost its popularity. Now that Lusaka big axes are more common, they’re quite easy to get, and they do more then a +10 bloody axe. Though if you can get an ultimate bloody axe, then you can use that until you can get an ancient axe. Or if you can never get one of those :) just stick with baxe.

1vs1 – Yeah, not helpful in any way to 1vs1, just looks awesome. Don’t worry about it.

120 (or 110 with reductions):Ultimate Vampire Two-Handed Axe (V2hAxe)
-694-706 Additional HP+18%, STR+10, STA+10
To be frank, I don’t think this axe is worth the money its going to be worth. Sure its already ultimate and stuff, but when you look at it, the effects are not that different from Bloody Axe. And because of the rarity of it, it’s gonna cost billions just buy a clean one. So I recommend sticking with Bloody Axe.

120 Hero (or 110 master with reductions):Ultimate Ancient Two-Handed Axe (Anc2hAxe)
-820-833 Additional HP+20%, Attack Rate+10%, STA+15
Well…I say if you can get it, get it, not only does it have awesome attack rate, but it adds more hp then bloody axe, and it gives 10% attack. That’s like another empower weapon (a little more then that). Get it if you can, if not, don’t sweat it.

75: Ultimate Lusaka’s Heavy Axe
-601-612 HP +20%, STR +10
Yes, it has more attack then a baxe, yes it’s easier to get, but is it worth it? You can if you want, go farming the dungeon and hope it drops. It’ll be easier then ulti-ing a baxe and they add about the same amount of bonus.
1vs1- don’t worry about this

75-M:Ultimate Lusaka’s Heavy Crystal Axe
-694-706 HP +18%, STR +10, STA +10
Is it worth to get it? I don’t think so, save your money for Ancient Axe, thats where it really is.

135 Harbringer
-728-729 Additional HP Rate +30%, Additional Attack Power +20%, Block rate of short range attack +25%
Well then, if you ever get this far, and if you can ever afford to get one of these, I’d say get it :) It’s awesome looking, though personally I’d stick with Anc 2h Sword to be a tanker.

Just to say, swords are mainly for 1vs1, but there are a few sword AoEs out there.

60: Guardian Big Sword (Gbs)
-305-308 HP+200, Def+30
Like the Gambi, the def from this thing helps and so does that little bit of hp. I wouldn’t trade an npc for this sword, it’s the best one we get till 120 lol. Use it till 75.

1vs1- This is your starting sword, or starting block. You don’t really need a high +’ed one, just get to 75 lol.

70: Great Sword of Ivillines
-229-302 STR+3, STA+3, DEX+3, INT+3
As you can see, the gbs does more damage, so don’t bother with this sword. Though it looks hecka awesome :3.

1vs1 – Same thing.

75: Historic Big Sword (Hbs)
-321-324 Atk Speed+10%, Hit Rate+15%
Like its axe counterpart, this weapon is mainly for 1vs1. But it does more damage then the gbs. Use it till 90.

1vs1 – Like its axe counterpart, this weapon has the hit rate and attack speed. +’ed to at least +5, you’ll be using it a while. Use it till level 90.

90: Angel Big Sword (Abs)
-380-382 DEX+10, Additional Damage of Critical Hits+35%
As you can see from the bonuses, this is truly a 1vs1 knights dream. But still does more damage then hbs….use it till 105.

1vs1 – This is the best weapon we 1vs1 knights will ever get! This baby adds 35% adoch which if we add toe warpon/warspon = Awesomeness!!! Ultimate this thing if you can.

105: Legendary Golden Big Sword
-392-394 STR+2, Atk Speed+18%
Also a 1vs1 knights weapon, except the 2 str sorta helps with AoE damage. Use it forever or unless you get lucky enough to get the bloody slayer, then use it till 110 with reductions.

1vs1 –
Don’t let the attack speed tempt you, its not worth it, stay with Abs. Though I’d like to add, using ectro/extro + LG Sword is not a bad combo for giant hunting lol.

