Elsword Online Magic Knight Guide

Elsword Online Magic Knight Guide by StardustSky
Welcome to my guide on Elsword/Magic Knight. Here I will give you helpful tips and guides for your magic Knight. We will start it with a couple of Rules.1st Rule: Get all Passives. I don’t know how you could live without them. They give you a boost and don’t even require you to add it into your slots. So get ALL passives. Only Exception to this rule is the Passive Counterattack Chance

Rule #2: Get the skills you will use and are actually good. Don’t waste your Skill points on useless skills and ones you will never use. Its just a big Waste and won’t help you. Unless your trying skills. But that requires a Reset. Also get skills your do good at and you have fun with.

Remember those rules always when you get skills. They ain’t MUST follow but you will do well if you do.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way I will now start the build.

Elsword Base Job Skill Build:

[Level] [Skill] [Skill Level]

Level1- Mega Slash = 1 Counterattack = 1
Level2- Basic Physical Defense Training 2/5
Level3- Basic Physical Defense Training 4/5
Level4- Basic Physical Defense Training 5/5 Basic Magic Defense Training 1/5
Level5- Basic Magic Defense Training 3/5
Level6- Flame Geyser 2/5
Level7- Flame Geyser 4/5
Level8- Flame Geyser 5/5 Basic Magic Defense Training 4/5
Level9- Basic Magic Defense Training 5/5 Basic Physical Offence Training 1/5
Level10- Basic Physical offence Training 3/5
Level11- Basic Physical Offence Training 5/5
Level12- Basic Magic Offence Training 2/5
Level13- Basic Magic Offence Training 4/5
Level14- Basic Magic Offence Training 5/5 Magic Accelerator 1/3
Level15- Magic Accelerator 3/3
Level16- Triple Geyser 2/5
Level17- Triple Geyser 4/5
Level18- Triple Geyser 5/5 Kick 1/5
Level19- Kick 3/5
Level20- Kick 5/5

Finished With Elsword Base Class Skill Build.

Also make sure you max these:

Flame Geyser

Triple Geyser


Magic Accelerator

Basic Physical Defense Training

Basic Magic Defense Training

Basic Strength Training

Basic Magic Training

Magic Knight Skill Build:

[Level] [Skill] [Skill Level]

Level21- Wind Blade 2/5
Level22- Wind Blade 4/5
Level23- Wind Blade 5/5 Intermediate Magic Offence Training 1/5
Level24- Intermediate Magic Offence Training 3/5
Level25- Intermediate Magic Offence Training 5/5
Level26- Rising Slash 2/5
Level27- Rising Slash 4/5
Level28- Rising Slash 5/5 Enhanced Fireball 1/5
Level29- Enhanced Fireball 3/5
Level30- Enhanced Fireball 5/5
Level31- Iron Spirit 2/5
Level32- Iron Spirit 4/5

Finished with skills.

Skills you max:

Wind Blade

Intermediate Magic Offense Training

Rising Slash

Enhanced Fireball

Thank you for your time. Hope you liked the build.

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