Florensia Shaman Guide

Florensia Shaman Guide by Pinda

Hello! I am Pinda and I’ve decided to create a guide, because I got so much PMs regarding Shaman. I’ve explained a lot of times the same thing. So that’s why I’m trying to create a guide which answers as much questions as possible. I have quite some experience with the Shaman and tried lots of different builds. Feel free to PM me on the Florum for suggestions or questions.

Use the Ctrl+F keys for jumping to specific chapters.


P.1.1 – Introduction to the Shaman.
P.1.2 – The Armoury.
P.1.3 – The stats.
P.1.4 – The skills.
P.2.1 – Builds introduction.
P.2.2 – 1vs1 builds.
P.2.3 – AoE builds.
P.2.4 – FS/Spamming builds.
P.2.5 – PvP builds.
P.3.0 – Credits.

***The build section will be updated, a new detailed PvP build will be added and a lot more!!***

P.1.1 Introduction to the Shaman.

The Shaman isn’t a ‘’Damage Dealer’’ (DD) class, it’s more a supportive class, with moderate heals, with an awesome arsenal of debuffs and with superior ‘’Damage Over Time’’ (DoT) skills and moderate buffs. And with moderate AoEs, because Saints may possess the 2nd strongest AoE of the game (Damage based), but it’s a Saint skill, so it’s also available to the Priest which makes a Shaman not superior over a Priest with AoE. But you will read more about that in this guide. But a Shaman can double his or someone else’s damage for a short period of time and limited amount of hits, but this makes a Shaman a wanted party player.

A Shaman can be very useful but not as a real DD class, that’s why I don’t recommend creating it in a direct damage dealer, but let the DoTs do the work, and concentrate more on MP and HP. So you will get a defensive strong Shaman, and also offensive strong, for example all DoTs counted together is +10k damage. And you can also double your damage, why are you even thinking about adding Int. Well I can imagine that you will use it on a grind build, I used a pure Int build myself to grind.

Well I hope you’ll get some ideas on how a Shaman’s like.

P.1.2 The Armoury.


I will explain here some basic stuff, regarding the Shaman’s equipment and statues and how to increase them. Of course it will be most likely to upgrade your armour, but you can also unseal your equipment. I will also explain some features and how resistances work for instance, because this isn’t explained in the in-game tutorial and it’s nice how it works. So you don’t have to experiment yourself and waste eventually skill/ stat point resets.

The Seal-System

Go to a ”Bartender” NPC for this and show her your piece of equipment with ”Capability of Seal”. And she’ll gladly tell what kind of ”Unsealing Pearls” you’ll need to have to give this piece of equipment a nice bonus. You can get pearls by fishing or buying them from other players. A weapon, a piece of armour or jewellery can have up to 5 seals.

The Equipment Upgrade System (Weapons and Armour)

Shamans wear a type of armour which increases the physical defence moderately. And it increases the magical defence a lot. Upgrading your top will give you a physical defence bonus and upgrading your shorts will give you a magical defence bonus. If you upgrade your gloves it’ll give you a nice hit rate bonus and upgrading your boots will give you a physical avoidance rate bonus (this a great bonus for an AoE Shaman).

They use a magical crystal, called a ”Cariad”, it’s a ranged magical weapon. It deals magical damage, so a Shaman’s attack is always magical damage. So you shouldn’t concentrate as a Shaman on melee damage. Damaging skills are magical damage too. Upgrading your Cariad will increase your Cariad’s magical damage or you can also add the stat ”Intelligence”. This stat also increases the hit rate of magical attacks and that of the cariad of course so you don’t have to add Dex if you want have a higher hit rate for your Cariad. Or upgrading your gloves will help too, if you’ll upgrade those they’ll give you a ”(HIT)rate bonus”.

Also, your Cariad range is the ”range” stated under the ”distance-tab”, you can also find your Cariad attack speed under this tab. IMPORTANT: Your Cariad range will not increase with the bonus called ”Magic Range +XXM”, but it will increase with an ordinary ”Range +XXM” bonus. The magical range bonus will increase the range of your heals and other magical skills and the ”ordinary” one will increase your Cariad’s range. This may be quite confusing for newer players and I can fully understand that. One more little thing, it’s not actually possible to increase the success rate of your skills, skills have a hit rate for their own.