120: Bloody Slayer
-412-414 STR+6, Ranged Attack Blocking+10%, Add HP+20%
As its bloody counterpart, the bloody slayer has lost its place in a knights heart by the ancient sword, actually even the lusaka sword and vampire/crystal swords have replaced it. Because they all add a % of melee block which can help a lot in aoeing.

1vs1- This isn’t exactly a good 1vs1 sword, but it helps with bow jesters in arena, don’t worry about it unless you’re an arena addict.

*Note- I don’t recommend buying or upgrading anything +3 or higher till the axe or sword. Anything before your end game equipment, I think, is a waste of money.

120 (or 110 with reductions):Ultimate Vampire Two-Handed Sword (V2hSword)
-680-684 Additional HP+20%, Ranged Attack Block Rate+10%, Melee Attack Block Rate+10%
Well, like its counterpart, it’s not much of a big step up after bloody slayer. Though the melee block is nice, but unless you intend to become a hardcore pvper; I wouldn’t recommend this sword either.

120 Hero (Or 110 master with reductions):Ultimate Ancient Two-Handed Sword (Anc2hSword)
-803-806 Additional HP+30%, Ranged Attack Block Rate+30%, Melee Attack Block Rate+30%
Well then, this is rather a very handy weapon in both pvm and pvp. Pvp because of all the awesome block rate o3o and pvm incase you do things like tower, meteo, dungeons etc. If you reduct it at 110Master, you could go dex based AoE and have a really nice block rate against mobs o3o though that’s probably not worth the restat lol. Anyways I highly recommend it, especially if you intend to do a lot of pvping, and farming of bosses (as said above)


75:Ultimate Lusaka’s Heavy Sword
-590-592 Close Range Block +10%, Defense Power +100
practically same bonus as Vampire sword, but would i recommend it? Meh, you can get it if you want, it’ll help block a little more, but I’d say save your money. But if you have the money to waste, it can be a good replacement for bloody slayer, due to the 10% block.

75-M:Ultimate Lusaka’s Heavy Crystal Sword
-680-684 HP +20%, Long Range Block +10%, Short Range Block +10%
Get it? No, save for Ancient sword, it has better bonuses.

Note- Anything for lusaka weapons, I’d recommend just going and farming for them rather then buying them

135 Celestial Edge
-713-715 Additional HP Rate +40%, Block Rate of long range attack +40%, Block Rate of short range attack +40%
Basically, its an Anc 2h sword but with 10% more of everything. Is it really worth it to get it? Probably not, considering upgrading it isn’t the same as an Anc 2h sword, so overall, the Ancient will probably serve you better.

-Alternative Weapons

60: Taytra Axe
– 230-240 Def+20, Hit Rate+20%
This is a pretty good weapon to start with, especially if you have low dex. This hit rate will help substantially. The same with its counterpart on the sword side; dretra.

60: Guardian Axe (Gaxe)
-240-280 Def+30, Reflect Damage+5%
At level 60, this weapon does the most damage out of all the weapons you can use at level 60 (Guardian Sword, Dretra Sword, and Taytra axe) though because it doesn’t add any extra stats or hit rate, it isn’t the best choice unless you already have high dex.

70: Axe of Ivillines
-261-269 STR+2, DEX+2, STA+2, INT+2
The extra stats might be tempting, but they really don’t help in the long run, i wouldn’t worry about this axe that much. Plus, it looks ugly xD.

75: Historic Axe (Haxe)
-279-281 HP+20%, Atk Speed+7%
This is actually a pretty good axe, especially if you’re high dex, the hp and attack speed help a lot, and it does a whole lot more damage then any of the level 60 weapons. I’d try to get this, even if I wasn’t using a high dex build. With a good +8 set or so, the hit rate will even out.

90: Angel Axe (AAxe)
-307-309 DEX+7, Crit Rate+20%
Probably one of the better axes we get, and that little bit of dex helps a little, might be the difference between a speed break or not. I’d really encourage getting one of these.

105: Legendary Golden Axe (Lga)
-322-324 Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%, Crit Rate+20%
The best axe we can get, this baby adds a huge amount of adoch not to mention critical rate. If you have any chance of getting this thing, get it, no buts or ifs. And either buy it already upgraded or upgrade it yourself. (Hopefully though, you’ll get high enough to use a bloody sword, I’ll explain later).

