Elsword Online New Player’s Guide

Elsword Online New Player’s Guide by MOD Riken


About this guide: This guide is intended for the newcomers as well as any seasoned veteran that wants to update themselves with information. This guide does have a lot of pictures, since not all of us learn through mere text and learn more with visualization. Hope this helps and I apologize in advance for the overwhelming of pictures. (All pictures in this guide were taken from NA Elsword’s CBT phase. All rights reserved to Kill3rCombo for the images.)

This guide was made for the sole purpose of informing and helping newcomers not feel left-out as well as those that want to know what items do.

The guide is broken down into sections for a reason. Don’t just jump in and read the Advanced Section and think you will find out everything in this guide. Each section has a focus-point and will explain some things in detail. Thanks for reading!

{Warning: There are a few pictures and information missing, for the time being, they will be updated after Open Beta Releases.}

Note: Anything with a * next to it, the data is recalled from memory or speculation, it’s not 100% confirmed. (I can not stress how important it is to know the difference, yes it will be confirmed upon Open Beta Testing’s release.)

—-{ALL “Item Box” Lists/guides will require the immense help from the community as a whole, I do not claim 100% ownership of the items in the list(s) in each box, if the community helps out then in-turn the community, as a whole, owns it.}—–

This guide will encompass a few of the following aspects of the game Elsword. Keep in mind that it will be updated and will not contain any event items. This guide will have the basics about items in dungeons and PvP as well as some additional information about armors.

====={Table of Contents}=====

  • Introduction/ information about the guide
  • Table of Contents
  • Beginner Section: Potions, Items of Interest and You
  • Intermediate Section: Status Ailments, Armors and Summons; Oh my!
  • Advanced Section: Comparing Armors and Information on Illipia’s Touch (A dungeon crawler’s Blessing)
======{Beginner Section}=====

Welcome to the world of Elsword. Your adventure is just about to begin, but you have questions about some of the items you might have found while in dungeons, right? Have no fear, this section will show you the items in dungeons as well as other basic items you will get accustomed to in your journey.
===== Elsword’s Currency =====

ED. It’s the currency of the game and comes in different forms. Be sure to collect these if you want to increase your ED in order to upgrade your armor, craft, or even buy items.

http://i481.photobucket.com/albums/rr173/ShadowRiken6/Elsword%20NA/x22011-03-2010-19-52-16.jpgBronze ED: This is the first for of currency you will run into. It’s a decent source of income for beginners. 

*Additional Information: May contain somewhere between 1 – 50? ED. The value changes when you are in a party. More information about that explained on the Intermediate section.


Silver ED: Found in higher level dungeons. These ED coins are superior to the Bronze ED and help keep a good source of income for your character.

*Additional Information: May contain somewhere between 50? – 150? ED. The values of each Silver ED changes between soloing and while being in a party. More information on this found in the Intermediate Section.


Gold ED: The gods of wealth are smiling upon you now, Gold ED is the best ED coin to find while in dungeons. The highest source of ED out of all three ED coins.

*Additional Information: May contain more than 150? ED. The limit of the coin depends on the highest level dungeon available at the time. In addition to the other ED coins, the value varies between Soloing and Partying.
More information on this is found in the Intermediate Section.

===== HP and MP restoring Items =====

Let’s begin with the restorative items in the game. You can obtain there by smashing open a wooden box, found throughout various rooms in the Dungeons. Keep in mind that these items are only limited to Dungeons and will not appear in PvP mode.
http://i481.photobucket.com/albums/rr173/ShadowRiken6/dungeonbox.jpg  This is the wooden box found in dungeons; Its appearance changes with each dungeon.


Egg:Not only is it a good source of protein, but it restores your HP by 10%.

Additional information: Found in Wooden Boxes (Dungeon Only), fairly common.


