Flyff CS and Premium Items Drops Guide

Fly for Fun CS and Premium Items Drops Guide by _kirin

Several people are under the impression that cs/premium items cannot be dropped. While that may be true in most cases, there are some that can be dropped, such as event items.

sarisairis wrote:Generally, if an item is directly purchased from the shop, it cannot be dropped or guild-banked.

Most items that come from events, either auto-inserting, directly dropped, or from boxes are droppable and guild-bankable. There are only a few exceptions, like the scrolls that come out of the Leveling Boxes that recently dropped.



Items That Can Be Dropped

• Wooden Horse • Baby Aibatts (Event) • Sword Board • Azria Tickets from the “Flyff Appreciation” Event (1) • Apros/Gpros/Spros from the “Flyff Apprreciation” Event • Perins (2) • Hera Hoverbike (Event) • Ddukguk (all varieties) (3)

*This List is incomplete. Please help to expand it*


Still under construction. Feel free to point out any info you think is needed.

Q: How Can I find out if my cs/premium item can be dropped?
A: Usually, a notice in red letter comes up and says “Premium Items cannot be dropped.” If it doesn’t, and the drop window comes up, head out to a remote location such as Darkron 3 or Rhisis with a cs pet out if possible and attempt to drop the item in question.

Q: Can cs/premium item(s) be dropped if I accumulate enough disposition? [Demian Server Only]
A: Unfortunately, yes, the item(s) in question will be dropped according to your disposition, so I advise you to put your dropable items in your backpack immediately after turning red. (4)



    1. These can also be mailed. 2. This excludes regular Penya. 3. ie, Sweet, sour, hot 4. This does not count certain items such as reducted armor/weapons and cs clothing. (Reducted items turn into premium items that cannot be dropped). However, items such as the wooden horse, baby aibatt, etc. would be dropped if you had enough disposition.

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