120: Bloody Axe (Baxe)
-336-338 STA+10, Def+75, Add HP+15%
Not for a 1vs1 knight, not even for a 1vs1 blade. This axe is for AoE blades, don’t give it any thought.

As of right now, lusaka 1h weapons can be equipped, but I’ve heard rumors that one day they will be 2nd class locked. So just a word of warning just in case.

75:Lusaka Axe
-489-491 HP +15%, Defense Power +50
This is more for an aoe blade, so I wouldn’t worry too much about this one.


60: Dretra Sword
-260-265 Atk Speed+5%, Hit Rate+20%
Like its counterpart; taytra, dretra adds a nice amount of hit rate, a good starting sword for a 1vs1 alternative.

60: Guardian Sword (Gsword)
-258-263 STA+5, DEX+5
This is a pretty good sword as well, though it doesn’t do as much damage as a dretra, it does add a few points of dex, which can help in the long run. Though personally, unless you’re using a high dex build, I’d go with dretra.

70: Sword of Ivillines
-260-262 STR+3, STA+3, DEX+3, INT+3
Like its counterpart, don’t be tempted by those stats, they won’t really help, the dretra still does more damage. But this sword does look cool ;3

75: Historic Sword (Hsword)
-279-281 STR+5, Crit Rate+7%
This is like our Angel Axe on the other side of this pathway. Adds a nice amount of critical and a few points in str. A good weapon in my opinion, as it does more damage then the dretra. If you have a good upgraded set, I’d suggest getting this guy.

90: Angels Sword (Asword)
-Atk Speed+10%, HP Rate+15%
Not really that useful for us 1vs1 knights. Though the hp amount might be helpful for giant hunting, or even arena. Though until you get your best weapon, I wouldn’t use this sword.

105: Legendary Golden Sword (Lgs)
-322-324 Hit Rate+10%, Atk Speed+15%
You know, this is actually a pretty good sword, the attack speed and hp amount are both slightly useful for a 1vs1 knight, and it does more damage then the hsword. This + Warpon/warspon would do pretty good, though i wouldn’t recommend upgrading it, especially if you try to get to 120 (or 110 with reductions). The best weapon we have awaits us there.

120: Bloody Sword (Bsword)
-322-324 Additional Damage of Critical Hits+40%, Crit Rate+20%, Atk Speed+15%
Here we go, the best weapon we can use. Even though the Lga does more damage, the bsword adds attack speed, which is extremely useful for us knights who are naturally slow. If you can get this thing, get it! Upgrade it as high as you can, even ultimate it. I even suggest people who use Lgas sooner or later switch to Bsword. Because of it, we still get the 40% adoch and 20% critical, but because of that attack speed, we can minus the attack speed awakening from the suit on our set, and replace it with more critical % or adoch%.

As of right now, lusaka 1h weapons can be equipped, but I’ve heard rumors that one day they will be 2nd class locked. So just a word of warning just in case.

Lusaka Sword
-493-494 Critical Chance +10%, Atk. Speed +10%
Better then the historic sword and it’s somewhat better then an aaxe because of the ultimate attack ratings. If you can get this, and you want to risk it, get it.

130 Vorpal Blade
-367-368 Critical Hit Rate +15%, Additional Damage for Critical Hit +25%, Attack Speed +15%
Eh, in my personal opinion, I’d say this sucks. It’s not that much better than a bsword, and a bsword can be upgraded normally. I wouldn’t recommend it.

135 Curtana
-547-549 Critical Hit Rate +40%, Additional Dammage of Critical Hit+50%, Attack Speed +25%
Well finally, we get a decent weapon that’s actually made SPECIFICALLY for KNIGHTS. But wait…it’s at level 135? Wonderful lol. Well if you can get this far and afford this, I’d say get it. It’s just a really smexy weapon, even without an upgrade.

For 1vs1 alternative knights, the shield doesn’t really matter. It’s the awakening that counts. Though of course, a little extra defense never hurt anyone.

