Flyff Yoyo Acrobats going Jester Skill Point Allocation Guide

Fly for Fun Yoyo Acrobats going Jester Skill Point Allocation Guide by cutesakurachan

First of all, this guide is based on Zande’s yoyo acrobat guide, so he gets more credit than me… u can look at the guide in here:
Flyff Jesters Guide

Edit: Read before going on

I am aware by now this guide is outdated with the new skill system, i just need a free day to make all the calculations again and put them here, just wait ^_~

First of all: Thank you zande for an awesome guide, helped my yoyo jester a lot with the Leveling.

Ok now let’s begin, i’m assuming u dont spend any skill points in vagrant skills, and that u did the job change quest to acrobat during v7 so u get that sweet reskill scroll.

So i’m not wrong at Lv 15 just after job change u should have
72 Skill points, for the skillspam recommendation in Zande’s guide u will probably need a slowstep lv 10, which will help u a lot until u gain Xline, that’s -20 skill points, in adition get ur pulling to lvl 4 that’s -8 skill points.

At lvl 18 (u should have 53 sp) u will get fast walker, lvl it to 6 as minimum -12 sp

At lvl 20 (u should have 47 sp) u will get yoyo mastery u will need it at 8 minimum -16 sp

At lvl 30 (u should have 61 sp) now u get xline! nice, i really recommend mastering it, it will help a lot -40 sp, also u will need di at minimum lvl which is 8, -16 sp

At lvl 35 ( u should have 20 sp) u will get snitch (this used to be our hell) but i dont recommend investing sp on it yet.

At lvl 40 (u should have 35 sp) u will get counter atk, but its up to you if u need it, invest 2 sp into it, lvl 1 will suffice, if not save them.

At lvl 45 (u should have 50 sp) nice! perfect block!, i fully recommend mastering it -40 sp, from now on, the rest of the points u gain should go into snitch and deadly swing.

At lvl 60 (u should have 27 sp if u invested into snitch and deadly swing already, snitch needs lvl 10 and deadly swing needs lvl 4 that was -28 sp) ok nice, its time to go do quest, when ur done u will be rewarded with a nifty 30 sp yay!.

Lv 60 Jester (u should have 57 sp) ok now we get 3 new skills, enchant poison, enchant blood, and escape, since ur crit rate is still low i recommend skillspamming until lvl 65, so master enchant poison -30 sp, and raise all yoyo mastery u can while lvling from 60 to 65.

Lv 65 Jester (u will reskill back to 252 sp) yay! use ur reskill coz u will be depending in whole different skills now (and u no longer need slowstep), u will spend all ur points into ur minimum requirements and master perfect block, enchant blood and critical swing, the rest of the points are really much up to you, depending in how u like to pvp or not.

I hope this helps, if u see any miscalculations feel free to point them out, or comments also, anything is accepted ^^.

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