Avoidance Rate

Also a Shaman should not add lots of Con as an AoE-er, but as an AoE-er your ”avoidance rate” is your defence. The higher the amount of ”avoid” the more physical hits (normal attacks, no skills) you will avoid. Using Con instead of Dex doesn’t work since you’ve got a casting time on most of your skills. With every hit you’ll receive your casting time will increase, you could get jammed forever trying to cast the skill, until you’ll die.

Resistances: what are those and how do they work?

But how to avoid them skills? Well, you have ”resistances” for that, the higher your resistance for a specific element the more chance you have to avoid a skill of that element. For example you have a high ”Poison” resistance, so you will probably avoid a lot of skills with the element poison. The physical element is always ”0”, but that’s because the ”avoidance rate” is already that. And if it would be stated by the resistances as well it would be counted double. There’s no way to increase your resistances, other than by adding ”Dex” or ”Will”. You can identify a skill’s element by holding your mouse on the skill you want to know the element of. Now a window will pop showing you extra details of the skill, including the element. As you can see here down below with the Noble skill ”Fireball”, that under ”All common weapons” the element is shown. Which is in this case the element of Fire. As you will notice all the skills the Shaman can use are Holy (Sacred) or Dark.

Image Image

P.1.3 The stats.

Here I will explain the stats on what they do. And what kind of builds you could find them on or use them on.

Con increases your max HP and recovery rate. You could use this on a ‘’Player versus Player’’ (PvP)-based build. Having a HP is very handy as a Shaman in PvP, for example you will have more endurance. So you will keep longer alive to spam DoTs and debuffs, and also have more time to heal yourself of course. And you could use this with the skill called ‘’Thorn Trunk’’ to reflect all damage which is dealt on you. This works great with a high amount of HP. I don’t recommend adding Con on an AoE-build, you should have a high avoidance rate instead. Because our skills have a casting time and every time there’s damage dealt on you the casting will take longer, causing it to be casted too late or not at all. If our skills were instant it could’ve been used on an AoE-build.

Wis increases your max MP and recovery rate. This kind of speaks for itself, if you’ll use a lot of skills often in a row you’ll need some Wis. But adding Wis is not always needed on every build. There builds which work perfectly without Wis.

Dex increases your melee/range/magic hit range, it increases your avoidance rate and it increases your resistance against some elements. Well Dex is only very useful in high amounts in the Shaman’s AoE build(s). Or in smaller amount on the ‘’Full Support’’ (FS)-build(s)/Supportive-build(s) to be able to hit mobs properly with your cariad. Skills don’t use ‘’magic hit rate’’ they have a hit rate on their own, thus you don’t have to add Dex on supportive-builds when you don’t use your weapon.

Will increases the critical damage rate and increases the resistances dramatically. Use this in unbelievable high amounts or don’t use it all. This is a stat I wouldn’t use too fast on a Shaman.

Str increases melee damage dramatically. Use it only when your main weapon is a melee weapon, a sword or dagger.

Int:Increases greatly your magic damage and hit rate. But slightly increases your melee damage and hit rate. Use it to power up your skill damage or Cariad damage.

Luck increases your critical damage power, it’s fixed an amount of ‘’10’’ and can’t be increased though.

I hope this has given you some insight on the usefulness of the available stats for the Shaman.

P.1.4 The skills.
Here I will explain the skills available for the Shaman. In the correct way, because the descriptions in the game are not clear enough or are not correct.

Healing Hands (HH):
This skill’s casting time is about 2 seconds and the cooldown time is 1 second. It heals much HP for it’s MP consumption. This skill is usable for a Shaman, but I don’t recommend to use this skill for self-healing I recommend it to be used as a supportive healing skill.

Instant Recovery (IR):
The casting time is instant, cooldown is instant, this is a very great spam skill too bad the MP consuming is way too high for a Shaman. This is why I don’t recommend it to a Shaman, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful it could be used in some builds. But use with caution, you need a high amount of Wis for it.