Vigors :
Probably a 1vs1 knights best friend when it comes to rings. These are one of the best damage boosters jewelry wise that we get. As for AoE, if you’re a high sta build I’d use these, but for high str, stam rings may be a better choice. These things are pretty cheap because they drop from clockworks, which people farm….like clockworks (lol (ok that was bad)). So getting these shouldn’t be too hard. The ones that drop from clockworks are +9 which add 10 str. If you can, get them as high as you can, and hopefully we’ll get to +20 which adds 40 str.

Stams : These rings adds sta, which can be helpful if you’re a low sta build. Replace them with your vigors. A lot of people use stam rings + plug earrings, especially if they’re low in sta. For 1vs1, this might help more for giant hunting and PvPing.

Demols : The same with the +9 vigors, +12 demols drop from clockworks, so they should be easily obtained. These add 110 damage, which help a lot more then you might think. Get them as high as you can get them as well. Both AoE and 1vs1 gain substantially a lot of help from these.

Plugs : Plugs +9 drop from rockepellars which if you’re patient enough, you can farm them at lvl 47ish (give or take some lvls). Now these things are nice and all adding 96 def each (at +9) but I highly feel that they aren’t needed. Unless you have 60 or less sta. I have 100 sta and all i need is guard, the plugs just take up room where my demols could be. So use them if you have the builds #5-6 and use guard for all builds except for #1-2. For 1vs1…giant hunting and PvPing, the defense comes in handy

+6 Areks drop from giant mong, and that’s a great way to get them (at least a start on areks). Now you’re wondering…areks? Yes, areks, just like a bunny for a pet, the extra dex could be the amount you need to hit the speed break, or get some extra crit rate/attack speed/ block/ etc etc. You don’t have to use them, but they do come in handy at times.

Gore : Not that important…you can get a +3 from the mia quest. But you really don’t need it.

V15 Jewelry

Defender’s Set:
-Defender ring x 2 – +1 sta
-Defender plug x 2 – +54 def
-Defender necklace – +82 hp, +52 mp
Set Effect: HP Recovery +500,MP Recovery +100, Immunity +100
About: Not that great for a knight, I mean the hp is nice but is it worth it?

Adept’s Set:
-Adept Ring x 2 – +1 int
-Adept plug x2 – +10 magical attack
-Adept necklace x2 – +Max MP +57,Magic DEF +10
Set effect:Spell Maximizing +20%,Magic Casting Time -20% MP, Recovery Power once you kill NPC +500
About: Obviously…knights won’t use this one

Marksman’s Set:
-Marksman ring x2 – +1 dex
-Marksman plug x2 – +10 yoyo and bow attack
-Marksman necklace x2 – Max FP +57,Magic DEF +10
Set effect:Moving disability of Target +20,Attack Range +2, HP Recovery Power once you kill NPC +1000
About: This is pretty cool, especially with the HP recovery, that helps a lot :D

Champion’s Set:
-Champion ring x2 – +1 str
-Champion plug x2 – +10 attack
-Champion necklace x2- Max HP +82,Max DEF +10
Set effect:Additional HP +20%,Damage Reflection +50%, Block Short-range Attack +20%
About: Probably the best jewelry set from V15 for knights, if you can, I’d suggest getting this.

-Lion : For low sta builds, a perfect lion adds a nice amount of sta and hp, very helpful.
:-Tiger : For low str builds, a perfect tiger adds a great amount of str and damage, get the best one you can find.
-Dragon : I truly believe people underestimate dragons, I checked on the simulator, for a knight, a perfect dragon and perfect tiger aren’t that different, only like a 10 damage difference. A dragon is a knights cheap replacement for a tiger.
-Griffin : Same as a dragon, the defense given is probably about the same as a lion, or at least close to it. Not to mention its a heck of a lot cheaper then a lion.
-Unicorn : Either a lion or unicorn, they both add an incredible amount of hp, both helpful in arena/training.
And I hope you know better then to use one of these:

-Lion : Because we 1vs1 have such low sta, a lion can help a lot in arena because it adds defense and hp. A great choice if you’re an arena addict.
-Tiger : Probably the best pet we can use, it adds great damage and str in case you’re using a high dex build.
-Unicorn : Like the lion, adds hp, useful in arena if you’re an addict. Can also help with giant hunting.
-Dragon : Like I said before, its underestimated, and while not quite as good as a tiger, but get a good str or attack awakening on it, it can be just as good, or better, at about half the price.
-Rabbit : What a rabbit? Well, you better believe it, get a good one of these, and you won’t have to worry about dex in awakenings or base stats.

