Flyff Awakening Guide

Fly for Fun Awakening Guide by _heos

An awake is something that is done to a shield, a weapon (two handed or one handed), a stat pet, and all armor pieces.

Awakening Slots

An awakening can have anywhere from one to three slots. In each of these slots an awakening can have an attribute.

Awakening Slots:
1 Slot = 35%
2 Slots = 35%
3 Slots = 30%

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

An awakening can be positive or negative. In the alchemy event, GMs turned negative slots to positive slots. So it is now advisable to keep a very good negative awakening in hopes another event holds this same possibility, or maybe a similar CS item in the future. Please note that for the guide, every positive awake has its consequential negative awake, which comes in the same amounts positive awakes do, with the same chances.

Tiers and Attributes

Each awakening slot has “tiers” or “levels” or really whatever you want to call them. They go from 1-10.

So an awakening is going to be 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10. Tier 1 being the first awakening, Tier 10 being the max awakening. Keep in mind there are the corresponding negative Tiers. So for the 10th tier there is the possibility for a negative 10th tier and a positive 10th tier.

But the amount given for each tier is different for each type of awakening.

The types of awakenings and their corresponding chance rates are as follows:

Attribute Chances:
STR = 7%
DEX = 7%
INT = 7%
STA = 7%
Critical Rate = 8%
Critical Damage = 8%
Speed = 7%
Attack Speed = 7%
DEF = 7%
ATK = 7%
HP = 7%
MP = 7%
FP = 7%
Decreasing Casting Time = 7%

Here is the table of the tiers and their corresponding values and chances which dictate the minimum, maximum, and all consequential awakes in between. If it is not on the chart, it is NOT possible to get this awakening in a single slot.

Please not that this means when someone says their helmet is awakened to 20 strength. If it is awakened to 20 strength in one slot, it is either GM restored or hacked. It is possible to get this other ways. Such as +19 Strength +1 Strength – or other values that end up adding up to a set amount. The chart dictates what is possible from only 1 of the 3 possible slots available in an awakening. Of course – it is impossible to awaken each slot separately.

What To Awake?

Not everything can be awakened, and some pieces (Armor pieces) can only be awakened to certain attributes.

Can be awakened to Strength, Intelligence, Stamina, Dexterity, MP, FP, and HP.

Can be awakened to Critical Rate, Attack Speed, Decreasing Casting Time, Attack, and MP, and FP.

Can be awakened to Critical Damage, Defense, Speed, HP, MP, and FP.

Suit, Weapon, Shield, Stat Pets
Can be awakened to all different types of awakes.

This is a very rough guide – but just meant to set a general purpose. Enjoy.

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