Elsword Online Aisha, Void Princess and Elemental Master Skills Guide

Elsword Online Aisha, Void Princess and Elemental Master Skills Guide by Matthewlovespie

Okay, I’ve seen lots of people with different opinions on Aisha and some of them are just plain incorrect, I was literally yelling “Are you guys on crack?!” I sometimes copied pasted the sentence that is just wrong for some veterans to read and they all agreed with me that it’s just…. not acceptable. So I’m here to change your mind, follow me my minions!!!!!!I’m just going over the basics of each of her skills and that’s it. Too lazy for anything more than that.

Chain Fireball
100 MP / Cooldown 5 seconds / Available since the beginning
Summons a chain of three fireballs. The third fireball has a bigger size, higher damage and gives a burn status effect to the enemeies.
At level 5, deals 253% of magical damage for the 1st 2 fireballs, then the 3rd one deals 333% magical damage.
With a note, the burning effect will last 10 seconds longer
It is USELESS!!! I can’t stress this enough, it sucks so much even at the beginning of the game! Leave it at level 1 and never look back at it

Gust Screw
200 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 5 SP spent
Summons a small pillar of fire around the character, causing the enemies around her to continuously launch and get damaged 4-5 times.
At level 5, deals 279% magical damage per hit.
It sucks, skip it, or if you want the 300 MP version of this skill, then get this to 5

Lightning Bolt
200 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 10 SP spent
Summons a bolt of lightning infront of you, the enemies get thrown away while getting damaged. Approximately 22 hits, if done correctly
At level 5, it deals 104% magical damage per hit.
With a note, about the 3rd hit will cause the mobs to be stunned
Get it, you might not like it in the beginning but once you advanced more into the game, you’ll find that a lot of mobs / bosses are Super-Armoed. This skill can OHKO early bosses if you can get a full hit as well. A patch about a year ago rendered this skill much much much less useful, but it’s still there for attacking purposes

Binding Circle
120 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 20 SP spent / Needs Lightning Bolt
Summons an aura that stops time to any enemy that is located inside the aura. This causes the enemies to not be able to move for a certain amouont of time.
At level 5, it has a 7m radius
With a note, it debuffs the target with a -20% movement speed and attack speed.
Get it to whatever level you want, it doesn’t affect the duration. You’ll be loved if you use this skill in Secret Stage bosses. DESPITE WHAT PEOPLE SAY, THIS SKILL IS NOT FOR PVP WHATSOEVER! DO NOT USE THIS IN PVP!!! IT IS USELESS! IF YOU WANT TO STOP PEOPLE, USE AWAKEN INSTEAD

Gust Storm
300 MP / Cooldown 30 seconds / Needs 30 SP spent / Needs Gust Screw
Summons a huge storm of fire around the character. The enemies caught in the storm receives damage that increases slightly at the end. It has about 22 hits.
At level 5, it deals 191% magical damage, and at the end, deals 223% magical damage.
Pretty good skill IF you solo, if you’re not alone, some other skills would be much better if you have someone distracting the boss for you. A good mobs clearer, I however skipped it, since it needs Gust Screw, a truly horrendous skill, and Lightning Bolt suffices for me while fighting bosses

Meteor Call
270 MP / Cooldown 25 seconds / Needs 30 SP spent
The character casts a small meteorite fireball and throws it infront of her, and then explodes which caused it to be bigger and receive higher damage.
At level 5, the small fireball deals 160% of magical damage for 8 hits. The explosion deals 306% magical damage for 6 hits.
Mediocre skill, you could get this skill if you skipped Gust Storm or if you can’t survive without a strong skill. Pretty good in PvP, but needs a slight aiming. Personally, I’d go for Meteor Call instead of Gust Storm. It has great MP gain. It’s Aisha’s ONLY good PvP skill at the beginning

Mana Shield
20 MP / Cooldown 15 seconds / Needs 35 SP spent
Summons a shield made out of mana that reduces the damage recieved for a certain amount of hits.
At level 5, it reduces damage dealt to you for 60% for 7 hits.
With a note, the shield is 20% stronger and sustains 2 more hits
GET.THIS.SKILL!!!!!! Never in my life will I ever stress myself more than this. This skill is what makes Aishas the ultimate tank in the game, and people will hate you so much in PvP for this. It gets even stronger with a skill note. This is why a lot of Elsword veterans whine when they fight against Aishas