And I hope you know better then to use one of these:

Stuff About Pets
-Exp Rates-
D- .25% per minute
C- .12% per minute
B- .06% per minute
A- .03% per minute
S- N/A

D- 180
C- 300
B- 420
A- 600
S- 1500

Level 1 : 1 sta
Level 2 : 2 sta
Level 3 : 4 sta
Level 4 : 7 sta
Level 5 : 11 sta
Level 6 : 16 sta
Level 7 : 22 sta
Level 8 : 29 sta
Level 9 : 37 sta
Max : 75 str
Min : 5

Level 1 : 5 attack
Level 2 : 10 attack
Level 3 : 20 attack
Level 4 : 35 attack
Level 5 : 55 attack
Level 6 : 80 attack
Level 7 : 110 attack
Level 8 : 145 attack
Level 9 : 185 attack
Max : 375 attack
Min : 25 attack

Level 1: 1 str
Level 2 : 2 str
Level 3 : 4 str
Level 4 : 7 str
Level 5 : 11 str
Level 6 : 16 str
Level 7 : 22 str
Level 8 : 29 str
Level 9 : 37 str
Max : 75 str
Min : 5 str

Level 1 : 91 hp
Level 2 : 182 hp
Level 3 : 364 hp
Level 4 : 637 hp
Level 5 : 1001 hp
Level 6 : 1456 hp
Level 7 : 2002 hp
Level 8 :  2639 hp
Level 9 : 3367 hp
Max : 6825 hp
Min : 455 hp

Level 1 : 1 Dex
Level 2 : 2 Dex
Level 3 : 4 Dex
Level 4 : 7 Dex
Level 5 : 11 Dex
Level 6 : 16 dex
Level 7 : 22 dex
Level 8 : 29 dex
Level 9 : 37 dex
Max : 75 dex
Min : 5 dex

Level 1 : 1 int
Level 2 : 2 int
Level 3 : 4 int
Level 4 : 7 int
Level 5 : 11 int
Level 6 : 16 int
Level 7 : 22 int
Level 8 : 29 int
Level 9 : 37 int
Max : 75 int
Min : 5 int

Level 1 : 4 def
Level 2 : 8 def
Level 3 : 16 def
Level 4 : 28 def
Level 5 : 44 def
Level 6 : 64 def
Level 7 : 88 def
Level 8 : 116 def
Level 9 : 148 def
Max : 300 def
Min : 20 def

D – Level 1
C – Level 1,2,3
B – Level 1,2,3,4,5
A – Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
S – Level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Perfect Pet = 1/3/5/7/9

-By Aria
  |    1 |   2 |   3 |   4 |  5 |  6 |  7 |  8 |  9
D | 100% |  0% |  0% |  0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% |
C |  51% | 31% | 18% |  0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% |
B |  40% | 28% | 18% | 10% | 4% | 0% | 0% | 0% | 0% |
A |  35% | 23% | 17% | 12% | 7% | 4% | 2% | 0% | 0% |
S |  27% | 21% | 17% | 13% | 9% | 6% | 4% | 2% | 1% |

Chance of a perfect pet (if you rolled all levels at once randomly):
1 * 0.18 * 0.04 * 0.02 * 0.01 = 0.00000144

Approximiately one in 700000. Although C and B don’t really matter all that much. The probability of getting at least 6 for A and at least 8 for S is one in 555, which isn’t too bad.


This little diagram shows the elemental cycle. It means that fire beats wind, wind beats earth, earth beats electric, electric beats water, and water beats fire. To use this effectively for training, you usually put the opposite element of the mob on your suit and weapon.