Armour of Light (AoL):
This is a must have skill, the casting time is instant and the cooldown is 90 seconds. It reduces greatly the damage received when maxed it is 58% damage reduction! After level 5 it’s duration won’t increase but it’s power will, but on the other hand also the MP consumption.

Recovery (Rec):
Recovery is the perfect self heal skill for a Shaman, low mp usage, good casting time, which is 2 seconds. This is a healing over time over 15 seconds and it will heal 5 times, the cooldown is 20 seconds.

Master Recovery (MR):Casting time is 4 seconds and the cooldown is 5 seconds. This is a very good healing skill, it takes some time to cast though but the MP usage is very low. I recommend to use this if you have a very high amount of HP.

Light Transition (LT):
A weak, but well spamable attack skill. The casting time is 1 second and the cooldown is 1.5s, single target skill.

Chains of Light (CoL):
Chains of Light is a stun skill the target won’t be able to attack nor move for a small period of time. At maxed level the target will be stunned for 7 seconds. The casting time is instant and the cooldown is 25 seconds. You could use it in PvP or for support in boss fights.

Spiritual Power (SP):

A skill to increase the MP recovery by a fixed amount, this buff will only be in effect when you are not being attack. That’s why I think it’s better to spend your skill points on another skill. When the skill is in effect – it will recover every 3 seconds. The casting time is 1 second and the cooldown is instant. And the duration is 20 min.

Soul Revival (SR):
This is a resurrection skill it will revive a dead target, this will not work on NPCs. The casting time is 2.5 seconds and the cooldown is 60 seconds. I recommend to keep this skill at level 1, for saving skill points.

Blessing of Nature (BoN):
This is a buff which will increase your physical defence, it’s a good skill for a supportive Shaman. Casting time is 2 seconds and the cooldown is 4 seconds. The duration is 10 min.

Flow of Darkness (FoD):
Casting time is 1 second and the cooldown is 10 sec, the cooldown will decrease on higher levels, thus making it a spamable skill on higher level. This skill is like LT, but this one come with a DoT as well it deals moderate DoT over 15 seconds every 3 seconds. This is the best single target skill of the Shaman, I don’t recommend it for grinding, but it’s nice for bosses and in PvP.

Curse of Leaf (CoLF):

This is an awesome debuff, I think this is my personal favourite. It’s casting is 1.5 seconds but it’ll be instant on higher levels and the cooldown is 1 sec. It’s perfect to debuff multiple targets in a row due the fast casting, and the debuff is quite useful as well. At maxed it will deal a DoT of over 3000 damage and decrease the defensive power of the target as well, both magical and physical. The duration is 30 seconds. Using with skill in a start of a skill combo is recommended, I use it myself as an ‘’opening’’ in a PvP. Beware though for some reason this wants to miss quite often, sometimes, not always, it’s kind of odd and I can’t explain why it does that.

Thorn Shield (TS):
The cooldown of this skill is 1 second, but the casting time goes from 2.5 seconds to instant on higher levels, and the duration will raise by the way. This skill can only be casted on yourself. I recommend to use this skill only with a Con-build, because it isn’t too effective on Shamans with lower HP. If it’s maxed it’ll reflect 38% of the damage received.

Thorn Trunk (TT):
Thorn Trunk has a 0.8 seconds casting time and a 15 seconds cooldown. This skill is very useful against melee bosses/mobs or against the Mercenary (Gladiator and Guardian Swordsman). Since it will prevent them from using their offensive skills on you, because they need a sword for it, and since they can’t reach you they can’t, not for 10 seconds on max level! Beware, they are still capable of using their rifle, but that shouldn’t be a real threat. Since this skill prevents players from moving it’s also handy to cast your AoE on other players in a PvP, so they can’t run away. This ‘’combo’’ is easy to counter though by most classes. Take for example the stuns of the Explorer or Shade of Fear from the Noble.

This skill cures your target’s poison, it’s becoming more useful, with the new bosses and mob skills you could use it also for grinding in higher level. Because you might AoE mobs which have a poison skill, but some are bad and some aren’t a real threat at all. Usually your healing skills ‘’out-damage’’ the poison and the casting is kind of annoying. It should’ve been instant. It’s now 2 seconds and the cooldown is 1 second. It has it’s usefulness sometimes, I would only use it if I had the spare skill points. But remember you have antidotes as well, but those have a reuse time of ~30 seconds.