Seasoned Chicken:Might not be fried chicken, but it helps restore your HP by 25%

Additional information:Found in Wooden Boxes (Dungeon Only), semi-common.

http://i481.photobucket.com/albums/rr173/ShadowRiken6/Elsword%20NA/x22011-03-2112-27-39-24.jpg< Image Missing, Sorry.> 

Smoked Turkey:This juicy turkey restores your HP by 50%.

Additional Information:Hard to find, is found in Wooden Boxes (Dungeon only)


Roasted Mutton: The best HP restoring Item you will find from Wooden Boxes. Yes, believe it or not it does restore your HP by a whooping 100%.

Additional Information: Very hard to come by, chances are everyone else in the party with low health will go after it. (Dungeon Only)


Blueberry:This tiny blueberry restores 50 MP.

Additional Info: Just like the Egg, it’s fairly common and found in Wooden Boxes (Dungeon Only).


Pear: Juicy pear that restores 100 MP.

Additional Information: It’s found in the Wooden Boxes (Dungeon Only) and can be found along with other HP restoring items.


Pineapple:This medley of fruit (though it’s called pineapple, just because it has one in it) Restores your MP by 150 MP.

Additional Info: Everyone wants to get the pineapple, but it’s only found in Wooden boxes. Though it is the MP equivalent of the Mutton (in the sense that it’s the strongest one to find), the rarity for this item tends to be closer to the Smoked Turkey.

===== Potions and You =====

Potions! Sweet delicious potions! They will be your life-long ally in your journey. Get to know them, love them and live by them.
These potions are found in both modes in Dungeons and in PvP (If the item mode is enabled).

Side-effects of ALL potions:  There will be a certain chance in which the potion’s initial effects don’t trigger. You will in-turn end up getting a huge head and this will keep you from jumping as high as you normally can.
Pro-tip: Obtaining a second potion, will null this; unless you get this event to trigger again.

Sprinter’s Potion: This potion boosts your Moverment Speed and Jump Speed. It lasts for *15 – 20 seconds.

*Additional information: It is unknown if it also boosts your Attack Speed.

Pro-tip: Does not mix well with other potions except Awakening Potion. Example: If you take a Giant Potion, then a Speed Potion, the speed potion will “over-write” the buff the Giant Potion gave you.

Giant’s Potion: This potion grants you the power of a Giant. Make enemies cower before your height and might! It boosts your attack and Lasts for about *20 – 30 seconds.

*Additional Information: unknown if it also boosts your defense.

Pro-tip: Does not mix well with other potions except Awakening Potion. Example: If you take a Dwarf Potion, then a Giant Potion, the Giant Potion will “over-write” the buff the Dwarf Potion gave you.

Dwarf’s Potion: While the giant potion sounds great, the Dwarf potion shrinks you, but it has a perk! You shrink and regain MP twice as fast. *Lasts for about 10 – 25 seconds.

Additional Information: It’s best for Aisha (the mage) and Rena (the elf) their auto-MP regeneration + Dwarf’s Potion helps out greatly in dungeons.

Pro-tip: Does not mix well with other potions except Awakening Potion. Example: If you take a Dwarf Potion, then a Speed Potion, the Speed potion will “over-write” the buff the Dwarf Potion gave you.

Awakening Potion: Liquid rage in a bottle! When consumed it triggers “Rage mode” or “Awakened mode”. Lasts for 18 – 20 seconds.

Additional Information: If you have rage activated and then consume this potion, you can add more time to your rage. The highest recorded rage time limit I personally got was 98 seconds ( 3 rage orbs + Two awaken potions).
Consequently, if you consume one Awakening Potion, you CAN NOT activate “Rage mode”/ “Awakening mode” to consume the Rage/Awakening orbs.

Pro-tip: It’s the ONLY potion that can be mixed with the others.

===== Items of interest =====
Items of Interest, huh? Well you’re slowly becoming a regular Elsword player. With that said, let’s look at items you will find from monsters along your journey.  (Note: In mathematics, the term X means unknown. Therefore in this section, anything with a lvl. X means unknown or universal. It doesn’t have to be Lv. 1 or Lv. 2, it can be both.)