For your weapon, unless you know you’re going to be at the same mob for a while, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it past +3. Why? Cause it’s a waste of money if you’re just going to be there for only three levels. But take Pink Roaches for example. The exp there is so good, people train there from 75-88. A lot of those people will make their weapons +8 water because pinkies are fire. On the flip side, people train at cranes for maybe two levels after level 60. So making your weapon +8 wind/earth would be total chaos and pointless. Especially since the next mob is water. Also, because of v13, empower weapon now adds 11% attack when maxed. So that helps as well. Makes up for the +8 element you don’t have. For AoE, there’s no need to make it any higher then +1. Because power stomp isn’t effected positively, there’s no reason to go all element crazy lol +1 is enough to get the 11% attack.

Pre-v13 having the same element on your suit as the mob, would result into it hitting a 0 (or had a chance of it). But now, that is no longer possible, and the defense reduction from the +3 element opposite on your suit is no longer as big as it used to be. You now have to upgrade your suits element even higher, to get the same effect. This doesn’t affect 1vs1 as much as it does AoE.

Piercings, allow us to get stronger by adding stats or other means into our equipment.

For suits, piercings go up to 4. Meaning you can put in 4 cards.
*note – please remember, to pierce anything, use a gpro. It can fail on the first piercing.
Suit wise, and knight wise, there are three main cards we use.

The two that we don’t use are
The only you should EVER use these, is if you’re trying to set some fp or mp record for knights.

All % cards come in 2,3,4, and 7%. 7 of course being the rarest, and therefore the most expensive. I’d recommend not even bothering with 2 and 3. 7 can be hard to get, but 4 is still good. And because the suit can be pierced up to 4 times. With 4, 4% cards in it, that’ll add a whopping 16% extra of whatever that may be. 7 being 28% which is AWESOME! If you can get this, well you’re lucky.

Moving on

For an AoE knight depending on your build decides what card you should use.
For a low sta knight, either defense or hp, or a mix of the two. For a high sta knight, attack piercings are the way to go. For PvP purposes, either hp or attack.

Keep in mind, defense piercings decrease the amount of damage taken from mob crits.

For 1vs1 knights, attack piercings all the way, cause that’s all they need. Unless they make a PvP set, then they would use hp.


The same with suits, knights only use 3 out of the 5 cards used for weapons and shields.

The two knights don’t use are


Each card comes in 4 states, the same as % cards. D,C,B, and A. A being the rarest and most useful. Also, each card gives different bonuses as well.

Fire D – 2 Str
Fire C – 3 Str 1% additional damage of critical hits
Fire B – 4 Str 1% additional damage of critical hits
Fire A – 7 Str 2% additional damage of critical hits

Land D – 2 Sta
Land C – 3 Sta
Land B – 4 Sta
Land A – 7 Sta

*note – Land cards are the only ones that don’t add an extra bonus

Electric D – 2 Dex
Electric C – 3 Dex 1% critical
Electric B – 4 Dex 1% critical
Electric A – 7 Dex 2% critical

Water D – 2 Int
Water C – 3 Int 1% decrease in magic motion time
Water B – 4 Int 1% decrease in magic motion time
Water A – 7 Int 2% decrease in magic motion time

Wind D – 2% speed
Wind C – 2% speed 1% attack speed
Wind B – 4% speed 1% attack speed
Wind A – 7% speed 2% attack speed

Weapon and shield slots can go up to 10. So if you had 10 Fire A cards in your shield, that would be an extra 70 Str and 20% additional damage of critical hits. Quite handy for 1vs1 knights if you have enough critical %.

For AoE, depending on your build decides what you use. For a low sta build, you’d probably want to fill your weapon with Land cards. For high sta builds fire cards are probably the best choice.

For 1vs1, Critical % > Additional damage of critical hits. So for the weapons, use electric cards. And if you’re an alternative 1vs1, fill shield with electrics and perhaps your weapon with fire.

For the wind cards, if you have extra money ever lol you can fill up like a long sword or something, and get some extra speed in the arena. Or just for the heck of it.
For water cards…I’m not going to say anything.

Yes, believe it or not, knights can Giant Hunt, weather they be AoE or 1vs1.
For giant hunting, I wouldn’t start until about 65, because you can then take on giant elder, and still kill volt. And you might also make it by against giant spider. This goes for both AoE and 1vs1.