Teleport Study
Passive / Needs 25 SP spent
Decreases the MP usage of Teleport
At level 5, it reduces 40% MP usage of Teleport
Up to you, I got it since I use Teleport a lot, and I got left over SP


Dark Magician + Void Princess

http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/3192/21211517.pngHell Stone
120 MP / Cooldown 5 seconds / Needs 40 SP spent
Summons a stone monster from Hell, the first two hits stuns, while other hit after that sends the target away from the stone.
At level 5, the first 2 hits deal 277% magical damage, and the last 5 hits deal 308% magical damage.
Get it!!! It WILL be your main boss killer! And once again, over a year ago, this skill was considered the strongest skill an early level could get; it can EASILY OHKO bosses. However, with the nerf patch, the amount of hits was drastically reduced. Nevertheless, it still remains one of the strongest 1st tier skill

http://img718.imageshack.us/img718/4921/12976355.pngDark Cloud
200 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 50 SP spent
Dispatch a poison cloud on where Dark Mage is standing. Upon contact, it does damage and inflicts the target with poison that lasts for 10 seconds, while staying inside the cloud does more damage.
At level 5, it deals 306% magical damage per second.
With a note, anyone inflicted with the poison will get a movement and attack speed debuff.
Useless, useless, useless! Think… Who in the right mind would stand still in your Dark Cloud in PvP? In dungeon, Death Field does EVERYTHING better than Dark Cloud (In PvP as well)

Death Field
200 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 60 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
Dark Magician will float slightly on her staff and calls forth the Grim Reaper himself. Everything around Dark Magician in the range of 4M radius will receive damage and be inflicted with death status, which decreases the target’s movement speed by 50% and unable to use skills, after a random amount of seconds, the target explodes and receives higher damage. Can be used in mid-air. Damage greatly increased based on the amount of targets on the same spot.
At level 5, summoning the Grim Reaper and causing death status will deal 944% magical damage. The explosion later causes 1023% magical damage.
If you’re a Dark Magician, and you skipped this skill, please delete your Dark Magician and never ever play her again. This very skill is what makes people so scared of Void Princesses (An advancement from Dark Magician). The damage is insane! It further increases because the explosions affect other nearby mobs as well! Not to mention it’s INCREDIBLY easy to hit people in PvP with this skill if combined with Awakening to freeze time; watch as the target runs away in fear once they’re inflicted with death status (Unless they’re pro enough to time their Awakening to avoid the explosion). Yet again, this skill was nerfed so much that it has lost its shine, but again, nevertheless, it’s still a skill you should definitely get

Plasma Cutter
300 MP / Cooldown 30 seconds / Needs 65 SP spent
Dark Mage points her finger forward and shoots a very long straight laser that reaches as far as the end of the stage and beyond. After the laser dissipates, Dark Mage has a long cooldown. Awakening increases the amount of laser she shoots to 5 lasers. It does not knockdown.
At level 5, it deals 148% magical damage per hit, in Awakened mode, each lasers deal 68% magical damage.
Get this! This skill will get you A LOT of kills in beginner’s PvP room! It’s also an excellent mob clearer (ONLY in straight line maps). It will regain A LOT of your Awakening Gauge as well

300 MP / Cooldown 30 seconds / Needs 65 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
Dark Mage conjures a chained dark ball, and throws it in front of her. Once the dark ball reaches the floor it explodes into a huge vertical wave that does chained damage on targets happened to be there. The target is inflicted with Aged status which decreases overall speed by 20%, decreased attack power by 40%, and their MP being drained continuously for 15 seconds.
At level 5, the ball being thrown deals 337% magical damage, and the explosion deals 348% magical damage for 8 hits
Get it! It’s a skill mainly for PvP! Once your opponents get hit by this, they will be damaged quite severely, and the debuffs will render them almost defenseless! And yet again, it was nerfed (♥♥♥ hates Aisha) the debuff duration was drastically reduced, and its damage as well. Once a year ago, I OHKO the WHOLE room (Yes, all 6 players died) with just one Aging, and the match ended immediately

