Flyff Gianting Guide

Fly for Fun Gianting Guide by madhattersrm

Alright well i have looked around and managed to find some rather random post about gianting that helps you but only in certain level ranges. so i took a few of the ones i saw and made this cheap guide on some of the giants. Feel free to post ones you would like to be on here and i will see what i can do about adding them. Hopefully this gets stickied or something so that it becomes easier on people (ME =D) to know what giants to go for and what to expect.

for our lower level friends i dont have many giants in this area but heres a few i managed to find.

List of Giants


lvl 11 Pukepuke : Light Shield (level 7 rare), Peision+1

Lvl 17 Lawolf : Battle Shield (level 11 rare), Gore+1

Saint Morning

Lvl 27 Mia: Gore+3, Mental+7

Lvl 33 Jack the Hammer: Gore+4, Arek+2

Lvl 43Totemia : +3 rings

Lvl 45 Cardpuppet: +3 rings

Lvl 47 Tombstone Bearer: Gore+5, Avalon Shield, Mental+15, Peision+14


Lvl 55 Leyena: +4 rings

Lvl 59 Steel Knight: Gore+6, Peision+19, Mental+20

Lvl 61Nutty Wheel: Ancient Shield

Lvl 61 Nuctuvehicle – DON’T DO IT!!!!

Lvl 63 Driller – Good drops especially with GB party

Lvl 63 Risem – AWESOME!! fast respawn there often Go for it (i have no
personal experience on this giant its just what i read)

Lvl 65 Volt – very good and +5 Rings/ +6 INT Rings

Lvl 65 Grrr – very good, good on dropping blues

Lvl 65 Ivillis Mushelizer – good drops , hard to get because of popularity

Lvl 67 ElderGuard– VERY good, drops often and well

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Recomended FS from here up*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Lvl 69 Garbagepider – one of the better dropping giants not sure on specifics

Lvl 69 Dump – Very good, good on dropping blues

Lvl 71 Crane – BUGGED!! DONT DO IT!! (though some people will kill it to make things easier for people leveling in the vicinity)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*DROPS GUARDIAN WEAPONS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Lvl 73 Syliaca – Guardian Weapons (i have personally found a Gbow and a Gyoyo here and plenty of decent drops its an okay giant) mostly lvl 70 NPC knuckle as a drop

Lvl 73 Nautrepy – Gaurdian Weapons and other good drops go for it =D (note that this giant is rather far because it does require you go to darkon 3)

Lvl 75 Greemong – Gaurdian Weapons and +6 rings (i have never found anything from this giant but others will argue that its worth it, give it a try)

Lvl 77 Boo – Gaurdian Weapons 50/50 chance on items (i wouldnt go for it personally but if your at Nautrepy and its there might as well as give it a shot)

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*DROPS HISTORIC WEAPONS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Lvl 77 Carrierbomb – Historic Weapons good drops GO FOR IT =D

Lvl 80 Hoppre – Historic Weapons and good drops often

Lvl 83 Muspoie – Historic Weapons, drops rarely, not worth it?(it is there quite often though so if your in its level range and happen to be there i dont see why not give it a shot)

Lvl 86 Iren – Historic Weapons and good drops

Lvl 89 Watangka – Historic Weapons, generally good and NO prevention =D

~*~*~*~*~*~*DROPS ANGEL WEAPONS~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Lvl 92 – Antiquery – Angel Weapons not really worth it? (i have personally witnessed people finding decent drops but have also seen people kill it 5 times and not find anything)

Lvl 95 Luia – Angel Weapons not sure on specifics

Lvl 98 Gongury – Angel Weapons and not sure on specifics

Lvl 101 Shuhamma– Angel Weapons, no prevention if you can get it DO IT!!

~*~*~*~*~*~*DROPS LEGENDARY GOLDEN WEAPONS~*~*~*~*~*~*

Lvl 107 Glaphan: Legendary Golden Weapons

Lvl 110 Chimeradon: Legendary Golden Weapons

Lvl 113 Bearneky: Legendary Golden Weapons

Lvl 116Muffrin: Legendary Golden Weapons

Lvl 119Popcrank: Legendary Golden Weapons

Lets take a look at your class and how it will work with gianting (thanks sarisairis for the post with the information)

Billposter/Battle Ringmaster:

Keep Stonehand up at all times. It can be cast while attacking with, you may have to press the Stonehand button a few times before the server will actually use the skill.
You can cast Asmodeus while attacking as well.
If you find you are critting the giant too far, a Billposter can use Belial Smashing to get onto the other side of it without losing your target. Ringmasters don’t have that option, and just have to hope noone takes your giant while moving.
Faster attack rates and higher hit rates are key to keeping the giant stunlocked. Attacking slower and making a lot of misses lets the giant free itself long enough to hit you with a large crit. Upgrade your set, or use a Yakadain/Angel glove with an attack speed shield to obtain high hit rates.
Baraqijal Esna can increase the damage you do to the giant, but avoid using it near rage, as it also increases the damage you take.
After a giant recovers from stun, it can sometimes change targets to you if it was not targetting you to begin with.


High int Psys can easily giant solo, use Satanology to root it, and recast it 6-8 seconds before it wears off, as it does not work 100% of the time.
Due to an annoying bug/glitch in the game, you will move slowly towards your target when casting something with the F keys (and also between uses of your action slot), but you will not see yourself moving. To counteract this, move backwards or to the side periodically so you do not move into melee range of the giant.
Higher stamina Psy’s can, with an FS, use Crucio and tank the giant. The added damage from Crucio’s reflection makes the kill considerably faster. Just be ready to use a Psy Wall or Satan the giant if you take an exceptionally large crit and you need time to recover.
Psychic Bomb can stun the giant, which is helpful in a group or if you don’t manage to Satan it in time. It deals slightly more damage than Demonology, but is slower casting and uses more MP.
Satanology can hold your lock on a giant even without attacking it, as long as you don’t target something else or move too far away from the giant.


