Florensia New Player’s Guide

Florensia New Player’s Guide by Grindfest

Ok Ive seen many people asking for locations as for Banguli [cat] etc.
So i make this topic to make all locations in one place.
I will continue to update, bring maps with the locations etc.
Just to make it less confusing to new members.

If any info is inaccurate please pm me in the Florums with the correct info.
Also any other location that hasn’t been posted.

Also about the order of the Islands:[Recommended]
Cardiff: Lv 1-14
Magnel: Lv14-24
Exeter: Lv 24-50
Kendal: [N/A]

Starting grinding places:

How to fish:
1-Buy a Fishing Rod and the required lvl of bait. (ex. if you are lv1 on Fish Skill lv1 Bait and so on)
2-Press “C” and click the Action Tab and search the Fishing Action.(Last one)
3-Set the Fishing Action on your action bar.
4-Go near water(you cannot fish on ship)
5-Good Luck on those fishes. =)

Purpose of Fishing:
1-If you get:
Green,Blue,Yellow,Red, or Gold Fish,
save them as they are useful in making Oils.

Basic Oil-making:
1-Buy the desired Recipe from the Smith.
2-If you have the correct amount (as indicated on the recipe) right click it.
3-The recipes are in order, the 1st one gives Oil lv1 and so on.
4-Use them to improve your weapons/armors stats.

Here are some important locations:

-Located at D3 Larksdown near the road.

Grim Reaper[Boss]:
Weedridge->Demon Valley

-Located at Castle Field -> G2 Firewall

Fragys [Mob]
Larksdown D4 [Near Banguli north of that road]

Castle Field -> F2/G3

Moonless Hall Foxden 2

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