Dragon Nest Extra Instance Exp Guide

Dragon Nest Extra Instance Exp Guide by yuto-kun

Hiya guys, doing an instance i discover some tricks to gain some extra exp
And some Info about instances clarification.

1- If you overdrive Mobs they will give a plus when you finish the stage.
2 – If you made combos with normal hit + skill it will give extra points.
3 – Breaking shields help too
4 – 1 HIT KO mob give plus exp and points
5 – Avoiding damage will save your stage points on safe.
6- SSS stages gives 35% extra exp
7- SS stages gives 20% extra exp
8 – S stage gives 10% extra exp
9- A stage dosent give anything
10 – B stage will leach you 3 ~5 % total exp
11 – Failed Stages dosent gives you anything, just the exp you get for ea mob killed.

Hope that helps you ^^

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