Mana Intake
10 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 40 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
Dark Mage projects a huge circle field that absorbs MP off 2 nearest targets, while slightly stunning them in the process
At level 5, it drains 30 MP from surrounding enemies
With a note, it no longer uses MP
Get it!!! It’s very useful in both dungeon and PvP! In PvP, it could also be a combo chainer since the targets will get stunned. Not to mention it’s fun to watch people die in agony with their MP all drained. kekekeke

Flame Circle
40 MP / Cooldown 5 seconds / Needs 55 SP spent
Summons a various amount of fireballs that revolve around the character, causing the enemies to continuously receive damage
At level 3, it deals 120% magical damage and summons 3 fireballs
With a note, it has 1 additional fireball and does 10% more damage
It’s useful, I’ll give you that. It can be used strategically in PvP and it can deal a sudden burst of damage as well. It also works great when you’re cornering someone with Hellstone

Harmony of Body and Spirit
Passive / Needs 45 SP spent
Increases Magical Attack stats by total Physical Attack of a certain percent.
At level 5, Magical Attack is increased by a total of 5% of your Physical Attack
It’s up to you, if you really want extra damage then get it. I got it since I got left over SP

Shadow of Death
Passive / Needs 55 SP spent
A certain percentage of Dark Mage’s damage ignores defense
At level 5, Dark Magician’s attack ignores 5% defense
Up to you, the differences is BARELY noticeable, so I reseted it out

Passive / Needs 60 SP spent
Increased movement speed that seperates from equipment bonus.
At level 5, it gives extra 10% movement speed
Get it, extra speed would be very helpful, especially in PvP
http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/9472/aishas4.pngHell Drop
100 MP / Cooldown 7 seconds / Needs 75 SP spent
Summons a portal from darkness (Which is controlled by the player for a set amount of time) and drops a bomb onto a specific location
At level 5, the bomb deals 711.4% magical damage, and the small explosion deals 266% magical damage
It sucks… a lot. It’s very slow and the damage is very disappointing. I’ve seen people use it in PvP, and it does meekly 2.6k damage compared to 10k+ of Death Field per hit

http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/4359/siphantombreathing.pngPhantom Breathing
200 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 80 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
Summon Petite Anger in front of yourself to unleash dark energy which can trap opponents and causes Curse Status that constantly drains the opponent’s MP. You can move freely right after executing the skill
At level 5, it deals 370% magical damage per second, stays for 8 seconds
It’s a great skill, especially in PvP, since losing your MP rapidly can be a pain in the ♥♥♥. During this skill is going on, you can move about and combo them while they’re in the ‘cage’

http://img808.imageshack.us/img808/51/aishas15.pngBat Anger
40 MP / Cooldown 7 seconds / Needs 80 SP spent
With a twist and a flick of the wand, a Void Princess can summon ‘Anger’, who is a black and white bat. This creature will fly in a straight line from the direction of the summon and curves along the map, until it either flies off the map or finds a victim. More levels in this skill increases Anger’s speed and damage output
At level 5, the bat stays stuck onto the target for 7 seconds (Lessen depending on the player’s movement)
It’s a good combo chainer, and can catch the opponent from falling if you use it with Hell Stone to a target to a wall. But since Void Princess has so much more useful skills, you might want to leave it if you do not have B slot. Excellent combo chainer

http://img864.imageshack.us/img864/9123/aishas11y.pngShadow’s Contact
Passive / Needs 75 SP spent
Using inner mental powers and gathering better insight in mystic will by a contract with dark magic, this passive allows a Void Princess to retain some mana from any Active or Special Active skill used. Additional levels in this skill increases the chances of this passive activating and the amount of MP recovered
At level 3, it has a 25% chance of activating and 30% MP is recovered
A pretty useful passive, and uses only 3 SP, so why not? If you use a 3rd tier skill, you’ll recover 90 MP!

http://img691.imageshack.us/img691/1462/silimmanamanage.pngLimited Mana Management
Passive / Needs 75 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
When awakening mode is activated, there will be a probability for 100MP recovery and +100 MaxMP (depending on the no. of awakening beads)
At level 5, the chance of activating is equal to the amount of Awakening Beads * 33.3%
A pretty useful passive, that can give you maximum MP if you have this skill maxed. The duration is at least 90 seconds that you’ll have over 400MP!