Weapon Enhancement Stone Lv. X: This stone’s name should be self-explanatory. It is used to help upgrade your weapon. Talk to the Blacksmith in order to attempt upgrading.

Additional Information: There are various levels, depending on the highest level dungeon at the time, the level range will vary.

Armor Enhancement Stone Lv. X: Once again, the name should say it all. This stone is used to upgrade your armor. Talk to the Blacksmith of the town to attempt upgrading your armor.

Additional Information: There are various levels, depending on the highest level dungeon at the time, the level range will vary.

Equip. Crating Material (Lv. X) : An item found in dungeons, this helps you forge/craft various kinds of Equipment for ANY Character.

Additional Information: Talk to the Blacksmith to craft weapons/armors. Be sure to have a lot of ED when crafting and a lot of these items.

Magic Stone: Magic stones are used to socket into your armor/weapons.  They add different stats to your equipment.

Additional Information: There are also Advanced Magic Stones.

Advanced Magic Stones are rumored to give better stats, from what I found out, it’s not true. Magic stones have a lower rate of giving great stats, but you find Magic stones more often than Advanced ones.

El Shard (Mystery): It’s a very rare item drop, it looks like a black crystal. Used for adding attributes to your weapon.

Additional Information: There is an Item in-game that allows you to “open” an El shard (Mystery) this then can give you one of the following: El Shard (Light), El Shard (Fire), El Shard (Nature), El Shard (Wind), El Shard (Water), El Shard (Dark).

===== Old Wooden Boxes/Ancient Wooden Boxes and You =====
I’m not talking about the wooden boxes that appear in dungeons anymore, I’m talking about these: < Image not available, sorry >
You can obtain any form of Equiptment and other Items.  A list of the rare items is below.
Liquid Medicine of Fighting Spirit:This potion actually mimics the giant Potion, the plus side is you can equip it to your potion hotkeys. the downside is that You get only 3 from an Old Wooden Box.

There are also Ancient Wooden Boxes

Where do the Ancient Wooden Boxes Drop?

They drop inSuburbs of Wally’s Castle(Only have seen it on Very Hard mode) from William the Phorus (The Boss, not the mini-bosses)

====={Intermediate section}=====

This section will elaborate a bit more on the aspects of armor. For the main purpose of not overwhelming new comers this section is only to be read only if you have gotten the basics and want to understand more about the armors in-game.

Keep in mind that this section will mostly pertain to the “Attributes of Armors” Which I like to call “Armor Nicknames”, Summons, Status Ailments, Status buffs, and also keeping in theme with the Beginner Section, it will contain the “Discolored Copper Box” that’s found in higher level dungeons. (The last section will be armors for now, sorry; but at least I have the plans written out, as a reminder and letting you all know. Thanks for reading.) 

===== Status Ailments =====

Due to there not being sufficient amount of images, this section is put on hold until after open beta releases, sorry for the inconvenience.

===== Status Buffs =====
This section will talk about the status buffs that can be found In Dungeons and In PvP.
Please note that for them to show up in PvP item mode has to be enabled. It is uncertain if you can stack all of the effects, considering they drop from buffed enemies with status ailments in mode of any dungeon.

A side effect of ALL Status Buffs: They can often trigger a negative buff, the actual function of this is unknown. I’m not entirely sure if it gives a negative version of the buff, or if it just does nothing.
Pro-tip: Obtaining a second status buff, will null this, unless you get this event to trigger again.

Arms of Non-Aggression Coat: Basically this gives you a “Super Armor” status. What do I mean? I mean you can get hit and will not flinch, you can even stand there and regain MP (if you are a mage or archer) and this also helps keep your special attacks from being countered. Lasts for ___ Seconds.

Defense Aura: Boosts your physical defense for a limited amount of time. Lasts for ___ Seconds.