Mist of Darkness (MoD):
MoD is the Shaman’s strongest AoE and overall damage skill, the effect-circle isn’t that big compared to other AoEs. This is the only downside of this AoE, it deals moderate direct damage with a major DoT. The casting is 3 seconds and the cooldown is 25 seconds, and the duration is 15 seconds. This should be your main AoE if you’ll be an AoE-er.

Door of Darkness (DoD):
This a single target skill, it’s casting time is 2.5 seconds and the cooldown is 30 seconds. It also has an extra effect it comes with a stun, it’s duration is 4 seconds. I recommend to keep this skill on level 1. Because the stun duration won’t raise and the MP consumption will, and the damage as well, but that won’t be worth it either. But the casting time will also raise… You could say this skill gets even more worse at every higher level.

Darkness Wave (DW):

The casting time of this skill is 2.5 seconds and the cooldown is 15 seconds. This is an AoE type skill. It’s effect range is as big as MoD and it only deals moderate direct damage. This skill is handy to finish off your enemies which survived MoD, keeping this skill on level 1 is recommended.

Deceitful Penalty (DP):
This is an AoE debuff, the casting time is 2 seconds and the cooldown is 13 seconds. On level 3 the duration will raise to 15 seconds, I recommend to keep this skill on level 3. But if you like the attack power debuff so much then you should max it, since the attack speed debuff is also been ‘’maxed’’ on level 3. This is a nice debuff to support someone in a big AoE, usually you won’t agro by using this skill, so it should be save.

Depravity of Soul (DoS):

This a passive skill which raises your magic damage. It’s useful if you are using mainly your Cariad and direct damage skills. It won’t raise DoTs, since DoT are fixed, they can’t never ever be affected by anything.

Revenant’s Curse (RC):

This is a DoT skill, it deals both damage to HP and MP, it also the only skill in the game which can deal damage one’s MP. The casting time is 2 seconds and the cooldown is 12 seconds. And the duration is 15 seconds. I recommend you to use this skill only for PvP purposes.

Sudden Darkness (SD):
This is an AoE skill, it’s casting time is 2 seconds and the cooldown is 20 seconds. It only deals heavy direct damage, but it’s accuracy is low, it misses quite often which makes the skill unreliable. Which makes a skill also useless in my eyes. But the effect circle is a bit bigger than the DW’s and MoD’s one.

Touch of Death (ToD):This is a single target skill, a debuff, it makes every hit be doubled on the target for a small period of time and a limited amount of hits. The casting time is 1.5 seconds and the cooldown is 20 seconds and the duration is 10 seconds. The cooldown will decrease on higher levels and the duration will raise as well. This is one of the most important skills of the Shaman, maybe even the most important.

Balance Up (BU):
This is a self buff, it will increase your resistance against critical hits and the stuns from a critical hit. The duration is 10 minutes and the cooldown is 1 second. As a Dex-build you won’t be really needing it, but has a non-con build without dex I recommend it to use it.

Well these were all the skills available to the Shaman, I will update them if there’s something changed in the skills or new ones are added. And if you find a mistake or want to suggest a better skill description, then feel free to PM me.

P.2.1 Builds introduction.

In this paragraph I will discuss some builds for the Shaman. I’ve divided the builds into 4 categories which are; 1vs1, AoE, FS and PvP. Feel free to PM me when you’ve found a mistake, have suggestions or have questions etc. People who’ve suggested their own awesome build will given credit of course.

P.2.2 1vs1 builds.

The 1vs1 (One-Versus-One) builds are designed to kill mobs 1 by 1. These builds have higher Cariad damage and skill damage than ordinary builds, due to their high intelligence. The downside the build has low HP and MP; investing in these builds will lower your Int, thus your damage.

The best way to grind with this build is by killing ranged mobs, these mobs have lower HP than ordinary mobs. Their damage and hit rate is higher though, but they give more EXP as well.