Many blades have very high crit rates, so if you find the giant being crit knockbacked into a corner or towards the edge of its spawn, use Silent Strike to get on the other side of it
Sneaker can hold your lock on a giant even without attacking it, as long as you don’t target something else or move too far away from the giant. Just be aware that if you have autoattack enabled in your options, after using Sneaker, you will move in to attack. Click back after using Sneaker if you don’t want to fight it at that moment.
Berserk adds a lot of damage, but be careful to only use it when you are sure you will not need any other skills.
I have no experience with it, but I hear Hawk Attack will reduce a giants accuracy (hit rate) for the entire fight. This can greatly reduce the damage you take if it is true.

FS Ringmaster (obviously not the killer):

Holy Cross can hold a giant until the fighter is ready.
Keeping the target lock on the giant and Holy Crossing adds a good bit of damage when the fighter uses Link Attack.
Heal Rain and Geburah Tireph can be used while targetting a giant, to maintain Link damage
After using a buff (for instance Spirit Fortune), click the ground and move slightly or else you cannot target a person using the party window (either one). Always be ready to click on a person in the party window to heal if one takes an exceptionally big crit.
Using Spirit Fortune on a person will make sure you are in range to use Geburah Tireph or Heal Rain.
While using Holy Cross, you are considered to be in battle, and thus your MP will not regenerate. Keep watch on your MP and carry enough refreshers.
Giants can change targets in mid fight, be ready to heal someone who is hit when they were not expecting it.

Jester (Bow):

At higher levels, you will rarely get touched due to a maximum crit rate, and easily reaches 100% attack speed with Haste.
Dark Illusion will make any monster (including the giant) switch targets to other people in your party. If you have an FS with you, they will most likely get killed quickly. If you are not in a party, an agro will generally go after a nearby person, or go back to its starting spot and heal to full.
Perfect Block should be kept up at all times. The block rate helps immensely in reducing the damage if the giant does hit you and doesn’t do a crit.
After a knockback, a giant can sometimes change targets to you if it was not on you to begin with.
Arrow Rain can add damage, but be careful of monsters wandering into it, and remember that if a monster in your group dies, you will lose target.


Some giants can effectively be killed via hit-and-run. This does put you at risk of getting the giant taken from you, so only do it if you are not in a crowded area or are not able to tank it.
Rooting can stop the giant from moving, but it lasts a very short amount of time.
Due to most of an Elementors best spells being AoE, it is easy to pick up any wandering monsters in the area. An AoE skill can kill them, but remember that if a monster in your group dies, you lose target.


For Rangers I would Recommend Using The Crusier Set for the crit. You should Cast Fire Arrow And Arrow Rain For the DoTs But dont try to just Aoe the giant. It uses Alot of Mp And it’s just slower than fighting it with just Arrows. You can Also Spam Jumk Arrow but It it uses Alot of Pots. Also if your level 65+ You should Keep Fast Shot On for the extra Attack speed.
Rangers Don’t kill as fast as the other classes but they can get the job done.


Knights, depending on their build, can be really good at giant hunting, or really slow at it. Knight’s asset is the fact they can take the hits from the giants around their level if they follow an AoE build, or any STA based build. The downside with Giant Hunting regarding that Knight’s build without a RM is that they rely alot on skills only, and that takes alot of FP pots. Not to mention if they don’t use their skills that their hit rate is really low. Knights as a support role are very effective with the high STA build, they can tank meanwhile another class with a higher hit rate, like a blade or a ranger or an elementor, deals the damage. Knight’s with a ringmaster at their side and good sets (recorn set gives a boost in attack speed) can allow the Knight to take down a Giant around their level with ease, the speed and hit rate increases with a RM buffs and a good set, and with their STA they can tank and take the hits with no problems (not to mention the RM will have an easy time healing). Knights that act as support should not concern themselves with good weapons (although having them is a good thing as well) because their partner will be dealing the damage, but helping them as well as tanking it also viable. Knights as well as blades also have the advantage of Sneaker in case Knight’s act as a support role and the Giant somehow ends up attacking their partner and not the Knight. It is worth mentioning that AoE Knights can help alot when tanking to take care of the red aggros that appear around the Giant when Giant Hunting since they can use their AoE and get rid of them relatively easily. Knights can Giant Hunt alone or with a party, but it is more likely to see them in a party as their role as support is very effective and safe.

Personal Gianting Note

*Try to bring an FS with you most of the time it makes things easier.
*Try to acquire a lvl 40+ GB party, Either make one yourself (not recommended) or simply buy one off of someone. (they are like 3-5m no need to spend more than that)
*Make Sure GB party is full for best gianting (easy way to fill is to run through town randomly inviting until you have a full party =D)
*And lastly try to kil giants based on this equation

Character level +/- 1-3 levels = Giants Level

Well i would like to keep this list updated and hopefully have it grow into something bigger but i cant do that without your help so leave post with anything you want about gianting!! =D

Special thanks to everyone who has posted below to help this guide better ( i am still working on it =p) and a very special thanks to sarisairis who has provided a very good much of the information on this page, Auron_striker3 for his donations of information as he continues to level and giant and finally to arcticliving for the wonderful layout and making things so much easier on people to find what they are looking for!!!

Oh and finally congrats and rethanks for everything, it’s stickied!! we’ve gone open. YAY! (Wait does that make sense?)

Good Luck gianting and have Fun (if you can)

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