High Magician + Elemental Master

http://img861.imageshack.us/img861/4800/53602754.pngChain Burst
100 MP / Cooldown 5 seconds / Needs 40 SP spent
A skill that releases dozens of fireballs in any direction and ends with a straight, slighty more powerful fireball that inflicts a burn status
At level 5, the first 2 hits deal 277% magical damage, and the last 5 hits deal 308% magical damage.
With a note, all fireballs will inflict burn status
Optional, it is very damaging however, it knocks down. If you don’t really care for that then I say go for it. Personally I skipped this skill, since High Magician really needs to be greedy on their SPs

Magic Missile
200 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 50 SP spent
Summons a glowing magic missle that automatically targets opponents with extreme homing and hits them. This skill can target different opponents
At level 5, it deals 399% magical damage per hit, it does 8 hits
With a note, the missile travels 50% faster and does 2 more hits
Did I hear somebody saying Magic Missile sucks? If you PvP and have the note for it, then GET IT!!! This is my personal favorite skill for PvPing and has net me over 200+ wins with C and B rank players. Combine this with Meditation and XX, you will be invincible with the frame rate and the rate you gain MP from Meditation. Now watch as your target squirm

My fight with a Level 50 Rune Slayer with full Solace set with Phoenix Talon, with me having only Magic Missile as a skill
 http://img706.imageshack.us/img706/2950/10115562.pngBlizzard Shower
230 MP / Cooldown 16 seconds / Needs 60 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
High Magician casts a certain amount of ice crystals from the air randomly, freezes opponents. This skill can be used in mid-air
At level 5, each icicle shards deal 419% magical damage, a total of 15 shards. Freezes the target for 2 seconds
No matter which build you go, this skill is mandatory and all players will expect you to have this skill. Even though it may not be very practical against small bosses like Mech Raven, it is beast against Badr where all shards can land on the boss. 15 icicle shards * 419% = 6285% damage for 230 MP? YES PLEASE! It sucks in PvP though, so avoid it in PvP

http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/4584/28077764.pngInfernal Wave
250 MP / Cooldown 23 seconds / Needs 65 SP spent
A combo skill that starts with 3 attacks with the staff. Afterwards, performs a Lightning Bolt that draws the enemy in and a Meteor Call
At level 5, the staff deals 399% physical damage, the lightning bolt deals 67% magical damage per hit, and the meteor deals 200% magical damage per hit
If you get this skill, I will personally slap you! It sucks so much!! Don’t even think of getting it! Gather that MP and cast Blizzard Shower instead dammit! …Did you get the skill? *slaps*
http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/6962/76955215.pngBlaze Step
300 MP / Cooldown 30 seconds / Needs 65 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
High Magician casts a fire on her feet, causing anyone the ground to be on fire once stepped on, and enemies will continously get damaged, burned and hitstunned during contact
At level 5, the initial hit deals 113% magical damage, and the fire deals 106% magical damage. The fire stays for 17 seconds
Get it! It’s very useful in dungeon, especially stationary bosses! Combo it with a normal Magic Buff and it’s a beast! You don’t gain MP from it though. You can combo people to death in one go with this skill if you are pro enough to hit stun them in a corner

On|Off skill / Needs 40 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
Increases the mana regeneration of your character at the cost of the ability to dash. You lose 500% more MP when you teleport in this state
At level 5, you gain 11 MP per 2 seconds while walking or fighting , gain 31 MP per 2 seconds while charging
With a note, you can move 33% faster
Get it!!! It’s very useful in both dungeon and PvP! In PvP, you can combo with Magic Missile for the ultimate combo!