Pure INT build:

The pure INT build is 100% damage, this build is the ultimate 1vs1 grinding build. You don’t have to spend too much money on upgrading your weapon as well, but it’s recommend to get your Cariad on the highest upgradable level possible. This build’s best defence is his damage and Armour of Light and Recovery of course.

Stats from land:
3 INT.

Stats from sea:

The skill build.


Some hints for the pure INT build:
You don’t have too much MP nor HP, that’s why Armour of Light, Blessing of Nature and Recovery are your most important skills. You don’t have a lot MP, that’s why you can’t use often the damage dealing skills, that’s why your Cariad is your main damage dealing device. So Touch of Death and Curse of Leaf can be helpful for that. Grind against ranged mobs as much as possible.

P.2.3 AoE builds.

An AoE Shaman’s build is always based on Dex, because it needs a high avoidance rate. Without a high avoidance rate the AoE won’t cast in time or not cast at all. With every hit you will take the casting time will increase, so getting hit all the time will interrupt the casting too much. That’s why you have to concentrate on Dex always.
Please do notice that an AoE Priest is superior to an AoE Shaman, for the people which want to have the most powerful choice I’m announcing this little fact.

Pure DEX build:
This build is the best choice for an AoE (Area of Effect) Shaman. This build will also protect you from high level PKs in the warzones. With pure dex your avoidance rate is so high even high levels have trouble laying a hit on you. However, the most important matter, mobs won’t either, but don’t grinding on level 80+ mobs (hehe). I recommend grinding on mobs either 2 levels lower or higher than yourself. This is the most effective way of grinding.

Before level 21 is build is a real pain, because on level 21 you will get your first AoE (Mist of Darkness). However this is the second best AoE of the game (Damage-wise). You don’t need Wis at all, as some people might state, your base MP/Wis is more than enough. Second class armours will give you MP as well.

Stats from land.
3 Dex.

Stats from sea.

The skill build.


Some hints for the AoE Shaman:
You should keep Darkness Wave at level 1, all the other skills can be maxed. Mist of Darkness is usually enough to kill the mobs, with DW level 1. Curse of Leaf and Touch of Death can be handy for solo’ing bosses or just a plain boss fight with a party. Spiritual Power can be useful for fast MP recovery, but beware it’ll only work when you’re not being attacked.

Good grinding spots.

Level 1 ~ 21 = Just keep doing quests and grinding 1vs1
Level 21 ~ 32 = Keep doing quests, but you’re able to mob minimally
Level 33 ~ 39 = There are plenty of quests to do at Magnel, you go to Exeter and AoE skeletons there
Level 37 ~ 42 = Skeleton Fighters (Gloshire – Merfolk Temple)
Level 42 ~ 45 = Horn Spiders and Strong Horned Spiders (Lava Plateau – Center of Volcanic Region)
Level 45 ~ 49 = Flame Crewbarian (Lava Plateau – Crewbarian Habitat)
Level 46 ~ 50 = Volcano Imp and Strong Volcano Imp (Lava Plateau – Imp Hill)
Level 49 ~ 53 = Shrineguard Spearman and Shrineguard Knight (The 1st Ground of Avery Big Mansion – Any room)
Level 51 ~ 56 = Male Zerg and Exiled Maid (The 3rd Ground of Avery Big Mansion – Parlor / Kitchen Corridor)
Level 55 ~ 58 = Male Vampire (Laboratory of Death – Room of Scream / The 3rd Laboratory)
Level 57 ~ 62 = Male Vampire Lord and Chess Soldier (Laboratory of Blood – Room of Spell)
Level 59 ~ 64 = Vogelspin (Rainbow Highland – Rainbow Basin)
Level 61 ~ 66 = Speculant (Rainbow Highland – Rainbow Valley)
Level 65 ~ 71 = Frogy and Frogy Leef (Droes Under Valley – C6)
Level 70 ~ 82 = Niegero and Molto Niegero (Droes Cave of Abyss – F4)
Level 72 ~ 83 = Niegero and Molto Niegero (Droes Cave of Abyss – Gate of Abyss)
Level 73 ~ 84 = Kinoko Golem (Droes Cave of Abyss – Abyss of Oblivion)
Level 84+ = Tower

Thanks Souley for the information.