– Giant Volt
Level- 65
Hp -243,386
Element –Fire
Drops: +5 rings and NPC items level 55

When: Level 62

-Giant Elder
Level – 67
Hp – 249,215
Element – Water
Drops: A Variety of blues ranging from 55-65

When: Level 64

Level – 69
Hp – 254,295
Element – Wind
Drops: Variety of blues usually in the 65+

When: Level 66

Level – 73
Hp – 390,112
Element – Fire
Drops: Blues and Guardian Weapons

When: Level 70

Level – 73
Hp – 494,414
Element – Electric
Drops: Blues and Guardian Weapons

When: Level 70

Level – 75
Hp – 552,915
Element – Earth
Drops: Blues, +6 rings, and Guardian Weapons

When: Level 72

Level – 77
Hp – 564,573
Element – Electric
Drops: Blues and Guardian Weapons

When: Level 74

Level – 77
Hp – 564,573
Element – FIre
Drops: Blues and Historic Weapons

When: Level 74

Level – 80
Hp- 684,834
Element – Water
Drops: Blues and Historic Weapons

When: Level 77

Level – 83
Hp – 744,618
Element – Electric
Drops: Blues and Historic Weapon

When : Level 80

Level – 86
Hp – 806,953
Element – FIre
Drops: Blues and Historic Weapons

When: Level 83

Level – 89
Hp – 871,850
Element – Earth
Drops : Blues and Historic Weapons

When: Level 86

Level – 92
Hp – 939,916
Element – Earth
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: Level 89

Level – 95
Hp – 1,009,362
Element – Fire
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: Level 92

Level – 98
Hp – 1,081,995
Element – Electric
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: Level 95
*note- Giant Gongury is almost always glitched so you can’t reach it

Level – 101
Hp – 1,157,225
Element – Electric
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: Level 98
*note – Not sure if this is still true, but Giant Shu used to have a 10% more chance of dropping an Angel Weapon. Also Giant Shu dos not regenerate its hp

Level – 104
Hp – 1,235,058
Element – Fire
Drops : Blues and Angel Weapons

When: Level 101

Level – 107
Hp – 1,315,502
Element – Wind
Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons

When: 104

-None of the desert giants regain hp-
-This is an exception for Grr and Dump

Level – 92
Hp –
Element – Electric
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: 89

Level – 95
Hp –
Element – Water
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: 92

Level – 99
Hp –
Element – Electric
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: 96

Level – 102
Hp –
Element – Water
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: 99

Level – 104
Hp –
Element – Water
Drops: Blues and Angel Weapons

When: 101

Level -105
Hp –
Element – N/A
Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons

When: 102
On a side note, be very cautious against Queen. She has extremely high rage.

~Shaduwar Giants~

Level -110
Hp – 1,675,135
Element – Fire
Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons

When: 107

Level: 113
Hp: 1,771,668
Element – Wind
Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons

When: 110

Level: 116
Hp: 1,868,201
Element – Fire
Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons

When: 113

Level: 119
Hp: 1,964,734
Element – Water
Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons

When: 116

Level: 120
Hp: 1,964,734
Element – Wind
Drops: Blues and Legendary Golden Weapons

When: 117

I’m not going to explain PvP on demian cause that’s just…different sorta…

Red – The arena
Green – Resurrection point
Purple – NPC (food etc)
Blue – Exit

Some facts about the arena:
-No you won’t lose exp
-No you won’t lose your items (except food and what not lol)
-No your pet won’t die if you die (only way it will is if you don’t feed it)
-No you won’t gain or lose dual points
-No it is not a place to hang out and talk, so don’t complain when you die
-Yes total carnage is allowed.

OK! For us knights, PvP is pretty hard cause we don’t have the best damage ever. Especially AoE knights, they’re the punching bags in arena. That’s why I don’t like sta builds because their damage output is not great. But a 120 sta (give or take) xxx str build will be decent in arena.
1vs1 however with a good amount of sta, and good awakenings (mainly critical and additional damage of critical hits) they can do pretty good.

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