Dragon Nest SEA Alchemist DPS Build Guide

Dragon Nest SEA Alchemist DPS Build Guide by Sakasen

Now with the new Release of Academic and the hardly available overview over those ton of new skills, i decided to write an Guide about Academic. This includes only one Skill build atm, i’ll add more if i get any good tips – Well this Build is for DPS-Purposes, a big focus is to clear dungeon fast and efficiently. I skip the basics like Item choice, Heraldy choice, because these are nearly the same like Force User/Elemental Lord gets – focus on matk. Lets get into it, what you need to become an Full Elemental Alchemist!

Skill build(Cap 40&50):

Basically we using the Dual Ultimate System in both Caps. The simple Reason is, that i want to avoid Ice Flame (The big Icehand) – This Skill eats up 10+5*4 SP -> 30SP! You can avoid this by using the Dual ultimate System, you save up 30 SP to max it in the “Poison tree”! Lets start with the Questions:

Q&A; :

What are the Skill you focused on?
I hope i get the Names right:

Magma Wave, Poison Charging, Magma Punch, Mixed Infection – Those are the big DPS-Skills of Alchemist, with this Build you can max them all!

What did you sacrifice for those?

Of course you cannot max out all your DPS-Skills without any sacrifices. The big Sacrifice is the Slime+Heal, i feel that for DPS you need to do you job right, the job of healing relies to support alchemists or Priest, yours is to deal the maximum Damage with your Key spells.

Why did you get Alfredo? Many Alchemist doesn’t get him.
There was plenty of SP left in the Academic Tree, so i decided to pick him up, he can clear out the small Mobs while you focus on the Big ones. There will be sometimes leftovers from you skills, just leave the job to him! in the other Hand, he could become rather useless in PvP too – well the simple reason is, that i have SP left and i didn’t saw any reason, not to spent them into Alfredo.

The Gear is pretty expensive, how should i equip myself?
The first Thing to notice is that only EPIC Gear needs the new Gem, until you get Manti set you should stick with RARE Weapons, they only need Agate and can easily be reverted with Revert codes you get all long. This will enables you to get Matk+Crit, the problem is, that there aren’t many Weapon in the Market out yet – Basically you could go Weapon hunting and earn quite a lot of Money. I think for the start +8 Weapons for your Level should be alright to finish of the Dungeons fast enough.(Low Revert cubes from BH, Crystal Codes from Theme Park).

Basically that’s all i have to say at the Moment – i need to get an more familiar Way with the Skills, so i will keep updating you when i got new information. Thanks for Reading and i hope you leave Comments below how i could improve this Guide.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Which is a good ultimate skill for pure alchemist PVE style?oh…and if you have time can you make a lvl 50 cap skill build?thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Question i created an alchemist in sea recently and i was wondering which ultimate is better to get at lvl 40 cap for pure pve alchemist?
    answer appreciated.

  3. Anonymous says:

    keep in mind that dn sea hasnt implemented the dual ultimate yet.

    if this guide is for dn sea then theres no reason to use dual ultimate until they get it..

    can you try doing a guide without dual ultimate? much appreciated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    could this build be good in PVP?
    I plan to build my Alchemist as PVP type rather than PVE.
    If this build is only good at PVE, could you suggest a pvp build?

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