P.2.4 FS/Spamming builds.

These builds aren’t that weird on a Shaman, think about it as an evil Priest. Instead of nice buffs it has nice debuffs and offensive support skills, for example Touch of Death, double damage for everyone! It’s recommended to grind in a party if you want to level with these kind of builds, solo goes quite slow. But it’s possible to grind alone. Your main goal is healing and buffing party members and debuffing enemies! Wis will be your most important stat, that’s why I also put spam builds under this part.

Con/Wis build:

This build is usable with both FS and a supportive damage dealer. But this build is not suitable with Cariad usage, you should add Int or Wis then, this build is useful for skill spam. Like healing/damage dealing skills/debuffing. These builds can be also awesome in PvP.

I will describe 2 different Con/Wis builds down here, but they are both Con/Wis so I’ve placed them down on one build.

Stats from land:

1 Con/2 Wis – You’ll have some HP with this one to be able to resist some hits, but you
should stay in the back and support your partners.

2 Con/1 Wis – You’ve a lot of HP and are be able to tank some hits, but your MP is not that
high so you have to pay more attention to your skills usage.

Stats from sea:
Con or Wis, depends on which one you’d like to have more.

Needed skills:

Healing Hands, Armour of Light, Curse of Leaf, Deceitful Penalty, Touch of Death.

Optional skills:
Recovery, Master Recovery, Mist of Darkness, Flow of Darkness, Chains of Light, Thorn shield, Thorn Trunk.

Hints for the Con/Wis build:
Thorn Shield is handy when having a high amount of HP, and taking a damage dealing skill such as FoD is recommended. And you could keep Deceitful Penalty on level 3, only it’s attack power debuff will increase on higher levels. Duration and attack speed debuff are maxed at level 3, see the skill section for more information.

Full Wis build:
The full Wis build is meant to spam skills such as Instant Recovery, normally used by a Priest. Or a skill like Flow of Darkness, this build can be used both by a FS or a skill spammer. But I don’t recommend it to go offensive with such kind of builds though.

Stats from land:
3 Wis.

Stats from sea:Con.

Needed Skills for the FS:
Instant Recovery/Healing Hands (See skill section for these 2 skills), Armour of Light, Spiritual Power, Blessing of Nature, Recovery, Curse of Leaf, Deceitful Penalty, Touch of Death.

Optional skills:
Master Recovery.

Hints for the FS build:
Just stay on a distance and spam your heals and debuffs, and you’ll be helping your party just fine.

Needed skills for the Skill Spammer:
Instant Recovery/Healing Hands, Armour of Light, Depravity of Soul, Curse of Leaf, Touch of Death, Flow of Darkness.

Optional skill for the Skill Spammer:
Blessing of Nature, Spiritual Power.

Hints for the Skill Spammer:

Curse of Leaf+Touch of Death+Flow of Darkness is a nice combo to start spamming with, or use Light Transition instead, you can customise these builds in anything you prefer. And your ability to spam heals can save your life. Just don’t over do it, you’re not invincible.

P.2.5 PvP-builds.

Bored of leveling and want to dedicate your Shaman to the PvP scene. Well they key of having a good PvP for a Shaman is easy, have as much HP as possible, but with enough MP to use your skills. A good strategy for Shaman is not to be a great damage dealer, but to be an awesome DoT spammer with great HP and good heals. But of course there are many other ways to be great in PvP as Shaman.

My PvP strategy is quite easy;
– High Con
– High Wis
– Curse of Leaf, Revenant’s Curse, Mist of Darkness as main attack skills,
of course Flow of Darkness is an awesome skill too.
– Armour of Light
– Thorn Shield
– Recovery
– Master Recovery

More specific PvP builds will be added later! The game is changing a lot now with skills and rebalancing.

Shaman build, last words.

Please notice that these builds are not 100% specific on how you have to build it, these are just the full basics of the builds. You can customise/give your own twist to it whenever you want. I’ve only posted the concept here, but the stats builds are good, they work for grinding. The pure INT build and pure Dex build are both meant for super fast grinding.
In the future I will add more builds! And improve the descriptions of the already written builds.

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