Elsword Online Basic Information and Terminology

Elsword Online Basic Information and Terminology by BubblyBoar

This is just list of basic Elsword information and terminology that is used by most people that play.  I’d like to see people add on what I missed cause I know I missed a lot…


x-x – Used to name stages.  The first number that replaces x is the town and the second number is the actual stage.

1 – Ruben
2 – Elder
3 – Bethma (Besma)
4 – Altera
x – Peyita
5 – Belder
6 – Hamel

When the stage is x instead of an actual number, it means the extra dungeons. I.e. 3-x instead of 3-6

Lazy Combo – A useful and quick infinite combo that is incredibly easy to do.



Canceling  – The act of immediately ending (or to cancel) an action with a new action.  This is easily done with skills.  Elsword, Raven, Eve, and Chung can dash cancel out of ZZZ.  Many combos can also be canceled uby dashing backwards to put the player into a neutral stance.


Chung – ZZvZ<

KD reset – The act of reseting the Knockdown counter to create longer combos.  When using a combo, each hit will add to a hidden counter.  After a certain point, unless the player is using a skill, the mob will automatically fll down.  By using a KD reset, one can continue for longer combos.  Most, if not all KD resets require decent ASPD.


ST – ZZZ^Z ^X…

Force KD  – Also known as counter on Grand Chase, this is the act of charging your MP to a certain point to force yourself to be knocked down and out of combos.

Locked Skills – Skills that will be released later on after OBT opens.  Each class has three locked skills that most be unlocked through quests or a cash shop.  Additionally, 2nd jobs have a locked still as well.

Buffs (The Difference) – While buffs are obvious in what they do, at a glance, their difference can be mistaken.  This does not mena what they do, but how they work:

Accelerators – Self buff, that last quite a while.
Aura Accelerators – Party buff that lats quite a while.
Adrenaline – Self buff that gives more, but lasts a very short time.

Elements, Stacking vs Instant – The six (Fire, Ice, Poison, Wind, Light, and Dark) elements of El Shards in the game come in two types.  Note that when mixing elements on to a weapon, only two different types can go together.  One stacking can go with one instant.  A Stacking can’t be added with another stacking.  The same for instant.

Stacking Elements – These elements can be can applied multiple times (up to three) for increased effect.

Fire – Damage over time
Ice – Lowers Movement Speed and Defense
Poison – Damage over time (less than Fire) and lowers Attack Speed.

Instant Elements – These elements of then effect applied instantly.

Wind – Ignores defense and 40% boost in damage.
Light – Petrifies and gives them 10% negation
Dark – Drains HP and MP from target to you.

Defense vs Negation – When damage is being done to you, it can be reduce one of two ways.  The most obvious and common is simply defense.  It comes in both the physical and magic variety.   Negation on the other hand is much rarer.  It works for both Phys. and Mag. damage at the same time and it can not be ignored (like damage with wind effect).

Being Petrified
Aisha’s Mana Shield
CN’s Atomic Shield (debatable)

Stoic – The term used in Elsword for when something has super armor.  Named after Elsword’s active in his 1st job (Both)


Base – The class that everyone starts as.  Simply called base class or just the character’s name.
First Job – The first job advancement and the first split.  Started at level 15.
Second Job – The second job advancement.  Started at level 35.

SK – Sword Knight
LK – Lord Knight
MK – Magic Knight
RS – Rune Slayer
DM – Dark Magician
VP – Void Princess
HM – High Magician
EM – Elemental Master
SR – Sniping Ranger
GA – Grand Archer
CR – Combat Ranger
WS – Wind Sneaker
ST – Sword Taker
BM – Blade Master
OT – Over Taker
RF – Reckless Fist
CE – Code Exotic
CN – Code Nemesis
CA – Code Architecture
CEm – Code Empress
FG – Fury Guardian
SG – Shooting Guardian


Elboy – Humorous term for Elsword in general
Whirlwind Blade – Using Whirlwind while buffed with Armageddon Blade
Anti-Mage – Magic Knight or Rune Slayer buffed with Phoenix Talon


Tele Spam – Obviously spamming the use of teleport.  Nothing to complain about.


Nuke – OT’s 3rd lock skill, Nuclear.  Rumored to be shot from his airship that was crashed at the end of 4-1

Dimension Linking – This is basically summoning.  Eve can summon a basic Nasod, a Blader Nasod (3-6), and a Guardian Nasod (4-4).  Do note that despite the actions in game, Oberon and Ophelia are not summon and are not Dimension Linked.  If things could be seen as they would really be, Oberon and Ophelia would be standing next to Eve during all her fights.
MEB – Mega Eletronball, despite being obvious, this is easily missed.  One of eve’s 1st job actives (Both)  

Female Guardian – Term used to make fun of Fury Guardian’s long hair and Chung overall girlish looks.
Guard Stance – When Chung is hit while colored with a blue outline during combos, or while Fury Guard is using the guard skill, he takes the Guard stance.  In this stance, all damage is reduced and he is capable of counter attacking with Z (Round swing), X (Blast on both sides of him), or a skill.  Proceed with caution.
Stoic Grouping – Fury Guardian is he only character capable of pushing a stoic mob using his >>ZZ move.  it is possible for him to move stoic without worry as he will take guard stance if he gets hit while doing it.

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