Magic Defense Aura: Boosts your magical defense for a limited amount of time. Lasts for ___ Seconds.

Magic Power Aura: Boosts your magical attack for a limited amount of time. Lasts for ___ Seconds. Great for Aisha!

Bravery Aura: Boosts your Physical Attack for a limited amount of time. Lasts for ___ Seconds. Great for Elsword!

===== Summons =====
Summons are beings that get called into battle after you obtain/touch a certain item. They can be dropped from Ailment-buffed enemies and from the Wooden Boxes (Dungeon Only).

Sideeffect of ALL summon stones:Sometimes the summon will not come out, instead you will summon Willard the Phorus. You will then have him troubling you and impeding your progress for a short amount of time. If you defeat him he gives no additional EXP nor does he drop items or ED. After a short amount of time, he vanishes.

Pro-tip: If you obtain a Summon stone while at the “Waiting Barrier” Willard the Phorus will NOT be summoned, any other summon will be activated, but for a split-second. Once the other “Waiting Barrier” shatters, the summon is nulled/vanishes.

Raul’s Fury: Summon the Goddess of Lightning. She then stuns all enemies on *the screen (or was it map?). Monsters are stunned for ___ Seconds.

Additional Information: Can only be summoned by touching the item next to her as shown above.

Oryed’s Fury:  Summon the Goddess of the Earth/Fire?. She will then cause a small eruption beneath all of the enemies *on the screen (or map?).

Additional Info: Can only be summoned by touching the item next to her as shown above. (It’s the one with the Flame and it is orange, I’ll change the picture when I get a better one. Sorry.)

Dryad’s Fury: Summon the Goddess of the Forest. She will entangle all enemies on screen (or map?) for ___ seconds.

Additional Information: Can only be summoned by touching the item next to her as shown above.

Illipia’s touch: Summons the Goddess of Light (Or an angel?). This summon then creates and area of effect in which people standing in that area get healed. summon lasts for __ seconds.

Additional Information: It’s the most helpful summon when you get ambushed by monsters. More information on this Summon’s restorative powers will be explained in the Advanced Section.
===== Armors & Armor Nicknames =====


===== Discolored Copper Boxes =====

< No information available for the time being, sorry.>
===== Advanced Section =====
Rejoice! You have succeeded in finishing the Intermediate Section and are now moving up to the Advanced  Section. You can always come back to this section and refresh on random tidbits of information about the game.

{Warning: This will contain math and comparisons from the previous sections, ONLY READ this section if you have read the previous ones}

Keeping in theme with the previous sections this will contain additional “Item Box” lists that can be obtained at higher level dungeons. Other than that, this section will more than likely focus on the “Item Box” lists and just have a few sections expanding on the previous ones.

Do not fret, if something seems or sounds complicated, feel free to ask, just be sure to check if your question has been answered in the thread. (Note: This section will be worked on the majority of Open Beta Testing)

===== Illipia’s Touch: A Dungeon Crawler’s Blessing =====

The picture’s above correspond. The HP one is the amount of HP I had at the time this shot was taken.
with that said, let’s look at both and press forward.

With 49,400 HP and Illipia’s Touch is healing 988 HP per second at a rate of 15 seconds (timed it with the mana shield spell Aisha has, and actually jotted down the time.)

“How much is Illipia’s Touch healing?”

Well look at it this way:

988 HP divided by 49,400 (the current MAX HP shown above) =  0.02 times 100 = 2%

“Wait so Illipia’s is healing 2% per second?! Sweet!”

Not so fast, that’s at a constant rate of 2% ONLY in this example,to make this information concrete we would need to have more data. Then we can fully come up with a more accurate range of how much Illipia’s Touch Heals per second. But yes,  in the example shown above, Illipia’s touch will in turn regenerate 30% of your HP, all in a steady rate of 2% per second.

Keep in mind that the HP regeneration ONLY occurs within the Range of the spell. 

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