Flame Circle
40 MP / Cooldown 5 seconds / Needs 55 SP spent
Summons a various amount of fireballs that revolve around the character, causing the enemies to continuously receive damage
At level 3, it deals 120% magical damage and summons 3 fireballs
With a note, it has 1 additional fireball and does 10% more damage
It’s useful, I’ll give you that. It can be used strategically in PvP and it can deal a sudden burst of damage as well. 

Encouraging Aura
Passive / Needs 55 SP spent
All Aura Accelerator duration times increase, and consume less MP to cast
At level 5, the buff duration stays for 10 seconds longer and uses 30% less MP to cast
If you get some Party Buffs during your time as a Magician then get this! It’s more useful that it sounds and becomes a god send once you reach Elemental Master’s passive that works wonders with this

Fireball Mastery
Passive / Needs 45 SP spent
Decreases the mana usage of your normal fireball combos, and increases their range
At level 5, the fireballs uses 25% less MP and increases in range for 50%
Get this! This will make your life all the more merrier! People will be ♥♥♥♥♥♥ in PvP with fireballs flying everywhere

Infinite Energy
Passive / Needs 60 SP spent
Increases your maximum mana
At level 5, you gain 100 more additional MP
Get it, more MP can never hurt


85 MP / Cooldown 5 seconds / Needs 75 SP spent
Aisha casts a small tornado that continues to move forward. As it moves forward, it drag enemies forward, continuously damaging and stunning them until it fades away
At level 5, it deals 59.85% magical damage and the tornado stays for 5 seconds
It’s up to you to get it or not, it’s a very good alternate for Chain Burst (which I skipped). It can cause non stop flinching, during this, you could combo onto the mobs. It also travels along the map, such as going up slopes

Meteor Shower
230 MP / Cooldown 10 seconds / Needs 80 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
Aisha levitates above the ground and summons flaming boulders to rain down randomly on the screen, burning the targets along with leaving flaming tracks on the ground, dealing DoT
At level 5, each boulders deal 432% magical damage, and 12 boulders are summoned
A good mob clearing skill, however, Blizzard Shower remains to be Elemental Master’s best skill. You can use this along with Blizzard Shower, with this, all mobs around you should die, and if you are lucky, some bosses could die instantly

Statue of Glory
40 MP / Cooldown 9 seconds / Needs 70 SP spent
Aisha summons a statue from the ground that launches the enemies once released. After released, a stone statue emerges that prevents enemies from crossing through, and absorbs damage such as arrows when hit. The statue will break either when the HP turns zero, or after a certain time has passed
At level 5, it deals 300% magical damage, stays for 11 seconds, and has hp 500 times the Elemental Master’s level.
Very useless and waste of space for your skill slot. However, it could be useful, very rarely though, in PvP and sometimes in dungeon

Element’s Friendship
Passive / Needs 70 SP spent
Any special active used that is related to an element (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth) gives the player a buff seal that revolves around the character.Increase magical attack and elements resistance for 20 seconds
At level 3, 1 seal gives 3% magical attack and 12 elemental resistant.
At level 3, 2 seal gives 6% magical attack and 24 elemental resistant.
At level 3, 3 seal gives 9% magical attack and 36 elemental resistant.
It’s up to you, if you really want that extra 9% magical damage. It won’t be of much help, since it stays for only 20 seconds. And to get the best out of it, you need to cast spells that are elemental fast, which with all the cooldown going on, would be very impractical. Most spam 3 Cyclones to get 3 seals, then Blaze Step (Needs MP potions for this to work)

Abundance of Energy
Passive / Needs 75 SP spent / Needs to be unlocked
All Party Buffs that you cast will now debuff the surrounding enemies
At level 5, Physical Party buffs will cause a -15% Physical Defense Debuff
At level 5, Magical Party buffs will cause a -15% Magical Defense Debuff
At level 5, Defense Party buffs will cause a -30% Physical / Magical Attack Debuff
A VERY good skill, and extremely useful!! This is why when you play as High Magician, you should put some points into Encouraging Aura. It will come in handy in PvP and Secret Stages / Henir’s Space / and Ruto, you’ll be fighting mobs with extremely high amount of attack and defense and this skill will be your savior

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